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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 10 : Realizations
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A/N: I hope you all like this chapter, I loved witing it. As always review please.

Chapter Ten: Realizations

Graduation was a blur to Hermione, as was the rest of the Summer.

Christmas came and went, the birth of her baby was the only thing that kept her going. Hermione started work at the Ministry as soon as her daughter was six mon ths old. She worked closely with Harry for awhile then he got promoted and Hermione started working from home. She worked for the Department of Magical Creatures Socity, working mainly with House-Elves and their work environment. Mia kept her up most nights, Ginny would come over and watch her for a while while Hermione treid to sleep. But for Hermione, sleep only brought her heartache. She would have dreams of having a family, with a man she loved, but could never trust. The last day that she had seen or heard from Draco Malfoy he just stood there while she threw acusations at him, making him feel bad. He never once tried to explain himself when Harry and Ron confronted him. No, the first year out of Hogwarts wasn't a pleasnt one for Hermione Granger, but she never gave up hope. She would close her eyes and see him saying the same thing over and over again, "nothing happened Granger." It disgusted her to know that the man she had finally decided was okay to love could use her like he had and then pretend nothing had happened. Mia was growing so fast and her job kept her busy, for this she was greatful for. As time went on things started to get better, Hermione thought of Malfoy less and less now adays, Mia was the brightest light in her world and her job couldn't be going any better. Yes, five years went by and Hermione could finally say that she finally had a life she wanted.

Today was December 13th and her baby girl would be turning five years old. so for Hermione this was what her and her daughter had come to call one crazy day. Everyone would arrive within the hour, and they would celebrate together.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Miles Away From London~~~~~~~~~

"Draco you sure you want to get rid of these albums?" Crabbe asked that same December day.

The weather outside was cold, and neither Crabbe nor Draco wanted to be outside in it, so they decided to pack up the remainder of Draco's belongings, he would be moving near London soon to open a busniess of his own soon, and he wanted to be ready to leave when the mood struck him. In five years of being away from Hogwarts, the war had come and gone, he of course decided to go against Lord Voldermort and fight with Harry and his clan of goons, and luckily didn't get killed by them in the process. Even though he had helped them defeat the Darkest wizard of all time they still wouldn't give him a chance to explain what had happened that last night at Hogwarts. Draco's heart had hardened twoards them, Hermione most of all because when she had a chance to listen to him, she choose not too. Thoughts of her now adays just put him in a very foul mood. "Well, I guess before you throw them out I should take a look at them. Just leave them there for now, I'll look at them later. This weather is making me tired, I am going to have a lie down before we continue this okay Crabbe?" He sat down in his favriote overstuffed chair, it reminded him of the many times he sat in the common room with Hermione across from him while doing her homework. He shook his head, as to get rid of the thought of her and fell into a deep sleep.

~~~~~~Draco's Dream, Five Years Earlier~~~~~~~~~

"Come on Draco. This is what you wanted isn't it?" Hermione could barley stand. The potion worked quicker than he had thought it would, he felt bad.

"You are wrong Granger, I did want this, but I don't not anymore." Draco couldn't take her to bed and he knew it, it just wouldn't be right.

"Oh yes it is, go on take off your clothes." She paused, assuming he was doing just that when she began talking again, but she wasn't looking at Draco. "It's okay, he won't hurt mommy, he will take care of us baby. Mommy just needs to be with him right now. I promise your daddy will understand, he'll take us back." Hermione was talking to her baby, and Draco's heart sank, he knew that Weasely would take her back if he found out. But the fact that she was admitting that she needed him and would return to Ron in the end was more information than he needed. He just looked at her, there she was rubbing her belly and talking to it like the baby was in her arms right then. He picked her up to take her back to her room and then everything went black. He had passed out again, not knowing if Hermione got to her room or not.

"You Bastard." She screamed.

"I am telling you, nothing happened Granger." Draco couldn't understand why she thought it had.

"You're a liar. If it weren't the last day of school I'd have you expelled Malfoy." Hermione was thrashing around the room screaming her head off.

Draco threw his hands up in the air, "I am telling you, nothing happened you twit, now shut up and let me explain." She didn't though.

Draco stirried in his sleep, this is where he normally woke up in a cold sweat gasping for breath, but not today. Today the dream continued, so he slept on.

"Where is my dress you son of a bitch?" Hermione screamed out, she was hitting him now, never had she been so violent twoards him before. He didn't understand why she was so mad.

"You're wearing it Granger."

"No. As nice as this dress is, my dress is black." Hermione kept crying this out. Suddenly the dream went to the after graduation party. Harry and Ron were standing there.

"Malfoy, you're lucky Hermione isn't turning you in for rape. You are a sick git you know that?" Ron had his fists clenched so tight, he was turning red, then purple.

"You wouldn't know a thing about it Weasley, I didn't touch her. By the way you might want to just stop worrying about it and start taking care of you girlfriend she's very small for being five, almost six months pregnant. Now stay the hell out of my way." Draco was pissed, he couldn't see Hermione anywhere. Infact everything seemed blury.

Ginny Weasely's face came into veiw, she was saying something to him, something until now he hadn't really paid attention too. "Malfoy, shut up. Hermione is just fine. She is pleanty big enough for being bearly four months pregenat you git, now go away."

Draco stirred again in his sleep. Phrases kept repeating themselves inside of his head.

"Black dress, my dress is black" Hermione would say.

"Malfoy she's barley four months pregnant. Barely four months pregnant."

Draco sat up so fast he almost fell off the chair. Crabbe was staring at him for the longest time. Draco had turned a paste white, and he was shaking.

"Something wrong Draco?" Crabbe asked, walking over to him.

"No, it was just a dream, just another stupid dream. More like a nightmare of sorts, but no everything is fine, what's that?" He was looking at something Crabbe was holding.

"The albums you wanted to look at, do you want to do it now or would you prefer to....."

"No, now is fine, I could really use the distraction. Pass me that one if you don't mind. The one of our last year at Hogwarts." Draco tried to calm down, something about that dream had really rattled him though.

Draco opened the book and smiled. There were photos of him being made Head Boy. The Holloween ball, he always hated this part of the dance because it meant he would have to pose with her. He had to admit though she complimented him well at every dance, somehow they always matched perfectly. He flipped through the pages one by one remembering the good old days, he was starting to feel really good. The Christmas Ball. Him wearing a blue tux, and Granger wearing a blue and white dress. He saw the picture of them at the Valentines Ball, he wore a whit tux, she wore a red and white dress. He had to laugh, she never liked a solid color dress. He saw next the Spring Ball, he looked really good in this picture, he was wearing a crisp black tux, and Hermione was wearing a simple black dress that she looked like an angle in. He quickly looked at the last dance they shared together, he was wearing a black and silver tux, and she had worn a beauitful sliver dress. He flipped through a few more pages, he was relieving his quidditch days when he suddenly froze. He flipped back to the photos of the balls he had attened, his eyes scanned the pictures again. There was Hermione standing next to him in none other than a black dress. He thought about it for a minute and looked down at the date, there were no other dnaces thrown that year, and that was the same dance inwhich Pansy bewitched their punch. "As nice as this dress is Malfoy, this isn't my dress, my dress is black." Hermione's words flooded his mind. "Crabbe, April 21st was how long before Graduation?" He knew the awnser though.

"About four months before, why?"

It hit him so hard, he sat down. 'The potion, she drank the potion and becuase I didn't sleep with her that night it made her remember a time she had slept with someone. But that someone was me, the night she wore that black dress.' Draco couldn't believe it, she had lied to him about it, or maybe she really didn't know.
'She found out later that she was going to have a baby, she didn't sleep with Ron that night, she only..... no, she wouldn't.' he couldn't think. "She lied to me." He said.

"Who?" Crabbe asked.

"Granger." Draco replied. "She knew all along that she slept with me, and she never told me. She had to have figured it out, I was just stupid and let her fool me into thinking it didn't happen."

"So she lied, big deal. It's not like it caused any big problems." Crabbe said.

"But she lied to me for four months. Four months of me trying to think of a way to tell her I cared for her, and she knew for four months that she and I...." He stopped. "OH MY GOD!"

"What, what the hell is wrong with you Draco?" Crabbe wasnt liking this at all. Draco was acting crazy.

"Ginny Weasely said something to me that day after we graduated, she said that I shouldn't stick my noise in Hermione's busniess becasue she was just fine for being four months pregnant. Dont you see Crabbe, unless Hermione slept with Ron and I am doubting she didn't, that means her baby, the baby she said she was having with him is mine. I have to find her. If she's lied to me about having a baby, she's going to wish she had just disapeared." He left his house that night with one thing on his mind. 'Nobody lies to Draco Malfoy and gets away with it. Not even you Granger.'

A/N: And here we thought Hermione's world was going to stay perfect. I thought it was a brillant idea for Draco to figure things out on his own rather than having someone tell him. He's got his proof, but Hermione knows something of her own... stay tuned for the end of this story, don't fret, the sequal is already four chapters written..... please reveiw.


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I Promise Nothing Happened: Realizations


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