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The Price We Pay by sammm
Chapter 1 : The Reason
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So Lost In You

Chapter I: The Reason

The office quiet above all things, lights were off all except the hallway with the office door half closed. The shifting of weight from one hand to the next and the scratching from the quill made it impossible to concentrate. Draco Malfoy sat trying to finish a report that was due the next day. He never got much hours of sleep during the night. It was only seven a’ clock in the evening, he didn’t have much of a social life and he was visited frequently by his friends though he just never felt happy, at least not since…

“Daddy?” she peered through the doorway of her father’s office.

Draco looked up from his work and motioned for his daughter to come in. She walked into his office and climbed onto his lap. “What are you doing?”

“Work.” He replied.

“What kind of work?”

“You are doing this to annoy me aren’t you?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“Is it working?” she asked.

“Maybe.” Draco said.

“Can we go watch a movie now?”

“Not now Maddie, maybe later, I’m busy.”

“Please dad.” Madison Malfoy begged.

“I’m not going to fall for that look Maddie, please just let me finish this up and we’ll watch a movie afterwards, okay?”

Maddie sighed in defeat and nodded her head. She hated these days, these days where her father was too involved in his work to pay attention to her. She couldn’t blame him though, being one of the top Auror’s since the downfall of the Dark Lord, was a lot of work. Summer was getting shorter and shorter by the minute and then she’d be off to Hogwarts for her second year. Last year she’d been sorted into Ravenclaw, unknown as to why considering neither of her parents had been in that house. She was the only Malfoy, through generations of Malfoy’s who wasn’t sorted into Slytherin, not that she minded of course.

She left her father’s office disappointed once again, and closed the door halfway. She walked through the empty halls of her home. She came into the living room, filled with luxurious couches, and a love seat, plush pillows and lovely decorated furniture set. She came across the fireplace with family photos placed on top. She took one photo down so she could look at it closely. She didn’t even notice the tears spilling down her face until it was too late. It was a picture of herself with her mother and father, when she was only five years old. She was now twelve. It had been the last picture taken of her family before, before her mother disappeared.

Madison had never known why she left, or where she had gone but she hated her mother for it. Ever since that night Maddie and her father had to deal with life without the other family member there. She hated her mother for disappearing, leaving her dad heartbroken and having to care for her by himself. That was one of the reasons why her father always involved himself in his work, to avoid those emotions.

Madison wiped her tears away and put the frame back on the mantel. Even if her mother wasn’t here for her anymore it didn’t mean she couldn’t look at her. Her dad always reminded her that she looked exactly like her mother. She had blonde curly hair and brown eyes. She was medium height for her age, considering how tall her father was. She was about to sit on the couch and turn on the television when the doorbell rang. She turned herself around and walked towards the front door. She opened the door, and smiled.

“Pansy, Uncle Blaise!”

“Hey Maddie.” said Blaise.

“What are you doing here Uncle Blaise?”

“I can’t come visit my niece?”

“Of course, but you didn’t really come to see me did you? You came to see dad right?” said Maddie with a smile on her face.

“Alright, alright you caught me! I do have to speak to your father, but Pansy will be here to keep you company in the meantime, k?”

“Okay, come on Pansy,” dragging Pansy with her to the living room and plopping a video in the VCR.

Blaise moved towards Draco’s office at fast speed, he needed to speak to him immediately. He didn’t know how Draco was going to handle the situation, he’d been doing it for the past seven years and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it now, only now there was evidence. Pulling out a plastic bag from his pocket, making sure it was still there, and tucked it back in.

Blaise knocked on Draco’s office for he knew Draco would be there, he never left the room. He could hear the scratching and mumbling of Draco writing another report. Draco involved himself way too much in his work and not enough time enjoying life with whatever he had left in him.

“Come in.” Blaise heard from the inside of the room and pushed open the door.

Draco looked up from his work surprised to see his best mate in his home. Normally he’d usually see him at work, so he wondered what was so important that Blaise had to visit him at this hour.
“Blaise, what brings you here?” he asked. Draco was about to ask another question until he saw Blaise’s face fall, whatever he had come here to say, wasn’t going to pleasant he presumed. “I take it you didn’t come to have a friendly visit did you?”

Blaise just nodded his head. “I’m sorry Draco.”

“Well what is this about then?”

“There’s… there’s been some evidence found.”

Blaise’s voice was shaky and he couldn’t quite get the words out, he didn’t know if he could handle the situation any better than Draco could. Draco was always able to control his emotions unlike himself.

“Which case we talking about Blaise?”

“Hermione.” Blaise answered.

Draco sat there for a moment, and tried to compose himself. There was silence for the next few minutes until Draco decided to speak again. “What, have you found?”

Blaise could tell he was worried though you couldn’t see it through his face. He took the plastic bag out from his pocket, and handed it to Draco, which he knew was sure to recognize what was inside immediately. Draco took the bag and opened it, taking what delicate thing he had of her in his hands. Any reminder of her was better than nothing. He held a golden chain, a bracelet he had given her on third anniversary. He had graved and styled perfectly in a way that he knew she loved it. “Will always be together… Love Draco.” Is what he had written. Draco had no doubt that this was Hermione’s bracelet. He stared at it blankly.

“Where did you find it?” he asked.

Blaise took a seat across from Draco’s study. “South of Germany, an abandoned cabin. I don’t know how long it had been there, but we know one thing for sure is that Hermione, she- she’s gone.”


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