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Happy Together (The Stalker Song) by KiaraJamesKeenaLobo
Chapter 1 : Happy Together
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A/N: I just randomly thought of this... But I'm proud of it, it's my first song-fic, and I like it. It got terrific ratings on Quizilla too ;) Review please! Don't have too, but it'd be cool. And remember: If you don't like it, FLAME! ^_^ Yeah, I know, asking for flamage, I'm weird :P

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, Dennis and Colin Creevey, or anyone else in this story. I do not own the song Happy Together that this song is an altercated version of. I do not own the altercated version of Happy Together. I only own the weird ideas that float around in my head... usually...

A small boy with mousy hair and brown eyes, his age a mere 15, sat with a quill in one hand, a camera in the other. His name was Colin Creevey, a Hogwarts fifth year. Before him sat his Charms homework, very important because it was his O.W.L. year... but he wasn't looking at it. Instead, his gaze had drifted to a fellow student. A boy he could never get out of his head, a boy he had known ever since he started at Hogwarts... and a boy he had envisioned, in his infinite perfection, for longer, ever since reading his name in his History textbook, he had known they were meant to be.

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night...

Harry Potter sat across the table from him, and three seats to the left, flipping idly through his Potions textbook as he had been wont to do as of late, ever since the beginning of term in fact. Yes, the beginning of term... Colin smiled on the inside remembering as he had seen Harry enter the Great Hall with Professor Snape at his side. He had been completely unafraid to have the intimidating Professor escort him into the room, late, and even with his face and muggle clothes coated in his own blood, to Colin, he was a god.

Colin glanced down as Harry looked his way. He had only once been caught at staring since second year. In his second, he had the excuse of Harry being his savior, as he had been for Ginny, Hermione, and many others. And yet... it was never such. Colin was deeply in love with the raven-haired sight whose schedule he had taken to memorizing each year, leading to his own tardiness in the first weeks.

"Hi Harry!" came the shout from Colin's worst enemy, though he never showed such in public. Ginny Weasley had taken his love, whom he had never stopped thinking about. Never!

...It's only right to think about the guy I stalk
Each day and night,
So happy together...

"Hey Colin, could you help me with my Charms work?" Came a small voice, his little brother Dennis. Dennis had not been plagued by loving the same gender. On the contrary, the little third year was a hit with the younger girls because he was a natural sweetheart. He was much like Colin himself, except he had not fallen in love with the most gorgeous boy in existence, he was not in the second most stressful part of his life to be... and he still had a chance at love, while Colin's had been foiled. Not that he would give up. Harry could never love Ginny Weasley. She was too pale, too gawky, too freckly, her hair too unwieldy. No, his love could never reciprocate Ginny's feelings, only Colin's. He was sure of it...

"Colin?" Dennis waved his hand in front of Colin's face, he smiled and nodded. He cast another glance to Harry, who was chatting amiably with Ginny about O.W.L.s. Colin once had a similar conversation with Harry, about classes, Professors...

... I dated you, for just a week
You dumped me and I cried real hard
And still can't sleep....

Colin had always loved his brother of course, his little brother whom he had always helped with homework. Even after Colin started at Hogwarts, Dennis would owl him first rather than ask his parents or a classmate for help. And Colin had confided in Dennis after he was seen staring... he acted like it never happened. He was ashamed of his brother. Even then, his brother still looked up to him... just not in that aspect of his life.

"If you want to so bad, why don't you just tell him? You'll never know until you do," Dennis whispered solemnly.

Colin smiled sadly to his brother and glanced once more to Harry. Yes, he had a plan... and he knew it would work. It had to work.

... So now I'll have to force you to come back to me,
So happy together...

Harry stood up and Colin dismissed himself, following behind his love by ten feet, watched him kiss his girlfriend good-bye to her class as he went to free period. Colin could afford to miss History of Magic. No one would notice he was gone, they never did. So he continued to follow Harry through the packed halls, no one asking him where he was going, no one noticing he was taking the same way as their savior, the boy-who-lived, the "Chosen One".

Colin smiled silently to himself as he watched his love saunter down the halls, his lethe form rip from his constant quidditch practice, even after his girlfriend had won Gryffindor the match. Colin never did understand how flying on a broom could do anything but make vulnerable parts of the body tender, but somehow Harry had a six-pack, as Colin had seen one night, and that, contrary to what Ginny said, he did not have a tattoo of a Hungarian Horntail on his chest, it was instead a Norwedian Ridgeback wrapping around his lower left leg. Colin knew enough about Harry to give the Prophet a field day, but he would never tell. No, this was personal business. What he experienced with Harry was his own business and just his own.

... I can't see me stalking nobody but you for all your life
When you're with me baby the skies will be blue
For all my life...

Once he had overheard Harry giving his number to Ron and Hermione, he had copied it down himself, but only had the courage to call in the night time. He only tried once in the day, however when Harry picked up he slammed it down, heart racing at the sound of his voice saying a calm, "Dursley residence, who are you calling for?"

Colin had never known why he was a Gryffindor... until then.

... I call you up at 2 am
I wake you and hang up the phone
And do it again.
That's what you get for goin' out with other men,
So happy together.

I can't see me stalking nobody but you for all your life
When you're with me baby the skies will be blue
For all my life...

Colin found himself watching once more from afar, however, even though he knew what to do. He was adamant that he would. Today. But the opportunity... He brought his new camera up to his eye, a color camera he had been wanting since before he knew he was a wizard, and took several pictures of his love, though in one he could have sworn Harry had looked up in. He wouldn't know until he had them developed, but he had the feeling that if Harry did, it would be his favorite. Always. But he was unsure that his pure intentions could ever strike from his record that he had tried to owl-nap Hedwig once last year.

... I see you, you don't see me
I'm hidden with my telephoto lense up in the tree
You're walking and you look around, suspiciously,
So happy together.

I've got your owl, don't be alarmed,
As long as you come talk to me,
She won't be harmed
We'll go and get a bite to eat
I'll come unarmed...

Harry looked up suddenly and smiled at Colin. He smiled back. A secret smile... He didn't even need his plan.

One Month Later...

Harry walked away from his once-girlfriend. He had been tactful, Colin had noticed. He had mentioned nothing. They walked towards each other and embraced. Yes...

... So happy together...forever and happy together....

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