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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 11 : It All Comes Out In The End Anyway, Why Lie?
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A/N: This is the chapter you were all waiting for..... enjoy.

Chapter Eleven: It All Comes Out In The End Anyway, Why Lie?

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mia, Happy Birthday to you." The room was filled with song, everyone that Hermione considered a freind had shown up at her house to celebrate her daughters birthday. Tears filled her eyes as she watched her daughter playing with James, Harry and Ginny's almost four year old son. She was chasing him around the room trying to kiss him. James was having no part of it. Hermione watched them for a while, Mia had so many of Draco's featers, it scared her sometimes to think how much she was like her father. At the thought of Draco Hermione's eyes grew dark, old wounds had been opened again and she had such a hate for that man if she were to ever see him she was likely to kill him. Ron and Harry both noticed how Hermiones mood fell, and now walked over to her to find out what was wrong.

"Mione, what's wrong, you aren't still thinking about Malfoy are you? Because really, it's better he isn't here." Ron said. He had asked Hermione to marry him, but she had said no, and told him that it had nothing to do with him, she just couldn't marry Ron knowing she was inlove with someone else. That somebody eles being Draco Malfoy. Ron took the rejection well and figured she'd come around sooner or later, after five years he finally got what he wanted she had agreed to marry him suddenly one day a few weeks ago, they were going to anounce their engagment later that night he was so happy.

"Oh, Ron I am sorry. I was just thinking about something that's all. It wasn't Malfoy," she lied. "Everything turned out wonderful didnt it?" She said in a more of observing tone more so than a question.

Harry hugged her, "Yes, it did. Oh by the way how did you lunch thing go with Pansy the other day? Ginny meant to ask you about it, but with the party and James being well, James she hasn't been able to talk to much lately."

Hermione's heart sank she didn't want to talk about Pansy, but Harry asked, and she wasn't going to lie to him. Hermione was tired of all the lies. "It was okay. I found out some things about her and lets just say I am glad I decided to go." Hermione looked up a man she didn't reconize was walking up to her.

""Miss Granger? This is for you." He left before she could ask him who the letter came from.

"Ron, would you see to it that Mia opens her gifts, I am going to go into the kitchen for a moment, I'll be out in just a minute to watch her." Hermione hugged him hard and walked away.

"Mia." She could hear Ron yell from the kitchen. Once she was seated at the table surrounded by plates of cake, and cups of juice she opened the letter.

Miss Hermione Granger,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a long time since we've spoke to one another. I am writing to you to ask that you meet with me this evening at ten o clock at the leakey culdren. I have head about your work surrounding House Elf Slavery, and I think I might be able to help you further your work in the area. I am looking forward to speaking with you about this as soon as possible, I will be waiting for you.

Your Friend.

Hermione's eyes widnend, she was so excited about this letter. She would go, she had to speak with this person who seemed egar to help her out. "Ron, guess what?" She told him about the letter and asked him to wait until Christmas to tell everyone about their wedding, since it was only a week or so away, she wanted to foucus on this new development and didn't want to ruin the mood of their engagment with work on her mind. He gladly agreed and told her that he would stay with Mia that evening while she went to meet the person who had sent the letter. At ten oclock sharp Hermione stepped out of the fire place at the leakey culdren to see that the place was closed, Tom the barman wasn't even there.

He kept checking his watch, it was soon now, any moment. Suddenly he heard the noise he had been waiting for. His heart was pounding, even though he was mad at Hermione the thought of seeing her again after so many years was stirring thoes old feelings up again. 'No, you hurt me Granger, this isn't going to be easy for you.' he thought to himself. 'You kept my child from me, give me one good reason not to kill you. Oh I hate......'

"Hello. Is anyone here? Sorry I am a bit late, I had to make sure my daughter was being watched before I came today was her birthday, hello?" Hermione was looking all around the room, but she saw nobody.

'Daughter, I have a daughter? I wonder if she looks like me,' Draco thought to himself.

Hermione saw someone out of the corner of her eye, "Oh hello, I didn't see you there?" She was straining to get a good look at the person. "Do I know you?" She asked. She stopped walking forward when the man appeared. She went to say something more but then.....

"Silenco." Draco said pointing his wand at her. "Lumos" He spoke again and Hermione tried to scream. 'Draco,' she tried to say, but nothing came out. She wanted to scream, she wanted to run away but she noticed he placed a charm around them, she felt her wand being pulled from her grip as it flew to him. She was trapped, and worse of all nobody knew where she was, Ron wouldn't think she was in trouble he didn't expect her for hours yet. There she was, helpless, Draco Malfoy could do anything he wanted to her and nobody would be able to stop him. She began to cry silently of course.

He almost laughed, she looked terrified, 'well good she should be, stupid wench lied to me. I'll scare her within an inch of her life and then demand to see my daughter. Should be simply enough.' He release her from the silencing charm and let her scream at him. Which she did naturally, Hermione was all about screaming at him.


"Well, hello to you too Granger." Draco sneered, he moved closer to her again, he laughed becasue she backed away from him looking petrified. "What, no kiss for me? Come on I thought we got passed all of that." He smiled, but it only made him look more evil.

What was he doing there? Hermione wondered, "Malfoy, why did you want to see me?" This time when she spoke she didn't care if it sounded shakey, she was alone with a man who was capable of anything.

"Alot of reasons Granger, what's wrong with you? You act like your scared to death to be in the same room with me." Draco knew why she was worried, she was trapped with a killer. Draco Malfoy had become a killer, and she knew it.

Hermione glared at him, "You're a murderer Malfoy, of course I am afraid of you." She screamed.

Draco knew that was coming. He had killed a lot of innocent people during the war, for Voldermort. Now he wished he never did thoes things, but the past was the past. Then suddenly everyone in the wizarding world was told the Draco had been placed under the imperious curse. It was hard for Hermione to swallow. There was indeed evidence that he never killed anyone willingly. After the fall of Voldermort, Malfoy was then cleared of any and all charges against him. "I did not kill anyone of my own free will, and I didn't call you here to defend myself in any case you're the one who has some explaing to do." He stepped closer to her yet again, Sun-kissed plumeria filled the air. The urge to reach out and kiss her was very strong, but he shook his head. 'NO' he told himself. There were other matters to deal with if he didn't catch her in more lies, mabe he'd indulged himself in her arms.

Hermione stood there, just staring at him. 'How can he stand there like that pretending he did nothing wrong?' She thought to herself. "You still killed Malfoy, how do I know you won't do it again, right now, next week? Back away from me right now or you'll regret it." She snapped at him.

"You don't Granger, that's the fun of it. Now why don't you sit down," when she did he said, "Now let the game begin." He let his eyes wonder over her body, "How have you been Hermione?"

"What, no, I am not going to sit here and have a civil conversation with you. Say what you've come to say so I can go home and forget that I ever set eyes on you." Hermione couldn't understand why he was smirking at her, he had nothing on her it was she who could tear his world apart if she was just given the chance.

He was getting mad, he knew she wouldn't play along very nicely. "Now, you're not playing the game right Granger." he said this while he stood up, he was leaning over her now, and for the first time in a long while he noticed how small she was. "YOU WILL TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW. Is that understood?" he didn't want to frighten her, not really but she was making his blood boil.

Hermione refused to cry, for years she had hoped that he had changed. But seeing him today, telling her she would tell him what he wanted to know, no questions asked, shouting at her, scaring her to death she had to admit that he hadn't changed at all. Not for the better anyhow, he had changed, and become cruler than ever and that she just couldn't handle. "I have been busy." She finally said, thinking if she just played along she could get out there with her sanity still intact, what she really wanted to say was 'I've been lonely without you. I've been aching for you, but I can't forgive you, not now not ever.' But she knew she could never tell him any of these things.

"Well see that wasn't so hard now was it?" Draco asked.

"No, I guess not, why are you really here, and please just cut to the chase I should be home with my daughter." Hermione said. She looked everywhere but at him, she couldn't look at him anymore.

"Tell me, why do you hate me Hermione? I mean I thought we were getting pretty close." He asked again, maybe he'd get the truth now.

Hermione laughed, "Malfoy how can you sit there and ask such a stupid question? You tricked me into sleeping with you after you found out that Pansy's potion didn't work the first time. How could I not hate you for that, you drugged me just like...." she paused, "just like she did. I could never like you after that." Hermione just stared at him, 'what is he thinking?' she wondered.

Darco looked at her, "I never tricked you. I've got proof of that now, and that's really why I am here." He had enough of this, he wanted the truth to come out and he wanted it to come out now. "The potion I made before graduation was made stronger than it should have been." He threw a book down and watched her in amazment. "Go a head, look at it." He watched her open the book, "it will proove we didn't sleep together that night, but it will open your eyes as to what you remember happening."

"You're a liar, you tricked me." Hermione cried.

"Shut up Granger, it's my turn. You will listen to me, for once in your know it all perfect life you're going to listen to me." He couldn't believe it she was still calling him a liar. "I didn't trick you, I was planning on it yes. But I did not go through with it, you drank the potion by mistake, and I couldn't stop you once you had. You remember sleeping with me because the potion made you remember a night you blocked out, a night neither of us could remember. Look at that book and tell me what you see." Draco demanded.

Hermione looked at the pictures he had given her. She was looking them over when she noticed the black dress. 'There it is, I am wearing a black dress, and he still thinks it didn't happen? What the hell is wrong with him?' "All I see, is this black dress, and that's what I was wearing the night you took me to bed. The night after the ball." She glared at him. "So what do you have to say for yourself now, you git?"

He laughed, "We made love Hermione, but I assure you it wasn't the night of graduation, turn the page." He watched as she did.

Hermione stood there wearing a silver gown, and Malfoy was wearing a black and silver tux. 'But how can that be?' She thought she looked back up at him.

"Look back to the other one and tell me the date the photo was taken." Draco instructed. She did, the date was staring back at her, April 21. The night of the Spring Ball, she was wearing the black dress. Suddenly it clicked, Hermione was found out, and there was nothing she could do about it. "One more question, were you eleven months pregnant Hermione?"

"No." She said before really understanding why he would ask such a stupid question. "I was nine months pregnant, I gave birth to my baby right on time, December........ Oh no!"

"That's right, looks like someone has been telling a bunch of lies. I know she's mine, and I want to see her now Granger." Draco had finally accomplished the task of shutting her pretty little mouth shut. "What, nothig to say?"

Hermione knew she was had, he had all the proof he needed and she couldn't hide it anymore, but she had her own little secerts to tell too. "Oh, I have a lot to say, for starters, no. You won't be seeing her until I feel you're worthy of seeing her. If you force yourself into her life, I will be forced to share with her the truth of just how evil her father really is. I never told you about her, becuase it was safer that way, and I still feel that she will be safer without you in her life, but I know that she wants to know you, so I will allow it in time. After I know why you did it." Her eyes never left his, 'I will be strong now, for my daughter. I have to be.'

He shook his head, she was going to allow him to see his daughter, but what was it that she thought he'd done? "What are you talking about?"

"I met with Pansy the other day for lunch, silly I know, after all we hated eachother. But she said she needed to clear the air, so I thought it would be a good time to find out why she felt she needed to ruin my lift when we were at school, so I went." None of this made him flinch, of course she knew it wouldn't, he had blocked that night out just as she had, he didn't know what had happened.

"How did that turn out for you?" He asked, not caring one way or the other, he was going to meet his daughter, who cared about Pansy?

"It went well, I asked her why she bewitched my punch and made a bet regaurding my sex life with Crabbe and she asked me what I was talking about. Imagian my surprise when she denied making a bet with Crabbe at all, and she swore she never made a potion." Hermione still saw no sign of him catching on to what she was talking about. "I asked her to drink some turth serom, because I just simply didn't believe her, she agreed. Guess what I found out then Draco?" Hermione asked suductively.

"I wouldn't have a clue." He was only half listening.

"She informed me that she took place in the bet because she thought she couldn't loose, but she said she made the bet while she sat in your room and watched you brewing a potion. She said she made the bet with you, not Crabbe. You are the one who bewitched my drink, and then like the stupid idiot you are, you took the potion yourself. How does it feel to know that you're nothing but a liar, and a cheat? You're a son of bitch Draco Malfoy, and I hate you." She was hurt badly, but she loved him more than life itself, for Hermione though, she could never share that bit of information with him. Before she knew it he had grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall. "LET GO OF ME." She screamed.

"No, she wouldn't tell you that." His mind was racing, how could he have overlooked that bit of information? Suddenly that whole night came back to him, and he could see himself making the poiton asking Pansy to make a bet with him, but he wouldn't tell her what his potion was for. He felt sick, how could he have forgotten about that, how could he blame Crabbe for something like that? He couldn't think anymore, all he knew was he couldn't let Hermione tell his daughter about that night, she would hate him before she even got to know him. His hands found there way to her throat.

'He's going to kill me. Merlin help me, I can't die, not before I say goodbye to my little girl.' Hermione waited for her life to end. This was it. A single tear fell down her cheek.

Suddenly his hand moved from her throat to her head, he tilted it to the right. 'he's going to snap my neck instead of choak me?' she thought. "Just kill me already." she cried out.

"No." Was all he said before he kissed her. She kissed him back, taking all of him that she could grab and hold on too. 'If this is what dying feels like I should have done it ages ago' Hermione thought to herself. But she wasn't dying, her eyes snapped open, she was staring at him now. Before she could ask what was happening he pushed her to the ground taking off his shirt at the same time. 'Damn, he's so sexy' she thought. "What are you doing?" She asked knowning exactly what he was about to do. He got on top of her as he took off her clothes slowly. "I don't understand, you hate me, and I hate you." Hermione said as her blouse was thrown to the side, he began kissing her bare skin.

"No, Hermione, I thought I hated you, I am so sorry about the bet, I should have never done it. If I could remember it, I would have taken it back, I swear. I want you so bad, and tonight I am going to have you. I thought I wanted to rip you apart tonight, but I can't stop wanting you, needing you, please don't push me away." Darco said, kissing her body all over again.

Hermione couldn't think, she wished for this for so long. She wanted Draco to love her, to want her. But what would happen, he had lied to her, he had meant to hurt her, could she open her heart up to him again? No, she couldn't, but she couldn't turn him away, she needed him just as he needed her. Hermione hated herself for knowing it and not stopping it, but at this point the Draco that she loved was holding her, making love to her, and she didn't want to turn him away not now. "I hate you Draco you hurt me badly, but I need you. I hate myself for letting this happen, but I want you, make love to me now, make me forget everything." She kissed him deeply, knowing she was taking a huge risk in letting him be this close to her. Hours later they laid together, thoughts were running through her mind. 'Ron.' "Draco...." She began.

"Stop. I don't want to hear you say it was a mistake, it wasn't not in my eyes. I care for you deeply, and I alway will. Let us just start over, that's all I am asking. I know that I've hurt you, and you've hurt me, but lets start over." Draco said, not looking at her. "The war, and the killings, there's things I just can't tell you, I would never do anything to hurt our daughter, or yourself. Never. I love you Hermione." There he had said it, now would he ever hear her say it back to him? He didn't know, but at that moment, he hoped for it.

"You love me, after all the hate between us? Draco, I don't... I can't do this. I shouldn't have let this happen, I want you to meet your daughter, but as far as anything between us goes...." She stopped, this wasn't fair. "You think you love me, and it's unfair to pretend otherwise, you'll find someone that's perfect for you. It's just not me, I should have told you before we did this, I am getting married." Hermione couldn't look at him, she knew he would be heart broken. "Please, come to my house and meet our daughter, whenever you'd like. I have to go." She stepped into the fireplace and disapeared.

He stood there for a long time after she left, he had a daughter, but he didn't have her mother. She was marrying someone eles, and he couldn't do anything about it. "I'll show you Hermione, we'll be together it it's the last thing I do. I love you, and you love me, you just don't know it yet. I won't loose you again." He apparated home thinking of ways to make Hermione his again.

A/N: That is the end for now. I hope you liked it. The sequel of this story is called The Love Of Two, and it is also now completed. Please go read it and leave me some reviews about it. I love it when you do.

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