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Her Heroes by almost_witch
Chapter 1 : Her hero's
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The short women with curly red hair hummed gently to herself. Her husband was late from work but with the dangers at the moment this wasn’t rare.

She stirred a brewing potion gently until she heard a loud crack from outside. She bounded like a puppy over to the door until she saw her husband stood before her.

“Finally home! Busy day I expect?” She said pecking him gently on his cold cheek.

Her husband didn’t respond, his whole face was horribly pale.

“What?” She snapped with narrowed eyes.

He reached inside his dirty brown robes and pulled out his hand and held it in front of him. She scooped her hand underneath it and in response he dropped something cold into her plump palm.

She stared down at her hand to see a long silver chain with a large perfectly round ruby.


“Oh, Ronald!” A mother cried out with her arms wrapped tightly around her tall sons neck.

“Mff…M-um” He muffled trying to squirm his way out of his sobbing mothers grip.

She let go of her son, but played with his red hair which dangled in his eyes. “Maybe I should cut your hair before you go!?” She suggested.

Her son pulled away, “Mum!” he groaned. His eyes flicked over to the doorway to where his two best friends stood waiting patiently.

They were so young, too young to leave Hogwarts and go in search for Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Too young to leave her and travel to places even she had never heard of. Too young to go through all this.

“Now, I want to give you something.” Mrs. Weasley smiled up at her impatient son.

“It’s going to be hard being out in the middle of no where for so long, god knows how you’re going to survive with out me. Hopefully Hermione could help with the cooking.”

“Mum!” He hissed under his breath, but Hermione smiled from the door.

“Well this, it’s been passed down in many generations,” she pulled her hand into her pocket and pulled out a silver chain with a large round ruby dangling off it.

“It makes you feel the presence of someone else when you’re away. So I’ll always be there even when I’m not. And I’ll know at least part of me is with you.” She smiled weakly and placed the chain around her son’s neck.

Immediately the stone grew warm.


She touched the stone. Ice cold.

“What’s this suppose to mean!” She cried out, racing towards her husband.

His head was buried in his hands, his body shock furiously.

“Arthur!” She screamed angrily.

He slowly raised his pale head.

“Harry… Harry said he died a hero’s death.” Mr. Weasley responded quietly.

“No! No! He didn’t! Don’t say that!” She screamed, tears leaking.

“They got the last Horcrux and everything. Ron, they’ve saved out world. They said he took nearly a dozen down with him. Molly, he’s a hero, imagine what all the books will say about him.”

Mrs. Weasley shook her head. “Don’t lie, Arthur. Don’t lie!” She cried out with disbelief.

“Molly…” He whispered and stood up to her level.

“Stop it!” She yelled, her hand collided with his check.

“Molly, please.” He flinched from her slap. He pulled her into a tight hug.

“Take me there.” She whispered into his ear as a tear rolled gently down her red cheeks.

“Molly, you can’t.”

Her eyes just about shot daggers at his. How can he not let a mother see her youngest son?

He nodded understandingly and pulled out his wand.

With a large crack they appeared into a large dark room.

Both their knees bucked as they collided with the stone ground/

“Arthur!” An young Auror called from nearby and began to walk over.

“Miss. Granger wanted me to inform you that she believes that Mr. Potter and your eldest son, Bill, have gone to find Bellatrix. Bellatrix is the one that did this to your son. Miss. Granger tried to stop them, but well, you know those boys.”

Mr. Weasley nodded stiffly in response. He had enough to deal with for now.

The room was littered with a mass of dark bodies. In the distance she could see a small bit a red hair poking out from the black, it stuck out like s ore thumb. “Ron!” Mrs. Weasley whimpered.

Her body felt like lead as she stumbled over black hooded bodies. Her eyes glued onto her target.

Mr. Weasley put his hand up, stopping the Auror from objecting and watched her with glassy eyes.

It seemed to take forever for her to reach him. She collapsed next to her nearly 19 year old son and sat next to him. His face white and cold as his blue eyes stared up into the ceiling.

“R-Ron…” she whispered staring at his lanky body. Not even a trace of blood was shown on his clothes, although they were dirty. She guessed he took the chance to not wash his clothes since he left.

“Oh, Ronald.” She reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him up onto her lap and holding him the same way she did when he was first born.

“Ron, Ronald, Darling I’m here.” She whispered into his red hair.

Hot tears rolled off her cheeks. Her youngest son, gone.

“Ronnie, you did so well.” She sobbed.

Her youngest son spent almost a year searching for the death of the man who has sent so much pain over their world. Ron will go down in history. He will go down as a hero, just the way he always envied to be. Just like Harry.

She rocked him back and forth, his long arms dangling his sides and his legs stretching out further then her arms could reach.

For more then an hour, sobbing Mrs. Weasley held her lifeless son in her arms, rocking him backwards and forwards. All the other bodies were taken from the room.

Mr. Weasley leaned back onto a far wall, he didn’t say a word, he didn’t even shed a tear.

They hadn’t even seen Ron for what was nearly a year, they hoped soon he would come home. This was not what they imagined.

No sound was made apart from the echo of Mrs. Weasley’s loud sobs, until the same Auror that they had spoken to before came running into the room.

“Arthur! Arthur! Thank god you’re here!” He called from the other side of the room and ran through the center.

Mrs. Weasley’s heart sank.

“What? What is it?” She yelled, holding Ron closer to her chest. She knew something was wrong, something worse.

“Mr. Potter, he just got back. Bill, oh god, Arthur I’m so sorry. Bellatrix, she got him too.”

“Don’t say it.” Mr. Weasley sank onto his knees. “Please, don’t say it.” He begged.

“I’m sorry.” The young Auror bowed his head down with pity.

“Harry, Harry, he’s alright?” Mrs. Weasley panicked.

“Yes, I’m alright. ” By the door stood a bloody, dirty and damaged teenager.

“Oh, Harry.” Mrs. Weasley sobbed.

He closed his eyes, “ I-I finally got her. She’s gone. She’ll never do it again.” He tried to stay strong.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He said before limping his way away from them.

Bill only left to seek revenge on the women who took his brothers life. Insted she got to take more from the family who faught for what's right.

Soon, they will have to go home, parting the body of her youngest son, leaving behind all that was destroyed and tell her oldest son's wife of less then a year that the baby that hasn't even been born yet will not have a father.

“My Boys,” She sobbed, rocking her son although he was the baby he once was. “Oh, my boys.”

She kissed her son’s fore head. Death leaves a heartache no one can steal, though the only thing that could comfort her in the slightest was that in her eyes and the rest of their world, her eldest and youngest sons were hero’s. They were her heros, and that is the way everyone will remember them.

At that thought she took the necklace from her pocket and placed it carefully and slowly around her son's neck. Forever together, forever her hero.

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