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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 14 : Thursday
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Chapter 14

Willow sat in her cold dark cell in the basement, thinking about how life could be if the Malfoys never adopted her. She had refused everything that Ginny had offered, food, water, and blankets. She sat on the cold hard floor and shivered. The door opened again, it was Draco.

“Good morning my wife to be, how are you feeling?”

“Get out.”

“Oh cranky.” He sneered crouching down in front of her

“Shut up.”

“Well if you hadn’t refused everything offered to you maybe you wouldn’t be so cranky, and Ginny probably wouldn’t be in the cell next to you for trying to give you things that I told her not to either.”

“Let her out.” Willow snarled

“No.” said Malfoy bluntly

“Please, just let her out, she’s the only true friend I’ve ever had. She shouldn’t suffer because of me.” Willow said dejectedly.

“Pardon?” said Malfoy. “Are you submitting to my will?”

“No I’m asking very politely if you would let Ginny out.” She said half brightly.

He slapped her. “She will be let out when you are let out. You will be let out when you learn to accept my authority over you.” He smirked, “Do you understand?”


“Good.” He rose and stalked out of the room.


Harry and Remus flooed to the Burrow at around 11:00 next morning to be greeted by the twins throwing their latest invention at them, exploding confetti bombs.

“Sorry about that Harry, had to have a good excuse to test them on someone worthwhile.” Said George laughing.

“That’s O.k., but you’d better clear it all up before your mum sees.” Replied Harry

“Good point that.” Said Fred. “Evanesco” and all the confetti disappeared.

Just then Mrs Weasley entered the room.

“Harry! How wonderful, everyone’s in the lounge, along with all your presents, hurry up now.” And she chivvied them all into the lounge, where the rest of the family, and a few member of the order of the phoenix, including professor McGonagall and Hagrid.

“Good morning Potter.” She said, “I know that Professor Dumbledore would have delivered this letter personally if he was here, so I decided to do it for him, as he made the descision, one which I agree with, whole heartedly.” She held out a letter to him, he took it with shaking hands and opened it.

Dear Mr Potter
Please note that the new school year will begin on September the first. The Hogwarts Express will leave from King’s Cross Station, platform nine and three quarters, at eleven O’clock.
A List of Books for next year is enclosed.
Also enclosed is your head boy badge, if you should choose to accept our offer of the position in your seventh and final year.
Yours sincerely,
Professor A. Dumbledore
Headmaster (1942 –

Then in different handwriting


Congratulations, you deserve it
Professor M. McGonagall
Headmistress (1997 - ?)

Then a long list of congratulations from all the professors followed this.

Harry looked up at McGonagall. “I thought he said I had too much to be getting along with?”

“Well apparently he changed his mind.” She said with a smile. “Do you accept?”

“Yes, yes I do.” He said determinedly. “Who’s Head Girl?”

“Me.” said Hermione from the other side of the room.

“And professor Dumbledore decided before he died that you would be able to appoint yourself a deputy.” She handed him two badges, one for himself and one for his deputy.”

“Who have you chosen Hermione?”

“Padma Patil from Ravenclaw.”

“They don’t have to be from a different house do they?”

“No, but they must already be a prefect, because they will stay as their house prefect.”

“I want Ron.” Harry said simply, holding out the badge to his best mate.

“Me?” he said slowly, “But you could have anyone, I’m useless at the authority thing, and I’m disorganised and …”

“Ron, shut up and take the badge.” Said Harry, “Because the three of us are nothing without each other. But together, we’re unstoppable.”


The door creaked open and Willow looked around and saw Malfoy standing in the doorway. She stood up.

“Good evening my love.” He said smoothly and slipped his arm round her waist, pulling her towards him.

“Good evening.” Willow said coldly, but did not pull away.

“Are you tired darling?” he said. “Would you like to go to bed?”

“I’d like to go up to my room and sleep yes.”

“But the bed in your room is so uncomfortable, it wouldn’t do for you to sleep there, especially in your condition.”

“No it wouldn’t” if you’re worried about me sleeping on the bed in my room, why did I sleep on cold hard stone last night? Idiot.

“How about you sleep in my room tonight?”

“That would be wonderful, except, the bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding.”

“So?” he said slyly

“So, I wouldn’t want to bring bad luck to our wedding day.” She said quickly. “I want it to be prefect.”

“Alright, but you can sleep in one of the guest rooms in the west wing, as far away from me as possible, so as not to encourage bad luck.”

“Does this mean you’re letting me and Ginny out?”

“Yes, yes it does.”

“Can she have the room next to mine?”

“I suppose so. It wouldn’t do for her to look rough; it might ruin our special day.”

“Slither!” He yelled, a house elf appeared with a pop. “Show my fiancé to her room in the guest wing, Get the Weasel out of her cell too, she is to have the room next to Willows, the small one.”

“Yes Master.” Squeaked the house elf. “Follow me Miss Willow.”

Willow allowed herself to be led up to the guest wing, she sat on the bed and sighed in relief, she let the tears flow down her cheeks, she didn’t want this, any of it. She just wanted to be loved, with pure and honest love.

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The Next Attack: Thursday


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