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The Malfoy Mistake by OrbaEstrella
Chapter 1 : The Malfoy Mistake
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Lucius Malfoy burst through the large, mahogany wood doors from the front of his manor and stormed through the large dining room, fuming. So great was his rage that he did not notice his wife, Narcissa, and son, Draco, sitting at the table, waiting for his arrival to eat dinner. The large dining room was dark, but illuminated by a small chandelier at the very top of the room. The whole room glowed gold, glinting off everything in the room. Various built-in china cabinets held expensive-looking tea sets and, of course, various models of the Malfoy crest. All the chairs on the long table were high-backed and medieval looking, as was the whole manor.

"D-dear, what is the matter?" Narcissa said, sitting up from her chair. Draco had his head in his hands and was watching the scene curiously.

Narcissa Malfoy was very tall, only slightly shorter than her husband, but was very slender and petite in body build. She had long, white-blond hair that flowed to the middle of her back. She was 34 years old, a good 7 years younger than her husband, but looked much younger. Narcissa did not work nor was she a housewife (they had House Elves for cleaning and cooking) so she spent most of her time attending regal parties, so she hardly was under any stress at any point of her life.

The same could not be said about Lucius. He ignored Narcissa and swept across the dining room and into the ballroom, and Draco and Narcissa could hear his muffled footsteps as he climbed the staircase up to his office.

Draco sighed. He was not the least shocked by his father's behavior. While Draco loved his father very much, he had become very used to Lucius coming home in absolute rage that it hardly fazed him anymore. Lucius was constantly angry at someone. Fudge, Weasley and Dumbledore where a few of Lucius's favorites.

Narcissa, however, looked concerned.

"What could Lucius possibly be so angry about today?" she sighed, sinking down in her chair once again and staring at the floor. Draco loved his mother as well but he hated how sickeningly sweet she was to his father and how rude she usually was to him.

Draco lifted his head out of his hands. "Well, it's not like father has never been angry like this before."

Narcissa looked up sharply. "Don't you dare talk about your father that way," she spat viciously. "He works hard with incompetent fools like Fudge and Weasley to keep a roof over your head."

Draco shifted nervously in his chair. "Mother, I didn't mean that," he stuttered, "I have to admit...Please don't tell father..."

Narcissa took a deep, steadying breath and stood up again.
"I know Lucius better than anyone," she said slowly, "When he is frustrated at someone at work, he usually shouts and yells. But when he is truly angry, he locks himself up in his office."

Draco raised a single, pale eyebrow. "Should...should to him?" Draco felt a sickening lurch in his stomach.

Whenever his father was really, truly angry, he was scary and vicious. Draco was almost as tall as his father now, but Lucius still frightened him. Draco still remembered all the horrid things his father would say to him when he was angry as a child.

"No," Narcissa snapped. "Just leave him alone."

Draco didn't need telling twice.

"May I be excused?" Draco asked his mother.

"We haven't even started dinner!" Draco's mother hissed, "Fine...fine then. Just stay in your room."


Lucius performed various spells on his office door to ensure neither his wife nor his son would disturb him. The warm, cozy room was dark and had many dark mahogany shelves and bookstands, filled with colorful books, most about the dark arts. Much of the shelves were empty, though, the reason because Lucius usually stored his possesions from Borgin and Bourkes there, but was forced to remove them to another location after stories of Weasley's raids. A merry fire was cackling in the large fireplace by his desk.

Lucius kicked his desk angrily. "Damn you, Aziz!" he shouted.

He heard a knock on his door.

"Lucius?" he heard Narcissa's voice through the door.

"COME IN HERE!" he bellowed, picking up a coffee cup from his desk and throwing it on the floor, shattering.

He strode towards the door and yanked it open, causing it to bang on the wall loudly.

Narcissa's eyes widened. She had rarely ever seen her husband this angry before. His steel blue eyes were even colder than usual, and his mouth was parted in a especially vicious snarl.

Lucius' face was inches away from Narcissa's.

"Did you know," he hissed in a low, dangerous voice, "That my good brother Aziz is paying a nice visit to the Ministery?"

Narcissa gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She backed away from him a few steps."Why, Lucius?" she said weakly.


What Lucius Malfoy feared most was this. If anyone found out about his foolish brother, Aziz, the name of Malfoy would be forever tarnished. His only brother, 2 years younger than him, had ran off and married a muggle woman only 18 years ago. They hadn't spoke since. The only thing Lucius knew about him now, or cared to know, was that he had two children and was head of the Department Of International Magical Cooperation for the American Magical Cabinet (the Ministery Of Magic for the Americans)

Narcissa shifted from foot to foot nervously. "Well, he's a pureblood, Aziz, isn't he?"

Lucius Malfoy clenched his fists angrily. "But everyone knows he's married to a....muggle." he spat the last words as if it were a swear. "He's not the least bit embarassed, the fool. And if word gets out..."

Lucius gave a shudder. He clasped his hands over his forehead.

"Oh, God, a headache..." he said between gritted teeth. He sunk into a leather armchair.

"I'll make you a potion, dear." Narcissa said quickly, turning to walk through the doors, happy to have found an excuse to leave the room.

"Wait." Lucius said. Narcissa froze, and turned around.

"This isn't temporary." He said, breathing hard. "He's been transferred. To work at the Ministery. His coming to Hogwarts."

Narcissa let out a feeble cry.

"And she's the exact same age as Draco. And damnit, he's inherited the Isle de Malfoy as well. DAMN YOU AZIZ!" He shouted, jumping up from his chair and hurling it across the room. It broke against the wall, narrowly missing Narcissa, making a splintering crack.

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The Malfoy Mistake: The Malfoy Mistake


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