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Shadow of a Doubt by slytheringinny
Chapter 4 : Chapter IV - Lust
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When that Sunday morning arose, Merope awoke gleefully. Today was the day she would set her plan into acting. Today was the day she'd conquor him, that lowly muggle she fell head over dirty heals for. Tugging on her best dress (which wasn't all a difference from her normal attire), she pranced into the lonely kitchen, looking around. No Marvolo, no Morfin. They had yet to return. She wandered over to the sink, looking at how high the sun was since Morfin had destroyed all of the clocks in the house.

It was nearing that perfect moment of her day when she would go outside and offer the poor sweating boy a glass of lemonade and he would take the lemonade with a thankful smile and gulp it down thirstly. Disgusted, his girlfriend would ride off on her own horse, and the muggle boy would follow the sway of her now sinuous hips into the house, and Merope would feel like she was loved once again....

Damn you, Merope...snap out of it and go watch the window!! None of that can actually happen until you watch the damn window! She scolded herself and resumed her waiting position, a glass of lemonade, barely tinted darker than it should be, by the sink. The window was open and a slight breeze blew back her lank hair. Oh, I've forgotten to brush my hair! she thought spontaneously. It doesn't matter! her mind shot back. He'll love you anyways...soon enough.

Suddenly, a low voice floated through the window. "Linda?" the voice asked. "Are you alright back there? It's awfully sweltering out..." Merope's heart skipped a beat and she pushed herself onto tip toes to catch a glimpse of that wonderful muggle, wiping his brow. Perfect timing!

However; a girl's voice followed in repsonse. "Yes, I'm alright Tom. Just a bit tuckered out, that's all..." Soon, the girl in question was within Merope's point of view. No wonder that tramp is sweating! She's got a large poofy dress on!! The woman had had on a large fancy dress, straddling the horse she was riding sideways and wiping her brow, upon which a sweaty brown curl had fallen on. "My god, what's that!?" her voice exclaimed in fear.

Merope spotted her pointing at the front door of her own home. Tom rode closer to her front door and peered at the snake her brother had pinned there. "Hissy, hissy little snakey, slither on the floor, you'll be good to Morfin or he'll nail you to the door..." Merope repeated what her brother had once said to the snake before nailing it to the door for amusement, seeing what the muggles made out of his gruesome playtime activities. She shuddered. How awful. "It''s a snake, Linda," Tom's voice called back to her, and he rode backwards, away from the scary sight.

"Nothing to worry about I'm sure, you know those people that live there. Mad as a hatter," Tom explained and Merope felt a rush of anger. Surely he wouldn't think of me as that, would he? she thought to herself, concerned. "Let's go."

"But Tom, why don't you just tell your father to move them if they scare everyone?" She heard Linda's silky sweet voice call with innocence and curiousity.

She saw Tom shake his head pitifully. "We can't. It's not our land. They only have the little patch on which their house sits on, Linda. Don't worry...let's go," Tom called once more and they started to ride over the other side of the hill.

"Snap out of it," Merope told her self quickly, grabbing the cup of 'lemonade' and taking a brave step towards the door. "You've got to give it to him," she told herself once more in a whisper. Merope looked at her reflection in the glass, surprisingly happy with her overall appearance. It surely wasn't great and appealing, but it was the best Merope Gaunt could do. "Gather your courage," she muttered. "Hope I'm not too late," she added and with that Merope went out the front door, thread-bare shoes padding in the dust and overgrown weeds.

Just her luck, Tom had stopped and dismounted his horse. "Go ahead awhile, Linda. Old Rider's got a stone in his back hoof," he called and went around the back of the horse to look at his acclaimed hoof. Sweat beaded his forehead too, and glistened in the sun. Merope grinned. How handsome he looked, even when sweaty and surely sticky. His elegant black hair had fallen gracefully over his dark eyes, and his pale skin seemed to shimmer in the sun.

Merope gulped and took another step closer. "Ex-Excuse me?"

Tom straightened and turned his head to look at her.

What will he think of me?

Will he even drink it?

What if it doesn't work?

Don't be silly, it's got to work...the book garuanteed it!

"...Yes?" Tom replied back as calmly as he could. What would a mangy street girl with crisscrossed eyes and a glass of suspicious juice want with him?

Merope took another step closer to him and gave a large smile, hoping it would work. She held out the glass. "Well, it's so dreadfully hot out here..." she started in a small voice. "And I see you look very parched. I've taken it into my conscious for you to have a drink, if you'd like?"

Tom raised an eyebrow. " see, I have my lady friend...down there...waiting for me and my steed has got a bad hoof..." he trailed off.

Dammit, just take the damned drink!

"Oh, but you wouldn't want to fall ill and become sick infront of your lady from dehydration..." she pressed, holding the glass out. I don't have a clue about what I'm talking about...but dear Merlin I hope it works. "Please, take it on my honor. I'd hate to see someone become indisposed because of such a silly manner."

The handsome teenage boy glanced at the glass, then to his 'steed' and to his lady friend down at the bottom of the hill calling his name. "I suppose...a sip couldn't hurt one's body could it?" he asked, a small smile on his face shown momentarily. Merope's own face bore a large smile. It's's working.

"No," she replied in glee, though hiding it in her voice. "It would help, here..." She gave him the glass, worshipping the moment when her fingers brushed his, and a thump pounded in her chest and a evil smile crossed her face as he raised the cup to his full lips. Soon, the cup was downed entirely and with a smile he handed it back to her.

"That was very grateful of you, thank you," he said, wiping his mouth with his sleeve, very ungentlemen like. "I appreci-" he paused and Merope grinned.

"Tom! Tom are you alright?!" Linda's voice called from below.

It's working...I know it is. Look at his eyes, covered in I've wished for this...pined for this...

"You have very beautiful eyes..."

Author's Note =
*Hissy Hissy little snakey slither on the floor, you'll be good to Morfin or he'll nail you to the door* - was taken from HBP. I do not own the clever rhyme. Jo does.

Sorry for the long wait and I hope Merope and I have caught your attention with 'bewitching' Tom. Keep a sharp eye out for more updates!


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