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A Little On The Odd Side by nazozink
Chapter 2 : Could it be Fear?
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Chapter two

When Nazo woke she was ready to leave with a quick snap her out fit changed into the proper school uniform. She walked down the stairs to find her father yelling at Peter Pettigrew. She quickly ducked behind a huge pot in a dark corner. No one was supposed to know she had been born. She sat there quietly until Peter had left and Voldemort and her were the only people in the house she poured her self some cereal and ate it in silence. She usually didn't talk to him. It wasn’t like he was the conversational type. Not that she had any problem with that. When breakfast was over she just put on her shoes and left for school, not even saying goodbye.

She stomped her foot and she was on plat form 9 ¾. A strange man was there with shoulder length greasy black hair. His nose was pretty big too. He grabbed her by her wrist.

"Are you Nazo?" He asked forcefully. She considered telling him she wasn't but at last second decided with the truth.

"Yes, but how do you know?" This did truly bewilder her. The man rolled his eyes but put on a look of structure.

"I am professor Snape, I got you into this school for you and your father. She nodded now knowing this was one of her father’s followers. He picked up her bags and walked her to an empty compartment. "No one else knows who you are so from here on out your name is Nazo shima, got it? I will meet you at the school”

The door slid shut leaving her alone to think. She had just realized she had no idea what Harry Potter looked like. She had faintly decided that she would probably just hear some one call him by name when the door slid open and a boy with the same bleach blond hair as the person she had interrogated walked in.

"We’re sitting here everywhere else is full!" The boy said before she could say anything. If he had only known who she was he wouldn't have talked to her like that. Nazo didn't seem to mind as the boy and a bunch of his friends walked in. She tried to ignore them as they started talking rapidly about something. The boy stooped and looked at her. "Who are you then? And why haven't I seen you before?" Nazo glared at him for a second. His tone had had a certain amount of demand in it that she didn't like at all.

"I'm someone and you haven't seen me before because you haven't." She said still glaring at him. She had than decided it was okay to assume him as Draco Malfoy the son of the person she had recently interrogated. "Dorko Malfoey!" She added as an afterthought.

He than glared at her in return, partially from how she knew and was making fun of his name.

"You better watch it girl! My family has connections with very high people you don't want to mess with." His threat almost made her laugh but, she resisted the almost unkempt urge. He didn't realize it but his 'connections' were to her and her father. The air got really thick within the compartment’s walls as the slytherins stared her down. She simply smiled and asked them one question.

"So, did your connections ever disconnect when the incidents happened last year?" Malfoy’s fist clenched around his wand as his face turned bright red. A sight never seen before. It sounded like he was yelling into a pillow how muffled his words where. He raised his wand up so it was level with her head. He was halfway through saying the hex he was going to put on her when he realized his wand was gone. He looked at her hands as they held not only her wand but his own. The amazing thing to him was that he had not heard her say anything. He gapped for words as she rolled her eyes. "It's called a nonverbal spell, idiot." She tossed his wand back at him after putting a jinx on it to not let him use it until they reached the castle. He shot a death stare at her before going back to his conversation. When the trolley came the snobby slytherins bought their candy. When Draco had realized how Nazo didn't bye any thing he decided to poke fun.

"So are you like a Weasley, too poor to buy anything or are you just some mudblood and don't have any of our money?" He sneered as she stood up.

"Neither, I just don't want my face to look like yours." She wasn’t expecting her remark to upset Malfoy that much but it looked like it. He really did only have like two zits. The train abruptly stopped. The students all filed out of the train and stood in line to go to the school. She saw three friends all talking to each other. She decided to butt into their business.

"Hi ho captain Jack!" She said quoting DDR's song by (who else) Captain Jack. The red and black haired boys looked confused. OK maybe they were completely dumbfounded. The girl of the group was first to recover from the shock.

"Hi I'm Hermoine Granger." She offered her hand for the girl to shake. Nazo took it and told the girl her name in exchange. The bright red head boy then snapped out of his trance.

"Oh, and I'm Ron Weasely." Nazo nodded and smiled. The black haired boy stood there for a second and then apparently deciding she had no clue he was said, "I'm Harry Potter."

Nazo’s eyes turned saucer size. "Your name is Harry Potter." She said quite loudly. She really had to learn to control her volume. "That's a nice name! Really flows." She had totally forgotten why she was there. (That includes her mission to follow Harry Potter, the boy she was currently making friends with! She could be a little light headed sometimes.) Snape had now found were she was and grabbed her wrist, and pulled her away from the group and into a carriage. The Slytherins that were on the train were sitting there starring at her. And what was that in their eyes? Could it be fear?

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A Little On The Odd Side: Could it be Fear?


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