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Falling For James by Jellyman
Chapter 1 : This Means War
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This Means War
I was cold. I was wet. And I was angry.

Why me? Why was I the one stuck behind a wall of snow with a snowball-war-crazed-but-still-my-best-friend, Lenora Cummings and go-out-with-me-Evans-you-know-you-want-to James Potter. Why was I the one who agreed to play this stupid game? And why wasn’t I up in the warm, toasty common room, playing a relaxing game of wizards chess? Why, why, why?!

Because of my stupid pride.

Well, and James Potter.

But then again, all my problems begin with James Potter so it can really only be expected that is part of the cause of this mess.

Hey, it’s only natural for him. He’s a idiot. What can I say?

‘Lily!’ shrieked Lenora, furiously enchanting snowballs to hurl themselves at the opposing team (consisting of Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and Christina Bright, Black’s girlfriend of the day). ‘Wake up and start helping! The left wall is collapsing! Hurry, Lily! THEY ARE GOING TO WIN THE WAR!!

I grumble and joined Potter in repairing the left wall.

Stupid left wall. Die.

He looked up at me as I crouched beside him.

‘Go out with me?’ he asked me, knowing fully well that the answer hadn’t changed since the last time he asked.

Approximately three minutes and twenty-seven seconds ago.

‘No,’ I said, as I was inspecting my saude jacket. Those water-stains are going to be hard to get out. I glanced at him. ‘Really James, why bother ask? You know the answer.’

He winked at me.


‘Never can be too sure Lily.’

I guess he had a point…

Suddenly, the earth rumbled. I looked at Lenora, puzzled. What could possibly make so much noise? I cautiously peered over the edge of the wall.

What I saw shocked and frightened me.

A ten foot rolling ball of snow was speeding towards us.

Those bloody bastards.

‘TAKE COVER!!’ I screamed, scrambling out of the way. I aimed my wand and screamed, ‘Expelliarmus!’

The ball quivered with the impact of the spell but it did not alter the fact it was still going to crush us.

I was shocked. My spells always worked.

‘Lily! MOVE!’ Lenora screamed.

I snapped out of astonishment to the snowball a mere few feet away. I screamed in fright as I tried to scramble away. Suddenly a force crashed into my stomach and dove me out of the path of the speeding snowball. I landed hard into the snow, coughing and spluttering, trying to catch my breath.

I saw James lying next to me and realized he had pushed me out of the way.

He met my eye and smiled brightly.

Oh no. this means… I’ll have to do something for him.

And I think we all know what it’s going to be.


I was bored. I was irritated. And I was early

I was standing in the entrance hall, looking like a total ass, waiting for James Potter.


It was a Hogsmeade weekend, so there were students everywhere, waiting for Mr. Sheldon to check their names off the list.

And somehow (three guess; first name starts with S, last name starts with B and ends with lack), the entire student body had found out I was going out with the one, the only James I-love-you-Lily-Evans Potter.

And now, they had proceeded to point and laugh at me.

That’s right, I sneered at them telepathically (it would help if I was actually telepathic). Laugh it up. We’ll see who’s laughing when I KILL YOU.

Ok. A bit drastic. Whatever. I wasn’t in a good mood.

This morning, after heavy deliberation, I had donned on my knee-length black skirt, a forest green turtleneck sweater, black knee high socks and black buckled shoes. I had opted with little make up; only a slight dash of mascara, foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss.

In my opinion, it said, I-am-only-going-out-with-you-because-I-have-to.

Which, of course, I was.

Potter appeared at the stairs, followed by Sirius (beside whom was another blonde beauty. I think her name was Charlotte Cabot of Hufflepuff), Peter Pettigrew, Lupin and Lenora (I knew he liked her. I KNEW IT!). Apparently, James and I were to have some alone time while the others had fun together.

‘Alone time’. That’s what Sirius called it; ‘alone time’.

Does he think I am retarded? I know what James can do to girls when he gets them alone. Trust me, I have seen it first hand – not a pretty picture… a lot of tongue involved.

James slowly approached me, as if afraid I was going to bolt like a dear. Pfft. Like I would do that.

These shoes would get ruined.

‘Hi…James!’ I said brightly, faulting as I deliberated whether to call him James or Potter. Personally, I liked Potter better, but then again he did save me from the snowball.

And it was a big snowball.

‘Hi,’ he murmured, not quite looking at me but rather at the wall behind me. He glanced at me before moving his gaze to his feet. ‘Do you want to go?’

‘Sure.’ I smiled falsely.

Oh Jesus, it was going to a long day. I mean, JAMES POTTER WAS NERVOUS!



We arrived at the Three Broomsticks around twenty minutes later. In that time, James had said barely two words to me, only explain that we should go to the three broomsticks first, because of the weather (it’s was quite chilly). The rest of the time there was silence.

Awkward silence.

Dear God, kill me now.

James asked me, without meeting my eyes, if I could snag a table, and went off to get us drinks. I found a table – the only table – in a secluded corner.

Oh for God sake! Why did it have to be secluded!?

James came back a few seconds later, bottles in hand, though when he saw where we were, I was almost sure he was going to drop them, he went that white.

He handed me my drink with a shaky hand, which I thanked him for, and sat down. And silence reigned once more.

Why, why, why? He has no trouble talking usually! WHY NOW?

‘So,’ I said, fed up of the silence. ‘Who do you think is going to win the Quidditch cup?’

James looked startled I even knew what Quidditch was. I rolled my eyes, which he smirked at.


He lent back in his seat, finally relaxing a bit as he stepped into his topic zone. ‘Well, England, of course.’

I snorted. ‘You really think Revline can defend those hoops? France could smash them!’

James looked horrified, immediately springing to the defense of his precious team.

I smiled. We’d hit it off.


I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying myself and I was in the company of James Potter.

It was surreal.

After we’d started off with Quidditch, we hadn’t been able to stop talking. An hour or two later, we’d left the Three Broomsticks, and headed to Honeydukes. James proceed to force me to try every single one of his favorite lollies.

Which turned out to be almost all of them.

But, instead of the anger I would usually feel, I though this was… well… charming.

I know, I know.

James then dragged me to every shop, even buying me a new book (my feeble protests didn’t matter to him, obviously… though it is a good book).

We were now making our way down to the Shrieking Shack.

‘You know, this is one of the most haunted places in England,’ I said, excitedly, practically falling down the slope to the Shack. I glanced back at James and saw he had stopped. He was staring at me with a funny expression on his face.

I looked up at him, confused. ‘What?’ I asked, unconsciously rubbing my face to get imaginary food off it.

He continued to stare and he climbed down to reach me. ‘You are so pretty,’ he said, holding my gaze.

I blushed, self-consciously, not sure of what to say. ‘Uh… thank you…’ All coherent thought left me as he took my hand. He massaged my palm, and biting my lips was all I could do to stop myself from sighing.

‘Uh… Ja… James…’ I breathed as he lent in.

‘Yeah?’ he said, his hot breath tickling my face.

‘Um… I – ’ I broke off as a snowball hit me in the back of the head. My head lurched forward, hitting James’s (not to mention our lips smashing together) and sending my down onto my face.

‘I got her!’ I recognized Sirius Black’s voice.

Oh. My. God.

I am going to KILL HIM.

I whipped around to see Black giving Pettigrew a high-five, Lupin and Lenora standing a few meters back, chatting animatedly, as Charlotte Cabot chatted with a friend.

‘SIRIUS BLACK, WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?’ I screamed, struggling to my feet. I saw a snowball fly past my shoulder, aiming for Black, and I turned to see James enchanting snowballs.

I turned back to see Black in a face full of snow, as more balls flew at him. I laughed as he struggled to surface.

Though I stopped as he muttered a counter-charm and sent them sailing in my direction.

It really wasn’t all that funny anymore. But I think Black thought it was, due to the phycotic laughter as I was buried under at least three feet of snowballs.

It was really quite heavy.

I must of passed out at some point because the next thing I remember was I was being given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by James Potter.

And the thing that shocked me most?

I am kinda glad I passed out.

I struggled into a sitting position, feeling my breath rush back to me.

Oh, sweet, sweet air.

I stared at James. He cringed. ‘Look, Lily, you were passed out! I tried to wake you but…’ he seemed to notice I didn’t really mind about the mouth-to-mouth.

I glanced around. We were alone.

I motioned for him to lean in. He did so. ‘You know what this means, don’t you?’ I whispered.

James looked confused. ‘Um… No.’

I handed him a perfectly rounded snowball. ‘This means war.’

The End

A/N: Thanks for reading! I would love it if you left me a review :D

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Falling For James: This Means War


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