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LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 22 : Apocalypse Now
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**CHAPTER 22: Apocalypse Now**

All I knew, was that there was a woman who held on to me tightly, tighter than ever before. She had green eyes, just like mine, but I couldn’t understand one word she was saying.

“You must live my son, Mommy’s here, Mommy’s here, I will never leave you, Mommy will take care of everything…” she whispered softly into my ear.

The next instant there was the bang of a door being slammed open, then everything flashed green. That’s the last I knew of that kind woman who held me tight.

Sometimes, I wish that both of us had vanished at the same time


“There not paying Harry any mind, now’s our chance,” Remus whispered to Hermione. Remus was peeking around the corner of the church wall, Voldemort and his Death Eaters were absorbed in the battle raging lower down the hill. Using hand signals, he ordered his team to advance. Crouching low next to Arthur and his son Bill, he whispered the course of action to their small team.

“Arthur…hexed muggle objects are your specialty, whatever’s keeping Harry from breaking loose must be pretty powerful. Bill watch our back; Amos, get on top, give us some cover and a warning if anything happens. Jackson, you as well, I want all possible angles covered. Remember….we want to be in an out without any hassle. Granger, you’ve got to get Harry awake…he may be the only one who could take out Draco now….” Remus finished grimly. The resurrection of the Dark Lord was bad enough as it is, but an Elemental in his control could spell disaster, and not just to the magical community. He looked deeply into her eyes.

“Hermione, you can do it. I believe in you,” he added, giving her a nod. Hermione returned the gesture, her face was full of determination.

“I’m ready,” she said.

“Good, Amos, Jackson..go!” he ordered. Hermione, the Weasleys and himself followed in their wake, and sprinting to the front of the building, Voldemort and his followers not even one hundred feet away. Amos Diggory and Jackson used leapfrog levitation to get unto on the roof, and crouched low on the far side of the slope, out of direct sight. Arthur craned his neck up at Harry, whose eyes were closed, his body spinning slowly round and round.

“Remus…levitate me higher- I need to find out what curse is binding those chains,” Arthur whispered softly, looking up at the still form swinging lightly in the wind.

Wingardium Lleviosa!” Remus muttered, and Arthur Weasley levitated shakily off the ground. He spread his arms wide to keep balance, he was drifting a bit to the side.

“A bit more to the left!” he whispered, and Arthur Weasley steadied himself as he came eye level to an unconscious Harry Potter. He gingerly touched the tip of his wand to the chains, probing its magical properties. The chains rattled slightly, and Harry’s head twitched reflexively. He withdrew his wand immediately; the chains were responding negatively to any outward physical disturbance

“Remus, it’s bad, this is a fourth level Cruciatus hex, it’ll take some time to disenchant,” he whispered down to him, sweat already beginning to bead on his forehead. This had to be the work of Voldemort, Arthur grimaced. In his experience with hexed objects, he had never come across any with so many layers of Unforgivable magic heaped on top one another. But he couldn’t doubt himself now, everyone was counting on him to get the job done.

“Arthur! Whatever you do, Don’t trigger it off! We’re sitting ducks as it is!” Remus hissed. Hermione stared up at Arthur, he looked highly vulnerable floating there in plain view, and she and Remus weren’t actually under cover either. Her hands began to shake, but she kept repeating her prep talk to herself, taking deep breaths. Now was not the time to be scared. Remus felt very exposed with his back facing the Death eaters, basically defenseless as his wand was already in use keeping their Anti-Hex specialist afloat. Arthur nodded down at him as he began his very delicate spell casting.

As if he wasn’t under enough pressure already.


The nightmares were back, except now I had no way of waking up. Someone was holding on to me, and they were crying desperately.

“No! Leave him alone!”

“Your husband was a brave but foolish man, such a sickening trait amongst you Gryffindors. Avada Kedavra!”

All I could see was a big, tall black thing, and a pair of red eyes.


My forehead felt funny, then suddenly the big black thing was no more.


Ron Weasley could barely breathe, the heat of those Heliopaths seemed to burn the very air into his lungs, adrenaline pumping into him as he battled on into the night. His plan of taking them down were sort of working, except one Heliopath needed more than just a few Reductor curses to bring it down. Their magic resistance level was almost ridiculous, but at least they were slow. Their tactics had changed slightly, instead of aiming for a centralized weak spot, they focused directly on the hip region or the legs. It took nine of them to finally penetrate and break through its strong anti magical aura, and the huge body toppled over, crumbling into smoldering rock as it fell.

After his whole team had worked together to bring down two of the ten flaming masses of rock and he was half congratulating himself that his plan that was going smoothly, the Heliopaths suddenly smartened up and began their own unique form of team attack, something that Ron did not take into consideration was even possible for beings so huge.

These walking hulks jumped. And jumped high And when they landed, better be as far away as possible.

“Four o’clock- he’s taking off- GET READY GUYS!” Fred shouted, continuously drenching them with a water spell in order to keep themselves cool while George kept replenishing their shield spell. They were actually all giving off steam, and just staying cool enough was draining their strength more than dodging those shockwaves when the Heliopaths crashed to the ground.

“Forty feet, eleven o’clock! NOW!” Ron ordered, and as a closely knit unit, his three-man team Dissaparated and reapparated with precision, still in tight formation. And not a second too late, ten feet form where they stood previously a concussive wave of fire spread out in a huge radius, incinerating everything in its path.

PROTEGO!” George shouted, and all of them crouched low behind their shield charm. The shockwave battered against them, and they toppled over with its destructive force. Coughing as he rose to his feet, Ron peered about: Shacklebolt and Nymphadora were doing their best to keep Draco’s attention, and some other Aurors he didn’t know where being blown bodily into the air while Draco laughed, his volcano spell erupting directly from underneath them. Cassidy Hortone and Sean Creevey instantly apparated next to their fallen bodies, trying their best to use their extinguishing charms to prevent them from burning to death.

Draco laughed again as Nymphadora fired a quick volley of Stunners in his direction. He dodged them all in midair, toying with his new playthings. His blue eyes flared alive again as he arced his back, summoning his power. He growled as he tapped into his reservoir of magic and clenched his fists. They burst again into flames, and in the back of his mind Voldemort laughed with exuberance. The fools, they cannot stop us!

Sucking in another deep breath, he blew forth an intense stream of fire using the Dragonnairre Infernus summon, tracking her as she drew him away from her vulnerable comrades. She sprinted as the flames raced to catch up to her, and just when she thought she had his complete attention she apparated behind Draco; cursing him directly in his back.

STUPEFY!” she screamed, but it merely splashed harmlessly off his cloak.

Without turning he incanted again “ Inciendo Eruptus!” and a volcano from close behind erupted without warning, blasting Nymphadora high into the sky, her body flailing as she fell hard to the ground. Ron screamed her name, but Fred grabbed him bodily, hauling him back.

“Watch OUT!” George shouted. “Fifty feet, seven o’clock!! NOW!!”

Ron caught himself just in time and apparated alongside his twin brothers to a point of relative safety. Damn that was too close, he thought, looking back at the three Heliopaths that just hurtled into the same area that they were a few seconds back. Whipping his wand out, he and his twin brothers let fly with all of their combined Reductor curses.

REDUCTO!!” they said in unison, and the Heliopath closest to them rocked back, bright flames bursting out of the new opening they just made.

“EVERYONE!!” Ron shouted to anybody in earshot. “FOCUS ON MY TARGET!!” he bellowed, and immediately his squad disengaged their individual skirmishes and a rain of spells sizzled at the weakened Heliopath. It began to shudder in exaggerated jerks, pieces of flaming rock fragmenting as the curses chipped away sizable chunks of rock. The leg eventually broke off, and it toppled ungainly into the other two, knocking them all down in a mass of smoldering rock. “THAT’S IT!! MAKE SURE THEY STAY DOWN!!”

Another hail of explosive curses rained down on the fire demons, and their rock bodies began to combust on themselves.

REDUCTO!!” Ron screamed again, his voice going hoarse. And with that last spell all three of them exploded in a huge fireball, the shockwave knocking nearly everyone down. “GET DOWN!” he shouted, and everyone hastily put up a personal shield spell as fiery shrapnel blew across the burning battlefield. Ron dove to the ground, covering his head with both hands as he felt his shield charm being bombarded by deadly pieces of burning rock. He didn’t have time to wait for the hail to finish, because a warning bell went off in his head.

“FORTY FEET! 12 O’CLOCK! NOW!” They dissaparated again with a loud pop!

Two other fire demons had plummeted with a deafening crash to where they just were, man sized clumps of soil flying into the air as their massive bulk created a huge crater into the soil. If they had stayed a fraction of a second longer they would have been dead, and already buried six feet under. All three brothers were panting heavily, their faces covered in soot and ash. Ron took a deep steady breath as he surveyed his team that were scattered about in little groups, some levitating the injured out of the fray while others screamed in desperate cries for help or extreme agony, he couldn’t tell which. Nearly half of the entire Order of the Phoenix were either injured or unconscious. Peering through the smoke and flames, he could distinctly make out their medic team apparating here and there, Enervating where possible and dousing out flames with Water charms when needed. In the distance he could make out two or three wizards kneeling over some still bodies, their wands slowly rotating over their chests.

Nympahdora’s squadron was nearly taken out, most of them sustaining broken bones and severe burns as Draco effortlessly toyed with them, laughing as bodies flew into the air with his Molotov and Volcano Spells. Only she and a few others were still fighting, even though from Ron’s point of view it seemed to be in vain. His sister was not on the battlefield, but from what he could see it looked like she was helping one of the medics working in the distance. He coughed fiercely, the thick smoke got into his mouth and eyes, the intensity of the heat sapping away at his strength like a huge syringe. Three more down, five more to go. Their work was far from over, and that minor victory meant nothing if they couldn’t bring Draco down, and then Voldemort himself. His eyes narrowed as Draco zipped about the battlefield, his psychopathic laughter growing in zeal as he skimmed low over the grass, leaving streaking walls of flame in his wake.

Dammit, there weren’t prepared for this. Fighting Dark Wizards were one thing, but going up against an Elemental was a completely different matter. He just hoped that his father and the others could get Harry out of there, before they were all wiped out.


”AUNT PETTY! AUNT PETTY! Duddy push me! He push me!!”

It was when I was about three years of age, and I was tugging unto a woman’s flowing skirt. Tears ran down my reddened cheeks, and there was a bleeding cut on my knee. “It HURTS!” I cried, pulling even more frantically as the blood rolled freely down my leg. Aunt Petty took one look at me, and with a sneer went back to what she was doing.

“Do not bother me now boy, I am making your cousin’s dinner,” she hissed, shaking me off her skirt.

“HE PUSH ME!” I cried, my little fingers pointing to the front steps.

“I said leave me alone!” she hissed again, but I continued to tug on her clothes, needing some sort of consolation. Without another word, she picked me up from the ground and opened the shoe cupboard beneath the stairs. She practically threw me amongst the smelly shoes there, and slammed the door behind me.

“YOU’LL STAY IN THERE UNTIL YOU LEARN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!” she shouted through the door, and I cowered as far as possible into the corner. I was locked in, and left without another word. No one cared when the lights went out, ignoring my cries as they slept soundly through the night.

Maybe that’s when I realized that I was different, maybe that’s when I realized that my life will never be happy.


“How’s it going, Arthur?” Remus whispered, as sweat ran down his forehead. If he couldn’t keep him steady, then Arthur may make a mistake, and they couldn’t afford mistakes right now.

“I’m past the Binding hex, it’s just the Magic Siphon and the Cruciatus Curse now…” Arthur whispered as his whispered different incantations, tapping ever so lightly the thick chains surrounding Harry.

“How’s Harry?” Hermione whispered, the fear evident in his voice.

“Not sure…the chains are sucking on his magic…which means that right now these spells are infinitely harder to counter...” his wand sparked, and the chains rustled ever so slightly in annoyance. “Oops!…All I can say Hermione is that’s he’s out cold, and shivering pretty badly…”

Hermione bit down on her lip, their Occlumency spell was disconnected months ago, but from the throbbing high in her forehead she could sense that he was under Voldemort’s mental torture. But she knew that she needed to be strong, and re-establish that link. If she couldn’t….she wouldn’t think those thoughts. It must be accomplished, no matter what.

Amos Diggory was flush against the steeple roof, his eyes locked on the four figures laughing and clapping as they stood high and mighty at the top of the incline, surveying the carnage in the flat plains far below. He squeezed hard on the wand in his grasp. That…Monster…he killed my son! He wanted nothing more than to curse him in his back, and eradicate the world of that filth. His tension built like a simmering volcano, the blinding hate just below the surface.

“Lupin!” Amos hissed at him from on top the roof. “Just say the word….”

“No!” he whispered back at him. “Not until we have Harry! And stay low!”

“Magic siphon down,” Arthur announced quietly, and he quickly began muttering a long stream on incantations, using the tip of his wand to lightly touch specific points on the massive chain. “A couple more minutes,” he added, wiping his brow once again. He just hoped he could finish before Amos lost his cool.

The tension was killing Hermione. She wanted to scream out loud to release the pent up anxiety. All one of the Death Eaters had to do was turn around, and they would all be sitting ducks. As if on cue, there was a distinct Pop! and Voldemort vanished. Everyone jumped, and then froze stock still, waiting for him to reapparate right next to them, or wherever he thought they were most vulnerable. Arthur nearly dropped his wand from the fear that spiked inside of him, but with a steady breath of determination he shut out the distraction and nervously got back to work. Remus still kept his hand in the air, pointing his wand directly at Mr. Weasley. He had to keep Arthur still, and remain calm, the others were looking to him for leadership, even though deep down he wanted to engage them directly. He rather a direct fight as well, instead of just waiting to be cursed into oblivion. Hermione’s wand was at the ready, her senses peeled for anything. The two scouts on the roof half stood up- half crouched, ready to battle. After nearly ten seconds of agonizing stillness had passed, Remus once again whispered orders to Amos.


Diggory conjured an omnoculars and pressed them against his face. “Wait… I don’t see him… hold on- Voldemort has apparated down into the battle...close to where Dumbledore…” he trailed off.

“Stay alert everyone...” Remus admonished, concentrating on keeping Arthur as steady as possible. “Hermione, fortify our chameleon spells...lets just hope they don’t look too closely…” She did as instructed, her hand trembling badly as she whispered incantations. She almost couldn’t do it… her wand was shaking that much.

“YES!” Arthur announced. He had finally broken the Cruciatus Curse embedded in the chains. They began to unravel themselves quickly as Harry’s weight worked against them. A bit too fast, in fact.

“Oh shit!” Remus said, still levitating Arthur Weasley high up. Harry was going to fall!

Wingardium lleviosa!” Arthur said desperately, pointing his wand. He caught Harry in midair, but the chains slid off of him and the sound of it crashing to the ground seemed like an ear bursting explosion in the quiet. All three Death Eaters spun around in surprise, and drew their wands instantly.

Petrificus Totalus!

Protego!” Hermione shouted reflexively.

Silencio! Bill Weasley added. “Expelliarmus ache Stupefy ache Disparium!” Godfrey’s wand shot out of his hand, a stunner narrowly whizzed past his head, and his wand vanished all at once.

Lestrange countered, “Reapparium ache Accio wand!” The wand popped back into existence, and Lestrange threw it back to Godfrey Snape; who had just reapparated behind cover at the side of the church.. Lumos Occlumar Exertimus! A blinding light shot out from his wand, blinding Remus’ team momentarily. Picking the most obvious threat, he targeted Amos Diggory on the rooftop

AVADA KEDAVRA!” Lestrange shouted. Caught completely off guard, Amos Diggory screamed as it caught him flush in the chest. The killing spell ended his life in the blink of an eye- his last thought was about his dead son, and the grief his wife would suffer. He toppled off the rooftop, falling headfirst unto the ground with a thud. Jackson flattened himself to the rooftop immediately and retaliated with a stunner directly into Rodulphus Lestrange’s face.

Stupefy! he screamed, and Lestrange flew back with the force of his spell. But before he could even land Antolin Doholov merely pointed his wand and took aim.

ENERVATE!” he muttered, and Lestrange was awake before he even hit the ground. Rodulphus chuckled and dissaparated in midair, and reapparated right behind Hermione and Remus Lupin.

“WATCH OUT!” Remus shouted and pointed his wand “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” Remus caught him flush, and Lestrange froze, his psychotic half smile still on his face. Remus spun around, targeting Antolin Doholov, completely forgetting that he was levitating Arthur Weasley. There was a sickening crack as he fell; both of his legs broken, and Arthur screamed in pain. Remus swore loudly but couldn’t help him right now, they were discovered, and had to eliminate the immediate threat. Bill Weasley was dueling with Doholov and Jackson was engaged in a game of deadly peekaboo with Godfrey Snape, whose wand smoked from blasting away continuously at the rooftop.

Remus attitude changed dramatically, they were being taken out one by one, but he wasn’t going to give up.

“GRANGER, PROTECT ARTHUR AND POTTER! WE HAVE TO GET THEM OUT SAFELY!” Just as he said it the whole building caved in from the damage of Snape’s Reductor curses with a loud crash. Jackson screamed as he fell to his death, impaling himself on a jagged wooden beam. Remus screamed his name, but could do nothing for him now. Now it was only Bill Weasley and himself fighting, Hermione was crouched low over Harry, her palm against his face. Arthur was crawling to get behind the church wall, trying to take himself out of the fray. Hermione pointed her wand at Harry, and quickly levitated him in the air. She floated him around the side of the building, lowered him down, then did the same for Mr. Weasley, ducking low from the stray bolts of magic flying past as Remus and Bill dueled with Snape and Doholov. Crouching once again at Harry’s side she tried her best to clear her mind, which was nigh impossible to do since death could be just around the corner. Digging deep in herself, she knelt at his side, taking his hands into hers.

Taking a deep breath, she whispered softly, “Leglimens!


Glorious. Absolutely scrumptious.

Voldemort was taking a leisurely stroll through the battle, reveling in once again walking this earth. He took a deep breath. Ah yes, the smell of hopelessness, the feeling that this was the end. He laughed at the carnage about him, and his new apprentice utterly destroying these hapless wizards, a trail of fire in his wake as he zipped over the battlefield. Heliopaths were lumbering slowly towards their miniscule opponents, heaving massive boulders of rock at the scampering wizards. What a bargain! All he wanted was Potter dead, now he had him, plus he got Dumbledore and the Mad Eye Auror and a new Elemental at his beck and call.

Great bargain indeed.

Voldemort laughed again as four bodies flew high into the air, blasted high by his new apprentice. Oh how he missed his great Grandfather. Nikolai Malfoy had instructed him in some properties of the Infernus Elemental, most importantly how to immunize himself. He was a great wizard, and as a schoolboy at Hogwarts he turned to him as a source of inspiration. Feeling for a bit of fun, she pointed his wand at one of the falling bodies, and muttered his Gravity spell.

Densify!” he laughed, and the body suddenly accelerated dramatically to a very fast descent, muscle and bone splattering as the frail human body crashed into the ground. He laughed again, clapping vigorously. That was quite interesting: sometimes discovering a new way to kill was better than actually the killing itself. He sauntered over to where Dumbledore had once foolishly stood, and destroyed his Summoner’s tenth level Summon. Now that was impressive, but the old fool should have known that he would never have beaten me.

I, The Lord Voldemort…

Suddenly, as if a switch was turned off, he could no longer sense Potter’s mind. Voldemort stood his ground, his head craned to one side, as if listening for a pin drop. The mudblood! He swore under his breath. She wants to play does she? Very well.

He closed his eyes, and muttered vehemently, “Leglimens!


Hermione was once again in that blinding white place, that place just on the edge of Harry’s consciousness.

She was alone, the place was infinite; there was neither beginning nor end.




A pale figure materialized far away, it looked like very young boy, curled up in a ball, crying in a corner.

Is that you?

Hermione began to run towards him, but no matter how hard she pushed herself, she felt as if running in slow motion, going nowhere.

A dark hooded figure suddenly emerged before her, a demonic presence in the depths of a little boy’s mind…

“You are a nuisance, mudblood. You cannot save him this time.”

Hermione froze, and desperately looked for a way to escape. She was not prepared to duel, not yet.

“How do you want to die?” the high cold voice chuckled. “Crucio!

She screamed, but no sound came out of her mouth.

Again and again the high voice cursed her, and she writhed on the ground…pain beyond belief racking her body…she was not going to make it…

Harry…I’m sorry…



Arthur Weasley was desperately shaking Hermione Granger, her body shaking uncontrollably as she held on to Harry’s hands, her back arrow straight, her eyes moving erratically beneath her eyelids. He tried to pry her hands off of him, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make her let go. He deduced that there was an inner struggle going on between them, and created a strong body shield around the teenagers. It was all he could do, he was out of the fight.

“Keep fighting Hermione. Don’t give up,” he whispered, more to himself than anyone else.


It was pouring rain throughout the night , and I lay on the dusty cupboard floor, chasing away the bugs that crept out of the tiny crack in the wall. I was in the enclove where the stairs met the floor, scared of the heaping pile of shoes that so resembled a monster in my nightmares. I tried to remain as far as possible, but there was nowhere to hide.

Won’t anyone come and save me?


“You are powerful indeed, my dear,” the cold voice chuckled.

Hermione was laying face down, the blood red uniform completely burnt off her body. Wafts of magical energy was seeping out of her, twirling up into the infinite nothingness.

He put his foot on her naked back, pointing his wand at her in triumph.

“If I had only known you’re abilities were so great… Potter seems worthless in comparison. That fool Dumbledore never knew what he had right under his nose. A pity. Next time I encounter a Divine Summoner, I would be prepared. Farewell… young one...”

Hermione eyes fluttered open, and she lifted her head, peering through blurry vision.

She stretched out to the little boy in the corner, her fingers trembling as pain coursed through her body.

AVADA KEDAVRA!” he shouted, and Hermione slumped, her life snuffed like a candle in the wind..


Arhtur Weasley was watching her avidly, when eventually her muscles relaxed, and she let Harry’s hands fall from hers. Slowly, her whole body toppled to the side, flopping to the ground lifelessly. He searched for a pulse, calling her name desperately. There was none.



Thumping footsteps pounded on the floor above, and I knew that the monster would awake and eat me.

I tried to scream, but my little voice was too hoarse to scream any more.

It came closer and closer, and I hugged my knees tightly to my chest, ignoring the painful cut there.

Don’t eat me! Someone! Help!!


“Now there is no one who can defeat me. Potter….it is now your time. You have been too much trouble over the years…”

Voldemort pointed his wand at the blubbering boy, but suddenly he froze. There was a tremendous power emanating behind him. He turned slowly, and shielded his eyes from the blinding light.


A stream of purest magical energy shone from a hole in the white infinite sky, bathing Hermione in its light.

She levitated into the shower of magic, her arms splayed gracefully to the heavens.

Voldemort squinted against the glowing figure- and at the most astonishing pair silver-white eyes.

…You are wrong. Harry Potter will live…

Twirling her hands and fingers in a mystical summoning ritual, a harmonious voice began to emanate throughout Harry’s subconscious. Her mouth opened in a silent incantation, and soft magical light bathed her body. An Angel, brighter than the sun, floated through the opening from above, its majestic wings spreading wide. The Angel hovered before Hermione, it’s Holy Lance held at the ready.

Hermione gave the order to attack.

… Rescusitarius Kedavra!…

Voldemort vanished instantly, disengaging himself from the Occlumency before it was too late.

Hermione smiled softly, her fingers beckoning the young boy from his hiding place far away.

… dear love..and do battle…


Harry Potter’s eyes flashed open, and he shot bolt upright with a loud gasp. He gasped for breath, looking about frantically. Where was he? The first thing he saw was Arthur Weasley bawling loudly, clutching desperately to Hermione, tears running down his face…Hermione?? What was she doing here? He grabbed Arthur by the shoulders and pulled him off.

“Wha?” he said, utterly shocked to see Harry awake.

“IS SHE OKAY?” Harry screamed, his panic boiling over.

“I…I...Harry…I-I’m sorry…she’s…” he bumbled. Harry didn’t want to believe...he could fell her presence strongly in his back during the summer. Harry pushed Arthur aside, and cradled her in his arms. His eyes opened wide, she was barely alive!

“’Mione?” he said softly. “’Mione? Wake up!” he said again, a bit more urgently. Finally she stirred, and groaned softly.


“Amazing,” Arthur whispered reverently. She was dead. He was not mistaken…how in the world…” WATCH OUT!” he screamed: Lestrange had gotten free of the hex Remus put on him, and pointed his wand.


Instinctively Harry dove out of the way, rolling towards Lestrange. Without even thinking, he sprung up at his side and grasped his wand arm. Gripping the thumb and then counter stepping behind the larger man, he jerked his wrist viciously upwards, breaking his thumb in two places. Forcing the broken hand up into the center of Lestrange’s back, he stamped hard behind his thigh and brought him to his knees. Without further ado, he took a hold of his wrists with both arms and wrenched it upwards will kicking him down in the small of his back. Using his whole upper torso as leverage, Harry twisted Lestrange’s forearm clockwise, breaking his wrist with a sharp snap. Without hesitation, he shoved the entire arm forwards and down, dislocating it from the shoulder as it tried to rotate in a manner only meant for double jointed people.

Arthur’ss eyes opened wide, he barely had chance to pick up his wand before Harry had Lestrange kissing the floor. Jesus Christ, if he didn’t see him move with his own eyes he would have thought that it was some spell he had incanted to move so fast. His face began to flush with a strange feeling, and the hairs on his forearms crackled with energy. Keeping a punishing grip on the badly damaged arm, Harry let fly with a malicious kick to the head.

Then another, and then another until Arthur finally put a stop to it.

Stupefy!” Arthur shouted, stunning Lestrange’s face into a bloody stupor.

“You can handle this?” Harry said darkly, his eyes beginning to glow. Arthur took Lestrange’s wand out of his grasp and conjured manacles to bind his hands and legs.

“Yes, I’ll be able to watch him, but Harry, what is happening to you? How did you know how to do that-”

Harry lifted his hand in front of him, his hair rustling in the smoky night air. The Sword of Godric Gryffindor rustled in the high grass, then suddenly shot itself into the air. It sped off from where Draco had disarmed him, all the way on the other side of the battle. It moved like lightning bolt, answering its master’s call in a blur of movement against the cloudy night sky.

It tore thought the demolished building, and flew directly into his grasp. The power of old ran through him, and his hair fluttered darkly, the pain temporarily disappearing from his body. Looking down at his fallen love, his face contorted in fury. Not her. Not this again. Instead of trying to keep himself in check, he let all of his hatred build inside him, the muscles in his cheek twitching.

Letting go of all his inhibitions, all of his reasonable thinking; he drew the blade out of its sheath. His eyes pulsed fiercely now, and when he spoke, a different voice came from his mouth.

We are ready. It’ll be over soon.” He turned and left.

Arthur gulped visibly, but said nothing. He re-inforced the numbing spell on his broken legs, desperately trying not to pass out. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Rodulphus Lestrange’s barely recognizable face.

Is this the trance state Malfoy was talking about after Hogsmeade?


Voldemort pushed himself off from the ground, his head throbbing in pain. She had nearly killed him .That was not expected. He would have to make sure that her death was as painful as possible. Touching the tattoo on his right forearm he ordered his faithful followers.

Come to me

He stood there, expecting them to apparate immediately. When this did not happen, he deduced that Potter had indeed escaped.


Remus was still in a deadlock with Doholov, while Bill was exchanging blows with Godfrey Snape in hand to hand combat. Doholov’s Paralysis curse halfway got through, and as a result Remus had lost use of his right side, and he leant heavily against the wall, his shield charm taking most of the brunt of his spells.

Which wasn’t saying much, because Remus’ Silencing charm was intermittently coming off and on, and half of Doholov’s curses were ineffective. Remus just limply leant up against the wall, his wand just out of range of Shield Ward. If he fell over to reach for it with his left hand, he would be out of its protection and a dead man. Snape had just got a good boot in between Bills legs, and the younger man keeled over in pain. Doholov had finally wizened up and countered his silencing charm, and was approaching him without a care in the world, grinning widely in triumph.

“Well Werewolf, it seems that your entire order has failed. Any last words?”

Remus saw the sword flash past way overhead, and smiled grimly. They might still have a chance.

“Don’t underestimate them... this is far from over.”

“Them?” Doholov laughed loudly. “You mean those children?!” Sneering, he pointed his wand. “Interesting, well, if that’s all…” At that moment there was a blood curling death scream. He spun around, that sounded like Snape…Well half of him, he corrected himself. Snape’s torso was a few feet behind him, his waist and legs were still standing near the red head man. He grimaced: very disgusting; but a beautiful way to die. The hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood on end, as if on high charge

What was that?

Petrificus Totalus!” Remus shouted as Doholov turned his back.

Very Slytherin of you, professor,” a gravely voice said, nodding at Remus’ sneak attack.

Antolin Doholov didn’t get a chance to scream as his head rolled down the incline leading up to the church.


Ron Weasley thought that is was all over. Only nine of them were left standing, he and his brothers were trying their damnedest to get everyone away from the battlefield. They had to be ready to retreat, just as soon as Remus got away. All three of the Weasley brothers’ hair was gone, burnt off from the fire, plus they were covered head to toe in steamy, soot covered clothes. Draco hovered far overhead, dropping Molotov firebombs at leisure, playing with them as if they were fish in a bucket.

Ron glanced at the small figures in the distance: he just hoped his sister was having more success in keeping the others alive. Something strange caught his attention…there was a mystical sound coming from a distance…a sound he heard once in his second year..

It couldn’t be…

He grinned widely, and pointed to the sky.

“Look!” he shouted, and laughed loudly. He knew his headmaster always had an extra trick up his sleeve

Ginny was attending to her older brother Charlie when a familiar voice popped into her head.

“You must be ready when I give the word. You can do it.”

She froze suddenly. What? That sounded like…Without another word she darted off back to the battlefield, and dove onto the ground; her eyes tracking Draco Malfoy as he soared over the battle.


Harry knelt next to a panting Remus Lupin, trying to counter the Paralysis Curse. Remus felt very uneasy, his whole body reacting to the proximity of the Harry’s strange magic.

“It’s no use Harry,” Remus breathed hoarsely. “It’s a half spell..conventional counter curses won’t work: It’ll wear off eventually. You’ve got to help Nymphadora and the others!” he ordered. Harry didn’t waste another moment. He darted down the hill, they were still counting on him… suddenly he felt an immense power zoom overhead, a sing-song mystical note penetrating the crackling fires.
There was a fiery bird zooming low over the battle.

He felt his wand brimming full of magic, and in his heart knew that they would be victorious.


Voldemort was waiting for his men to join him, when he heard that horrid sound. A sound he always hated, the only thing that plagued his nightmares when he was reduced to nothingness for fourteen years.

NO!!” he screamed, pointing his wand at the brilliant red bird. “GET AWAY FROM THERE!” he shouted, as if it were a dumb animal.

Fawkes the Phoenix shrilled loudly, accelerating rapidly into a steep nosedive. It plummeted into the ashes of the Headmaster and exploded in a huge ball of Phoenix fire, creating a pillar of flame reaching into the night sky and beyond.

“It can’t be…” Voldemort whispered, dread shooting into his veins.

Oh, but it is .. I told you more than once that you will NEVER defeat Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore…

He hissed loudly at the booming voice emanating from the flames.

“I will Destroy you, By Merlin I SWEAR IT!” Voldemort ranted, bringing up his wand.

The Phoenix Fire diffused, and a man emerged from the flames. Ron peered through the smoke, that couldn’t be…

Professor Dumbledore?” he said in utter amazement.

A figure stepped out of the flames, but this was no frail man over a century old. This man was in the prime of his years, and his hair was short, and jet black. He stood proudly, naked and weaponless, but Ron could see the same old twinkle in his eyes, the powerful aura of Albus Dumbledore was impossible to mistake.

“You have much to learn, Tom,” Dumbledore said majestically, and the full uniform and mantle of Phoenix materialized on his pale skin. His wizard’s hat was the last to appear, and he tipped it jauntily to one side. “Very much to learn, but you will cease to exist very shortly.” Dumbledore said it without even changing his tone, as if it were nothing to talk about.

“What? Are you trying to defeat me with mere words? You are defenseless! Malfoy! Kill him!” he screamed.

Draco turned to where his master was calling, and shot off at incredible speed towards Albus Dumbledore, his eyes bursting into flames. Ron Weasley saw the tiny figure in the distance flying a few metres off the ground, rapidly picking up speed…and directly towards them…

“WATCH OUT!!’ Ron shouted to his brothers as Draco blew past, a sonic scream leaving a shockwave in his wake. The Weasley brothers dove out of the way, the towering flames left in Draco’s exhaust splitting them down the middle. “He’s going after the Professor!!” he shouted in alarm. Looking about, he searched desperately for a way to stop him.



Ginny Weasley lay stock still in the tall grass, covered with ashes that fell like black snow. Her right hand holding her wand was resting securely on her other forearm. Her back was arched slightly, both of her legs splayed wide. The smoke blurred her vision, the heat burning her pale skin. None of that mattered as she prepared herself for one of the hardest pieces of magic she had ever tried. It was well known that her wand technique was second only to Harry in the DA classes, but on a whole, she was nowhere as powerful as the guys. But when that voice called her, they knew that she was the one to do this.

Taking a deep breath of the foul air, she closed her left eye, squinting down the length of the wand, her chin resting on her right bicep. Her steady arm tensed, and her whole being relaxed, her mind shutting out everything except that blur of fire nearly three hundred yards away.


Dumbledore had the utmost faith in his students. He stood proud as Young Malfoy tore down the hillside; his eyes and hands spewing fire. Flames followed him across the ground like a blazing tail, and Dumbledore tensed as he screamed towards him. He focused on his young student’s mind and her ability, and the response time necessary. Five hundred feet… it is going to be quite close.


Ginny Weasley released the breath she held; letting is slowly exit her lips. “BURN IN HELL!” Voldemort cackled. Dumbledore just smiled…two hundred feet now…


She took another breath….held it…..


“Now,” Dumbledore whispered. Voldemort raised an eyebrow.

Ginny released her pent up breath, summoning all the magic at her disposal.


There was a flash from the distance, and a sizzling red bolt shot across the battlefield, smoke dispersing as it sped though the thick clouds.Ron Weasley wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t see it for his won eyes. Fred just grinned, while George jumped in the air, punching his fist in triumph.


A few feet from Albus’s position Draco Malfoy was shot down from the sky, tumbling over and over as he crashed into the ground. Dumbledore looked up, and at Draco’s wand flipping over and over as it fell from the sky. As if it were all done to plan, he opened his hand and it fell neatly into his palm. Clearing his throat, he said to Voldemort in an amused voice.

“You were saying something about ‘being weaponless’?”

Voldemort glared at him, his eyes burning with hatred. Pointing his wand at Dumbledore, he began to laugh uncontrollably.


Dumbledore merely chuckled. “You have defeated him? Look behind you…”

Voldemort turned, and he could not believe his eyes. Harry Potter was walking calmly through the battle, pointing his wand at the Heliopaths one after the other, his Reductor blast destroying them with one single blow. His eyes shone a blinding white as he ambled amongst the Fire Demons, their bodies combusting in huge explosions in his wake. When all that was left was smoldering rock littering the battlefield, he calmly approached his enemy, pointing his wand directly at Lord Voldemort.

Dumbledore! He is mine. We have unfinished business, Riddle.

Voldemort panicked, until he saw the massive figure plummeting from the sky from behind Potter. The fool. He forgot one, the last one that will absolutely crush him!

“Come, Kill me if you can,” he chuckled. Yes, come boy, rush to your death-

The Heliopath bombed from high directly unto Harry and Dumbledore was in the motion of raising his wand. He screamed in warning, “LOOK OU –

He need not have bothered. Harry lazily turned around and pointed his wand directly at it. His wand began to glow, and he spoke in that strange voice.


The huge mass of burning rock froze in midair, only metres above Harry’s head.

Evanesco.” he said calmly, and the next second, it was gone without a trace. The few reaming fighters gasped in astonishment. He turned his eyes back to Voldemort who stood transfixed by what he had just witnessed. Harry continued his calm journey down towards Voldemort, his body emanating magic.

We challenge you to a duel.

The entire Order of the Phoenix went dead silent, and Voldemort laughed to hide his fear.

“WHAT?” Voldemort screamed, “VERY WELL, AVADA KEDAVRA!”

There was a blur of movement, and Harry Potter appeared only a few feet in front of his enemy.

Too slow, Sorceror.

“WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!?? AVAD-“ he began.

Harry reached out and snatched the wand from his grasp, breaking it in two with a sharp snap!Voldemort was stupefied. His mouth hung in shock, and he could do nothing but stare blankly as Harry threw away the pieces. Dumbledore simply laughed at him. Voldemort sputtered as Harry stood in front of him, his eyes glowing brightly. Harry scoffed at the so called “Dark Lord”. His magic sensitivity picked up on power from Voldemort, was he trying to escape?

Harry merely laughed at him, and with a silent incantation, the Dark Lord levitated, fingers clawing at the invisible grip closing on his neck. Voldemort thrashed at the iron grip at his neck, his feet kicking frantically. “How?… What magic is this?” he sputtered, utterly bewildered. He had lost all of his cool exterior and pure fear coursed through him.

Not magic.” He plunged the sword in Voldemort’s chest. Voldemort eyes’ bulged, and his hands slowly circled the blade, trying to pull it out.

It is prophesized-” Harry said simply. With a tremendous shove, he broke his own neck binding curse and skewered him into the ground. With another muttering of lips, he summoned the Infernus, using he sword as a medium. “Burn in hell.

Voldemort screamed as his whole body was engulfed, until there was nothing left to burn. The Halo of Life dropped from his robes, rolling on its edge a few times in a circle until it fell over and lay still. Picking it up, Harry’s eyes slowly diffused, wearily looked across the battleground.

It was over.

Draco lay still in the grass, and Ron and the others were slowly coming across. The Solidus Charm diffused from him, and his fingers unclenched, the sword dropping to the ground.

“Finally…it’s really over…” he groaned, and toppled over backwards, his body way past the limit from harboring all that power. “I hate this part…” he muttered just before he passed out from exertion.

Dumbledore knelt at his side, making sure he was okay. Once again, he was very close to death, but he knew not to panic. He’ll survive. Albus sighed loudly, he felt sorry for Harry. It was over, yes- but there would be consequences from this night.

He looked up to the sky, Alastor, My dear friend…farewell.


Author’s note: Sorry for the loooong delay. I’m still not 100% satisfied with this chapter, but I have dallied LONG enough. Work, play, and everything in between has taken up the majority of my time. Once again, I apologize for the long wait. The next and final chapter would definitely post faster. Respect!


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