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The 11 Commandments of the Marauders by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 12 : The Eleventh Commandment
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Disclaimer: Everything is Jo's and the commandments are still property to Abhorsen.

Chapter Twelve
The Eleventh Commandment

Marauder's don't take, or fight over, notes
Marauders don't study
Marauders don't eat broccoli (Moony follows that one)
Marauders do not go to sleep before ten o'clock
Marauders don't walk around drunkenly hiccupping while singing "Ninety Nine Bottles of Butterbeer on the Wall"
Marauders don't ask Professor Mcgonagall if she and Dumbledore are getting married every week( Marauders ask every day)
Marauders don't laugh like hyenas; it's not attractive
Marauders don't chew gum in front of first years, or second years. Third years are fine.
Marauders don't just support rule breaking, they encourage it
Marauders don't cringe
And finally, Marauders DO NOT enchant Peeps. Very bad idea

The Marauders packed up for the train ride home. This whole year had gone so fast. Now, it was summer once more. Sirius would go to his horrible family that hopes he’ll die, James will play Quidditch with his dad everyday, Remus will frantically wait for his O.W.L. results and Peter will eagerly wait to return to his friends that he idolizes so.

James was the only marauder that really showed his excitement for summer. Of course, if Sirius was happy about going to Grimmauld place, his friends would be worried about him very much. It wasn’t surprising that Remus wasn’t glad to get out of school, and not just because of his O.W.L. results coming, but because his transformations would be harder without James, Sirius, and Peter around. He had gotten used to his friends around so much. Peter was just upset because he wanted to stay with his friends.

“Cheer up, mates!” James said, bouncing on his bed before tossing a pair of socks into his trunk, “It’s summer! No classes, no teachers! We don’t have to do our homework till August!”

“Yeah, but you’re not going to hell on Earth,” Sirius said grimly.

“Maybe not, but you’ve survived before!” James said.

“Yeah, well, if they give me any crap this summer, I’m out of there for good. And this includes Regulus. He usually keeps his mouth shut, but if he gives me another one of those looks, I swear I’ll hex him,” Sirius explained firmly, and James made a mental note to have the guest room set up for his friend.

- - - -

They boarded the train, dragging their trunks behind them, and went to their usual compartment. They stored their trunks in the over head binds and then sat down, as if exhausted. Students ran back and forth along the corridors searching for friends and making sure siblings were comfortable.

Once the corridors cleared, everyone sat for a few minutes for any stragglers, and then the train started to move. Slowly at first, but then it began to speed up until it was rushing through the country side on the way back to King’s Cross where families would be waiting to pick up their kids from their long year at school.

The Marauders were silent, not having much to talk about and just enjoying each other’s company before they would have to part. Sirius sat staring outside the window, a bit depressed. Remus sat near the door, nose in a book looking exhausted since the full moon was in the next week. Then there was Peter who was eating chocolate frogs he had stuffed into his pockets. James sat across from Sirius trying to think of ways to convince Sirius’ parents to let him stay at the Potters’.

“Wow,” came a voice as the compartment door opened, “The Marauders actually acting human.”

“Hey Cindy,” James said glancing up. Sirius turned his attention towards the door. He hadn’t shown any sign that he was aware that someone had walked in, but now seeing Cindy stand in the doorway, his face immediately lit up.

“Cindy!” he said loudly. She smiled as she walked further into the compartment and sat down next to Sirius.

“Just wanted to come see you. I don’t think that your parents will approve of me,” Cindy said a bit sadly.

“As long as it’s me, they won’t approve of anyone. Don’t worry about it,” Sirius said, putting an arm around her waist and kissing her cheek. He was rather pleased that she had thought about him, but he wanted to say good bye to her on the platform like all the other couples did.

“No mushy stuff!” James said, wrinkling his nose.

“Then leave,” Cindy laughed.

“No way!” James said.

“Anyways, I wanted to see if you guys would like some Peeps,” Cindy said, “They are a bit stale Lily gave them to me last Easter.”

“What are Peeps?” Peter asked curiously.

“They’re a marshmallow covered in sugar,” Remus answered.

“They’re really good,” Cindy said, pulling the box out of her robes. Neat rows of yellow Peeps sat in the bow, tightly wrapped in the plastic to keep the fresh, “Want one?” Cindy offered.

“It’s sugar,” Sirius said, “Of course we want one!”

Cindy ripped the box open and passed the box around. The Marauders each took one, James and Sirius argued over the end Peep because it had more sugar. They finally realized that there was more then one end Peep. Yet, as they went to put the Peep in their mouth, they all broke the tenth commandment and cringed as the hard marshmallow almost cracked their teeth.

“I did say they were a little stale, didn’t I?” Cindy asked, running her tongue over her teeth to make sure none were chipped.

“A little stale?” James repeated handing the Peep back.

“Hey, why don’t we just heat them up?” Sirius asked curiously, “If they’re marshmallows, they’ll soften up won’t they?”

“I dunno, Sirius,” Remus said, “When I was younger my dad and I used to heat up Peeps in a microwave just to see how big Peeps could go before they explode. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Enchanting and heating things in Muggle appliances are two completely different things,” Sirius said, pulling his wand out.

“No, Sirius, listen to the smart one. He’s always right, remember?” James said nervously looking at the harmless Peep. Sirius completely ignored his friends and pointed his wand at the Peep.

He muttered a heating spell and watched with excitement as the Peep began to expand. It got bigger and bigger and bigger.

“See,” Sirius said smirking, “Nothing is—”


The Peep exploded with a bang and marshmallow went everywhere. Sirius screamed as the sticky mess got in his hair. The rest went on the windows, their clothes, hair, face, the seats, their trunks and everywhere else it could possibly reach. There was so much that Sirius was shocked it all came from a little sugared marshmallow. Once it stopped flying around the Marauders sat there in surprise and then glared at Sirius.

“Ew,” Cindy was saying, searching for her wand.

“My hair!” Sirius complained, touching the sticky mess that was now tangled in his silky hair, “My hair! My hair! My hair!”

“Oh, stopped whining,” Remus said, pulling his wand out too.

“You’re such a girl!” Cindy laughed, “Scourgify!

The mess disappeared, even out of Sirius’ hair. He beamed as he looked at his blurry reflecting in the compartment window. He sat back down.

“Let’s do it again!” he said reaching for another Peep.

“No!” James shouted, pulling the box of Peeps out of his reach.

“This should be a rule, Prongs,” Remus said, grinning evilly. Sirius’ eyes grew wide.

“No! I’m a perfect Marauder! You can’t make a rule against me!” Sirius said, falling to the floor and begging on his knees.

“I think there needs to be a rule against every Marauder,” James said, reaching above into his trunk and pulling out the list of Commandments.

“You boys are so weird,” Cindy said shaking her head, “I mean, how often are you going to walk around drunkenly hiccuping while singing ‘ninety-nine Bottles of Butterbeer on the Wall?’” she looked amused. Sirius just stared at her.

“You’ll never find us doing that again,” Sirius said, “That’s why it’s a rule!”

“Oh,” was all Cindy said.

Remus scratched out the ‘Ten’ in title and replaced it with Eleven. Sirius whimpered, sounding just like a dog. Then he wrote underneath the tenth commandment Marauders DO NOT enchant Peeps. Very bad idea.

- - - -

When the train pulled to a stop, the Marauders took their time getting off. They were one of the last to step through the barrier and then stood looking for their families. James spotted his first and waved eagerly to them across the platform. Next, Remus spotted his dad and then Peter his mother. Sirius completely ignored his parents.

“Well, mates, don’t forget to write!” James said, looking at each one a bit sadly. They weren’t going home to exciting summers.

“Maybe I’ll show up on your doorstep,” Sirius joked, but James knew that he should expect him.

“Bye then,” James said, “Don’t forget the commandments!”

“Oh, we won’t,” Remus said, rolling his eyes.

James went to join his parents, hugging each of them. With a final wave to his friends and a holler to Lily, he got into the Ministry vehicle that his parents had rented and drove off.

Remus gave a wave before meeting up with his dad and explaining that he had been a good boy this year and didn’t get into too much trouble. He left out the whole Animagi thing and chose instead to go into a long detailed description of his O.W.L.s and how hard he studied. He also told his father about Elodie and how they had to end things due to his being a werewolf.

Peter skipped off to his parents, actually happy to be home again. He told his mum everything Sirius and James did and all.

Sirius was a bit slower with meeting up with his parents. He dragged his feet while his parents shot him nasty glances as Regulus told them about his potions grade which is the highest in his year or something. Then Sirius say Cindy looking around for her parents. He really wanted to say goodbye to her like all the other couples had done. He made his way over to her and she smiled.

“Won’t you get in trouble?” she asked.

“Who cares?” Sirius countered.

“I do. I want you to have the best summer you can manage,” Cindy said truthfully. Sirius smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“I don’t know if that can happen,” he said, “But don’t worry about me. I’ll try and write.”

“Yeah, and I’ll send you a letter everyday,” Cindy agreed.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” Sirius laughed.

“Oh, there’s my mum,” Cindy said, grabbing the handle of her trunk, “Bye Sirius.”

“No hug?” Sirius asked as she began to hurry away. She stopped, turned and threw her arms around his neck. He buried his face in her strawberry scented hair and then, as the pulled away, placed a kiss gently on her lips. She smiled.

“Oh, and Cindy,” Sirius said.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Do you have anymore Peeps?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah, why?” Cindy laughed, not sure she wanted to know the answer.

“Well, I want to show my parents how much fun they are,” Sirius said.

“What about the commandments?” Cindy challenged.

“Oh, this one I can break if I’m using it to torture my family. I need some sort of fun over the summer.” Sirius laughed. Cindy smiled and handed him the half empty box of hard, stale Peeps, and then opened her trunk and handed him a second box. Then she skipped off. Sirius stored them in his trunk.

As Sirius joined his parents and his brother, they were glaring at him. Sirius just smiled, knowing that he would have to use a stronger spell to enchant the Peeps just to humor them.

A/N: And there you go! This story is done! I'm sort of glad, actually. ANd i don't think it turned out to back.

Big thanks to my wonderful reviewers!! I really appreciate all the reviews and for the support! I really kept me motivated.

Another big thanks to wild4harryp01231 for thinking up this challenage. I really had fun with it. ANd to Abhorsen for letting us use her commandments. I doubt this story would be any good if I had to make them up myself.

Please review one last time! I love you guys!

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The 11 Commandments of the Marauders: The Eleventh Commandment


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