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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 23 : Wake Up and Smell the Pheromones!!!
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A/N: Both Missus: Hello all you beautiful readers! Missus Padfoot: Sorry about the not so quick update this time - we had to space it a little cause you guys are just catching up to us! Missus Moony: Yeah, pretty soon, we're going to have to just update whenever we finish writing a chapter at the rate that we're going... Missus Padfoot: But hey, it's not our fault! Blame school! Who needs a degree anyway? Missus Moony: Uh... we do... Missus Padfoot: Oh yeah. Anyway, here's an interesting chapter - we get some more Remus/Rebecca action! Oh, and yes, we know, Remus is pretty oblivious in this chapter. Missus Moony: Can't blame the poor boy, though. Tough luck with Daphne and all! Missus Padfoot: Tis true. Well, we love all you faithful reviewers out there! Keep those reviews coming!!!

Chapter 23: Wake Up and Smell the Pheromones!!!

Remus stormed down the halls of the castle, so furious with James that he felt as if it was the full moon again and his werewolf side was ready to attack its prey. He couldn't believe that James would ever be that much of a bastard to be leading on Daphne. And on top of that, he was acting like the jerk that he had been in his earlier years at Hogwarts, which is why Lily couldn't stand him in the first place.

Moony was so caught up in his anger that he turned a corner and promptly tripped over something laying on the floor and fell flat on his face. Snarling in pain, Remus swung his head around to see what the blazes had caused his fall. His gaze met with the sight of pajama clad legs. Looking to the right, he came face to face with Rebecca Potter.

"Owie, Re-(hic)-mus!! Tha' freakin' 'urt!!"

... Apparently a VERY wasted Rebecca Potter.

Rebecca tried to focus her eyes on Remus with an uncharacteristic, wide, lopsided smile, not so unlike her twin. " 'Ere, sit by me, 'n we'll share the resh of my f-(hic)-ire whishkey." Sighing, Remus pulled himself into a sitting position and leaned against the wall next to the intoxicated girl. He was glad he'd stumbled (literally) across Rebecca; he needed someone to calm him down before he did something stupid. "Why're you so (hic) mad an-anyway, Remus? You look like (hic) your besh friend died or somethin'."

Snarling again, Remus growled out, "He might as well be dead with as friendly as we're being at the moment." At Rebecca's perplexed look, he explained, "Sirius confronted James tonight about hiding the fact that he'd been going out with Daphne." Remus, looking across the corridor, missed the glower on Rebecca's face at the mention of Daphne. "I mean, who does he think he is, hiding something as important as a relationship from his friends!! He didn't even tell us he fancied her!!"

"Shounds l-(hic)-ike someone else ah know," Rebecca quipped, swirling the contents of the bottle of firewhiskey at eye-level. Remus, so caught up in his rant, didn't hear his friend's grumblings.

"He just goes off, not even considering the poor girl's feelings at all!"

"Bit of a hyp-hypocritical sh-tatement, don't yah think?" snapped the intoxicated girl as she took a vicious swig from her drink.

"I mean, Daphne's been so obvious that she fancies him, but he was too oblivious to notice cause he was obsessed with Lily!!"

"Are you (hic) tryin' to make a p-parallel to your life, Remus?"

"I just don't understand! How can you not see when someone likes you 'more than a friend'!?!"

"I (hic) don' know! How do you not see wh-when someone likes you (hic) more than a friend?"

"How could he just make Daphne the 'rebound relationship'? Doesn't she see that's all she is to him?"

"Sh-ome of ush wouldn' mind bein' the re-(hic)-bound relationship jus so we could be in a rela-(hic)-tionship!"

Rebecca, coming to the bottom of her bottle, sighed and dropped her head onto the ranting boy's shoulder. Remus, startled out of his venting, looked down at his friend. Seeing Rebecca curling closer to him, dragging her legs over his and pressing herself against his side, Remus figured that the stone floor must be getting too cold for her to handle and decided to let her stay practically draped on top of him.

"I don't know what to do, Rebecca. The Marauders and I have been through so much together, and now, we're just falling apart!"

A mumbled, "sh-tupid boys" caused Remus to glance down again at his friend and notice her features relax as she passed out from her alcohol binge.

"Oh, don't fall asleep! We've go to get back to the dormitory!" Nudging the drunk girl into sitting up, he gently slung her arm over his shoulders and prompted Rebecca into standing, vaguely listening to her half-hearted complaints and groans.

The two seventh-years stumbled their way to the Gryffindor tower until they were standing in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady.

The Fat Lady winked at Remus. "Ah, it seems you found our wanderer! I was a bit worried when she tottered off a while ago. Thought she'd forget to make her way back to her bed!" tittered the painting, eyeing Rebecca who was still being entirely supported by Remus.

"Fuzzy-lumpkins," muttered Remus, trying to prod the dark-haired girl into walking forward into the common room. Remus was unable to take Rebecca up to her dormitory because of fact the stairs would turn into a slide the moment he put a foot on it, so he decided to let the girl sleep off the firewhiskey on one of the couches by the fire. Slipping his other arm under Rebecca's knees, Remus gently laid her onto the couch. As he tried to unwind himself, Remus noticed Rebecca clutching tighter onto his shirt.

Rebecca was known to her friends as being extremely cuddly when she was tired, though none of them said anything about it for fear of the girl's wrath as she denied it. If he remembered correctly, Sirius' boils had taken a week to wear off after teasing Rebecca about it in third year.

Shrugging, the exhausted boy summoned a quilt and, lying down on the couch next to the slumbering girl, draped the blanket across the two of them before falling asleep, Rebecca holding on tight to Remus as if her life depended on it.


The morning of Halloween Day dawned bright and beautiful, with the purple sky slowly fading into blue. The early sunlight spilled in through the Gryffindor Common Room window, stretching across the floor until it finally came in contact with the couch in front of the now empty fireplace. The streaming rays revealed a large lump on the couch, until, because of the invasive light, part of the lump shifted, and groaned. As the common room began to fill with more light, it became clearer that there were two figures lying across the couch, wrapped under a blanket, still oblivious to the world.

Rebecca tried ignoring the pounding in her head and the intense light that was trying to blind her despite the fact she had her eyes closed. The poor girl’s mouth felt like she’d swallowed a mouthful of cotton in her sleep without realizing it. Despite her ailments, Rebecca could smell the wonderful aroma of chocolate, along with a heavy douse of what Rebecca had privately named, “Remus’ scent”.

The woodsy smell reminded her of a time in her third year during a Care of Magical Creatures class where Professor Kettleburn had cut down one of the trees in the Forbidden Forest, and brought it to the class so they could study the tiny Bark-Shredding-Gulumperdoses that resided in the tree. The whole lesson, the dark-haired girl could remember ignoring the teacher and just inhaling the rich sent of the split tree’s sap. Her delight was then increased tenfold when she realized that her friend, the shy, studious Remus Lupin, always smelled exactly like the trees from the Forbidden Forest.

Inhaling more of the delicious aroma, Rebecca snuggled closer to the warm pillow beside her. As she shifted closer, her befuddled mind finally pointed out the fact that her “pillow” was slowly moving up and down. A moment later, the girl realized that she was snuggled up to a body. Snapping her eyes open, Rebecca came face to face with the knowledge that Remus Lupin’s slumbering features were scant inches away from her own face.

Screeching, Rebecca instantly heaved her arms and legs forward and shoved Remus off the couch, who disappeared from sight below the edge of the couch with a startled shout of, “What the –?!”

After a moment’s pause, Rebecca was still struggling to control her racing heart, though, with the way it was beating against her chest, she wondered if it was trying to leap out of her body and across the room.

A mass of sandy hair slowly started to emerge from beneath the edge of the couch until a pair of chocolate brown eyes gazed wonderingly at Rebecca as Remus hesitantly heaved himself off the floor.

“Good morning to you, too!” said Remus sarcastically as he tried to untangle himself from the massive blanket, rubbing his head to try to ease the pain from his unexpected fall.

Rebecca’s eyes were wide as she stared down at Remus, her head pounding as she sat up. “Wha - how did – why – um, did we?” Rebecca sputtered as she kept pointing back and forth to Remus and herself.

Remus just looked at Rebecca with a confused expression on his face, his eyebrows raised and his head sort of cocked at an angle.

“Er… What exactly happened last night?” Rebecca finally spit out. “Did we, um… you know… do anything?” Rebecca felt her cheeks getting extremely flushed.

Remus’ eyes became wide as he realized what Rebecca was asking. He put his hand up to his forehead. “Oh! No! No, no, god no!” Rebecca looked relieved and then slightly put out because Remus was acting so shocked that she would even suggest such a thing. “No, um, last night was totally, er, platonic – like a brotherly-sisterly thing! Just like what you and James used to do when you guys first came to school!”

Yeah, except I didn’t exactly have a huge crush on him, now did I?” Rebecca thought, scowling slightly.

Remus kept blabbing on, clearly feeling very awkward about the whole situation. “You see, er, I couldn’t get you up to your dormitory last night because of that blasted staircase, and so when I tried to lay you down on the couch… um, well, you sort of wouldn’t let me go…”

Rebecca was quite sure that her face was a bright shade of pink by now. “Oh,” was all that she could manage to reply. Her thoughts were reeling, which was quite amazing considering that she felt like she had been hit by a truck. “Seriously, what happened last night?! I didn’t reveal my secret adoration to Remus, did I? I remember talking to him a little bit, but Merlin’s beard, what did I say?!

Remus got up and sat on the very edge of the couch next to Rebecca. “I’m sorry, Rebecca. This must be very awkward for you considering that we’ve always been such good friends, and we’ve never had feelings -”

Rebecca quickly cut Remus off. “Remus, did I say anything to you last night that was a bit… odd?” she said as she bit her lip.

Remus laughed. “Well, you were totally zonked last night, Becs.” Rebecca looked horrified at that statement and Remus hastily added, “but no, you didn’t say anything really strange… you did say something about ‘stupid boys’ though, and that was pretty funny…”

Rebecca sprang up off the couch (or at least she tried to – she fell back down because of her splitting headache and then had to slowly get up for fear of passing out) and exclaimed, “Um, I’ve got to go.” And with that, she hurried as fast as she could out of the common room and up the stairs to her dormitory, stumbling every now and again, and holding on to anything she could reach in order to keep herself standing.

Remus smirked and sort of laughed as he lay back on the couch. “She is so weird!

A/N: Missus Padfoot: Well, that was a bit awkward now wasn't it? Missus Moony: Drama, drama, drama! Missus Padfoot: Ok, now go! Review! Let's see who can do it the fastest! It's a race! Haha. Missus Moony: You're so odd, Padfoot. Oh, and one more thing, all you lovely people out there - check out our website please! Missus Padfoot: Yeah, no kidding! There really is some very cool artwork on there by none other than our wonderful Missus Moony, and it just shows you how our characters look in our minds! So go! Skedaddle! Missus Moony: I don't think anyone says that word anymore... Missus Padfoot: Meh, I can say it if I want to! Review, please! Go on - skedaddle!

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