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Falling in love again by Rynan
Chapter 1 : Falling in love again
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Okay this is my first songfic. I never even read one till today. ^_^

I’m not sure if this is how it’s supposed to be so forgive me if it’s wrong.

I heard this song when I was in my brother’s gf’s car this morning. It’s not a common song she told me, but I liked it. You can download it at Kazaa if you want, I did. [(One voice-here I go (remix)] ^_^

Okay, the usual thing. I do not own any characters from the Harry Potter series, and the song belongs to One Voice. You can see the title down in the next line. Hope you enjoy.

Here I Go (Falling In Love Again)

~~I swore i'd never get involved
Said i'd never ever fall in love
cuz it hurt me once before
would it hurt me ne more~~

Hermione stared down from the stairway at all her classmates in Hogwarts dancing. It was her last Yule Ball as a seventh year. She had known them since they were just the age of 11, and now they were all 17. Everyone around her was gay with delight. They’ve grown to be mature young men and women, first love still shining in their eyes. Hermione blinked her eyes as the tears welled up. She remembered when her face was glowing with love. It changed though; the once shining face was now filled with sadness and fear. She didn’t want to feel such pain again. Being in love was just torture.

~~since then time has changed it's different now..
hypnotized by you and wondered how
i fell into your arms and i was captured by your charm~~

“Hermione”, Harry said behind her. She turned and looked at him. Harry had grown from the skinny boy to a handsome man. He looked magnificent in his black suit, and his hair never tidy, was for once sleeked down. His eyes were bright with a glint of determination.

“Hello Harry. Why aren’t you down there with them? It’s our last year. You should enjoy it.” Hermione said. Her once confident voice was gone, replaced by weariness.

“I should be telling you that. Hermione, he’s gone. I know how much he hurt you, but you have to move on.” Harry said, and resisted grabbing her so he could shake some common sense into her. At the moment he just wanted to find his best friend Ron and punch him again in the face. How could anyone hurt Hermione?

“Just leave me alone! I don’t want you here. What’s it to you anyway? You guys are all alike.” she said bitterly. She walked past him back up the stairs, and whirled her navy blue ball gown around the corner.

Harry stood where he was. His hands clenched. He hadn’t wanted it to be like this again. They’ve been having these fights ever since she caught Ron with a fifth year Slytherin. Harry fought the urge to spat. How could Ron choose a Slytherin over Hermione?

Harry’s foot wavered as he brought it down to the next step. No, he wasn’t going to leave her alone again. He whirled around and went after Hermione.


He saw Hermione silently crying into her hands when he turned the corner. He stood there not sure what to do. “Mione...”

“Go away I said.”

“I’m not leaving you alone again. I’ve left you like this long enough.” he said, finally taking action and pulling her into his arms.

“Hermione, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. I...I do these things because I…” Harry tried to get the words out of his tight throat.

Hermione’s shaking shoulders stopped as she tried to hear what Harry was saying. “You say these things because what?” she said as she brought her head away from his shoulder, looking him in the eyes.

He brought his hand up and softly wiped the tears from her face. He never wanted to see her cry again. “I say these stupid things because…Hermione, I love you. When I’m around you I try to hold back my feelings, afraid you would never feel this way about me. If I had told you sooner, maybe, just maybe you would have gone out with me before Ron came into the picture.”

Hermione stared at him in wonder. She never knew he felt this way about her before. She had thought he considered her as a sister, and resigned to fate that he would never think of her in any other way. She stared into his mesmerizing forest green eyes. Her heart stopped beating.

~~and here i go...fallin in love again
(falling in love again..fallin in love again)
here i go..falling in love again
(falling in love again..falling in love again)~~

“Hermione, I’ll slay dragons for you. I’ll fly to the heavens and bring a star down to you, just to prove that you’re more beautiful then it. I’ll see that you are a brighter light then any star can ever provide in my life. Hermione, you light up my gloomy world whenever I’m near you.” Harry continued. He knew he sounded like a mushy love struck boy, but than again that was what he was, hopelessly in love.

Harry stopped and stared at her. He lowered his face until their lips met. Hermione’s eyes widen, then she let her eyelids drop as she let his warmth spread through her. She was a goner. Fallen in love again. Fallen for this handsome rogue.

~~lost and scared as i can be
cant help thinking of the mystery
that i shared in my first love,
like a pair of mismatched gloves~~

Harry slowly brought his lips up. He stared down at her, as she opened her velvet brown eyes. Hermione gazed in wonderment. Here was her knight in shining armor. He was the other part of her heart. Did she really not know that he didn’t care for her like this? Did she purposely ignore any feelings that might have slipped from him? Was it because she was just scared of this magnificent feeling? Did she choose the guy who didn’t match her at all, yet was a safer bet? For Hermione was sure that Harry was the only one for her, and if he should ever leave her, her heart would just give out.

~~and now you've found your way into my world
touched the woman deep inside the girl
can you tell me if it's real?
I've forgotten how to feel~~

Harry saw that she didn’t resist him. The uncertainty he felt inside vanished. He swept her into his arms, embracing her harder than she had ever been held.

“Hermione know this, I do love you. No matter what, I will always love you. Were it a hundred years from now, I will still love you. If we were ever separated through life times I will still find you. Nothing will ever come between us.” he said into her hair.

~~here i go falling in love again
the damage is already done
how can i ever turn my back on loving you
here i go giving my all again
i'm ready to show what i feel
if you will, take this loving to your heart…~~

Hearing him talk, Hermione wondered how could she not fall in love with him? Her heart had already accepted the fact. There was no going back.

“I love you too, Harry. I love you with all my heart. You’ve come and shattered the shell I built around my heart. My heart is all yours now. No matter what my head tells me, I can’t hide it, for my heart will always find you. I place you responsible for it. Please protect it...” Hermione said, beginning to feel unsure, afraid to feel the devastating pain he could cause.

~~and now you've found your way into my world
touched the woman deep inside the girl
can you tell me if it's real?
I've forgotten how to feel~~

“Hermione, I will never hurt you. Never. Ever. I feel so honored to be the one to hold your heart. My heart isn’t in me anymore to give, for it’s been with you for a long time now.” Harry whispered. He would never hurt this fragile woman ever. He would rather die than let a hint of pain come into her life.

~~here i go falling in love again
the damage is already done
how can i ever turn my back on loving you
here i go giving my all again
i'm ready to show what i feel
if you will, take this loving to your heart…~~

“Harry”, she whispered. Hermione stepped out of his embrace. She took his hand and pulled him after her. They climbed the stairs until they reached the seventh floor.

“Hermione, where are we going?” Harry asked for the third time as she continued dragging him with her. She turned and gave him the same response. A smile.

Hermione walked him past the tapestry of Barnabas the Barny once, then twice, then a third time.

Harry’s eyes widen as he remembered where they were. They hadn’t been here since their fifth year. He had forgotten about the Come and Go room. Hermione opened the door to let him in; apparently she hadn’t forgotten this place.

Harry looked around in wonder. There was a huge bed in the center of the room. Soft flowing music floated in the air. There were many candles of different shape and color lying around. At the right of him, there was a huge fireplace with the fire going on. The shadows of the fire were dancing on the walls. Harry turned as he heard the door shut, and locked. His eyes widened.

“Hermione?” he croaked.

She smiled at him and pulled him along to the bed. “Harry, I love you. This doesn’t need to prove how much I do. But I just want to share my first time with you here in Hogwarts, where we’ve met and argued. Made up and worked together in defeating Voldermolt. I want our first time to be here. A place where we can say was where we fell in love and where our love was consummated.”

“Hermione.” Harry said again, but this time it was a whisper, not a croak. He brought his hand up to her face, touching the smoothness. Slowly he brought his lips down to her again, but this time with more heat, as they fell down on the bed.

~~here i go....i'm giving my heart again
(fallin in love again)
seems like a battle i just cant win
(here i go..)
oh i'm in love and i cant win..(fallin in love again)
i'll be ready through thick and thin
(here i go..)
i'm falling in love again, i'm falling in love again
(falling in love again) i'm falling in love again
(here i go...) here i go, here i go, catch me i'm falling
(falling in love again)
i'm lost without your love
here i go..~~


Hermione opened her eyes as the light from the window shone down on her. She turned and looked at Harry still sleeping next to her, and smiled. His hair was untidy again. She brought her hand up and ran it through his hair. She remembered that all through the night she had run her hand in it. Her heart skipped a beat as she continued looking at him. She had utterly, irrevocably fallen for him. Her one true love, Harry Potter, the man whom everyone thought of as the boy-who-lived.

Harry opened his eyes. He stared at Hermione as she stared at him. His mouth turned into a smile as he leaned up and kissed her. “Love you, Mione. Forever and for always; throughout time and space.”

“Love you too.” she said, deepening the kiss. Yep, she was hopelessly in love.


A/N Yes, I know it’s mushy, BIG time mushy, but I couldn’t help it. I decided to put all the gaga stuff in one of my works, and get it over with. Sides, I’m a dang H/Hr shipper! It was kind of fun writing this, I had a blast laughing my umm head off. ^_^

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