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Off Limits! by Green
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A/N: Thank you to everybody who had read my story, I hoped you have enjoyed it so far and just keep on reading and reviewing.
Once again thank you to my wonderful beta-reader Dia. Thanks for telling me if it is good or bad or funny as hell... What would I do with out you? THANK YOU DIA! :)



Hogwarts looked beautiful as always. I llllluuuuuvvvveeee Hoggie. It felt so good to be back home. Maybe ‘cause this is our last year here and we get to sit near the doors, but whatever it is its good.


We sat down at the big Oakwood table. I looked to the other tables and saw many others students talking among themselves. Maybe they felt it too, the vibration. Something was different, but what? I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that I am hungry as hell! I could eat a whole hippogriff, if not a dragon. Yeah, this is the old Sirius Black thinking about his stomach and not the NEWTs.

The door opened and McGonagall walked down the tables with the first years.


“Psst! Padfoot, can you believe we have been that small?” James asked me. Ahh.. Yes, the good old days. WHAT! What am I senile now? NO! Then stop calling pass the 6 years the good old days.


“Jaa... A bit, but we were good looking... They are not” I answered. We smirked to each other. There was nothing wrong with our confidence or our ego. But that’s the way it should be, unless Angel doesn’t like that.


“Yeah... You’re right... They’re nothing compared to us” James said. We laughed. The sorting was boring. We (Gryffindor house) got some new students. They didn’t look brave as we did. Okay, my ego is really really big. Hogwarts always does that to me, we (The Marauders) always like a good prank. Actually nobody ever pranked us. Well that’s not really the truth. Angel did prank us one time; it was in our 4 year. First she turned our hair pink, and then made us sing every time we talked about girls. So you can guess how that went. Besides we couldn’t find a counter spell, so we walked around like that until Angel thought we had suffered enough. The whole prank made her a legend. Of course we tried to get revenge, but she said if we ever tried she wouldn’t help us with homework or Lily (in James’ case). So with that we stopped. Good memories. Maybe I am senile.


“Good evening students, old as well as new. Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I hope you will enjoy this year. I ask for you to pay attention to the head boys and girls. Remember they have the power to take away points; of course they can’t abuse their powers. This year we also have a School head” I looked at Angel, who sat right beside James, getting a little red. Cute, indeed cute. James smiled at her. “Miss Angel Potter from Gryffindor, lets give her around of applaud” Everyone clapped. Angel blushed a lot. In the middle of it all, James yelled: “That’s my sister”. This made everybody laugh (of course with the exception of the Slytherins). “Very good and congratulations Miss Potter, you have indeed deserved if. School Head can give detentions, give and take points, make passwords, gets to sit with the teachers if wanted, be substitute for a teacher and can’t get any detentions. So behave nicely and not just in front of Miss Potter. At last I want to say as always, The Forbidden Forest is…”


Yes, my brain shot down. It wasn’t funny to listen to. I looked over at James, he too though it was boring. We started to make faces in front of each other and tried not to laugh. Of course after some time Angel hit James in the ribs and send him a stop-that-now-look, I know that look, a bit to well. And Angel made us pay attention. How can I pay attention to Dumbledore (Sorry Prof. D.), when my stomach is longing for food?


“…And now that we are done with the boring part…”


“HEAR HEAR!!!!!!” James and I said out loud. Everybody looked at us. What did they expect? We’re the Marauders?


“Yes, as I was saying Mr. Black and Mr. Potter, we’re done and know lets move on to the feast”. Not one second after he said it, food began appearing on the tables. James and I began eating straight away.


“You know you’re really disgusting when you eat like that” Lily said to us.


“Nah… We’re just hungry” James said after he ate some potato.


“Yeah... Besides ‘Fessor D. took like forever to explain about The Forbidden Forest and all” I said. James nodded his head, while Lily rolled her eyes.


“Well, actually it’s because of you guys he talks so much, if you guys know, if you just didn’t do those things, we would get food faster” said Angel pointed out. Of course Angel is always right.


“Yes, Angel is right” said Lily. Angel and Lily looked at each other and laughed. They have gone mental.


“What’s so funny?” James asked obvious just as confused as I.


“Oh… Nothing, nothing at all” Angel answered. Lily and Angel shared that look.


“Tell! Or I…” James started to say.


“Or what James? What exactly did you plan to do?” Lily asked in a very low voice. Now you shouldn’t piss her off.


“I would tell everybody that you and I have been on a date and we kissed” James said. Lily just sat there with open mouth. Lily dropped her fork.


“You wouldn’t”


“Clearly I would” I am afraid of what they could do to each other, well I actually now what they can do to each other, but that is not the point! I looked at Angel. Her eyes kept on going from Lily to James and the other way around. Just like a tennis match, and how I know that, I don’t know. Apparently Angel didn’t know whose side she should be on.


“Um... Guys, maybe you two should relax” I said, trying to calm them down. Lily and James shot glances at me. Okay, if looks could kill, I would be on London graveyard right now. Angel, backup please? ANGEL!!!!


“Guys, Sirius is right” FINALLY!!!!!!!! Hang on! Angel said that I was right! I am so gonna do the victory dance tonight.


“Did you just say that Black was right?” Lily asked. DUH! Didn’t she just listen?


“Yes, I did. You two act like small kids, while you should be a role model for the first year as well as the others at this school. So stop it or I will give you both detentions” Angel said. Remind me to be on her good side. “Come on Sirius lets go so they can work out their differences” Angel grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. We walked out of the Great hall. She still didn’t let go of my hand. Her hands are so soft and small. The pictures on the walls looked as we walked by. When we came to the staircases she let go of my hand. I feel so cold.


“You okay Siri?” Angel asked, standing on the 5th step of the stair leading to Gryffindor tower.


“Yeah, just great, hate it when they fight so much” I answered and walked towards her.


“Yeah, me too. I just wanted them both to grow up and admit their feelings to each other. I am starting to get tired of the fighting” Angel said. I stopped at the 4th step. We could now look into each others eyes. So many emotions swam around in her eyes. We both stepped a bite closer. The gap seemed to get smaller and smaller. I could now feel her breathing. Our lips were only few centimetres apart. “Umm… I-I better get going now. I need to make a password to Gryffindor tower” Angel said nervously. She stopped what could have been the start of something new and beautiful. I think she feels the same way as I.


Angel stepped away. I wished she didn’t try to stop it. What-ifs’s and What-could-have-been’s were driving around in my head. When did the get driving licence? Clearly I feel miserable and horrible. GOD! I love her. WHAT????!!!!!! I love her? I don’t even say that I love food! I must be out of my mind!


“I’ll see you around Sirius”


“Yeah… Sure. Bye” I answered. Her mouth shaped an Okay and she nodded. Angel walked up the stairs. She didn’t make any noise. Her hand followed the banister. She turned around the corner and left me alone.

“You know, young man, I was cheering for you” a picture said.


“So was I, so was I” I said slowly. Well, maybe I should find Remus; I still wanna know how he came up with that compliment.


I started walking and somehow I ended up in front of The Fat Lady. Just to prove how smart I am, I didn’t know the password! I mean I was talking to Angel… and…. And… WRONG TRACK! Anyway, she makes the passwords and I didn’t ask for it! STUPID! Did I mention stupid? COURSE IT’S STUPID! S-T-U-P-I-D! Get it? I do! It’s STUPID!!!!!!


Okay… I am relaxed now. Relaxed. Ahh… lovely. Maybe I should do yoga, get relaxed more often.





I jumped literally 10 feet in the air. Okay, this is not relaxed!


“You okay Padfoot?” James asked me and placed a hand on my shoulder. If he ever does that again, I’ll make sure he is the one who ends up in London graveyard!


“Yeah… You just gave me a shock!” I said. Okay, take a deep breath. “So did Lily and you stop fighting?”


“Yes, we did. We agreed that it’s for the best. And it wouldn’t be fair to Angel if she had to take a side on this. But Angel would totally pick me” James said proudly and removed this hand.


“Keep telling yourself that” I said muttered “So… That’s the new password?”


“Yeah... Don’t you know? Obvious not, well it’s funny. Angel did a good job…”


“PRONGS!!!! What’s the freaking password?”


“Relax Padfoot” James said scared. He looked at me closely. Fuck yoga, I can’t relax. Fuck, fuck, F-U-C-K, FUCK!!!!


“James, I just need some sleep after today’ events”


“Yeah… The girls just wouldn’t leave us. Man so of them were hot, would totally go after them if it wasn’t for Lily. Lily my love. Well the password is `Gryffindor rules and Slytherin sucks´.” James said rambling on with the talking. WHAT?!


“What? The password is `Gryffindor rules and Slytherin sucks´?” I asked amazed. Brilliant.


“Yeah, cool isn’t it?”


“YEAH!!” I yelled. Fuck that’s brilliant.


“My sister always had her ways with words”


“Yeah, `Gryffindor rules and Slytherin sucks´.” I said proudly to The Fat Lady. James and I (!) walked through the hole. Nobody was in the common room. I guess they are sleeping.


“Prongs, I am going to head up for the bedrooms” I said. He nodded and I walked up the stairs. I opened the door and saw all the boys were sleeping. Wormtail was snoring as always. I lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling. Gryffindor rules and Slytherin sucks. I laughed silently. Brilliant. Yes, Angel definitely had her ways with words. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to do my victory dance.

I got up and started dancing. First I walked on the spot and then come the butt and then disco moves. Done. I am good at dancing, especially my victory dance.


As I laid in my bed listening to other boys snore I couldn’t help but think of Angel again. She was just so…so…so Angel! But at the same time a little voice in my head kept staying it would never work.

-What a day! Lovely to start at Hogwarts with Angel by your side.

-Well not exactly by MY side, but close.

-Angel and I (!) are just so perfect together. We were so close at the stairs. We were almost kissing. Angel and I kissing! Perfect, so perfect!

-Well, then of course James comes into the picture.

-He always comes into the picture. I mean I would be dating his little favourite (his only) sister…

-…and if it didn’t go that well, I would be seeing London graveyard in a minute.

- But I am so in love with her.

-Okay, maybe I need to get some sleep.

-But I’ll be dreaming about Angel.

-Need to face reality.

-Yes, with Angel by my side.

-She doesn’t like you like you.

-She likes me like me as I like her like her.

-She is your best friend’ little sister.

-So? Then James and I (!) could always see each other.

-Do you really think he would like to see his baby sister with you?

-What’s wrong with me?

-James knows you well.

-Yes, even I know that.

-Yes, but he knows your `dirty little secrets´ and what’s going through your head when you look at girls.

-Yeah, but he doesn’t know what’s going through my head when it is about Angel.

-Do you honestly believe that he gives a damn?

-Yeah, why not?

-Think about it for a moment.




-Think about it!




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