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I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Dracana
Chapter 1 : I Write Sins Not Tragedies
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“Oh, well imagine
As I’m pacing the pews in a church corridor and I
Can’t help but to here, no I can’t help but to here an exchanging of words.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A smile enlightened a pair of lips.

White lace-wing sheets covered the tables with their utmost delicacy, it was as if spiders had cobwebbed a delicate pattern over the smooth surfaces. Sunlight sent golden shafts splaying through the stained-glass windows, highlighting fragments of dust that drifted lazily in the air. The isles were packed with people, dressed in bright, quirky clothes, make-up plastered over their faces, hair twisted up into strange, unique hairstyles. The atmosphere would have been almost unique if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a wedding, a time to seal and declare commitment.

“What a beautiful wedding,
What a beautiful wedding said the bridesmaid to the waiter.”

Draco’s eyes faltered on the bride for a lingering second, taking in her pure beauty. It didn’t matter that she was poor, it didn’t matter that her family were blood-traitors - to him, she was the world, something potential that promised the brilliant bright future he had always strived for. He’d dropped everything for her - his willingness to be a Death Eater, the secured hierarchy his father had once intended for him, the assurance that he always had his family’s wealth to fall back on. For her, he had broken apart from that part of society, he had surrendered his beliefs and swapped it for her love. He couldn’t imagine anything more perfect. And now the war was at its full, they had decided between them to marry in case they died before the world felt their love for one another.

“Yes, but what a shame,
What a shame the poor groom’s bride is a whore.”

His love was in that one look. It was bright and he didn’t care who saw it. There was a line between affection and love, and he knew which one he felt the strongest. Ginny was stunning: her flaming hair shone like the fires of heaven, her face gleamed as if emblazoned with gold, her eyes glittered with anticipation as she waited for the final words that would announce them man and wife.

The purity of her white gown betrayed her to an image of innocence.

“I chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of,
Closing the god-damned door ,no,
It’s much better to face these kind of things,
With a sense of poise and rationality.”

Blaise Zabini threw open the doors. He took in the scene with a single sweeping glance. Was it too late? No. The priest still stood, reading carefully from his book, his voice slow and melodramatic. The youth sighed in relief, only to flush read as the viewers turned to look at him with vague annoyance for interrupting such an atmosphere of perfection.

His gaze wandered to Draco. He would not let his friend go through this in oblivion to love. Ginny didn’t love him - she was incovert, and they both knew it. With horror she turned to look at him, her eyes widening as she realised what he was about to do. Her lips trembled - he would stain her reputation, and in doing so save his best-friend’s dignity. With a gasp she turned back to face the vicar, twisting her hands together in an attempt to distract herself. Draco hadn’t noticed his entrance. Blaise bit his lip determinedly.

“I now declare you husband and -”


All heads turned to face Blaise, his face flustered and desperation sounding in his voice. He remembered why Draco hadn’t invited him to this wedding, because of his wild accusation about Ginny. He caught his friend’s frown turn rapidly to anger and he threaded his way up the isle, determination in his stride.

“Draco, you can’t do this.”

“Blaise,” he scowled angrily. “We’ve been through this. Don’t do this to me. Not now.” His hand rose to wrap itself around Ginny’s waist, whose eyes were blazing. “Not on my wedding day, for God’s sake.”

“You’re being an idiot!” He declared harshly, frustrated that his message wasn’t getting across. He felt only disgust at Ginny’s pretence. She stared at him with a façade of dismay, as if that simple pretence would deceive them all. He felt a sudden urge to slap her. With a snarl he stepped forward and thrust his face up against hers.

“Don’t even try to deny this, you little bitch. You know as well as I do that you don’t deserve him. You’ve been cheating behind his back ever since the pair of you met.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she retorted with a slight sneer. She was aware that Draco would believe her over his best-friend any day, so blinded was he by their love. She took advantage of it. “Now get out, you’re destroying our wedding.”

Blaise was aware of Crabbe and Goyle wrenching back his arms, dragging him away. “You can’t do this, Weasley! Surely you have some morals!” He turned pleading eyes to Draco. “Please, you have to believe me, she sleeps around! She slept with me, for God’s sake. I have evidence, I -”

Draco held up a hand for his henchman to stop and they paused in the doorway. He approached slowly and carefully, the wrath evident in the rigidness of his posture. Fists curled, he growled quietly, “What did you just say?”

Blaise swallowed, seriously worried now that his pale smooth face was going to get smashed in. He blinked through the fringe of dark hair and released his words slowly in a single breath. “She slept with me.”

Before he could finish his declarative, he was aware of a sudden blasting of pain as Draco’s punch connected with his nose. A hot trickle of blood trembled down over his mouth and tracking a narrow stream to his chin, staining the collar of his shirt. He glared up with accusation to find a malevolent face ready to cause him as much pain as possible.

“Do you enjoy trying to humiliate me?” Draco enquired softly, his voice as dangerous as a knife. “Do you take some sort of sick pleasure in trying to make me look as ridiculous as possible. Are you - jealous - of my relationship with Ginny?”

“No,” he mumbled slowly, then changed to more pleading. “Please, you have to understand -”

“You’re my best friend, Blaise. I used to trust you. Hell, I used to love you like a brother. I’ve been so much to get here today, to finally get the love that I want and defeat my father’s will. Why are you so determined to ruin this for me?”

Ginny’s smirking face angered him intolerably. He recalled the touch of her heated flesh against his, the soft moans of pleasure she sickeningly uttered as he slid his tongue through her mouth and clenched her hand in his. Guilt spurred him as much as hate - it wasn’t long until he realised it wasn’t only him Ginny had used when Draco remained insolent. There were others. More repulsive than even this, there was someone in particular Ginny saw a lot, and would likely do so even when she was Draco’s wife. Blaise wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

He struggled to his feet and fought to catch his breath. “You don’t get it, do you? She’s a filthy little whore! Just look at her - she plays at innocence and then jumps into someone else’s bed as soon as you blink an eye. I’m not leaving until I’ve driven some sense into you.”

Ginny had been clenching and unclenching her hands the whole time he’d been talking. The insults didn’t seem to go down too well with her. This at least, gave Blaise a small hope.

“I don’t have to listen to this,” she snarled vehemently, at the same time her eyes flitting to search for the one she casually shared her body with in the crowd. “I’m going outside. I’ll come back when you two have sorted this rubbish out.”

“Ginny -” Draco pleaded, reaching for her arm, but she shrugged his viciously away. They watched as the fiery-tempered girl stormed out of the church, slamming the doors fast shut behind her.

“You -” Draco bagan, but Blaise held up a hand. He had seen something, noticed someone else leave. With a quick flash of a smile he grabbed hold of Draco’s arm.

“No, wait a minute. You have to see this.”

“What are you doing?” He cried angrily. “Get off of me!”

Blaise’s grip grew tighter as he dragged his friend further up the isle. A look of confusion was encrusted on the groom’s face as Blaise flung open the doors and stepped into the world outside.

The air smelt of lavender, the breeze fresh and cool as it grazed against their skin. The sky was bursting with the delight of a sunset and Blaise’s hopes rose as he found what he was looking for.

Harry Potter stood with his back towards them, dressed still in the suit that he’d been wearing inside the church, but with the top three-buttons already undone. His lips were closely interlocked with Ginny’s, the two making passionate noises as they explored one-another’s mouths.

“Oh, well in fact, well I’ll look at it this way,
I mean technically our marriage is saved
Well this calls for a toast so pour the champagne, pour the champagne.”

“G-Ginny?” Draco stumbled over her name, disbelief sounding in his voice.

She froze and pulled her lips away, smudged now horrendously with lip-stick. Mouth hanging open, she stared in horror and watched the recoil of Draco’s love as it left his eyes and shattered into a million pieces of hurt and instant hate.

“I - I -” She began, but he interrupted, shaking his head hopelessly, disgustedly. “Just get out of here . . . GET OUT!”

Blaise watched with satisfaction as Potter turned to lead the filthy bitch away.

He drove back the gratitude and self-congratulations. Draco needed him now. They would have to work this out together. He would have to help his friend through the anger, the love and the expulsion of pain. Perhaps now he could even help his friend to love again, but to love someone that was worth it.

Author’s Note: Ok, so I know, that was absolutely awful, but I jus had to write it!! Panic! at the Disco rock and I just needed so badly to do this. I love the song and the video, I’m just guilty that the fic didn’t live up to those great standards. Hmmm, it started off good and then just seemed to get worse and worse . . .

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