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The Changes in Waiting by almost_witch
Chapter 6 : Getting in, getting out.
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Thanks as always to Violet!

And I blame myself because I make things hard
and you're just trying to help.
And when I wake up you're the first to call.
This is one more late night basement song.
And I'm so sore.
My voice has gone to hell.

Failure By Design - Brand New

No less then 20 minutes later Harry came through to break the silence holding two cups of steaming coffee.

He limped slightly and had a thick brown potion down the left side of his jaw, he smiled lopsidedly before saying, ‘finally decided to wake up?”

Ron smiled weakly back at his best friend.

“Wh-what happened after I…” Ron started.

Harry sat down in the chair and played with his mug. “I heard what you said, well what you tried to say. Anyway I turned around in time to see you fall. The girls must have too and I got over when I could,” Harry paused for a moment and looked at Hermione whose eyes were watery.

“I dunno mate, but it just felt like you weren’t there anymore. And then the Aurors turned up just in time, and Hermione took you straight away when we knew we now out numbered them.” Harry pressed the cup to his lips and looked awkwardly between Hermione and Ron.

“So I guess you’ll be teaching.” Ron tried to say as nicely as he could, but it was a mixture between a growl and a whine.

“I-I well… McGonnagoll, she just spoke to me. And I guess I can take a few weeks off. After what just happened don’t recon I’m up to running round.” He smiled sheepishly at Ron, being careful of Ron’s reaction.

Ron just rolled over and stared at the dull white wall, wanting to fade into it.


“Stop being such a sook.” Ron’s sister said, playing with his pillows. She was now up and about now, visiting Ron’s room regularly to keep him company.

He didn’t respond.

“Honestly, it’s just a few weeks and then you can go back to teaching.” She placed the daily prophet by the lamp.

“What about the first years? They are all new to this thing, imagine having to change teachers?”

“Since when have you cared about that? You’re just being stubborn.” Ginny placed herself into the chair where Harry sat only days ago.

“It’s not just that.” He said through clenched teeth.

“Oh right! Hermione! You know she freaked out more then all of us. Cried when she saw you on the floor, and then she rushed you here. Nice of you to appreciate that, Ronald.” Ginny said angrily.

“She left me for four years!” Ron growled.

“You think I didn’t know that? She was my best friend and she left me too. Sometimes you got to stop being so stubborn and get over things.”


Ron rolled out his suitcase onto the bed he hadn’t slept in for so long. His old room in the house he spent most of his life in. The burrow.

He began to pull out his belongings that he had taken to the hospital. It was mainly just pyjamas and clean pairs of underwear.

He heard the door click open and he turned his head to see who it was.

Hermione. She froze for a moment in the door frame holding a clean pile of clothes.

“Oh… I didn’t know you were up here….” She drifted off.

Ron ignored her and turned back to his bag. He heard her feet hit the creaking floor and from the corner of his eye he saw her place the clean washing neatly on the edge of the bed and she turned and began to walk back out of his room.

He expected to hear the click of the door which meant she had left. But he didn’t. Instead there was a silence and he knew she was still in his room.

"What would you have done if I didn't leave? Would you have stayed with me?" She spoke to prove his point of her not leaving.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” He said spinning around to see her yet again in the door way.

“Would you have stayed with me?”

“I don’t leave people like you do.” He spat.

“Before I left, you were nothing. It was like you weren’t even there. There was no light left in side of you, you were so absent, Ron. Didn’t you ever realise that?” She said softly, her cheeks so pale.

“Go away.” He said through his clenched jaw.

She shock her head. “No. You never listen to me. You never listen to Harry or Ginny. Just try for one time in you bloody life.” Hermione’s fiery side began to show.

“You left me.” He growled angrily, “you don’t have a right to tell me what to do.”

“You just as well left me. You sat, ate and slept. You were so distant, the only time I saw you was when you rode on the bloody broom of yours. I got depressed from you! You made me depressed!” She said with a fit of anger.

“Depressed!” He cried out, “You call that depressed! You left me and TOLD ME YOU WERE COMING BACK! And what’s more is that you lied, ran off to the man I hated so much, I fell off my bloody broom which may I add is now in tiny pieces. Oh! And you came back and want me to forgive you. Try that Hermione; I’ll like to see you try that!”

“Don’t speak to me like that, Ronald!”

“Don’t call me Ronald! Don’t speak to me, don’t come near me!” He yelled at her, his cheeks burning.

“Oh your so damn blind! It took you till we were 17 to confess you actually loved me! When you had loved me since our third year. Once you love someone you don’t go back! Stop being so damn BLIND!” She screamed back at him, stepping towards him.

"I never asked for this to happen. I never wanted things to be like this. But you brought all this on yourself."

“ME! You were ABSENT! You weren’t there! It was like talking to a brick wall! You made me feel alone; I left to get away from feeling like that. I never loved Victor like I loved you. He was my FRIEND! You might want to find one some time.” She threw her hands up into the air.

“I used to have two best friends, we went through everything together. Now I only have one, I don’t know who the other one is, but she’s a coward.” He spat sourly.

“Oh please!” She cried out walking towards him.

"If you take another step near me, I swear I'll -"

“You’ll what! Cry? Snore? Pretend like nothing happened! Maybe you’re the coward!” She screamed at him.

He pulled out his wand and pointed it out towards her, she backed away, her body shaking furiously.

She pinned her body against the wall which had paint flaking off. “Point your wand away, Ron.” She whispered panicking.

"You know, I waited for you for four years, and in the end I'm still disappointed." He smiled like a mad man, his wand inches away from her heart.

She swallowed the remaining salvia in her mouth. “Ron, please.” She whispered hoarsely.

“Leave!” He yelled down at her.

“No,” she whispered back, closing her eyes, tear rolling out.

“Fine,” he said, his hand falling limply to his side. “I will.”


Author - finally got this one up, different with yet another twist at the end. Sorry that the gaps between chapters are growing greatly but I'll try my best.

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The Changes in Waiting: Getting in, getting out.


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