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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 8 : Bad Boy To The End
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A/N: OMG! I am so mad, this is going to be my shortest chapter I think, and that bums me out. I hate short chapters, so if I decide to I am going to add as I go to make it longer. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter I loved writing it.

Chapter Eight: Bad Boy To The End

~~~~~~~~~ Eariler that evening~~~~~~~~~

After he finished yelling at Hermione, Draco found himself outside by the lake for the longest time just thinking. He had decided weeks ago that he wanted to make a potion of his own, along the same lines of the one Pansy had put into their punch but his had to do the complete oppisit hers had done. Draco needed the drinker to become handicaped, so to speak to their actions and to allow whatever was to happen to happen. In short he needed Hermione to drink the potion that would get her into his bed, and she needed to remember wanting to be there. He knew it could be done, but how? It was getting close now to the time inwhich he needed it. After spending hours outside he headed back to his common room, Hermione wasn't there. Inside of his room he was fuming.

"STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, of all the things I could have said it had to be that. What do I have to do to make her see that I want her? Do I have to beg, NO. Malfoy's dont beg, that girl wanted me and she'll want me again even if I am the big bad slythrin. There has got to be a way to.... She will want me!" He was pacing back and forth, never had he felt such a need to get something he wanted. And Hermione Granger? Why her, he knew why she was forbidden to him, she was untouchable, the Gryffondore Princess, and he wanted every part of her. He had played his part so well, telling the Head Mistress he needed to go to the ball with her in order to show house unity, to tell her that she meant more to him than he let on. At the time he was half telling the truth, Hogwarts would never share house unity, but he did want to show Hermione what she meant to him, and then......... Then she had to confess her undying love for a no good, poor wizard who didn't deserve her. Even if they were having a baby Draco figured she would choose him over Weasely any day. Maybe that was his problem, he expected her to choose him, her enemy for years over the father of her baby, and her best friend for seven years. Still knowing all of this he was still sure she would have picked him, this plan had to go right. So far he knew it was, Hermione would go to the ball with him, she had no choice. But if he didn't get his butt in gear what would the point be, she would dance with him, and leave him standing there wanting more. No, he needed to get that potion made. He had made an ass out of himself with her just hours ago, they didn't look at eachother unless they were fighting. Was it love? No it wasn't love he felt for her, he just had this need to have her. So after the night was over it wouldn't mean anything to him anyhow, just like she had done to him, it was decided. Suddenly it came to him, "I am such an idiot, I am in a magic school, I am a god here, teachers love me. Why didn't I think of it before?" He scribbled down a note before leaving his room again.

~~~~~~~~~ Back to Hermione, later that night~~~~~~~~~

Hermione was still thinking about everything that the professor had said to her, she didn't realise how tired she was until she was asleep and dreaming. She knew it was a dream because Albus Dumbledore was standing before her suddenly, and we all know he's dead.

"Professor? Hermione asked, not sure if she was seeing things or not, so she reached out and touched him, "You're here? How?"

"You needed me, so naturally I came. Rest assured I am still dead, but that doesn't mean I won't come to your aid when I am needed. Now what can I help you with?" His robes were blowing in a wind Hermione couldn't feel, she figured it was just part of the dream. "I understand it that you have a question on your mind that you don't know the awnser to, I assume that is why I am here. To help you awnser it." He added.

Hermione just shook her head, even in death the man knew everything. "I guess I do, I am wondering if Mal, I mean Draco Malfoy is capable of changing his ways to better himself and be a better umm, father if he should ever be told about his baby." When the headmaster said nothing about this she took it as a sign that he understood and didn't need an explination. "Did he change, has he changed sir?"

"No." Dumbledore said.

Her heart sank, "no?"

"No." He paused, "he has always been this way Miss Granger, kind I mean. He just doesn't have anyone to share his kindness with. Mr. Malfoy is very difficult to read naturally, but add his back ground, his parents and an evil wizard to the pot and the result is what you see today. He won't let anyone see who he really is, and I don't think anyone's really tried, looking at him for who he is, not what they think he is."

"What? You mean to say that he has put up a front and he can't even tear it down?" Hermione asked, dumbfounded by this realization.

"Yes, almost, see he could tear it down as you say at anytime, he's just never thought it would get him anywhere. The situation you are in now tells me he's only built the wall up higher now, He is good, but trust me, it comes at a great price for you to break through the walls he's built up because he doesn't want you there. Soon you will be faced with situations you have no control over, be careful." Before Hermione could ask him anything eles he was gone, and she found herself wide awake and freezing. She finally decided to go back to her bed, it had been a long night, and she could tell Draco in the morning that she was going to the ball with him. When Hermione got back to the common room she was glad to see that Draco's door was closed, 'he must have already went to bed.' She too did the same.

Draco was not in his room that night, as Hermione thought. Instead he was taking the next step to insure his plan would be ready for the ball. He snaked around the hall ways, looking around ever corner before rounding it. He could not afford to be seen this late at night with a teacher. People would talk, and Draco wasn't a stupid guy. When he walked around a corner he saw a man standing outside of a now empty classroom. He smiled broadly, he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of this sooner. "I am sorry that I woke you, nevertheless, I am glad that you could meet with me this evening Professor Slughorn."

"Well Mr. Malfoy your letter sounded urgent. What is it that I can do for you boy?" The short porky teacher who had taken over Professor Snape's old job as potion master now waited for a respone to his question.

"Well, sir." Draco started, "I've developed this problem." He said shyly, laying on the charm rather thickly.

"A problem, what kind of problem could you of all people be having?" The teacher asked as they entered his classroom. The room was dark, but even if it had been day light outside Draco concluded it would still be very dark in this classroom.

"I am in love sir." Draco said suddenly, taking Slughorn and himself more than anything by surprise. He convinced himself that he would never fall inlove, and with Granger of all people, but saying the words outloud gave him a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. "See the problem is I can't seem to tell her how I feel about her. Every time I get close to telling her my, I...." 'come on Draco, you've got to pull this off.' "I loose my confidence around her." Even though he knew it was a lie, when he saw Slughorn's eyes light up he knew he'd said the right words. 'As if I would ever loose my confidence in front of a girl... this man is insane for thinking I could.' Draco thought to himself.

"Is that all, well I just happen to know a thing or two about confidence potions." Slughorn walked around his desk and motioned for draco to have a seat, "Please have a seat Mr. Malfoy. Now normally I wouldn't allow a student to take this potion, it can sometimes make one over confident, and that tends to ruin friendships and other relations. But beings as you're inlove, I don't see what eles you would use the potion for. I don't see what it would hurt in any case. Do sit here while I go up to my private library, as I don't have the potion ingredints here." He stood and headed up the stairs to his libary.

Draco waisted no time. He pulled out the parchment of paper with his potion ingredients on it and headed to the supply cubbord. He began filling his bag with the things that he would need, just incase he missed something he put more of the ingredients than needed in his bag. When he was sure he had enough of everything he returned to the desk to await the professor who was still upstairs. A wide grin spread over his face, he had done it, he had gotten what he needed, now all he had to do was make it. Not a problem. "Did you find it sir?" he asked when Slughorn had returned to his desk. Draco knew he was taking a huge risk, stealing from a teacher and all, but it was a must.

"Yes, I found it, I must tell you that when you do attempt making this potion you must follow all the instructions. Making this potion wrong could result in horrible fates for all involved." Slughorn looked at him and waited for Draco to agree.

Draco had a feeling the professor wasn't talking about the potion in his hand, 'he can't know what I've done, there's no way.' Draco thought to himself. "Yes sir, I understand. Thank you for your help." Draco left the classroom with Professor Slughorn in toe, he never took notice to the backpack Draco was carrying, which was now full of ingreidents that would fulfill his plan.

Draco was now safe in his room. The bag was now dumped out on his desk, and he was going over it in his head. He wasited no time in getting to work. He only had a few days after all, and he had to get someone to test it on before he dared give any to Hermione. Suddenly Pasny came to his mind, 'oh how wonderful.' He wrote her a quick note telling her to meet him the next evening if she could.

Hermione had managed to avoid Malfoy for three days, which in any case was good for her, she didn't need the stress of seeing him. On the downside of this, however, not speaking to him she hadn't been able to talk about their plans for the dance. She knew she would only dance with him one dance, that was after all, all he said he would need her. But she still wanted to know if she was to just meet him there or if he would be escorting her, so with this in mind she walked down to the common room to try to find him. She found Pansy sitting there, yelling at Draco.

"That was the sickest thing you have ever.... Oh hello Hermione. I didn't see you standing there." Pansy shut up immeditly.

'What was that all about?' Hermione wondered to herself as she watched the looks between Pansy and Draco. "Are you okay Pansy?" Hermione asked, 'What, why am I asking her if she's okay, she's the one who did this to me, I mean us.' She shook her head, she didn't want to think about any of this at the moment.

"I am fine." She said shortly. Clearly Draco didn't want her to say anymore than that.

"I think you should leave now Pansy. You don't want to stress Granger out now do you?" Draco sneered, and the two of them watched Pansy run from the room.

"Malfoy." Hermione said suddenly.

Draco had almost forgot she was standing there, he shook his head again, "What?"

"Did you do something to Pansy?"

'Calm down she doesn't know anything,' he thought to himself. "No why do you ask Granger?" He wasn't warm about it, but he took the hateraed out of his voice.

"She just seems a bit off today, what I walked in on, it didn't sound all that good." She would have said more but he cut her off again.

"Granger, you read to much into things, how am I supposed to know what her problem is? What do you want, you came down here looking for me did you not?" He wasn't looking at her now.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you about the ball, will you be escorting me, or will I juist meet you there?" Hermione had hoped he would say that she could just meet him there, she didn't know if she could walk in with him.

At this Draco looked up at her so fast he thought his head would fall off. 'I hadn't thought about that.' "I will be taking you of course." He smiled when she paled.

"Well, fine then. But I will not be dancing with you all night, just the first dance. I will see later then Malfoy." She started walking away.

"Oh Granger, you will be dancing with me, the first dance and the last dance, just thought you ought to know that. And don't look at me like that, it's just a dance." He walked out of the room leaving her alone.

"Oh he's so evil." She sighed.

"So, he said that he's taking you to the dance, and you've agreed for the sake of Mcgonall. Well at least you only have to dance with the git once." Harry said later in the Gryffondore common room.

"Well, I have to dance with him twice. He wants the last dance too, I have to do it, otherwise I'll feel like I am letting the school down. I know it doesn't make sense, but it has to be done." Hermione was sitting next to Ron now. "It will be okay, Ron I will alright, I will dance with you that evening too, trust me, I don't want to spend more time with him than I already have too."

"Oh, I know. It's okay I didn't think you'd be spending all your time with me anyhow, expect you know whenever he's watching you." Ron said, blushing.

"I am just glad that we all get to go to the dance to tell you the truth." Ginny said smiling at Hermione, "Harry will you go with me?" She asked shyly.

Ron just looked away, he still didn't like seeing his little sister flirting with his best friend. "Ginny, you're his girlfriend, of course he's going to go with you, you twit. Stop touching eachother like that while I am in the room."

"Calm down Ronald, and yes Ginny I will take you to the dance." He placed a kiss on the top of her head while Ron just glared at them. Hermione was rolling aroiund on the floor laughing so hard at how Ron was reacting to their actions.

"Ron, I will be your date even if I have to share a few dances with him, I think it will be fun, and then I can come back here and spend our last night together. What do you all think?" Hermione said once she was done laughing at Ron.

"Yeah that sounds like fun Mione. Can you belive we only have two days left in this school? I am going to kind of miss it you know?" Ron asked.

"You're going to miss school? Get real Ron." The three of them said.

Back in the head common room Draco Malfoy had completed his potion, and it was now ready to be given to Hermione. In two days time the bad boy in him would ruin her for making a fool out of him.

A/N: Well the next chapter should be the ball, I've looked forward to writing this next chapter since i began this story. And I guess this wasn't a short chapter at all. Thank you all for reading, please leave a review.


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