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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 1 : The Secret, Inroductions, and Stand-Off-Ness
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The Secret

There was a silence in the Borrow, a secret had been revealed and the residents were shocked. Ron sat next to Harry, who was sitting next to Hermione, and Ginny. Mrs. Weasly sat in a chair, across the kids, Bill, Charlie, and even Percy, were in shock, they had forgotten that it had happened.

“So we have another sister?” Asked Ron and Mrs. Weasly nodded.

“You wouldn’t remember because you were too young.”

“Why don’t remember we remember mom?” Asked Charlie and Mrs. Weasly looked away.

“Because we gave you all memory potions, we didn’t want you to remember.”

“So where is she?” Asked Bill and Mrs. Weasly frowned.

“We’re trying to find her.”

“How did this happen? I mean how old is she, what does she look like?” Asked Ron.

“She is a few months younger then you, we have been told she has our red hair and its longer then Ginny’s’.”

“Is that all, we don’t know anything else about her, where has she been?”

“We don’t know, we just found out that she is alive.”

“Why did you think she wasn’t-“

“She was born very early and were told she was not going to live, then we were told she died and we were heart broken. A year later Ginny was born and we were so joyed, we finally had a girl, and a healthy girl.”

“How did you find out she was alive?”

“Dumbledore found her.”

“When do we get to see her?” Asked Ginny, this was the first thing she had said sense the news had been broken.

“When Dumbledore can get her out.”

“Out of where?” Asked Charlie.

“Where she has lived since we thought she had died.” Everyone nodded, not sure of what to say.

Ron stood and walked to his room, Harry and Hermione followed, making sure their best friend was ok. They followed him to his room and closed the door behind them.

“Ron are you ok?” Asked Hermione, moving closer to him, he made jagged movements and she stopped in her tracks.

“I have a sister, and she’s been gone since she was born.” He said, his voice shaking.

“Ron why do not you sit-” Said Harry, but stopped when Ron turned around, tears coming down his face.

“Ron.” Said Hermione emotionally, walking towards him, never stopping.

“Ron its going to be ok, your going to see her and you will love her.”

“What if I don’t Hermione, what if I don’t, what am I going to do?”

“Ron listen to me, you will love her because she is your sister, she is your flesh and blood.” Said Harry walking over to them, joining the hug.

“I’m so happy I have you guys, thank you.” Said Ron hugging his two best friends.

Introductions and Stand-Off-Ness

In a beautiful part of England, a girl was being put inside of a car, and was being told who she really was and who her family was.

An old man with gray hair and a long white beard was telling a gorgeous red haired girl that her family was not dead and wanted her.
She sat there, her facial expression never changing, a black eye, and split lip fading.

“Aren’t you happy, your going home?” Asked the old man.

“A home is something I have never had the luxury of.” She said looking out the window, watching the passing world.

“But now you will.”

“We will see.”

“Do you not think they will accept you?”

“I know they will not, I am not what any parent would want, I have nothing to give them.”

“They are very caring and loving people-“

“I know none of that, as you know,” she looked at him, her head cocked.

“Do they know where I have been, what I have become?”

“No, I am leaving that to you.”

“Then they will never know. They do not need to know.” She said returning to gazing out the window.

The old man left her alone as they drove to a strong, yet homey large house that looked like it was about to fall over.

The car stopped and the old man got out, the girl followed, she followed him to the front door where he simply walked in and started talking to a loving looking woman. The woman looked at the girl and smiled widely, tears running down her face.

“Sue.” She said walking towards the girl, hugging her tightly. The girl pushed the woman away; she was uncomfortable and unmoved by the woman’s sad face.

“My name is Electres, not Sue.” She said looking towards the old man, Electres then realized there was, early twenties boys and a girl about a year younger than her staring at her, seconds later three teenagers came running down the stairs, staring at her.

“Electres, this is your family, and your mother.” Said the old man, Electres looked at the family; she had the same hair as them, except two of the teenagers, one had dark brown hair and the other frizzy curly brown hair. Everyone looked her up and down, flaming red hair past her waist, her clothes looked tight, yet ragged.

“These are the ones you told me of.” She asked looking at the old man, he nodded and again she looked at the people who were her family.

“Hello.” She said, her accent was not exactly English; it was hard to pin.

“Hi.” Said the only other teenage girl in the room, she walked over to Electres and stood in front of her, looking at her face, hair and body.

Ginny knew this was her sister, but she did not hug her, remembering Electres’s response to their mothers hug.

“I’m Ginny.” She said holding out her hand, Electres shook it and smiled slightly. Ginny smiled back, moments later the three older boys came over and stood in front of her.

“Bill.” They shook hands.

“Charlie.” They shook hands.

“Percy.” They shook hands. However, the boy who was her age did not walk to her, or shake her hand.

“We’re glad to have you here, with us.” Said Mrs. Weasly, her hands folded together.

“Thank you.” She said, but she knew they would not want her there soon.

“Ron, why don’t you show Electres where she is staying.” Said Mrs. Weasly, Ron nodded and Electres followed him up the stairs, leaving the old man who had saved her from a place she was needed, to a place where she was not.
She knew there was people following her and Ron to her room.

“This is where you will be staying, I’m sorry its not nicer.” He said looking at the ground; he was ashamed of his home.

“This is better then most I have had before.” She said walking in, dropping a small bag on the ground, it was all she had. She turned back to Ron and his friends.

“Who are you?” she asked, looking at the boy and girl who did not belong.

“Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.” Said Ron and they watched her reaction as he said Harry Potter, she had none.

“Where have you been?”

“Hell.” Said Electres, looking out the window, the view was nothing special, but better then what she was used to. She heard Ron and his friends walk closer to her, they were going to ask more questions, and she knew it.

“Where was this hell?” “From what I know, France, but what I know means nothing, because what I know was not learned at a school, it was learned in secret.”

“Where were you?” asked Ron and she looked away.

“I was kept, that is all I know.” She said finally and they decided to stop asking questions. She looked at them, then to Ron.

“Where is the bathroom?” she asked and he pointed across the hall, Electres nodded and grabbed her bag off the ground and without word walked into the bathroom, closing, locking the door behind her.

“See Ron, she is nice.” Said Hermione and Ron smiled weakly, Harry on the other hand was puzzled, there was more to her then what everyone else was seeing.

Electres stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection; for as long as she could remember she was forbidden to cut her hair, it was one of the things that made her valuable, attractive.

She grabbed a pair of scissors out of her bag and started cutting her hair. It was her way of letting go of the past and moving on, she was no longer what she was, she would never be that again.

When she had finished cutting her hair she looked in the mirror, satisfied with her reflection. Her hair was now an inch, maybe two above her shoulders and was slightly layered.

She looked on the ground and started to pick up her hair when there was a knock at the door, she opened it, only to reveal one of her brothers, Bill.

“Your hair.” He said almost in shook, it was gone and in her hands.

“Change is good.” She said, going back to picking it up and putting it into an envelope.

“Why are you dong that?”

“To show someone.” She said sealing it, the address instantly appearing on it.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” She said as she moved past him, down the stairs and into a kitchen, he followed her. Once inside the kitchen she found her mother, sitting, staring off into space.

“Molly.” She said loudly, her head snapped towards Electres, eyes wide.

“Deary what have you-“

“Do you have an owl, this is important.” She said, ignoring her obvious question.

“Yes dear, but if it has to go far, ask your brother Ron’s friend Harry, his owl is strong.”

“Thank you.” She said turning, almost running into Bill. She simply pushed passed him and went back up stairs, looking for Ron’s room, she found it, hearing his voice, but stopped once she heard the topic of the conversation.

“She seemed skittish.” She heard one of the twins say, then the other,

“How would you feel, being thrown into a family you don’t even know?” he said and silently she heard the other respond.

“Skittish.” “Exactly.” Said the other, then she heard another voice.

“She seemed, I don’t know distant and haunted almost.” Said Ginny, Electres shook her head; they had no idea.

“We should just support her and get to know her, and we will love her.” That hit Electres; love, she knew nothing of love, she knew only of lust and greed, which was all she was taught. When she was done listening, and knocked on the door, seconds later the door opened and Ginny smiled at her.

“Is Harry in here?” Everyone looked at him oddly.

“Molly told me you had a strong owl, I need to send a letter.” As she spoke they only stared, but knew not to say anything about her hair, they liked it. Harry stood and walked to her, then out of the room, she followed him to another room where an owl sat in an open cage.

“This is Hedwig.” He said as the owl clenched its claws into Harry’s sleeve.

“She is fast?”

“Yes, very.”

“Good.” Said Electres, handing the letter to Hedwig.

“My dear animal, fly fast, bring this letter to the master of Covey House, in France. Be quick.” She said and the owl flew off, leaving Harry impressed.

“She’s never taken orders from someone she has never met before.”

“I am good with animals.” She said turning to leave, but Harry called her back.

“Covey house, was that where you lived?” She turned back towards him.

“Yes and no, I lived there up until a few years ago when I was- when I was moved somewhere else.” She said stuttering, she did not need to tell her secret.

She looked at the boy and bowed her head slightly, then walked out to her bedroom, closing the door and laying down on her bed, tired of everything.

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The Other Daughter: The Secret, Inroductions, and Stand-Off-Ness


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