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Ding-Dong Voldemort's Dead by elle127
Chapter 10 : a confusing tangle of muggle kid characters
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A/N any Harry Potter fan know that after the quidditch match comes Christmas and then all that other fun stuff. Keeping the invisibility cloak part and skipping to the climax of the story.

Diclaimer: I do NOT own Barney or Big Bird Or Flappy-Bob's Happy Learn-autorium however i do own Cat Ashley and Kateland


Dumbledore stopped Harry in the middle of the hallway.

“Harry tonight take the cloak you got for Christmas and go down the third floor corridor” and with that Dumbledore left.

Back in the common room Harry was talking to Lissy and her friends Kateland (Gryffindor) Cat, (Gryffindor) and Ashley (Ravenclaw).

“You people are smart.” Harry told them. “Come down to the third floor corridor with me.

“Sorry,” said Ashley, “I have a boyfriend”

“Just come with me! I don’t want to go alone!”


Harry, Lissy, Kateland and Ashley walked slowly into the dark room. Where they met a three-headed dog.

“What do we do??” Harry cried sobbing into Ashley’s shoulder.

“First of all get off me.” Ashley snapped, “and I don’t know what to do”

“You have to sing.” Kateland snapped.

“I’m not singing.” Everyone said at once. Lissy pulled out her ipod and deck and started playing it. At once Fluffy’s heads began to droop and they all climbed through the trap door.

“Lucky we landed in this plant and Lissy had her ipod or we would have been dead.” Harry said.


“WHAT DO WE DO!” Harry sobbed.

“USE LIGHT IT KILLS THE PLANT.” Cat yelled. Everyone looked at Lissy, who pulled out her flashlight. They all landed safely on the next level.

“Now what?” Ashley asked.

“We go through the next door.” Lissy said grimly, “and I read the book 12 times and I know what’s next.” She opened the next door and a soft fluttering sound met their ears.

“No one has to panic,” Lissy said, “Harry get on the broom and catch a huge silver key with a bent wing.” She put on a huge but sinister smile and said: “Remember, It’s seeking which is quidditch so ‘Kill or be killed’ ok?”

Harry got on the broom and started flying and caught the key a few minutes later. He threw it to Lissy who opened the door.

“I know what’s next!” Cat said “the chess game.”

“Well this is gonna suck as none of us know how to play chess.” Ashley said. They walked through the door and it was not chess but Harry Potter Scene It?

“Wow,” said Lissy, “That was an unexpected plot twist, and I’m the author of this story.”
“That makes no sense” Kateland put in.

“Whatever let’s play.” Said Cat.

They all got on the board and relied heavily on Lissy once again. It came down to the final question, which was Lissy’s.

They showed her a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was the one with Harry and Ginny in the chamber.

QUESTION: Why is this impossible?

“SIRIUS BLACK KILLED VOLDEMORT!” Lissy yelled. The last door opened.

“OK, Harry this is where we leave you go battle over what you have to battle for!” Cat yelled and with that Lissy, Cat, Kateland, and Ashley all left and Harry entered.

He walked down a long hallway with Star Wars theme music following him. He opened the last door.


“WHAT THE HELL?” Harry screamed. His ex-DADA teacher Quirrel was standing in front of a large Mercedes-Benz.

“Do you like it Potter?” Quirrel asked. “Yes you though I walked into a fireplace.”

“Why are you here?!” Harry yelled and at that moment Oliver Wood stormed in.

“Harry, Don’t believe anything he tells you!” Oliver advised. “He’s not Quirrel, he’s BIG-BIRD!” 

Lissy ran in.


Harry was so confused now. How could Quirrel be Big-Bird and Barney?

“What the heck is going on?” Harry asked. “How is he a jumble of muggle kid characters?”

“YOU’RE ALL WRONG!” the Quirrel/Big-Bird/Barney man yelled. He pulled off his Quirrel mask, his Big-Bird mask, and his Barney mask, to reveal...........................................................................................PROFESSOR SNAPE!

“I thought you were sent to Xio Yang’s Mental Hospital in China?” Lissy asked.

“No! I was only sent to Flappy Bob’s Happy Learn-autorium.” Snape said “and now I want revenge on you Potter!”

“NO!” Oliver yelled. He stunned Snape and looked at Harry.

“What did you do?” he asked.


“Works for me!” Lissy said. The three of them jumped in the Mercedes-Benz and drove off.


“I can’t believe what happened.” Lissy told Harry at dinner.

“Oh, well. I guess we won everything the quidditch cup and the house cup so I’m not complaining!” Harry said.

Soon all the bags were packed and everyone was back on the train. Harry sat with Lissy and Oliver and they talked about quidditch next year.

“Next year we started earlier.” Oliver said. “We come back we’ll kick major butt!"

“Calm down” Lissy laughed. “We still got two moths before we have to worry about it.”

The train pulled into the station and Harry jumped out to see his parents.

“Harry!” Lily said running over and hugging her son. James smiled as Mike Wood hauled Oliver’s trunk to the car, and Arthur Weasley’s butler dragged four trunks into the Hummerzine.

“So, how was your year?” James asked.

“I can’t tell you all now dad.” Harry said. “So much happened I have to write an essay.”

A/N I know it’s the end of the story but I will write a sequel in the near future. (possibly when inpsairation hits me, that should be any day now.......) 

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