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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 11 : September 21, 1982
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Disclaimer: I only own my OCs.

Jasmine didn't have a 'class' today, so she had plenty of time for detention, and for once, it wasn't hers. Roppanue came to her classroom after eating and she took him back to the Great Hall.

"What do I have to do?" he asked her.

Jasmine presented him with a toothbrush. "I told the house-elves not to clean the floor here. You'll do it with the toothbrush and that." She pointed to a bucket full of warm, soapy water. "I've already made sure you can't use magic or get out. I'll be outside." And with that, Jasmine left and closed the door behind her.

Jasmine waited for the sound she knew would come before sticking her head inside. "Oh, and the bucket refills itself," she told the angry student who had a toppled over bucket by his sore foot. Jasmine closed the door again and sat down in front of it with a book, contented by the angry sounds coming from inside the Great Hall.


Inside the Hall, Roppanue was furious. He kicked over the bucket only stubbing his toe. Then his teacher came in to tell him it would just refill. After she closed the door, the bucket stood up and refilled on its own.

Furious, Roppanue tried to get out every window and door, but none would open. His wand seemed to stop working as well, so he would have to do everything by hand.

He picked up the bucket and splashed the water over the floor, in attempt to make his task go by faster, but the water dissolved and the bucket refilled. He would have to do this the old fashion way.

After an hour of tiring scrubbing, hardly any of the Hall was clean. Roppanue again tried getting out through the doors, again in vain. He cursed out loud, very loud, only to hear a small chuckle from outside the door. 'Damn the wrench,'he thought, 'probably out there listening and throwing a party. I'll get her for this.'


It was two in the morning when Jasmine stopped reading. She knew that kid wouldn't be anywhere near done, not with all the cussing and pounding, but that was why she had put him in detention all week.

Jasmine opened the door and stepped inside, where it was extra slippery. She didn't slip at all, though, she wasn't expecting anything more creative than water on the floor.

Roppanue was obviously tired, or giving a very good impression of it. He seemed to be asleep, expect his eye was open and his arm holding the toothbrush was slowing scrubbing away.

"You can finish during the next three days," she told him. "Now I'll take you to your common room and make sure you stay there. But first, I hope you know how to make sure no one messes up the floor space you've already cleaned," Jasmine said in a manner suggesting she knew he didn't.

"No I don't! You can't do this!" Roppanue exploded at her.

"Actually, Alec, I can."

"But I can't keep starting over!"

"Yes, you can."

"But that's not fair!"

"Do I care about fair? See, this is what happens when people mouth off to me."

"But I'm a student!"

"And I'm a teacher."

"But I don't want to start over!"

"Then put a spell on the floor so it won't get any dirtier."

"I don' wand won't work!"

"It does now."

Roppanue gave her a defeated look. "I don't know how."

"Then why don't you ask?"

Roppanue sighed. "Fine! How?"

"How what?"

"How do I make the floor not get any dirtier?"

"That's your problem," Jasmine said as if it couldn't concern her less, which it probably couldn't have.

"What?!" Roppanue screeched in a high-pitched, disbelieving voice.

Jasmine sighed and pulled out her wand. "There," she said, while waving it over a small portion of the floor. "These three and a half square feet will stay clean, at least as clean as you washed them."

"But what about the rest of it?!"

"That's your problem."



After twenty more minutes of dealing with fussing from Roppanue, ducking to dodge a curse, and taking eight points from Ravenclaw - it was a pitiful curse - Jasmine had gotten Roppanue into his common room and made certain that he and his friends would stay there for the rest of the night. Then she went to bed.

A/N: Thanks so much for the reviews, Julie!

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To Lose It All: September 21, 1982


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