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A Series of Life Altering Events: Part One by FiREBOLTx3
Chapter 1 : Living a Dream
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It was just another ordinary August 31 in Orlando, Florida. The three teenage friends were sitting in their high school cafeteria chatting about the usual things…

“Ben is sOoOoO HOTT…” Kelsey, a medium height teenager with dark brown hair and cinnamon colored eyes, trailed off looking at the magazine she was holding. Her friend Emma, a very tall girl with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, rolled her eyes at Kelsey. Nora, the shortest of the three, snatched the magazine from her friend. Nora had auburn colored hair; freckles were spattered all over her nose and under her hazel eyes. Kelsey instantly snapped back into reality, sighed, and propped her feet up on the table.

“Are you ever gonna get rid of those shoes?” Emma laughed referring to Kelsey’s old black converses, she had had them since the seventh grade and they were now covered in phrases such as: “I LOVE BEN BRIARWOOD!”,“H.P. ROCKS MY SOCKS!” and “FALL OUT BOY ROCKS.”

“No.” Kelsey stated simply,”They’re my good luck charm. You remember my dream don’t you?”

“YES, we remember,” Nora answered for both of them, Kelsey had retold this dream to the two hundreds of times.

“Crap! Look at the time, Spanish starts in two minutes!” Kelsey said hurriedly and picked up her empty lunch tray. Out of nowhere she disappeared.

“What the-“Nora began and picked up the lunch tray, she too disappeared.

“Nora? Kelsey?” Emma said worriedly and pushed the tray out of the way, but as soon as her hand touched the piece of plastic she instantly vanished.

“What the heck was that?” Emma asked when the world around her stopped spinning.

“Dunno-“ Nora shrugged and glanced around at her new surroundings, she saw Kelsey frozen on the spot and after seeing what her friend was gaping at froze too, Emma followed suite.

“BLOODY HELL!!!” Kelsey, who was obsessed with using British words, screeched.

“Good Afternoon,” A wise looking man with a long nose and twinkling blue eyes sat before them behind a big desk. He was dressed in long purple robes.

“Dumbledore?” Emma shuddered, “someone pinch me…” Both Nora and Kelsey did so, pinching her hard on the arm, ”OW! Ok this is real…”

“It most certainly is,” the old man said, “As you obviously already know I am Professor Albus Dumbledore.”

“Not trying to be rude or anything but why the heck are we here?” Nora asked she and Emma stood dumbstruck.

“We OBVIOUSLY have to save the wizarding world or something, DUH!” Kelsey said sarcastically so only her friends could hear.

“Ah yes, I’ll get straight to the point, you three have been selected to be included in the Hogwart’s one and only muggle wizard interaction program,” Dumbledore explained, “you have been selected out of several candidates to attend Hogwarts for a full year.”

“REALLY!?!” Nora exclaimed gleefully.

“OH MY GAWD!” Emma gasped.

“WE’RE GOING TO HOGWARTS!” Kelsey screeched. The trio then began jumping in circles chanting: “We’re going to Hogwarts! We’re going to Hogwarts!”

“Wait,” Emma broke the moment,” we can’t do magic.”

“Ah, not to worry,” Dumbledore smiled,” I have granted you an ability to do magic for the term, we have supplied you with all the necessary sixth year materials, and with all your knowledge on the Harry Potter novels you should do just fine.”

“So we can really do magic?” Kelsey asked grinning widely. Dumbledore nodded.

“Sweetness!” The three friends exchanged high fives.

“Well, why don’t we go on with the sorting,” Dumbledore said cheerfully and summoned a rather beat up old hat from the shelf and placed it on a stool. Soon, it began to sing.

“Emma Calvin, your first,” Dumbledore said once the sorting hat had finished it’s song. He placed the hat on the girl’s head and after a few minutes it shouted:

“Kelsey Egan you next…” Kelsey sat down on the stool and Dumbledore placed the hat on the brown haired girl’s head, again it shouted “GRYFFINDOR!”

“YES! I mean.. That’s wicked…”Kelsey fixed herself after she saw her friends smirking at her.

“Nora Lonergan,” Dumbledore smiled and placed the hat on the last girl’s head.

“Your smarter than the other two aren’t you?” the sorting hat hissed in Nora’s ear,” Well, it better be… GRYFFINDOR!”

Kelsey and Emma gave Nora a high five after she had taken the hat off her head.

“Now that that’s taken care of,” Dumbledore swished his wand, the hat set itself back on the shelf beside a shining, silver, ruby encrusted sword,” Why don’t you go get ready for the feast, the other students should be arriving around 7:00.” The girls nodded and turned to leave,”Oh, passwords blast end skewrt.”
“Thanks!” the girls waved and ran off.

After getting directions from an old wizard in a portrait they found themselves in the Gryffindor common room. After a few minutes of looking around they found a sign that read: “Girl’s dormitories- sixth year.” They opened the door to find five four-poster beds spread around in a circle. Three of the beds had large trunks under them. Kelsey hurried over to the marked ‘K.A.E.’ and unlatched it. Inside she found a variety of books, robes, scarves, ties, and even some of her own muggle style clothes. Looking through it she pulled out one of her many posters of Benjamin Briarwood and her prized possession: A Ben B. autographed photo. She sighed dreamily and pinned the poster up on the wall beside her bed propped the framed picture up on the nightstand.

“Dumbledore, you rock socks!” Kelsey told no one. Her friends laughed.

After awhile they changed into their uniforms.

“How do I look?” Nora asked, spinning around in a circle.

“Great,” Kelsey said and examined herself in the mirror,” But I hate this skirt…” She tried desperately to get the pleats on the gray skirt to stay in place. Emma looked at her watched and said,” We should get going.”

“Yah,” Kelsey nodded and put the wand she’d found in her trunk into the back pocket of her robes.

“Good idea,” Emma shoved her wand in her own back pocket.

“Watch out,” Nora sniggered remembering a quote from the fifth Harry Potter book,” You might blow your buttocks off.” All three girls laughed.

They couldn’t believe it, they were living the dream millions of people dreamed of every day, they were really at Hogwarts.

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A Series of Life Altering Events: Part One: Living a Dream


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