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Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 28 : The People Who Changed Harry Potter.
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Harry spent an entire day looking at the obstacle courses and all the other training tools. He sat on a bench by his lake and he looked up at the sky.

“If anyone is up there, why do you pick on me?” said Harry, sighing and rubbing his face.

“It will be alright, Harry.” said and elderly voice from a close bunch of trees.

Harry span around and found the ancient wizard. The wisest man he knew and the only man he knew would be entirely honest with him.

“Albus, I want you to answer me truthfully on this. What could I be like upon leaving here?” said Harry seriously, looking deeply into the powerful eyes of Albus Dumbledore.

“There is the risk that you may find a fondness for power. It is even more probable because of your age. Anyone trained at a young age hold the risk of being addicted to power.” replied Dumbledore honestly, taking a seat with Harry.

“With an addiction to power comes murder, arrogance and basically all that is anti-social. Will I become a menace, Albus?” said Harry, looking into Dumbledore’s eyes for the truth.

“I believe there is a fifty percent chance of murder coming in your wake. A seventy five percent chance of arrogance, but only against those who foolishly attempt to over power you and of course your enemies.” replied Dumbledore truthfully, looking down at the child he would change into a god.

“What about other anti-social acts?” asked Harry cautiously.

“They will be at a limit. I believe you will take orders from those who are in charge of you. For example your superior in some line of work.” said Dumbledore calmly.

“So you think I won’t be changed much?” asked Harry seriously, hope in his tone of voice.

“You will be changed, that is unavoidable. I believe you will be addicted to one of the three forms of power.” said Dumbledore, looking over at the wide span of the lake.

“And they are?” pushed Harry, following the old man’s gaze.

“The first isn’t that bad to have. To become addicted to knowledge. I myself confess of that addiction. As I am a natural powerful being, being a King of Magic, that is my addiction.” explained Dumbledore, smirking slightly.

“I suppose that’s Hermione’s addiction also.” said Harry, grinning as he thought of Hermione reading a thick book.

“That is correct. However, her addiction hasn’t really begun. All natural powerful beings will have one of the forms of magical addiction. Heirs of powerful people or elementals.” said Dumbledore, turning back to Harry.

“What are the other two forms of addiction?” asked Harry curiously.

“The second is the addiction to progress in something. To invent, discover or create the things said to be impossible. Your grandparents had this addiction. This addiction or the knowledge addiction have no risks what so ever. However, the third and final one does.” said Dumbledore, slowly looking into Harry’s eyes.

“The addiction of power is the worst of the three. For a person to want more and more power. To be able to do what very few can. This can lead to deaths and normally the Dark Arts. Voldemort, Slytherin and even people of the good have had the addiction. Godric Gryffindor was addicted to crushing his enemies with his powers.” continued Dumbledore softly.

“Godric Gryffindor was near the start of my bloodline. He was my relation, I am his Heir. The Potter family is one of the oldest. How large is it?” said Harry, hoping to get a bit more information about his family.

“The Potter family is rumoured to be an extremely large one. All of mostly pureblood up until the last twenty years. However, they are the most secretive. Hardest to track down. Thousands of people would happily say they are related to Godric Gryffindor or any of the other masses of famous powerful people, including yourself.” said Dumbledore truthfully.

“So, I could have Wizarding relations out there?” asked Harry, his heart and stomach jumping at the thought.

“I believe there are hundreds. However, they are close to impossible to track and nothing is known of them. For all we know they could be deeply into the Dark Arts and could possibly be a threat to your life. Considering most are powerful, therefore all will have one of the addictions.” said Dumbledore, trying to get Harry to understand why nothing was mentioned previously.

“Okay, I understand. Maybe that’s something to look into for the future.” said Harry, standing up and throwing stones into the lake.

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Only time will tell.” said Dumbledore simply, standing up and looking down at his watch. “It is time that I introduce you to the people who are going to work on training you.”

Harry nodded, breathed deeply and followed his mentor into the larger castle, where the Order of Phoenix based their headquarters.

Dumbledore led them both into a large sitting room. As Harry entered, he saw a total of five people. Two of which he recognised.

“Alastor Moody you already know. He will be working with you on stealth, concealment and anything else with infiltration. This is because it is his specialty. He will also teach you about detecting the Dark Arts.” explained Dumbledore, holding his hand pointed in the direction of Moody.

“Looking forward to it, Potter.” growled Moody, nodding his head at Harry, whilst his magical eye zoomed around at the new people.

“Kenneth Arning you also know. He won’t be helping much in the training, he will be like a councillor to you. He is your personal assistant. You go to him with your problems. He will also be helped with your school work and preparations for your exams.” continued Dumbledore, smiling as the little old figure of Kenneth walked forward and embraced Harry happily.

Harry smiled and helped the old man back into his seat. Harry stood back into his position next to Dumbledore and looked back at the unknown people.

“Next is Elaine McCarthy. She is an expert in potions, plants and poisons. She will teach you how to create all the extreme potions and poisons, whilst teaching you how to grow the ingredients. Her experience is only matched by Professor Snape, who will help when he isn’t working for the Order.”

Harry stepped forward and shook the small thin hand of Elaine. He nodded at her and looked at her directly in her grey cold eyes.

Harry looked at her for a while, wondering why all Potion Masters all looked as though they were drenched in the Dark Arts. With pale skin, greasy hair and black clothes.

Harry shook his head and stood beside Dumbledore once more. Dumbledore turned to a tall, toned black man.

“Marvin Jackson. The reigning duelling champion for twelve years running. His knowledge of duelling and talent for examining his opponent is amazing for someone who is only a normal wizard, with no mythical powers to aid him. He will be able to teach you how to predict your enemies next move and he will also be able to tune your reflexes to phenomenal standards.” introduced Dumbledore, smiling as he introduced Marvin.

“I thought duelling was practically illegal. Percy Weasley supported the appeal to ban it.” said Harry, shaking the dueller’s hand firmly, trying to show that he wasn’t weak.

“Aye, it is. But you see, the Underworld is full of powerful people all over the world. You see, their favourite sport happens to be duelling. You see, if they want it, they get it.” said Marvin, in a strong Irish accent as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“So you duel for the entertainment of the mafia?” said Harry simply, stating the obvious. Harry didn’t really take a liking to this person.

“You could say that. But for the first ten years of my career, I was a fully legitimate duelling champion.” said Marvin, in his thick Irish accent.

“Trust me, Harry, he’s the man for the job. I know you trust me, so just stand with it for the time being.” said Dumbledore, pulling Harry back beside him.

“Your skill of predicting the opponents next move is pretty much useless. I can already do it. However, your other talents will help me tune mine to the best.” said Harry briefly, before allowing Dumbledore to continue.

“We also have Craig Clarkson. He will be your fitness trainer. He will help you with your stress and anger from training. He can also get your stronger and more muscle. I know how you want that. He will go through several different forms of therapy. From massage to relaxations. You will go to him after a hard day.” said Dumbledore, introducing the relaxation therapist.

“Its an honour, Mister Potter.” said Craig, in a soft tone as he bowed slightly.

“Harry rose his eyebrows slightly and Moody sniggered slightly. Harry glanced at Dumbledore briefly, who was grinning very slightly.

“First of all, you don’t treat me as your superior. Call me Harry, you’re the one helping me after all.” said Harry clearly.

“Yes, sir.” said Craig softly, standing up and stepping back slightly.

“Well, they are your trainers for the following three months. Then there is of course myself. I will train you in various areas. You will be required to spend two hours with us all and four with Craig on a daily basis. Two hours in the morning and another in the evening. Your mental and physical strength is essential.” said Dumbledore calmly.

“Right, I suppose we better get ready for tomorrow and the following three months.” said Harry, nodding and leaving the room.

He slowly made his way to his personal castle, thinking intently on what he has put himself up for. Knowing he will be a changed Harry Potter.

Upon entering his private quarters, he sat on the edge of his bed and thought about what he was doing, about what will happen to him.

He wasn’t scared of the training, he knew that he wouldn’t be hurt or pushed to do anything. He entirely trusted Dumbledore and he knew Dumbledore wouldn’t make Harry do anything that he wasn’t capable of.

The only thing that Harry feared, was how he will turn out. He didn’t want people to hate him because of his harsh personality. He wanted people to think of him how he was known, hopefully a bit less of a hero.

Harry just hoped that his friends continued to like him once he had become the most powerful person in the world.

He sat there, his face in his hands, thinking about the possible things he will be training in. He knew that Moody’s training might be a bit of hard work, but he hadn’t the faintest idea what the other new trainers will be like.

The only one Harry actually looked forward to, was his fitness training. He had always wanted to have a muscular body, where people knew he was strong in fitness, not just power.

Harry laid back on his bed and looked to his right. On his bedside table was a picture of Hermione, smiling her beautiful smile at him.

Harry smiled weakly and pulled the photo towards him. He looked into her brown eyes and just hoped she would stick with him once he had done the training and most importantly once the war is over, if he survived it.

He remembered how she cried when he left her. His heart broke. He had once again hurt her. Every time she cried, he felt like crying himself. He had always said that Hermione wouldn’t feel any pain over him.

Harry now realised that that was almost impossible for anyone who was close to him. They would either be hurt emotionally, physically or mentally. Or even all of them.

Harry put the photo back where it was, feeling his throat tighten as his eyes begun to fill with tears. Harry shook his head and turned to his side.

He couldn’t help it, he had to cry. He just laid there, weeping. He couldn’t get Hermione’s upset image from his head.

His inner power had always been able to rid his head of any images he didn’t want to see, whilst also keeping other people from seeing them. However, his inner power couldn’t get rid of love.

Harry rolled over, his head spinning with upset images as he tried harder and harder to get rid of them. He buried his face in his pillows and pleading they would go away.

After about half an hour, the images finally begun to seep away. At the thought of the people that would get hurt actually wanting to help him, he decided it wasn’t just his fault if they got hurt.

They stood firm at helping him and that was their decision. Harry had given them all the chance to get out and be safe, but none of them accepted it.

He climbed off his bed and entered his office. He decided he would there and then write out his own five year plan.

He spent an several hours on it. He based the next five years around actually defeating Voldemort. Of actually being free from expectations.

Once he completed it, he leant back into his throne chair and looked over what he had wrote. It read:

The Five Year Plan of Harry Potter.

If anyone other than Harry Potter read this, then I have most probably failed in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. And I entirely apologise for my lack of talent to defeat him.

Here is a list of the main things I would have liked to accomplish if I did defeat the evil lurking these wonderful lands.

Firstly, I would have wished to have graduated from Hogwarts, with at least the qualifications to go on to an Auror Academy. Getting this would make me a very happy person and would probably allow me to continue in the other things I want to accomplish.

Secondly, I would like to get my own place, other than the castle, which is far too big. I would get my own place where me and Hermione Granger would spend the rest of our lives together. The thought of me and Hermione being together forever is one of the things that keep me going.

Thirdly, I would like a child. Girl, boy, which ever. Just to have someone that is actually in my bloodline. For someone to look up to me and expect me to show them things of life. For me to be able to teach someone of my own blood and creation. A child is something I will always want.

Fourthly, I would love for the other close people in my life to get what they want out of life. Friends to graduate, settle with someone and get the career they wanted. I would help anyone close to me with anything I can. If its within my power, I will do it. Something I especially want, is for the Weasley family to actually stay solid. If the Weasley family stays intact from the war, I would also be extremely happy.

Fifthly, to get qualified from an Auror Academy as an Elite Auror. For my talents and skills to be actually used in an appropriate way. Not to be used at the leisure of one person, but for it to have a purpose for the world.

Sixth, if I get all of the above, I can’t really ask for much else. All I would want is for me and Hermione to be ever lastingly in love, which I don’t doubt, and for us to be able to bring our child or children up the best we can. To see them grow up and mature in their magic.

One final thing would make me happy and I do aim to get to this once I am classed as an adult entirely. I would like to find my family. I recently learnt that I have a lot of family still out there, however, they are hard to find and are possibly against me. However, I would still like to find them. Hopefully there will be some that are with me and will be as happy to see them as I will them. Hopefully I will be able to gather things about my parents more and more things about my family to be revealed.

This was wrote by Harry Potter, after thinking about how much pain can be caused with me going through with the three month training, I am a day away from.

Thanks to whoever reads this, other than myself or the people I reveal it to and I hope I haven’t disappointed you in failing to defeat Lord Voldemort, if I do.

Harry smiled at his work and placed it in a red Gryffindor envelope. He sealed it by a magical binding spell, which meant only he or in the event of his death can it be opened.

He walked into the pet room and walked over to where Hedwig and Whistler were perched. He stroked Hedwig, feeling sorry for not using her. Then he turned to Whistler.

“This envelope is to get into Hermione Granger’s hands if I die. If she is not available, then Albus Dumbledore. They will know I would want it published with my life story.” said Harry, receiving a faint hoot that sounded upset to Harry.

Harry re-entered his office and looked around. He was right, this place was far too big for him to live and possibly raise a family. There was too much room to cover.

He knew he would buy a house and do it up slowly over the years. Then the house would be exactly how he wanted it. One thing I forgot to write on the letter, was that he wants to start a little collection of cars.

He smiled as thought of himself in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. He could buy them easily enough, he just didn’t know if he would suit them.

Once he left his office, he re-entered his bedroom, this time not to cry, but to actually get to sleep.

He changed into some bed clothes and jumped into the King size bed. After a while, he was able to drop into a sleep, anticipating the next days events.
First of two chapters related to Harry's three month training. I hope you liked it and I hope you all continue to read. Thanks for reading this far.

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