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The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side by private_ryan
Chapter 5 : Hate is a Strong Word So Why Not Use Execration.
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Chapter the Fifth: Hate is a strong word so why not use execration.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to J.K. Rowling. =)

“Excuse Me?” I asked in shocked. Romania? What the heck is in Romania? Where the heck is Romania?

I wonder if they have Romans in Romania.

“No clue sweet thing!” he replied.

Okay can someone say complete idiot. He’s a stud. He’s clueless. He oblivious his zipper’s down. Oh crap. His zipper’s down. Teely don’t look!

Don’t look whatever you do.

It’s rated R down there. You need a parent to accompany you. Yes, Teely you need your mother to come here so you can look.

STOP thinking repugnant thoughts. You’re eleven for the sake of chopped liver. Which is abhorrent by the way; I do not recommend it.

“Uh…Teely are you going to stare off into my name knows what all day or are you going to walk me to the door to our next class!” James asked.

“I’m not staring at you know what thanks! That’s sickening! Why would I be staring at that!” I squealed. Okay so maybe it wasn’t an “oink, oink chops me up into bacon” squeal, but it was a squeal nonetheless.

James looked…I don’t what to say confused. Confused is defined by: taking a nap at four in the afternoon, waking up at eight in the evening, and expecting a breakfast meal instead of your parents drinking wine; not that that happened to me. Okay maybe once. No James was befuddled. He looked at me with his HUGE mouth open and his hand on his stomach like a shaved gorilla. Honestly, I don’t wish to see the burger you had at lunch stuck in-between your teeth. There’s this cool invention called the toothbrush you obviously haven’t heard of.

“What are you taking about?” He said regaining some composure.

Lily started laughing at this point; throwing her head back and putting her hands over her mouth. Her almond eyes were wide in realization of what I was rambling on about.

“James are you afraid of heights?” Lily asked.

Oh. My. Gosh. Oldest joke in the book, but this one never gets old.

“No of course not my fair lady,” James said flashing a smile.

I heard a gasp and saw Remus mentally slap himself. Well no… I didn’t because you can’t see someone mentally slap themselves. Unless you were one of the X-men, but I’m not, so I can’t, which means that was a useless waste of my thinking skills.

“Well your zipper…sadly is,” Lily said smirking.

I can’t help but smile and laugh when I saw his eyes practically bulge out from their sockets.

I’m sure all the other students couldn’t either because well I could hear them laughing, except Remus. Poor chap has a loser for a friend. I feel for my brother……friend? Well he wasn’t exactly my friend but what else was I supposed call him?

“That’s what you get for being a flirt.” I finally said, after he managed to hoist that thing up. Everyone laughed some more.

It felt good that they were laughing at someone else after the deer incident.

“Oh, Teely, Teely, Teely,” this kid said who I didn’t know. He patted me on my back, “You’re so funny.” He had a huge gap between his two front teeth so spit came out when he said that and of course landed on me. Typical.

“C’mon let’s be the first inside history of Magic! Goodness I love History!” Lily laughed, pulling me by the arm through the door of the classroom.

What happened next made me think: can’t I ever have a normal day?

We were walking through the door and out of no where water started spilling on us for a good fifteen seconds. It came out of nowhere and completely drenched me. But the funny thing is the ground wasn’t wet. Oh wait: that wasn't funny.

This was no accident.

This was a prank.

There was laughter.

I spun around and now saw everyone laughing at Lily and I. James was on the floor cracking up. Peter had come out of nowhere and was spinning in circles laughing. Even Remus was. That stupid little…

“Don’t mess with me Teely. I am the master of pranks.” James said between bursts of laughter.

Lily was red in the face: I wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or anger.

There was silence and then...

“This is war.” I made the simple statement then walked off with Lily.

I know hippies say love is the way to go. But the thought of me actually thinking that…thing…is cute makes me want to hurl. Hmm…maybe I should…in his bed.

“So are we going to comeback from his general?” Lily smirked.

“I think I can help you,” a voice said. I spun around; it’s rather fun. You should try it one day.

“Who are you?” I questioned. He looked familiar. Oh yes the boy who told me to shut it in freakin’ Potions.

“Is that how you are going to treat a spy? I can help you bring James Potter down. I sleep in the same dormitory with him. I can tell you what he’s planning ahead of time genius. I'm Sirius.” He said rather sarcastically.

“Why should we trust you?” Lily interrogated.

“Maybe because of the fact you have no idea how you are going to comeback from the prank that was just pulled on you?” Sirius responded.

I should’ve said no. I should’ve. He was one of them. But he put up a good argument and heck he was cute.

“You’re in.” I replied.

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