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Thought You Were My Fairytale by neverfallx3
Chapter 1 : Prologue & One: The Marauders
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Thought You Were My Fairytale

Disclaimer: I own nothing but any characters you don't know and the plot. All hail Queen Rowling!


When I was younger, I used to read a lot of fairytales. From when I was one until I was ten, every night my mother would tuck me and Petunia into bed, take out the big book of fairytales and read to us for a while. I believed you could learn a lot from them. Petunia and I grew up understanding these things:

*All stepmothers are evil
*Witches are to be avoided at all costs (how ironic)
*Living with seven men is a good idea
*Glass shoes do not break
*Princesses never have red hair
*One day my prince will come
*In the end, everyone lives happily ever after

Countless times I put a pea under my mattress so that I could prove to Petunia that I was really a princess. She loved to rub in the fact that she fitted the image more than I did, with her long blonde hair glimmering next to my boring, strawberry blonde, straight hair. But we were still best friends all through primary school. Even when she started going out with Vernon Dursley in year six. All the girls fancied Vernon (except me) and she got him.

Then one summer I received my Hogwarts letter and discovered that I was a witch. I still kept the book of fairytales beside my bed and secretly still held on to everything I had learned from them. At first I was scared, so my mother (who was very proud) got me to write to the headmaster and I found out that being a witch wasn’t a bad thing at all.

There was no convincing Petunia, though. She was stubborn as a mule and refused to budge from her beliefs. To her, now, I was a freak and a danger. She didn’t want a witch sharing a room with her. I offered to move out and ended up in the newly converted attic. It was much nicer than mine and Petunia’s room had been so this just seemed to make her hate me more.

In the end, I gave up on Petunia and we fought all the time. But at the end of that summer, I was whisked away to Hogwarts and forgot all about her for the time being. As I packed my suitcase to leave for the magical world, I glanced over at the bedside table and saw the book of fairytales lying there. At the last moment I grabbed it and slipped it into the suitcase. I had to admit that witches were not to be avoided at all, but I still waited for my prince and my Happily Ever After. 

Chapter One: The Marauders 

“Miss Evans, at last you decide to join us,” boomed the professor as I burst into the dungeon, out of breath.

“Sorry,” I gasped, clutching my books and searching the room with my eyes for a place to sit.

“This is not a good start to the term, Miss Evans. Take that seat beside the window.” He gestured to the last remaining seat in the class. Feeling the entire room’s eyes upon me, I hastily made my way over to the chair. As I placed my books on the table and shrank down into the seat the Professor turned away and began to bark a speech.

“My name is Professor Slughorn. I will be taking you for Potions this year. The name ‘Potions’ I find rather inadequate for the amount of topics it does cover. It truly is fascinating…” I glanced over to the boy beside me. He had mousey brown hair that looked as if it needed cutting, a good bone structure and nice big eyes. He saw me looking at him and smiled.

“Now I will give you five minutes to introduce yourself to your partners. They are the people sitting beside you, who will be your partners for the entire year. You may begin,” said Slughorn. I turned to face my partner with a big smile on my face and stuck out my hand.

“Lily Evans.” He grinned and took my hand in his and shook it.

“Remus Lupin, pleased to meet you,” he replied, releasing my hand and folding his arms across his chest. “So how come you were so late?” he asked interestedly, eyebrows raised challengingly. I made a face.

“I couldn’t find the classroom.” I had a sudden flashback of an enormous spider I had come across in one of the other dungeons. “I don’t exactly know anyone here yet,” I continued. I had spent the train ride with a bunch of girls who’d ended up in Ravenclaw whilst I was sent to Gryffindor. And then once I’d reached my dorm I scarcely had time to greet my dorm mates before I was out cold on the bed.

“Well let me introduce you to my friends, and we can always help you out,” he said kindly and swivelled round in his seat. “Sirius, James,” he said to the two boys sitting directly behind us. They turned around, having been flirting with the girls behind them, and grinned at Remus. “This is Lily Evans,” he carried on, and they both grinned even broader.

“Sirius Black,” the boy on the left introduced himself, holding out his hand. I reached forward and shook it, smiling sheepishly. He had really long, messy black hair that casually flopped into his gorgeous eyes, in a way that made all girls melt. Of course I thought he was hot. I was a regular eleven year old girl.

I extended my hand to the other boy, who grinned and took my hand but immediately pulled it to his lips and kissed it, making me laugh.

“Enchanté,” he said and released my hand. “James Potter.” I smiled. He was just as good-looking as Sirius, but in a different way. He had glasses and messier, darker hair. Kind of cute, as opposed to hot. There’s a big difference.

“Like Remus said, Lily Evans,” I replied.

“So you and Lupes are Potions buddies, eh? Try not to fall for his charm; our Remus is a real ladies man,” Sirius said mockingly. Remus swatted at him.

“Remus has only ever been out with one girl, and they went out for a year and only just broke up. So he’s a little emotional right now,” James stage whispered, placing his hand on his heart and pretending to look concerned. Remus sighed.

“That’s, how many… three? Three people you have found it necessary to divulge my life story to,” Remus said exasperatedly.

“Well what if Miss Evans here was interested in you. We just discreetly told her you’re single. So she could ask you out if she wished to,” Sirius replied, shaking his head like it was obvious.

“Yeah! We’re just trying to get you back on your feet, mate,” James added. Remus laughed.

“Right, sure.”

“So Lily, what do you think of Remus?” Sirius asked, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

“You guys are sooo not sly,” I replied.

“Alright, if you had to choose one of us three…” Sirius turned around and grabbed a pale, skinny boy from behind him. “…us FOUR, who would you choose? This is Peter by the way.” The skinny boy, who Sirius was still holding by the scruff of his neck, waved meekly.

“Honestly?” I asked. They (Sirius and James) nodded enthusiastically. I took a deep breath and looked at each one of them in turn. Peter was out of the question. Remus was very handsome and really nice. Sirius and James were very good looking but they seemed pretty full of themselves. “Alright, right at this very moment, I’d pick Remus,” I admitted. Sirius and James looked defeated; Peter looked as if he wanted to be somewhere else, but he had all along. Remus was just smiling politely.

“But that’s only because I don’t know you other guys very well.” They looked mildly cheered by this. “No offence meant, Remus,” I added hastily.

“You know what, Evans? I’d like to get to know you better, too. Want to eat lunch with us today?” James asked, smiling. I shrugged.

“Not like I have anyone else to eat it with,” I said.

“Cool,” said James.

“Attention everyone, break’s over. I hope you are all now well acquainted with your partners,” Professor Slughorn called and we all turned to face the front. He began to talk about what we would be doing in this lesson.

“Take this as a warning, Lily,” Remus muttered, catching my eye. “Don’t get too close to either of them, unless you want your heart broken.”

“That’s a little harsh, considering they’re your friends,” I whispered.

“True, but we’re friends, too, now. That means I’m obliged to tell you the truth,” Remus replied. I bit on the end of my quill worriedly. 


A/N: Hope you are enjoying it so far. Please review and thanks for reading. By the way, this is my own take on the Lily/James story and it's pretty different to most as you'll find out in due course.

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