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Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 29 : The Change of Harry Potter.
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Harry awoke at the usual time of five in the morning. He looked around, slightly confused at his surroundings. It took him several minutes to remember where he was.

He climbed out of bed and had a fairly long shower. He wasn’t sure whether he should look forward to the days events or to dread them.

Once he finished showering, he pulled on some of his usual fitness clothing, remembering his two hours of fitness training in the morning.

He exited his personal quarters and headed towards the stairs. As he got there, he almost collided with Craig, who was rushing up them.

“Mister Potter, your training begins. I’m just going to monitor your usual morning training, as I’ve heard you do. Upon monitoring it, I will create a timetable for us to complete. It will be complete by our evening session tonight.” said Craig seriously, standing a distance from Harry, to show he was following.

Over the two hour morning period, Harry performed his usual fitness routine. A jog followed by sit ups, push ups and pull ups. Then ended with a jog carrying a weight of either rocks or logs.

When he had done as much as he could, he laid on the grass, panting and breathing heavily and rapidly. His chest pounded through the exhaustion he had placed himself under.

“You have a fairly decent morning exercise, Mister Potter. I will get us a timetable together and draw up the results of three months, compared to your current self.” said Craig calmly, impressed at Harry’s usual routine.

“You think you will be able to get me muscular and that?” asked Harry hopefully, placing his hands over his face to try cool himself down.

“Oh absolutely. I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but you are my project. My project to make a body builder. Your biceps will be big, with a lot of neck, back and leg muscle. I can always get that six pack more deeper and more muscle toned, as the ladies go crazy for it.” replied Craig happily, smiling at the cheesy grin on Harry’s face.

“Only one lady in my life. If she caught me with another woman, I think she’d kill me herself. I fear her reaction to something like that more than Voldemort himself.” said Harry, grinning and looking up at the sky as he thought about how bossy Hermione can get.

“You are still young, Mister Potter. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of another women, if you feel attracted. Do not commit yourself to a relationship too early in your life. At least wait until you have finished school. Someone such as yourself will have a lot of attention in a positive and true way, do not deny these signs of love.”

“What do you mean?” asked Harry, looking directly into Craig’s eyes seriously.

“What I am saying is that there will be a lot of women who would do anything to be with you. They love you. Not for your powers, fame or wealth, but for you as a person. If you find someone you like more the Miss Granger, do not deny yourself the happiness. You deserve it. It is not wise to commit yourself to a relationship at a young age, where you have not explored the world.” replied Craig, slightly wary as he watched the glare from Harry.

“I love Hermione and I will stay with her. If I have smaller relationships in between being with Hermione, then that is what has been chosen, but I will not purposely think of going with another women, when I am with Hermione.” said Harry seriously, looking away from Craig and looking around the grounds for any sign of movement.

“Sorry, Mister Potter. I meant no offence. I was merely trying to explain that there are many of thousands of young witches out there who are attracted to you for who you are and not what you are.” said Craig softly, hastily trying to cover his tracks.

“When is my next piece of training?” asked Harry, sitting up and looking up at his fitness trainer, who was wearing cream robes.

“I believe you have Mister Moody, to the east of the grounds.” replied Craig simply, before nodded and strolling away.

“Should have known that bloody course was Moody’s.” Harry said to himself, remembering a complicated and dangerous looking course of tunnels.

Harry sighed and headed back to his personal castle. He had another shower, but a quicker one. He pulled on some normal clothes, grabbed his wand and headed to the eastern part of his grounds.

When Harry arrived, he could see Moody drinking from his flask. Harry was sure Moody had Firewhisky in that thing.

Harry smiled and made his way down to where Moody was stood, his magical eye already detecting him five minutes before he arrived.

“Good morning, Potter. Straight to it I think.” said Moody roughly, throwing his staff to one side and leading Harry to what looked like the start.

“What you got in there, Moody?” asked Harry hastily, looking at the large tunnelled area.

“You see, if I told you, you would be able to fight back. The aim of this first course is to get through undetected.” said Moody calmly, waving his hand over to huge underground tunnelling.

“So, what am I going to get detected by?” asked Harry, glancing about the tunnelling for a sign of life.

“Traps and creatures. As soon as you’re successful, we can move on to my next topic. I estimate a week or two and this will be a push over. After each session, I will alter the course, so you can’t remember it.” said Moody, slapping Harry on the back before going to sit at his make-shift office.

Harry entered the tunnelling quickly and walked straight forward into Blast-Ended Skrewt. He quickly dragged himself out and watched as bright lights scattered the tunnel, as the Skrewt fired its weapon.

“Constant Vigilance. Make sure your two steps are thought out and safe before you actually do them!” said Moody, not even looking at Harry.

Harry breathed out and slowly and cautiously entered the tunnel once more. He strained his eyes and ears into the darkness, searching for signs of movement.

Once he found where the Skrewt was wondering, he slowly felt around at his surroundings, slowly and gradually getting past the Skrewt.

He didn’t know how he was suppose to see traps in darkness. He knew that if he lit his wand, he would give away his position.

He racked his brain for a spell or incantation that would help him see in the dark. Anything at all that would allow him to actually participate in this ridiculous course.

After five solid minutes, he remembered Hermione mentioning a spell that could allow a person to see in the dark.

He remembered t for when he struggled to see in the rain, whilst playing Quidditch. That spell was Hermione’s first suggestion, before she mentioned the water repellent charm.

Harry spent a further minute remembering the correct incantation. He can remember Hermione muttering his a few times, trying to see if she could remember the correct one before she cast it.

Once he remembered it, he cast the spell and watched as a faint and quick flash of light hit him in the chest. He smiled happily.

He looked around and could see the tunnels clearly. H smiled once again, determined to beat the deadline that Moody had set, for completing this course.

Harry took several steps forward and felt something wrap around his waist. He rose his eyebrows as he felt it tighten around him, making sure it would come away from him.

He looked down and tried to rid of the snake like rope wrapped around his waist. As he pulled, the rope got tighter and tighter.

Before he could do anything, he was dragged up and through an unknown hole in the ground. He was thrown to the ground, where he landed painfully on his back.

“Good choice of spell, but that will only help you against creatures or your enemies in the dark. Traps are disguised to look the same as their surroundings, you need to look further than the decoration.” said Moody, still not looking at Harry.

Harry hit the ground in anger and restarted the course. He was getting frustrated on the course, he hadn’t even really started it.

He continued to do for another seven times over the session with Moody. Each time he got a little further into the tunnels.

Harry’s next training session was potion training. It wasn’t at all what he expected. He expected it to be as boring and frustrating as Snape’s Potion lessons.

Harry actually begun enjoying he sessions and looked forward to returning after each one. Elaine wasn’t anything like how she looked. She smiled and even laughed at things.

The first sessions was where Elaine expressed her ideas and plans for their three months. Everything she mentioned was interesting to Harry and she made sure she made it clear that everything they make will only be made if she feels Harry can cope with the complexity.

Harry learnt that they would spend the first hour and a half of their sessions on whatever potion and poison that Elaine sets them.

For the remaining half and hour, they would work on growing the ingredients for their current potion assignment. So they had stock for potions after the three months of training.

What surprised Harry was that for the first two months of training, Elaine planned on making Harry an expert with potions, poisons and their ingredients. However, for the remaining month, Elaine would teach Harry how to brew the potions and poisons in under half their normal brewing time.

Harry didn’t understand why they didn’t just start on the quicker version of making the potions and poisons. Though he knew Elaine would have her reasons.

“The Polyjuice Potion is a very long and complicated potion. However, it is used in most areas of disguise. Once we have mastered how to brew it properly, in a month, I will then teach you how to brew any amount of it within a week.” explained Elaine calmly, withdrawing several ingredients from her case.

“Me and my friends brew one when we was in second year. Worked well for me and Ron, but Hermione used a cat hair by accident.” said Harry, laughing as he remembering the memory with Hermione with a cat tail.

“Ah, that little story I’ve heard several times before. Professor Dumbledore especially seemed rather excited about your knowledge at such a young age.” said Elaine, smiling and lighting two fires under a cauldron each for Harry and herself.

“Wasn’t me who brewed it, I just used it to get into the Slytherin Common Room. It was my girlfriend, Hermione Granger who brewed the potion.” said Harry, sitting on his stool and peering into the boiling water inside the cauldron.

“Right, first of all, we need to add the base of the potion. We add these ingredients and stir clockwise until the water is a thick yellow.” said Elaine, adding several ingredients into the potion, followed by Harry.

They continued to make the base of the Polyjuice Potion throughout the two hours that were of Harry’s potion training. Next session was with Kenneth.

Kenneth was the session that Harry liked the best. He would listen to Harry and he gave him memories and feelings of being at Hogwarts.

Kenneth started Harry’s learning at where he left before completely becoming the Prince of Souls. The name that would change the world, hopefully.

Harry was happy when he started the topics he was studying with all his other friends. He felt slightly normal again. Doing something everyone else his age was doing.

What Harry also enjoyed about Kenneth’s sessions was that Kenneth promised to deliver messages to his friends and Hermione, to let them know was alright.

Once a week Harry was allowed to read letters and to reply. Each time Hermione and Ron’s made him laugh and angry at times.

Since Harry’s departure from Hogwarts, Draco had come out of his shell and began bullying the school once more.

After a month, Harry had almost gone back to Hogwarts to get Draco, for bullying Hermione and his friends. Harry was fed up with Draco for all the things he did.

Harry had been restrained from going, but when it was time to write letters to his friends, he made sure he wrote one to Draco. It read:

I’ve wrote to tell you that I won’t be in training forever. Once I return, I hope you know that I WILL be coming to see you. You keep on terrorising my friends, I WILL cripple you.


Harry made sure Draco received it and was happy that it did something, even though it didn’t completely finish Draco’s bullying.

The sessions with Dumbledore were almost the same as they were before Harry started his training. Nothing really changed with Dumbledore, nothing could get more advanced that what he already taught.

The only things that were different, was Dumbledore taught Harry double what he did before and Dumbledore set him big homework assignments.

Harry didn’t think he would enjoy his duelling sessions as much as his others. However, it became one of his favourites.

Although Harry couldn’t learn much more about predicting the opponents next move, Harry did learn how to understand your opponent. How to examine them and know exactly what they could do.

What Harry actually learnt was a huge number of things. He learnt how to duel at incredible speeds. He learnt how to move at phenomenal speeds, as his reflexes were trained to their best. Harry also learnt how to fight like a Muggle, with Muggle weapons.

With Harry’s reflex training, Dumbledore and Moody taught him how to move one place to another in seconds. Using shadows or simply quickness.

Harry could eventually appear behind someone without them realising he had moved. They could be dead just as they realise he had moved.

The final session of the day, was with Dumbledore and Moody. Once Harry had been worn out from his evening fitness training and all his other training sessions, Dumbledore and Moody taught him very complex and powerful Defence Against the Dark Arts.

They decided to train Harry when he was tired and slightly less focussed. Then, they would be able to train Harry’s magical stamina, so he could continue at a set pace whilst fighting.

At the start of the sessions, Dumbledore and Moody had caused pain and anger with Harry. Harry felt useless against the two warlords. He couldn’t hit them with one single spell.

Harry could remember when he use to duel with Dumbledore, he now knew that Dumbledore went easy on him. Dumbledore was not going easy on him now and the pure power behind Dumbledore was amazing.

Harry understood why Dumbledore was named the most powerful wizard to present day. Not only was Dumbledore quick and precise with his spells, but he was also so powerful that the spells seemed completely different from their usual results.

Dumbledore’s stunner not only stunned him, but it burned him from the inside. Harry believed that Dumbledore knew how to make his own spells and to alter the course of magic.

This was something Harry was desperate to learn. He would love to mutter an incantation of a common spell, but somehow make it perform a totally different spell. He knew it would be an profitable talent on the battlefield.

He made a mental note to ask Dumbledore about a lot of the things he could do. Harry wanted to be able to match Dumbledore, to be able to make his mentor proud.

Over the period of three months, the trainers had truly changed Harry Potter. They had changed him emotionally, physically and mentally.

The legend had been changed from an over-expected teenager to an over-powered godly figure. A man who is unbeatable, a man who everyone would wish to be as good as.

By the end of the three months none of the trainers could beat Harry. What Harry was most proud of was defeating Marvin and especially Dumbledore.

Harry had made a little destiny to be able to defeat Dumbledore. He knew that if he could do that, he could do anything.

On the final day of the three months, Harry entered the dining room after showering after his final two hour fitness training session.

Harry entered and found a large feast laid out over the luxurious table. Spread out with such perfection it would suit a King. Harry smiled and took the offered seat at the head of the table.

Once everyone was settled and on with eating their meal, Dumbledore begun speaking, from the other side of the table.

“Well, three months have been hard work, but we finally got through them. Harry has become more than an expert in many areas. Duelling alongside several other forms of combat, including those unarmed and those armed.” said Dumbledore, drinking from his goblet.

“He has become an expert in potions, poisons and their ingredients. He now holds the ability to brew most advanced and useful potions under half the time officially needed.”

“His knowledge on stealth, concealment and infiltration is beyond Auror’s usual capability. His reflexes and strength have been tuned so perfectly. I believe I’ve never seen anything like it.” said Dumbledore, smiling as he examined Harry.

“You act as though I deserve to be thanked. It’s the trainers that did all the work. However, forgive me if I’m not grateful. I only accepted the training because I know myself and everyone else didn’t stand a chance if I didn’t go through with it.” said Harry, looking away from the people and eating his meal.

Over the time of the feast Harry, Dumbledore and all the trainers talked about memorable moments over the three months. They also commented on how they believed Harry couldn’t fail his NEWT’s now.

Once the feast was done, Harry finally thanked them all and individually bid farewell. Leaving Harry and Dumbledore alone.

“I know there is something you wish to talk about, so lets get it over with whilst we have the time.” said Dumbledore simply, observing Harry through his half-moon spectacles.

“I have an addiction of power, Albus. All I seem to want is more of it. The addiction of knowledge is also with me. When I see new spells and new ability, I thirst for them. Why do I have two of the three addictions?” said Harry instantly, staring back at Dumbledore.

“I apologise for not mentioning this sooner, but I believe you will have all three addictions. The third will come after Hogwarts, as you travel and explore the world.” replied Dumbledore.

“Why do I have them all?” asked Harry, wanting more information quickly.

He forced his trail of thought away, realising his impatience came into action. Something that came with his power.

“You are a combination of Heirs, who happen to be elementals as well. Also, you’re a combination of Kings of Magic. All these people you are combined with will have one of the addictions. Therefore, you get an all around part in them.” explained Dumbledore, drinking once more from his goblet.

Harry stared at Dumbledore for a moment, for some reason he was getting angry. For some reason he felt like shouting at Dumbledore, for lack of information.

“Fine. When do we go to Hogwarts?” said Harry harshly, his hostility completely unexpected.

“First thing tomorrow. You begin your NEWT’s.” replied Dumbledore, bowing his head as he witnessed the change in Harry.

Harry instantly left the room, to get some sleep. Dumbledore sat in thought. Thinking back to what he had created, to what he had done.

He had heard that once Voldemort was defeated, Harry would return to almost normality. He just hoped he was right and that it would happen fairly soon. Not that he wanted the war of course.
This is the end of the training and Harry will be reunited with his friends in the next one. I have detailed the change in him, in this chapter. However, I will do a bit more in the following. I hope you liked it and I hope you all continue to read. Thanks.

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