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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 8 : The Next Day
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When Lilly went to sleep that night, she kept thinking about that one dance she has with Oliver. Everyone had been dancing, so they bumped them closer together. Lilly's face was only about two inches away from his. She just realized how their height was perfect together.

Her arms felt so good around his neck, his nearly melting into her back. The way she could run her fingers through his fluffy hair, the way his brown eyes stared into hers. But I don't like him!!! she thought to herself. But if she didn't like him, then why was her heart a flutter?

"Where are you off too?" Lilly asked the next morning when she came out of the dorm. Oliver was already out and dressed.

"Itís a Sunday; I'm going for a run." Oliver replied simply.

Lilly nodded. "I was going too." Oliver shook his head, and stood their waiting for Lilly to come down the stairs. "Lets go..."

Ten minutes later, the two of them were running at their top speed together.

"Bet... You... Can't... Go Faster!!!" Oliver panted. Lilly laughed, and began to speed up. Oliver, who was looking at her, sped up too. Yet, he didn't look away. Darn, she's competitive!! he thought as she began to speed up. He started to speed up as well, but remained looking at her.

Which led to him crashing into the wall. With a bang, he collided fully into the barrier separating the field from the stands. He was strewn across the soft grass, holding his gut. "Ouch..." he moaned softly.

"ZOM MY GOD!!!" Lilly screamed, trying to halt. She immediately turned around to Oliver. He was on the ground, rubbing his head. "Bloody hell!!! Are you okay?"

Oliver could only manage to shake his head. Lilly sighed in concern. "Come on, you crashed at like... 10mph running, no wonder it hurts. Arm around neck, and UP!!!" Lilly muttered. Oliver was lifted to his feet, and the two walked back to the castle.

Oliver looked at the girl next to him, his arm around her neck. He would die for this in any other situation. Right now, he just felt like he was dying. Lilly kept looking up at him to see if he was okay. Can't believe she's this concerned. he thought to himself. But then, she smiled. "I'm happy to know that you can walk!!!" When she laughed, her body shook.
He liked that. But that shaking really did hurt his body.

"Ow..." he mumbled. She immediately stopped laughing.

"Better get you to Madame Pomfrey's..." Lilly sighed. "We got a long way and more pain to go Oliver."

"You just said Oliver." he said in shock.

Her mouth contorted a little. But it then returned to normal, almost like a smile. "Well... I guess just don't get used to

He laughed, but he stopped because it hurt. Then, Lilly added something, "You looked really funny when you crashed. Like something straight from Looney Toons!!!"

"Heard about your crash." Fred said to Oliver when Oliver returned to the common room. "Can't believe it happened to you."

"What?" Oliver asked. "Why can't you believe it?"

George just snorted. "You're Oliver Wood. You don't make a wrong move. Yet, whenever Lilly is around, you are a bumbling idiot."

He immediately turned a shade of red. "I wasn't that hurt. Pomfrey fixed it up right away!!! I feel fine!!! And Lilly being there was just coincidence."

"She told me that you were staring at her, thatís why you weren't turning." Fred said.

"Shoot... she told you already." Oliver swore, hoping he could keep some parts secret. Both Fred and George laughed harder.

"So, when are you going to be asking her to our Hogsmeade trip?" George asked, popping the question they were required to ask. Oliver choked.

"Why? We are just friends!" he choked out. He looked like he was being strangled. Once again, the twins started to laugh.

George looked at Fred, trying to keep the laughter in. "Because. You like her. How else would you crash into a wall? Oliver Wood never crashes. He tumbles, he runs into, yet never crashes."

"As we said before, whenever Lilly is around, you are a bumbling idiot. Whenever Barbie is around, the most popular Gryffindor girl, you are just your plain mean self."

Oliver looked exasperatedly at his friends. They had hit the jack pot. In a strangled voice, he replied, "I do?" His face, even ears, had turned a shade of red. Fred pointed and laughed, falling onto the bed.

"Oh god. You know you do." George said rolling his eyes.

"I hope he's okay..." Lilly said out loud as she paced through their dorm.

"Who?" Alicia asked, looking at Angelina and to Eliza.

Lilly stopped pacing. "Wood. The boy who crashed into a damn fence." She continued pacing.

"Why don't you go and see. We can go into the boy's dorms you know." Eliza said simply, as if it was obvious.

She once again stopped pacing and her face lighted up. "Well... I do want to make sure he's alive..." As she led the way out, the three behind her nudged each other in the ribs and smiled.

"Oliver?" Lilly called.

She saw Fred stick his head out of the doorway. "In here darlings!" he called in a sing-song voice.

"I'm coming darling!" Lilly replied in the same voice. As she walked into to the room, she saw Oliver sitting perfectly fine on the bed.

"Oy Lilly." he said with a wave. Lilly blushed red and her face wavered from the determination they had seen only moments earlier, to compassion.

She immediately flew to Oliver, and playfully punched him in the stomach. He curled over in mock pain. "God!!! You had me so worried that you had some crazy internal bleeding or something!" she screeched, now resorting to slapping him on the back.

"I'm fine Lilly!!! What are you??? My mother, girlfriend, wife?" Oliver shouted, while laughing. Then, when everyone realized what he said, they all immediately stopped laughing. The room was deathly quiet.

Fred looked at George. They then turned to Angelina and Alicia. The two of them turned to look at Eliza. She was trying hard to retain a laugh behind her hand.

Lilly's bottom lip quivered. Then, breaking the silence, "Well... if you're fine... I have a Divination assignment to make up." She looked at Oliver once more. "You sure you're fine? I do feel partially responsible for your collision into the wall..."

"I'm fine Lilly... Thanks." Oliver comforted. She sighed in relief, and walked out. The girls followed her.

Fred punched Oliver in the stomach, like Lilly, except this time, for real. "Screw up." he muttered.

A/N: I do not know where this entire chapter came out from... I'm rather sad, because I haven't been able to get some more plot bunnies to do for this story. :'(. Anyways, thank you so much for the reviews, over 70!!! This is more than all my other stories combined!!!!! You guys are the sweetest! MwAh!

If you have any recommendations to make this story better, then please tell me! You can PM on the forums, or any other way you feel fit.

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