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It Was Only a Kiss by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 15 : She's In Love With the Boy
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Disclaimer: Everything is JKR's, lyrics are Trisha Yearwood's.

Chapter Fifteen
She’s in Love With the Boy

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Her daddy says, "he ain't worth a lick

When it came to brains, he got the short end of the stick"
But Katie's young and man she just don't care
She'd follow Tommy anywhere
She's in love with the boy
She's in love with the boy
She's in love with the boy
And even if they have to run away
She's gonna marry that boy someday

--Trisha Yearwood "She's In Love With the Boy"

You could tell Aunt Becky was shocked to see me with Sirius. As soon as my uncle had pulled to a stop in the driveway and we were all out of the car, we only got half way across the lawn before James threw a snowball at Sirius, who of course threw one back. I ducked out of the way, dropping my trunk next to Sirius’s and James’s. Sirius, seeing me trying to get away, he chased after me with James. Aunt Becky had come out to greet us and was watching me struggle with an amused expression. Sirius caught me and held me down while James dumped snow on my head. I laughed and tried to get the snow out of my eyes. Sirius helped me and there must have been a look in our eyes as we looked at one another, because Uncle Scott walked past us with our trunks levitated in front of him, and laughed, “Come on you lovebirds, inside,”

Aunt Becky didn’t approve, just as I had thought. However, I knew she wouldn’t dare say anything in front of Sirius. Later, when Sirius and I are parted for the night, she will come up to my room and talk with me. Just as she did when I had come home in fifth year. I had told her about the Roger Hill incident and ever since she has thought I was a fragile little girl who couldn’t take anything from any other guy.

But she let us go upstairs. James was in the bathroom. My door was left open because I would be dead if I closed it when in the room with my boyfriend. Sirius and I laying flat on our backs on my floor. It was bit cold from not being used in a while, but I was comfortable laying with Sirius anyways.

James came in and frowned down at us before flopping onto my bed muttering, “I wish Lily was here.”

“Aw, don’t be like that Prongs,” Sirius laughed sitting up and grinning at me, “You’ll see Lily soon.”

“Huh?” I asked raising an eyebrow, also sitting up.

“Oh yeah, I forgot!” Sirius gasped, “James is having a party on New Years! Quite a few people are invited, but it’ll still be wicked!”

“What did your parents say about this James?” I asked, smirking.

“Nothing. I haven’t told them I’m having a party yet,” James shrugged like it was no big deal, “They won’t mind. They always say I should have a party of my own when they go off to the Ministry Ball. This year, I choose to have a party.”

“And I suppose you already have the firewhisky being shipped to your house?” I asked. James rolled his eyes.

“Libby, do you seriously think I would be able to get away with fire whisky? My mum never misses a beat with me. Which is horrible. You know what I’m talking about. She’ll never leave me alone in the house again if I allowed fire whisky at a party filled with hormonal crazed teenagers!” James propped himself on his elbow to look at me.

“So it’s just butterbeer?” I asked. Sirius and James smirked, throwing one another knowing glances.

“Yeah,” James said, flopping back down on his back. I snorted knowing that there was probably going to be a lot of stuff stronger then fire whisky at this party. My aunt and uncle will never let me go.

The Potters returned only a few hours after we had gotten home. Sirius and James went back to the Potter house to put their things away and then came back over. But as dinner rolled around, Sirius and James was dragged back to their house and I went down to my own kitchen feeling a sense of loss like I usually did when I knew I wasn’t going to see Sirius for a few hours.

I was sitting across from my brother. My aunt and uncle at the ends of the rectangular table. We passed the pork chops and side dishes around as we piled our plates. Once we all had started eating, my aunt started conversation.

“How was term?” she asked.

“Alright,” Jacob and I chorused.

“Just alright?” Uncle Scott laughed, “What happened to it being ‘different’ Libby?”

“Yeah, what happened to you’re little snogging fests with Ben and Sirius?” Jacob asked with his mouth full of chewed food.

“I did not snog Ben!” I gasped, because I didn’t. Not real snogging anyways.

“Ben Carlson?” Aunt Becky asked, “He asked you out?”

“Yeah,” I blushed.

“But now you’re with Sirius?” she continued. I nodded, “What happened to Ben?”

“I realized I didn’t like him as much as I thought. And I was totally falling for Sirius even though I was in total denial. I mean, Ben is totally great and all, but it just wasn’t fate,” I explained quickly before taking a sip of water.

“Oh, so it’s fate for you and Sirius, then?” Becky asked, she sounded a bit cold.

“We like to think so,” I shrugged.

“I don’t trust him,” Becky said, shaking her head, “He looks at you like he’s going to lose control of himself.”

“Oh, Becky, Sirius isn’t a bad kid,” Uncle Scott chuckled, “He just was looking for something that he found in our niece.”

Aunt Becky let the subject drop, but I knew she wanted to talk to me in privet. I felt angry at her for not trusting Sirius. You would think that just because I was happy, she would be happy, too. Figures there was going to be another bump in the road just so Sirius and I could be together.

Aunt Becky came to talk to me earlier then I had thought she would. I was in my room reading a book on Transfiguration. James lent it to me to help me understand the whole animagus-werewolf thing I was still not really able to grasp. At first, I didn’t see my Aunt standing at the door. I was stretched out on my bed in my warm pajama pants and a comfortable long sleeved t-shirt, the book held up in front of my face. It was really quite interesting. She tapped on the door frame, causing me to jump a little.

“Aunt Becky,” I grinned when I put the book down. I had expected it to be Jacob being annoying.

“Can we talk, Libby?” Aunt Becky asked. I nodded reluctantly. Becky shut my door and sat down on the end of bed. She said quietly, “I’m not going to forbid you from seeing Sirius.”

“Thank merlin,” I muttered under my breath. Becky allowed a small smile to play on her lips.

“I’m not going to lecture you, either. All I want to know is why the change of heart?” Becky asked.

“Really, I don’t know,” I muttered, “It just started over the summer. James dared me to kiss Sirius so I did. I didn’t think it was a big deal....” I told my aunt about term. Everything. Except about the Remus thing, of course. Once I was done, my aunt was smiling again.

“Does he really love you, though?” she asked. I looked at her, surprised.

“Of course. I’ve known him for six years, Aunt Becky, and I know he doesn’t lie about things like this. I mean, yeah, he hid his feelings for six years and was a bit mean to me, but he was always watching out for me, too. And because of that I trust him,” I whispered, “I love him.”

“Love is a strong word, Libby,” my aunt warned, “You are so young to know what it is like to love.”

“Yes, I know, but at least I am loved in return,” I said feeling like I was part of some corny soap opera. And trust me, I’ve seen many soaps.

“Oh, Libby, I don’t want you to get hurt. Love is such a strong thing! It can be beautiful, yet painful. It causes heart ache and—” Aunt Becky said.

“Aunt Becky,” I smiled softly, “I know, but I can’t help it. I physically need Sirius. I go crazy when I’m not near him. Like now. I’m ready to jump out the window and fly to him. And I know he feels the same way.”

“Okay.” Aunt Becky said, “I can’t believe this though. I feel like you were walking through my door for the first time just yesterday. And now, you are sixteen years old and in love. It doesn’t seem possible that the little girl that came to me eight years ago is sitting right in front of me.”

“I know,” I laughed, “I feel like everything went by to fast.”

Aunt Becky wiped a tear from her eye and stood up. She hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead. Then she left my room and I flopped onto my back. The conversation didn’t go the way I had thought it would. I was supposed to get a lecture on maturity and responsibility. And it was a much shorter conversation, too. But at least Becky isn’t going to make me stay away from Sirius. She doesn’t approve, that’s obvious, but she’s putting her thoughts behind her.



What the hell was that?

I sat up in my bed, startled. Thump. My head snapped towards my window as snow exploded on it. I stared and watched as two more thumps hit my window. Then, I looked at my clock. Six thirty. Groaning, I pushed my blankets off me and went to my window. I let the snow hit it before I opened it and hung my head out into the brisk air. I rolled my eyes when I saw the source of the snow.

Sirius and James stood below my window. They were bundled in scarves and their cloaks and still looked cold. The greyish light gave them a shadowed glow, but they were smiling up at me, James tossing a snow ball from hand to hand.

“Libby, my love!” Sirius cried, falling to his knees and reaching out to me. His voice echoes across the yard. I winced hoping my Aunt and Uncle weren’t going to wake up. Or Jacob. None of them were morning people and were scary if they got up to early.

“Sirius! What are you doing?” I called back as quietly as I could, “It’s not even seven o’clock yet!”

“I know!” I could see Sirius’s grin from up in my room, “But I needed to see you. James was going to use the door and we were going to sneak into your room, but this seemed like more fun.”

“It is, too,” James laughed and threw the snow ball towards me. I slammed my window shut just in time and waited a second before opening it back up.

“I need to sleep,” I shouted, “I didn’t go to bed till two in the morning!”

“We didn’t sleep at all!” James said proudly. For a moment, I thought they were joking, but the proud smirks on their faces told me otherwise.


“To see who can stay awake the longest, of course!” Sirius said as if it were the most obvious thing on the planet, “I won!”

“Did not, I never fell asleep,” James argued.

“You dozed off for three minutes and nineteen seconds,” Sirius countered, “That means you were sleeping lightly. Which means I won!”

“Okay!” I said before James could argue, “Let me go back to sleep!”

“No!” Sirius whined, “I need to be near you!”

“Please, Libby, he’s worse then I am with Lily!” James called. I sighed, not wanting to wake up any more then I already am. But just knowing Sirius wanted to be near me, made me want to be near him.

“I’ll be right down,” I said and shut my window.

As quick as I could, I got dressed. Then I tiptoed down the stairs past my brother’s room and my Aunt and Uncle’s and then went down the stairs on light feet. In the kitchen, Rosie appeared almost immediately and asked me if I would like anything. I told her in a moment and unlocked the back door before allowing James and Sirius to come in. I was glad my house was so big. There was less of a chance that Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott would wake up.

“It’s freezing out there,” James said, pulling his cloak off. Sirius kissed me deeply before pulling his own off. Rosie appeared once more.

“Can Rosie get you Sirs anything?” she squeaked.

“Coffee and toast, please,” James said.

“Make that two coffees,” Sirius nodded, “And a muffin!” They slid into the bar stools in front of the counter while Rosie began to make the coffee.

“I think both of you should see who can fall to sleep the fastest,” I said sitting down next to Sirius.

“Where’s the fun in that?” James asked, rolling his eyes.

“Well, you won’t need to drink twenty cups of coffee just to function,” I smiled. James shrugged as Rosie returned with Sirius’s muffin and the cups of coffee.

“Can Rosie get Miss something, now?” she asked me politely.

“Bagel and cream cheese please. And hot chocolate,” I said and Rosie was off again making my breakfast.

“Haha, look!” James laughed. I looked at him and snorted. James was allowing the hot coffee fog up his glasses and then looking at us like he was waiting for applause. Sirius barked with laughter and slopped some coffee down his front.

“Here you go, Miss. Anything else?” Rosie asked putting my breakfast in front of me. I looked at the house elf and smile.

“This is all, Rosie. Thank you,” I said. Rosie bowed and went off.

We all continued to eat our breakfasts. James and Sirius didn’t act tired at all. They were cracking jokes and acting like their regular selves. They didn’t even yawn! I was rubbing my watering eyes and yawning every minute. They weren’t normal.


I shivered as the snow seeped into my shoes. My socks were soaked through and my pants were wet up to my knees. I looked up ahead of me where James was walking ahead. Sirius was next to me, but one step ahead. We had been out in the snow for the past two hours. Around noon, we had gone outside and started a snow ball fight. Somehow, we had traveled farther from the house then we would have liked to walk back.

“Can you see the house, James?” I called in a tired voice.

“I can!” James said, sounding more relieved then tired.

“Finally,” Sirius muttered, he took my gloved hand in his own and we quickened our pace to get home.

I saw a car in the driveway at the side of my house. This was odd because my aunt and uncle didn’t own cars. We borrowed them from the Ministry, but otherwise it was strictly Floo powder and Apperation. However, seeing that the car was indeed parked and not a figment of my imagination, I was curious as to who’s car it was. With a sinking heart, I thought of one family. I hoped I was wrong.

My cousin, Bridget, was my other aunt’s daughter. My mum and Aunt Cynthia were never really as close as she and Aunt Becky were. I rarely saw my other aunt, actually. She was to busy living happily in France with her French husband, whom she married for the money, and sending her precious little Bridget to Beauxbatons. I didn’t care for Aunt Cynthia, she was stuck up and rather rude. But I absolutely despised Bridget. She thought herself to be better then me and was one of those girls that hung over every guy. She would get along well with Susan and Samantha Orrin.

The car most likely belonged to them and my Uncle Denis. He preferred to do things the “Muggle-way” so he can interact with his “Muggle-side” in case anything happens. Really it’s because he’s very timid with magic even if he is a pureblood. Actually, his skill with a wand reminds me of Peter. He finds it safer indeed to do things with hard way then cause havoc with his wand.

“Are they here for long?” James asked me as he stared at the car in horror. Bridget was always hitting on James and seemed to think he liked her back. I would hate to see how she would react to Sirius. The thought made me smile to myself.

“I hope not,” I groaned.

“Who is it?” Sirius asked, interested.

I didn’t answer as I pushed open the back door. We took off our cloaks, scarves, and boots, and walked further into the kitchen, glad to be in the warm house again. There was no way to try and avoid my cousin and her family, so I reluctantly led the way into the front room.

Aunt Cynthia was seated in the leather black chair my Uncle usually sat in. She had a cup of tea in her hands, legs crossed as she talked about something that happened while she and Bridget were shopping the other day. Bridget, herself, was sitting on the couch, listening intently. Her hair was streaked with blond, with her roots coming in, and she was dressed in high expensive clothes, just like her mother, and was looking particularly snippy where she sat looking into her tea cup like it was poison. My Uncle Denis was not in the room and neither was Uncle Scott or Jacob.

Bridget spotted me first. She stood with a high pitched squeal and came towards me. I resisted the urge to run for it.

“Libby! Oh, I’ve missed you so much. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve seen you!” she said in her fake French accent. She kissed me on both cheeks and I forced a smile and tried to breath through her perfume.

“I’ve missed you, too, Bridget,” I lied. She beamed, though I knew she only missed me because she couldn’t tell me how wonderful she is and how plain I am.

“Oh, Libby,” My aunt Cynthia cooed, “Look how pretty you’ve gotten!”

“Thanks,” I blushed.

“James!” Bridget grinned spotting James. Bridget has always been trying to get James to like her, but he is captivated by Lily and would always push Bridget off and walk away.

“Hi, Bridget,” James said, backing away. But Bridget wasn’t paying attention to James. She was staring, opened mouth at Sirius.

Bridget, as I said before, is one of those girls who hangs over any guy that come their way. Spotting Sirius leaning against the wall, once again, with his hands deep in his pockets, his hair falling into his eyes. He was watching Bridget and her mother greet James and me with an amused expression. That crooked smile was planted on his face, his dimple making it’s special appearance and making him look even better then he usually did. I glanced at Bridget and knew that she would be so jealous when she learned that Sirius Black was mine.

“Who are you?” Bridget asked, batting her eyelashes and smirking in a foolish way, which she thought was sexy.

“This, Bridget,” I said walking towards Sirius, where he stood up straight and wrapped an arm around my waist, “Is my boyfriend, Sirius Black.”

Silence. Bridget was staring between me and Sirius with this shocked, jealous look on her face. Even my Aunt Cynthia looked shocked. It was a bit hurtful to me, if you know what I mean.

“You’re boyfriend?” Bridget choked out.

“Yes,” I said proudly, “Sirius, this is my cousin Bridget and my aunt Cynthia.”

Sirius smiled at them both before we all sat down. Sirius sat in the corner of the couch and I sat next to him, as I have done so many times, leaning into his warm body comfortably. James sat in the other arm chair across from Aunt Cynthia. Bridget and my Aunt Becky sat down on the couch next to me and Sirius. Aunt Cynthia launched back into her story, throwing glances at me and Sirius every so often. Bridget glared at me and Sirius as we listened, intertwining our hands together and quietly flirting.

I knew that I could easily show off just how much Sirius cared for me and a part of me wanted to. I would have something Bridget wants but can’t have. Yet, I couldn’t use Sirius like that and ended up completely forgetting about Bridget as I stared into Sirius’s grey eyes.

Who knew I would end up with Sirius Black?

The hours passed slowly. Sirius fell asleep more then once listening to Bridget and Aunt Cynthia. I would have let him sleep, but when Aunt Becky threw me a glare, I had no choice. It was almost dinner when Aunt Becky and Aunt Cynthia had finally gotten up to look at a new piece of furniture that Becky bought a couple of months ago. Sirius, James, and I escaped to my room quickly.

I didn’t realize that Bridget had followed us, but the second I opened my door, she pushed her way through before anyone else and looked around. The three of us exchanged glances before following her in.

“Libby, you really need to redo your room,” Bridget said, she had lost her fake accent an hour ago when her mother asked if she was getting sick.

“What’s wrong with my room?” I asked, offended. I loved my room.

“I feel like I’ve just entered a three year old’s room,” Bridget snorted, “You should try to make it more mature and modern.”

“I like my room,” I muttered. Bridget went to the window and looked out, shrugging.

“So, Sirius, is it?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder before looking back outside.

“That’s me,” Sirius grinned. I rolled my eyes, but allowed a small smile.

“What are you getting for dating Libby, then?” Bridget went on, turning around now and crossing her arms over her chest. She was smirking and I felt my face go red with anger and embarrassment.

“Getting?” Sirius asked, frowning, “What do you mean?”

“Like someone like you would willingly ask out a girl like Libby,” Bridget scoffed.

“A girl like Libby? You mean someone beautiful and smart and overlooked because she actually wears clothes and doesn’t throw herself at any random guy?” Sirius snapped, his face darkening.

“Geez, Bridget, what type of question was that?” James asked, looking just as angry at Sirius. I smiled to myself, happy that both Sirius and James were ready to stick up for me.

“I thought it was a perfectly innocent question,” Bridget shrugged. Then looked at me and smirked, “I bet Sirius didn’t notice you with those stupid glasses. I mean, who would?”

“You’re making Sirius sound shallow,” I said angrily. Bridget looked at Sirius up and down real quick.

“Well, he must be. I mean, only someone desperate would date you,” Bridget shrugged. Her blue eyes were flashing with annoyance at the glares everyone in the room was throwing her. I was ready to slap her. She didn’t even know Sirius enough to call him shallow.

“Take if from a guy,” Sirius growled, “The only reason you always have a date is because you’re easy.”

Bridget was insulted. I know myself that she’s called many people shallow because they had a better boyfriend or enjoyed themselves more then her on a date or something. She’s gossiped about them to me. It was something else for her to be called shallow herself. Worse to be called easy. She probably thought that boys really thought she was pretty and wonderful.

“Truth hurts, doesn’t it?” James smirked, enjoying seeing Bridget get put down.

Bridget gave a frustrated scream and marched from the room. I knew I was in trouble. She would be running to my Aunts and crying about how I was mean to her. She’ll stretch the truth to make me sound like I started it and really wanted to hurt her. Yet, I didn’t care. As Sirius slipped his arm around me and kissed me gently on the cheek, I smiled, forgetting about getting into trouble.

A/N: Raise your hand if you hate Bridget!! *raises hand and jumps up and down* Yeah. She's just there to be there. Not really an important character.

Anyways, thank you all for the reviews!! They make me want to update so badly that i almost updated the second i checked my reviews hours and hours ago. Almost. Hehe.

You're little something from chp. 16: Amazed (which is a seriously corny chapter, but needed).

“Hang on,” Sirius called over his shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his waist and closed my eyes as Sirius accelerated the bike. For a second it bounced as if we ran over something, but then the ride was quite smooth. I opened my eyes and gave a little scream.

“We’re flying!” I shouted over the wind, “You didn’t tell me the bike could fly!”

“You never asked!” Sirius laughed.

I looked below. Muggles could easily see us and hear us. The bike was so loud. I bit my lip, nervously. This was a lot like a broomstick, only more comfortable and loud. It didn’t stray of course as easily either, because it was a lot heavier then a broom. After about five minutes, I loosened my death grip on Sirius’s waist and relaxed a bit. This wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of nice, except for the biting cold that froze my nose. Sirius seemed to be enjoying himself, too, and that made me happy just knowing that he was happy.

Christmas is next chapter, obviously. And then New Year's. Where everything takes a turn. Yay!! Not really yay, but yeah. Gasp! We're a Chp. 15 which means this story is EXACTLY half way done!!

Please review!! I love them!! No, i love YOU!! And i got a bad review. :( But i won't let it get to me!!

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