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Piece by Piece. by smile2006
Chapter 1 : A Devasting Moment in Time
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This story has been Beta Read by the wonderful Gutgey! Thank you! :)


Halloween 1981

Sirius Black was standing in the wreckage of what was once his best friend’s family home – Godric’s Hollow. It was now nothing but rubble. Tears leaked down his pale cheeks, Sirius gave a small smile as he entered the family home. He pieced together their last night.

“… and the broomstick fly’s towards its goal and scores!” Lily Potter softly said to her baby boy, Harry James Potter, as he swallowed a mouthful of apple sauce. Harry giggled at his mothers antics.

“Lily, have you seen my-” James stopped in-mid-sentence.

Lily frowned. “Have I seen your what? Honey, what is it?” Lily called from the living room to her husband who was rummaging in the Kitchen. Lily stopped feeding Harry, picked him up, and placed him comfortably on her hip.

She walked out of the living room and down the hall, which led from the living room to the kitchen. It had the stairs to the left and photographs plastered all over the cream, walls. The photographs contained baby Harry and his parents and their best friends: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black (Harry’s Godfather).

Sirius pulled out of his gaze as he saw the cracked photo frames of him, his best friends, and his godson. The actual photographs inside were illuminated by the small fire. Sirius looked up, he realized he was in the hall way. He walked down and entered the (almost completely destroyed) kitchen, imagining what may have happened next.

Lily noticed her husband’s stiffness and walked over to see what had spooked him. “James, what do you see?” Lily asked quietly, not wanting to scare Harry un-necessarily, who at the moment was playing with a small opal that hung from a thin emerald chain. Inside the opal were the two people that meant the world to her, James and Harry.

James turned round, his face had gone ghost white. “Lily, it’s him…” James said looking into her emerald eyes.

Lily immediately began to tear up and she shook her head franticly. “No! It’s too early! He’s too young!” Lily cried.

James was also close to tears. “Lily, take Harry and go! It’s Voldemort! I will hold him off!” James said protectively, pulling his wand out, ready to protect his wife and son.

“No! I’m not leaving you, James! I will fight!” Lily said stubbornly.

James looked at her with sad eyes. “But then, who is going to look after our son?” James asked quietly.

Lily’s eyes widened in horror at her un-thoughtfulness, she snapped her head down at her son, who was gazing at her with curious eyes. Lily looked back up at James and nodded numbly. James pulled Lily in for a passionate kiss. Lily obliged and kissed James as though she was never going to see him again. The broke apart as they felt a shudder rock the house. The wards had been broken. “I love you, Lily,” James said strongly as he kissed Harry on the forehead and ruffled his tuff of messy black hair. Lily started to walk backwards slowly, clutching Harry tightly to her chest, her hand over his small ear that was not buried in her chest, to protect him from any harmful sounds.

Lily Potter took one more glance at her husband before turning on her heel and running down the hall.

Sirius held his breath as he was snapped out of his daze as he saw a familiar black boot coming from under the panel of a cupboard. He slowly pulled his wand out and raised the panel. Sirius looked away. He couldn’t bear to see the lifeless face of his former best friend – lying there helpless, defenseless – dead. Sirius took a deep breath and turned back round to face the body. Sirius’ lip trembled. He bent down and closed James’ eyes slowly. “Goodbye, old friend…” Sirius whimpered as he got up and walked back the way he came.

As he walked, he noticed the stairs were totally gone, but Harry’s nursery was not. Scorch marks flared the door and walls that lay beside it. As Sirius walked towards it, images flashed through his mind of what Lily was feeling at the time.

Lily’s breath had quickened as she turned and dashed up the stairs. She reached the landing and ran down the corridor. She finally came to a beautifully decorated, baby blue nursery. A white cot stood in the corner, and a patch-work quilt lay inside the cot with the name Harry Potter delicately stitched in the centre of the quilt. Lily’s heart was racing, she placed Harry gently in the white crib while she quickly pulled open the double doors to a wardrobe which contained everything Harry needed. While Lily was franticly grabbing everything vital, Harry was pre-occupying himself with his favorite quilt, he chewed on the frayed corners.

BANG! The kitchen had been breached. Lily, who was crouching down, getting everything from the base of the wardrobe, froze. Two voices spoke and echoed through their house. Lily stayed quiet and listened, all the while glancing at Harry, reassuring herself he was still there. The two voices that were echoing became clearer to hear.

Sirius swallowed, as he thought he could faintly hear the echoes of James’ voice roaring through the house, protectively.

“…Voldemort, you leave my family and home, NOW!” James ordered dangerously.

“Don’t you try and order me, Potter!” Voldemort spat, in his icy cold voice, which made the hairs on James and Lily’s neck stand up.

“Stupefy!” James roared. Lily was frantic. It was silence again. Lily’s heart plummeted, as she heard the two coldest words in any tongue.

“Avada Kadavra!” Lord Voldemort’s cold icy voice rang through the house. A green flash lit up the corridor outside Harry’s nursery.

Sirius starting breathing erratically, and became panic stricken. Flashing images of his best friend’s dead body ran through his mind. Sirius walked closer and saw that Harry's nursery door was hanging by only its hinges. She must have been so scared, Sirius thought broken hearted, of what Lily must have went through.

Lily shook her head, bringing her out of her reverie. She was about to quickly put all of Harry’s things he was going to need in a baby bag, when she heard the creak of a stair. Lily tensed. She raised her eyes to the door, and landed on the corridor wall in front. Lily pulled her wand out slowly and got up. She discretely walked over and closed the nursery door, which shut with a snap. Lily bit her lip at the small noise.

She waved her wand and muttered incantations on the door. She grabbed the baby bag and slung it over her shoulder. She quickly walked over to the crib and took a moment to gaze at her baby boy. She couldn’t help it, he was hers. Lily was about to bend slightly to pick him up when the nursery door was blown off its silver hinges.

Lily screamed as some of the splints of wood scraped her back. Lily bit her trembling lip once more. She took off the bag, knowing it was too late to escape. She turned around and guarded Harry with her body. Dust sprinkled the air; Harry was giving in to small sneezes. As the dust settled a shadowed figure was in the doorway. Lily’s heart stopped momentarily. The shadowed figure spoke in its icy cold voice. “Give me the boy!” Voldemort ordered impatiently.

Lily clutched her wand tighter in her right hand. Her left hand was clutched around her opal necklace. “Never! I will not stand aside and let you murder my son in cold blood!” Lily said fiercely. Inside Lily was crumbling, she had just lost her beloved Husband, she was going to at least try and protect part of him.

Voldemort smirked. “Bravery, your husband had it too, but you will fall like him! Now, stand aside girl!” Voldemort hissed.

Lily shook her head defiantly, raising her wand. “If you are going to murder my son, you are going to have to kill me first!” Lily shouted venomously.

Voldemort hissed in anger. He raised his own wand higher. “Avada Kadavra!” The curse shot towards Lily Potter and she was engulfed in green light, just as her beloved husband. Her screams echoed…

A muffled “no” escaped Sirius’ lips as he saw Lily Potter's dead body, lying face down on the carpet. Her hand out stretched, her wand lying feet away… Sirius looked up and saw baby Harry, his godson, lying in his crib. Sirius, expecting to see the empty emerald eyes staring back at him, slowly walked over. He picked the little boy up and cradled him. He gasped when the boy opened his brilliant emerald eyes and whimpered at Sirius.

“Oh Harry, I’m sorry! I am so, so, so sorry,” Sirius said sorrowfully. He kissed the boys forehead and saw the light bolt shaped cut. Sirius eyes widened as he mind throttled into gear and imagined what he thought - Harry had survived the mind staking attack from Voldemort.

Voldemort smirked and walked slowly, toward baby Harry, who was staring at his mother on the floor. Harry stood, holding the top rail of his crib for support. “Mama?” Harry asked. His bottom lip began to tremble when his Mother didn’t answer him. Harry became agitated and started yanking the bar he was holding for support. “Mama!” Harry cried.

Lord Voldemort raised his wand and pointed it at the helpless little boy in his warm crib. “Avada Kadavra!” The green beam shot towards Harry but rebounded and hit Lord Voldemort squarely in the chest...

Sirius shook his head. “Its okay, its okay, it’s over now, everything will be okay, and you can live with me now, ay? Would you like that, Harry?” Sirius chuckled as Harry had fallen asleep.

Sirius sighed; an aching hole had been blasted in his heart. The hole that had been filled by his best friends was now empty, and it was never going to be refilled…

A/N - An old you story, but it's been properly beta-read now. :)

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