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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 9 : The Ball
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A/N: Please enjoy.

Chapter Nine: The Ball

"You know I am a big fat pig." Hermione cried.

"Oh you are not either Hermione. You're pregnant, and only three months at that, you aren't showing a bit." Ginny was trying not to laugh, but it was prooving to be very difficult. Hermione was over reacting so much now a days, and crying over the silliest of things.

Hermione glared at her from the mirror, "Exactly, if I am this huge now, imagain what I will look like in a few months. I can't even think about it, I'll be as big as a house by Christmas. Look at this, my dress won't even fit." Hermione shriked again.

"Stop, you're fine and by Christmas time you will have deliveried. I read most fisrt timers have their baby early. And what good is being a powerful which if you can't do this?" She pointed her wand at Hermione's back, the gown she was trying to fit into grew just big enough to fit her body perfectly. Hermione gaped at her friend.

"Why didn't I think of that?" She asked.

"Because your pregnant, you have earned the right to be absentminded sometimes." Ginny said has she let some of Hermione's curls fall fown around her face.

"Did you read that too?" Asked Hermione, not paying much attention to her apperence.

"Yup, and my mom told me too. I tell you Mione, I don't think that I could have a baby. It sounds so very tirring, not to mention very painful." She clapped and was giggling with such delight, "Okay look" Ginny finally said.

Hermione looked at herself, she didn't know who this girl was. She looke just like a princess, a real princess. She even felt like one in her dress, and the way that Ginny had done her makeup was just amazing. "Oh Ginny, you did it." She said quietly.

"Naw, I already had a great canvas to work with. You'll knock them dead out there on that floor. Now hurry, help me get into this gown of mine." Ginny said.

Twenty minutes to go and Draco was in his room he had been dressed and ready to go for nearly an hour already. It wouldn't be long now, he thought. 'Granger will be all mine.' He took one last look at himself in the mirror, once he was sure he looked perfect he headed down to the common room to wait for his dance partner. "Good evening Miss Weasley." He said, surprising himself when he saw Ginny at the bottom of the staircase.

"Malfoy." Ginny said, she turned to see him. 'WOW' she thought to herself. 'He looks good, really good. Hermione and him will look really good, almost to good dancing together.' She shook her head, "She'll be down in a moment, you better not hurt her, or you'll have me to deal with you understand?" She didn't give him time to reply before she was walking out of the portait hole, leaving him to stand alone to wait for Hermione.

Draco stood there growing impacient with every minute that passed and she wasn't by his side. He wanted this to start already, and he wanted to be back here back in his room putting his plan into action. Speaking of Granger, he heard her door open she came out of her room and slowly decended the staircase trying her hardest not to look at him. For the first time in his life he just wanted to be honest, he just simply wanted her. Even at five months pregnant she looked great. Her silver dress matched so well with his silver and black tux. He just stared at her for the longest time, before she spoke to him.

'He was there. Great, why couldn't he be gone? Why couldn't he just look less sexy? We will look like we tried to match out there on the dance floor, I should go change.' Hermione thought to herself. Her dress was long and silver, a slit ran up her leg stopping at just above her knee. Her silver shawl wrapped around her shoulders fell slightly revealing her very milky colored skin. She shuddered, he was looking at her like he never had before. "You clean up good Malfoy." She said, she wanted to break this connection they were sharing it was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Draco smiled, "You look pretty good yourself Granger." "Good enough to eat.' he thought.

Hermione blushed at this, almost like she could hear what he was thinking. "Well shall we go then?"

"Yes, shall we." He took her arm and lead her through the potrait hole. Hermione's scent was once again taking over his body, how could she smell like that. so intoxicating and erotic and act like she didn't know what it did to him? Did she really not know what she was doing to him, just by walking next to her? He guessed not. As the two got closer to the Great he felt Hermione flinch, and then before he knew it she had stopped suddenly. "It's okay Granger, we're just walking in together, like we always do at every dance. There's really no need to get scared until much later when I have you on the dance floor all alone." He winked down at her, but she wasn't smiling.

"I will not be scared, thank you very much. I just feel queezy that's all." Hermione said looking at the ground, she didn't want to meet his gaze.

"You're still getting sick? I thought once you hit your fifth month you'd stop getting morning sickness or in your case night sickness." Draco suddenly said.

"Oh well I am..." 'Wait he thinks I am five months pregnant, this could work in my favor.' she thought, "I am just sure it was something I ate that's all. Sometimes I still get sick. Normally this far along in the pregnacy you're not queezy, then again some girls stay sick the whole time. How did you know about any of that anyhow?" She asked suddenly, but before she could get an awnser he was saying something else.

"So, you're due in October or November huh?" Why was he asking her these things? Didn't he tell himself that he didn't care anymore?

Her head was spinning she was due in December, right before Christmas, but he had already done the caculating and assumed that she was due at the end of October, or early November. 'If I play my cards right he'll never suspect a thing." End of October, I am due around Halloween. Are you ready to go inside now?" She wasn't sure she could handle talking to him much longer about all of this.

"Yeah." He took her by the arm and guided her into the Ball.

The room was perfect, all the students were there, or arriving. Malfoy walked to the center of the room. Hermione by his side. They both heard the whispers, he smiled to himself, because he could tell that Hermione was uneasy.

"They look great together, you think they meant to dress that way? Matching and all." A blonde haired girl from Hufflepuff said.

Before anyone could say anything else there was a loud cough, everyone who wasn't already staring at them looked to Hermione and Draco. "Welcome, Hermione Granger and myself are glad that you could all join us for the evening." He paused to look at Hermione, she was smiling at a bunch of first and second year boys who kept waving at her. He returned to his speach, "As you all know this has been the fist time that all the students have been invited to attend a formal dance. After the graduation tommrrow, things might go back to the way they were before." At this all the younger students groaned, Draco laughed, he knew how they felt. Hermione who had only listend to half of what he was saying was taken aback at his laugh. It was real. "That being said, all of you younger students should enjoy this evening all you can." His arms now wrapped around Hermione's wasit the music started, and they began to dance.

For the first few minutes of the dance nobody went out onto the floor, everyone was watching the two heads twirling around the floor like royalty Finally Ginny decided she wanted to be out there too, she grabbed Harry and started dancing. After this, everyone joined them. "Well, it looks like everything is going great doesn't it Granger?" Draco whispered in her ear. Hermione's heart fluttered.

'Stop it.' she told herself, "Yes, it looks that way doesn't it?" She said gliding across the floor with him holding her close. She could smell his cologen, it was sexy. "I didn't know you could dance so well Malfoy?" She added.

"Well my mom taught me when I was home on holiday." Draco said casually. After the music changed Hermione looked up at him. She didn't really want to stop dancing with him, but that didn't make sense. She stepped out of his arms. 'There if he wants to keep dancing he'll pull me back into his arms.' She thought. When he didn't she regained her dignity, this was stupid. She didn't want to dance with Draco again, even if she felt so right in his arms. He sigh as he watched her step away from him.

"I am going to go find my friends now. Thanks for the dance Malfoy, it was different." She turned to leave when his hand touched her sholder. 'Yes, he's going to ask me to dance again.'

"Don't forget Granger, the last dance is mine." and he left her standing there alone feeling very exposed.

She wanted to cry out in frustration, 'again he's made me feel like a fool. I need to stop getting myself into these situations.' she went to find Ron and Harry.

The dance was going so well, Harry and Ron had asked Hermione to dance with them, which she did. Between the two of them, Neville, and Colin Creevy she had a dance partner for every song. "Ron, I am going to go get something to drink. I'll be right back." Hermione said.

"You want me to get it. After all punch and you don't mix that well, that's how this all started." Ginny said looking over at Ron. Sencing he ws about to ask the same thing.

Hermione smiled her friends were so good to her, at some point they became the family she always wanted growing up. "No Gin, thanks though. I don't think Pansy will try that stunt again." She hadn't told them how scared she looked after talking to McGonagall. The punch was on a table that was set up in the corner of the dark room. The professors had bewitched it to serve whoever stepped up to it for a drink. Hermione smiled to herself, magic was a great thing. Hermione had her glass in her hand when she felt someone take her by the arm and lead her into the darkest part of the Great Hall. "Who are you, let me go." Hermione's heart was pounding so fast in her chest,'please don't hurt me' she thought.

"Shhh, Hermione it's me Pansy?"

"PANSY? Let go of me you you're not supposed to talk to me or come near me.

"Oh shut up for once and listen to me. This is important, whatever you think of me, I am telling you the truth, whatever you do don't dance with Draco again. He's planning something for tonight." Pansy snapped.

"What, why not?" Hermione froze, this was her worst fears, she wanted to beleive Draco could change, but if she was telling the truth then her hopes were going to be killed.

"Look, " Said Pansy, "The other day when I was in your common room you walked in on something that Draco had just done to me. I don't know what it was, all I can tell you is I remember not wanting to be there, and then I was doing things that I haven't done in a long time. It was like he was making me do it, but I did it willingly. I could remember not wanting to be there, but I could remember what I had done. Look, he is up to something, just be careful, he was pissed at you after the other day. I don't know why and I don't care to know why either, i just don't want to see him hurt anyone for his own sick pleasure." Pansy looked desprate for her to believe her.

"Why should I believe you. Why would he do something like this to me?" Hermione asked.

"Come on Granger, it's the last time he'll see you. You hate eachother, do you need anymore reason than that? I am just trying to help you out. If you don't want to listen to me that's your problem." She fled the room leaving Hermione to mull this new information over in her mind. She was to meet him in the middle of the Great Hall in moments for their last dance, she'd simply demand an explination as to what he had planned. She had her punch in her hand she was waiting for him in the middle of the room, everyone was watching her. She suddenly saw him approaching her, he had a smile on his face, she admitted right then that he was very handsom, but if she couldn't trust him there was no hope for them. Everyone stopped what they were doing, he was going to make another speach. The room became silent, it was errie.

"Everyone if you will please take your glasses and raise them we'd like to toast to a wonderful evening and to all of our teachers for helping make this evening so speical. It is our last dance of the evening, seventh year students are to report outside in the morning for instructions regaurding the graduation. All other students will be led to the ceromony sight by the professors. And now if you will to the teachers amd another year at Hogwarts done. Drink up." He watched as everyone did, "Why aren't you drinking?" He asked Hermione, he knew why thought, she ws afraid of the last punch she had drank. "Don't worry, Pansy didn't get anywhere near it." He said smiling.

She smiled too, if he was planning anything he would be sorry. "To be on the safe side, since I left my punch at the table over there trade me the glass you were going to drink out of." She said, taking his drink from him and thrusting hers into his hand, he froze.

"Hermione what...." She had drank it, and now he couldn't take it back now. He watched as she looked at him, at the beinging of the night he had set out to ruin her, but while he was pouring the potion into her drink he had looked up to see her staring at him. He decided if she was going to be with him she would choose him on her own. But now, he had planned on drinking the potion himself to insure nobody eles got a hold of it, and as he watched her drink the punch he knew he had failed, now if anything happened between them he would feel bad, becuase she didn't choose him freely. "Are you okay Hermione?" Draco asked, she didn't look different.

"I am great, thanks for switching drinks with me, I well I feel better about it. Come on lets dance." She was in his arms and singing to the song that was on when she found herself kissing him. "Lets get out of here." She said, leading him out of the great hall.

"No, I don't think that is a good idea Hermione, come on lets go back to the dance." Draco begged, but she had taken him to the dorms before he could stop her.

"You know your daddy will understand that I had to do this, I have this need to be with Draco. Please forgive me." Draco turned around to see Hermione talking to her growing belly. Draco shook his head, 'I won't do this to her.' "Go to sleep Granger, nothing's happening in here tonight." Then he passed out.

~~~~~The next Morning~~~~~~~~

The room was spinning, or was that just her head? Where was she? How did she get here, and who was laying next to her? This time there was no question in her mind, she knew who it was, she knew what he had done to her, and she was pissed. "YOU BASTARD, YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH." Hermione screamed.

Draco sat up so fast, 'why is she still here? She wasn't here lastnight, oh god not again.' "Granger why are in my bed, AGAIN?" Draco bellowed.

"Oh don't even, you know what happened, you did this to me. You were so pissed that I slept with you and then choose Ron so you drugged me. YOU DID THIS TO ME, YOU TOOK ME TO BED, AND I REMEMBER IT ALL. BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU WANTED ISN'T IT? YOU SICK, OH MALFOY!!!!!!!!!!" This time she didn't care if she was crying she knew everything that he had done to her. He would never change and she was more glad than ever to know that she didn't tell him about their baby.

Draco was confused to say the least, why was she here, he had made she she wasn't in here when he went to bed. Hadn't he? "Sorry honey but we didn't do anything lastnight, I told you that lastnight. We did not sleep together." 'What is she talking about?' He wasn't sure he wanted to know. "Ow, Granger what the hell was that for?" Draco shouted, she had slapped him.

" If this wasn't the last day of school I'd have you expelled." Hermione screamed.

"For the last time, NOTHING HAPPENED YOU TWIT WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?" Draco yelled above her screams.

"Oh, no MUDBLOOD? Come on I am not that stupid Malfoy. Where is my dress you git?" Hermione demanded.

This was all to much for Draco, now he was really confused, "Umm you're wearing it Granger." Was all he could say, looking at her, couldn't she see that she was in her gown?

Hermione looked down at her silver gown. "No, Malfoy, this is a nice dress and all, but this isn't my dress. My dress is black." She said matter of factly.

A/N: *Throws head back and laughes evilily. hahahhahahahahahhhahahahaha* I must say when I wrote this way back when I didn't know how I would choose to reveal to Draco the truth of that first night, but that little black gown is going to tell all. This isn't the end by far, there are a few more chapters to come yet. Draco will soon find out about the baby, and come face to face with Hermione after not seeing her for five years. How will things turn out? Read and find out.
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