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Living inside Yesterday by Potter47
Chapter 1 : A Timely Mistake
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Living inside Yesterday

~ Part One ~
The Shadow of the Past

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.”
~ Shaw

~ Chapter One ~
A Timely Mistake

Vincent Crabbe senior was honoured to have been among the chosen to retrieve his Master’s prophecy. He knew that the Dark Lord took this very seriously.

Ha! Seriously! He still could not believe that Potter had fallen for it. He always thought that his Master’s foe had a brain on his shoulders. How would the Dark Lord got hold of Sirius Black anyhow? By walking into a house guarded by Dumbledore’s greatest protective spells? Not likely.

While Crabbe was honoured to go to the Ministry that night, one can never be too careful. So, he decided that if any opportunity should come to say...hurt...Potter, for his make it less likely for him to escape once again...he would take the chance.

The Death Eaters chosen for this excursion were among the highest ranking in the Dark Lord’s army. The Lestranges. Lucius Malfoy. Me, thought Crabbe. He couldn’t get over that fact.

They were hiding. In strategic points of the Department of Mysteries, the Death Eaters were placed, watching. Potter, and his friends, they kept choosing the wrong doors, apparently. Because Crabbe, located in the Time Room, had seen no sign of them. They had to go through there to get to the Hall of Prophecy, after all.

He was paired with one of the Lestrange brothers. They looked similar, so he wasn’t sure which one. He hadn’t really been paying close attention when Malfoy had assigned their orders.

He saw them. Potter led the way, and then there was Granger-the Mudblood, and two Weasleys, the Longbottom boy, and a rather odd looking blond that he didn’t recognize.

They walked along the room, until they came to the great bell jar. The Weasley girl stopped and stared at it, mesmerized. “Oh, look!” She pointed to the heart of the jar, in which a bird was emerging from an egg.

Potter walked up next to her. “Keep going!” he said.

Crabbe had thought of a plan. A great plan. He would crash the bell jar on the two standing in its shadow, and they would be nothing more than two babies! They wouldn’t stand a chance.

And the Dark Lord said that there was something...unique...about the Weasley girl. Good to get her out of the way, too.

He whispered, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

The bell jar hovered only a few inches above where it stood.

“You dawdled enough by -” the girl stopped short when she saw the jar, slowly tipping toward her and Potter.

“Move Harry! Ginny!” called the Mudblood.

But they didn’t move. With a flick of his wand, the jar came crashing down on them...

...and they were gone.

“What just happened?” Weasley said, to no one in particular.

“I don’t know.” The Mudblood answered.

A door crashed open. Crabbe saw Lucius Malfoy standing there, eyes visible through his mask, clearly outraged.

“Crabbe, you fool! What in the world would you do that for?”

The remaining students wore matching expressions of horror and shock.


The pain coursed through Crabbe’s body, and he was unaware of anything from that point on.

* * *

“-that old arch.” Ginny finished softly.

“What happened?” asked Harry. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know. I saw a whole lot of green smoke, and then...”

They were in a dark room. No, a black room. There was no light whatsoever.

Lumos!” Harry lit his wand, and Ginny followed.

“This it just me, or does this look like the same room?” Harry waved his wand around, to spread more light. Indeed, it did seem to be the same room. The time-turners were still on the walls, the bell jar was still on the table-

“It’s not broken!” Ginny said, amazed. “It crashed on us, and it’s not broken.”

Harry had a sneaking suspicion that he knew what had happened.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.” He led the way to the door, and went into the circular room, with Ginny behind him.

“This will take forever,” she said, as the room started to spin. “Which way’s out?” she called desperately. “Where’s the exit?”

A door opened.

“Oh. That was simple.”

“Come on.” Harry walked through the door.

There they were in the corridor. The one that had haunted his dreams, and now he knew there was obviously a reason.

When they reached the elevator, Harry’s suspicions were confirmed. It was a different voice. Not only that, but many of the Department names were different, or on different floors.

“I think we...”

“...have gone back in time.” Ginny finished his sentence, with wide-eyes.

“Question is, when are we?”

* * *

Hermione Granger was not a stupid girl. She knew exactly what had happened. Harry and Ginny had gone back in time. She didn’t know what year they were in, but she was sure that was what happened. What other explanation was there?

“All of you! Give me your wands and no one need get hurt. We’re all going to see a friend of mine, and explain” he jerked the wand still cursing Crabbe, “what happened.”

“Why should we listen to you?” Idiot. Luna is an idiot. Did it actually seem a good idea in that crazed mind of hers, to be rude to the Death Eaters? What was she trying to do, get us killed faster?

“And who are you, Little Girl? I don’t recognize you.” A woman came up beside Malfoy.

“Luna Lovegood.” Luna really needs a lesson in dealing with a sociopath. Harry should add that to the DA curriculum. Malfoy would be a perfect test subject.

If Harry can find his way back, that is.

The woman took off her mask and smiled. Urgh. Not a pretty sight.

“Hello, Luna. My name’s Bellatrix. Would you like to play a nice game?” Her voice was disgustingly sarcastic.

Neville looked as though he was struggling to remain standing. “Longbottom?” Bellatrix asked, turning to him.

He nodded, just barely.

“I haven’t seen you since you were this,” she put her hand a couple of feet from the floor, “small. You were so cute back then.” She laughed. Hermione felt a strong urge to just curse her.

She did.

Bogius!” Ginny has good taste.

Hermione had never actually seen the Bat-Bogey Hex performed before, but she had read about it numerous times. Bellatrix Lestrange flew backwards, into three other Death Eaters, one of whom was rather large, and knocked over a few more. Great flapping things attacked her face.

Imagine if Ginny had done it.


Luna. Luna of all people was the first to follow. Her charm knocked one Death Eater over into the one next to him, and him into the next, until the four remaining students were the only ones left standing.

The domino charm.

They ran.

* * *

“We need to get to Hogwarts,” Harry said. “If anyone can help us, it’s Dumbledore.”

Ginny looked around them. They were at street level now, somewhere in London.

“How do we know Dumbledore’s still there? For all we know, he’s a student now. That’d be great. We walk in, ask, ‘Where’s Dumbledore?’ and they say ‘Gryffindor Tower,’ Yeah that’d be a great help.”

“Worth a try.”

“Or maybe Dumbledore isn’t even born yet. I mean, for all we know-”



“Slow down. Breath. And we didn’t go that far back. The buildings look the same, but newer. Probably just built. We’re probably in the forties.”

“How can you tell that from buildings?”

“I was raised in the Muggle world. I went to school. I noticed things.”

“Yeah, and I suppose Muggles can tell how old a tree is by looking at it. And a turtle from its shell or something like that, right?” Harry looked at her. Was she kidding or not?

“Er. Yeah, they can.”

“Right...” she said sarcastically.

* * *

Once into the circular room, it began to spin again.

“This one,” said Ron, pointing to one in front of him. He tried to push.


“Wait a minute.” Luna looked at the door thoughtfully. “Ronald, let me help you.”

“Luna, it won’t-”

Ron and Luna pushed together.


It opened. Luna caught Ron’s robes so he didn’t fall over.

“It’s empty,” said Ron.

“How anticlimactic,” said Luna.

“I think, maybe the door is the point of the room. Maybe something about the people who open it...” Hermione shook herself. “This is really not the time. And this is not the right door.”

They turned around and left the room. Neville chose next.

Death Eaters. Twelve Death Eaters, slowly helping each other up.

Great choice, Neville,” Ron said sarcastically as Neville slammed the door back shut.

Luna chose the door to a room they hadn’t seen before. There were planets floating in it, and in the centre was a very realistic model of the sun.

She took a step forward. At least, she tried to take a step forward. As soon as her leg had passed the threshold, it began to float. It didn’t seem all that odd...almost as though she was supposed to fly without a broom.

“Er...” Ron was a bit lost as to how to get Luna back to the door. Then it hit him like, well, like something really hard.

Accio Luna!

Luna came speeding back toward the door. Quickly. Very quickly.

Luckily, Ron was right there to catch her. Well, more like he was right there as a target for her.


* * *

Harry and Ginny were walking. They had been for a while. They would be for a while.

Hogwarts was quite a distance from London.

“Hang on,” said Harry. “We are stupid.”

“And why is that Harry? Because we didn’t know enough to run from the big scary falling bell jar? How were we supposed to know this would happen?”

“No. We’re stupid because we didn’t think of this.”

He pulled out his wand, and stuck his arm out into the street.


“Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard.” An old wizard, with a rather odd shaped nose, stood on the steps to the Knight Bus. He spoke very slowly, and Harry thought there couldn’t have been anyone less like Stan Shunpike. “Just stick out your wand -”

“Um, hello. My name is Harry Potter, and this is Ginny Weasley.” It almost felt odd to use his real name, not worrying about being recognized. But then again, he would not be born for decades to come. Were his parents even alive yet? He doubted it.

“- hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go. Please let me finish my sentences. People always are interrupting me, and frankly, I don’t like it.”

“Er, sir?” asked Ginny. “There was an accident at school. Somehow we got sent out here, to London, and frankly we have no way to get back.”

Frankly, Harry thought, Ginny is a good liar.

“Do you have the money to get to Hogwarts? Because frankly, I don’t like it when people try to ride the Knight Bus for free. It clearly states in the rules for my job that a trip from London to Hogwarts is two gal-”

Two galleons?” Ginny clearly was outraged.

“-leons. Please let me finish my sentences. People always are interrupting me, and frankly, I don’t like it.”

“Er, it’s okay Ginny. Sir? Could I just speak with her for a moment? Privately?” Harry had an idea.

“That is perfectly alright with me, lad. I have always been a patient wiza-”


Harry led Ginny away a few meters. He asked her softly, “Do you have your galleon?”

What? Even if I did have one, I would not pay that much just to get to Hogwarts.”

“No, not a real one. Hermione gave us all galleons for the DA. Do you have yours?”

The old man seemed to be humming something.

He sung under his breath, “off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, because, because, because, because, because! Because of the wonderful things he does,”

“Yes, I have mine.” She had been rummaging through her robes as Harry listened to the man sing. It gave him an idea.


They walked back over to the man, and Harry handed him the two fake galleons. He said to the man, “You Muggle-born, too?”

Ginny looked at him as though he had gone insane.

“Er, yes, why?”

“The song. The Wizard of Oz. I forget, how long ago did that come out?” Harry asked, innocently.

“Oh, that was nineteen thirty-nine right? So, six years ago. I don’t know why, but frankly, I just love those Muggle films.” He started to hum again.

“Me, too,” Harry lied. Truth was, he’d never actually gone to a film. The Dursleys would never take him.

They got into the bus. He just realized that the conductor must have been pretty gullible to believe that there was some accident that sent them here, as it was the middle of the night.

What, was that Harry? ‘The Wizard of Oz? Who?”

“It’s a movie. From 1939. Which means that we’re in 1945. There was some fiftieth anniversary thing when I was nine. Aunt Petunia almost had a heart attack when she saw Dudley, singing along, to ‘we‘re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz,’ in the living room.”

“You should see it sometime,” he said. They sat down on two of the last beds, toward the end of the bus, and it BANGed back to wherever it had been before.

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Identity Crisis

“Though analogy is often misleading, it is the least misleading thing we have.”

~ Coming Soon ~

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