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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 7 : Trying Out
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"Hello Gryffindor quidditch player wannabes." Oliver said sternly, wearing his quidditch robes proudly. He walked onto the pitch, walking quickly and his feet making soft squished from the morning dew. His broom was held tightly in his grip, and he carried the box of quidditch supplies in his other hand. As he walked past Lilly, he couldn't help glance at the bored looking girl glaring at him.

Half the people there were from Oliver's fan club. As he walked past them, they giggled loudly, and began to whisper. Lilly, who was standing next to them, simply rolled her eyes.

Oliver walked and stood about 10 feet away from all the tryouts, his feet planted on the ground, he quickly scanned them. "Anyone who's not in Gryffindor... PLEASE LEAVE." he enunciated loudly, turning his head towards a small group of first years. They giggled, pointed to their Hufflepuff robes, and skipped happily off. "Anyone who's not serious about playing quidditch, please leave." he added. A couple people looked at each other, then him and Fred and George's clubs, and walked out. "Good."

"First of all, you guys, run two laps around the pitch." Fred instructed, pointing to the track that was magically there whenever people where not playing a quidditch game. A couple people groaned, but they ran. Lilly once more rolled her eyes, and ran at full speed around the track.

"Hey Dick Almond!!!" someone yelled from the stands. "Can't you run any faster on those stick legs of yours?" She knew it was Flint. She turned her head to look at him, and then returned to running. Many people who were not from Gryffindor had turned out, just to see the prospective new players. Many were Slytherins.

After the group split up from running, they stood their huffing and puffing, except a couple kids who were looking at the exhausted ones like they were crazy. Lilly was one of them.

Oliver looked at these tired people, and sent them off. There were five left. "As you know, the spots open are only a Chaser, and a Seeker. Please sort where you are going, Chasers there, and Seekers there, by Lilly." Lilly winced at her name rolling off his tongue. She could tell that he was already regretting he had said her name.

"How many of you have broomsticks? You can't play quidditch without broomsticks." George continued. The Weasley twins were making it obvious that they were helping Oliver in the selection process. Lilly turned her head around to look at Angelina and Alicia and roll her eyes.

"Lilly, where's yours?" Fred asked when he walked towards her.

Lilly replied, "Its in the castle... ACCIO NIMBUS 2004!" the new broomstick came flying out of an open castle window, right into her hands. "Here Fred!" Fred smirked, and continued walking.

There were 3 people who were in line to be a Chaser. 2 people for seeker. The other person was Barbie Enamel.

"So sorry that I broke up your little party last night." Barbie said through gritted teeth. Her voice was sarcastic, and she was glaring.

Lilly turned to look at Barbie. Why was she even that popular? "Why the hell are you wearing a skirt to quidditch tryouts?" Barbie simply hiked up the skirt to show she was wearing shorts.

"At least I try to keep up appearances in the most disgusting clothes." she hissed in reply.

"Yeah, well at least I'm trying to keep my dignity in these clothes! It's not that disgusting, itís better than those slut rags you are wearing." Lily retorted quietly. The two girls were glaring at each other now, and would probably have started a fight it Oliver hadn't walked over.

"Well, at least I don't like I come from an alley!" she retorted, trying to come up with something witty, but sounding like an idiot.

Lilly scoffed. "'Scuse me?"

Then, Oliver walked up to them, looking just a tad mad. "Did you hear what I said?" It was obvious that the two were not listening when they looked at him in shock. "I said get on your broomsticks, Seeker tryouts are now."

"Oh!" she mouthed. She immediately jumped onto her broomstick while Barbie was still trying to find a way the skirt wouldn't get ruined. As Lilly soared higher, she heard Barbie moan, "OH MY HAIR!" To this, she smiled.

"Were is that darned ball..." Lilly muttered to herself. She was simply flying in circles, looking. Lilly had sharp eyes, but the snitch was only the size of a golf ball. Barbie was following her.

Then, she saw it. A small glint, like a quarter on the street. Lilly dove down quickly, her hair blowing back, but her face forward in determination. As she got near it, it turned sharply. She should have crashed into the walls, but she spun diligently and continued the chase.

There is was. Lilly stuck out her hand. The air pressure was pushing her back, but it pushed the ball back as well, just for a second. With quick reflexs, she reached out and snatched it. Then, she immediately sunk to the ground with a sigh. "Wood! I got it."

"Well looky here, we've got a new Seeker!" Oliver congratulated. He stuck out his hand to help her up. Lilly looked at him, and his earnest face.

"Fine." she grabbed his hand, and he pulled her to her feet. She then pushed her hair out of her face and smiled at him. He smiled in return.

"Hey Lilly..." Oliver started slowly.

Lilly turned around, and looked at him. "Yeah?"

"Are you mad at me?" Oliver asked. He seemed to squish in pain at the word "mad".

Lilly stopped for a moment. She looked down, and then said, "Not really. The girls explained it. I know how Barbie is. But just because I'm talking to you, never means that we are friends! Why before that, we were barely on speaking terms!"

Oliver smiled and laughed. "Sure!"

After tryouts, they had a new Chaser, Katie Bell, and Lilly Dillamond as Seeker. There was a grand party in the Common Room, and it was only 5:00.

Fred and George were on a table, with a Butterbeer in their hands. "A toast to!" the said together.

"Katie Bell, best new Chaser!" Fred's voice rang.

"And to Lilly Dillamond, our favoritest midget still and forever!" George continued.

Lilly burst out laughing on the couch. "I'm not that short anymore!" she called to them. "And favoritest isn't even a word!"

"I know... But we need memories of good times. Like when you were always trying to beat up Wood!"

Oliver blushed at this. He began ringing a napkin in his hands. "Did not!"

"Uh yeah she did honey." Angelina said with a raised eyebrow. All the Gryffindors nodded in agreement. "Now lets get this party started!" she shouted, turning the knob for volume louder.

A new song by the Weird Sisters was on. Lilly was still sprawled across the couch, slowly drinking the butter beer in her hand. "Hey Fred! Where'd you get this stuff?"

Fred looked at George, and they laughed. Lilly knew immediately that the conversation should immediately be dropped. Oliver came and sat on the armrest.

"Hey Lilly." he said simply, taking a sip out of the bottle.

Lilly looked up. "Woods."

"Nice tryout today. You were really good." he complimented obviously trying desperately to make a conversation. "Can't believe Barbie was there."

The two glanced over at Barbie, and burst out laughing.

Barbie was sitting in a seat in the corner with her friends sulking. Her straight blonde hair was never the same after the tryout.

"Ha. She kept tailing me. But whatever." Lilly scoffed.

Oliver laughed. "Loved that spin out. It could come in handy."

"Learned that when my dad was trying to teach me Muggle Lacrosse. Showed him. He was owned." Lilly explained. She was now sitting up, and Oliver slid into the seat next to her.

Oliver looked at her, and raised his bottle. Lilly clinked it with his. "Thatís our Lilly, good at everything!"

"Damn right!" Lilly replied jokingly. They both laughed, and continued to drink.

"Better get back to the party. Save me a dance?" Lilly seemed to think, and then nodded. As he walked out, Lilly yet didn't hear him whisper, "That's my Lilly..." with a smile.

Oh god, you guys are the sweetest people in the entire world. I love you all! I'm really so happy that you guys like this story, and I'm trying to take all the critique that you have given me, to make it better for everyone who wants to do!

Now, seriously, Setting It All Up, is my favorite story I have ever written, because of the readers and reviewers. Whenever you leave me a review, I'm always getting into the mood for writing. So I have to say, thank you so much!

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Setting It All Up: Trying Out


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