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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 6 : How Awkward
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The five of them still sat in the common room, looking at each other.

"WHAT A SCREW UP!" Eliza groaned, tossing her head back, sighing.

George looked at Fred. "Real lady's man sure does know how to keep a girl." he said sarcastically. He then too tossed his head back, sighing.

"Gosh, Lilly looked bloody mad and upset..." Angelina said worriedly, biting on her fingernails. "I wonder if sheís crying right now."

"Remember her philosophy? Girls can cry but not in public, otherwise they look weak." Alicia quoted softly, rolling her eyes at Lilly's tough-love words.

"Well... We'll go and get Oliver." Fred said finally.

"And we'll get Lilly." the girls sighed in unison. They all got up and walked to the dorms.

"Man, you really screwed up with Lilly." George said to Oliver when the three boys were alone in their dorm. Oliver covered his head with a pillow.

In a muffled voice, he replied, "I know! Thanks for reminding me! God, Barbie ruins things for everyone!"

"No duh." Fred added.

Oliver pulled his out from under his pillow and looked at them. "But... SHEESH! She pops up every time I try to talk to Lilly and then her fan club just comes with her, and Lilly looks so disgusted." he sighed.

"Well, itís not just about you." George said softly.

"What do you mean?" Oliver pondered. George shook his head.

Fred looked at his twin, and knew exactly what George meant. "Look at Lilly! She's as stable as she looks. She's got a good bunch of friends, sheís smart, and yeah, she's cute... Cute as hell!" Fred shouted in excitement, then adding "I got Alicia!"

George laughed, "Thatís exactly what I was going to say!" Then, he became serious, and said, "But notices how she has never had a boyfriend? Well, not since the one you knocked out. She never goes to the dance? And then, Angelina told me that she locked all the girls out of dorm so she could get ready for your little... date -- I mean flying. And you know, wouldn't you be pissed if Lilly was there with another guy? Anyways, did you also notice that today she had a little flush to her, like she was so happy? I think that for once you actually asked her to do something that she really loved. And YOU SCREWED IT UP!"

Oliver groaned loudly. "I didn't mean to! I really do like Lilly! And she seriously hates my guts!"

"Then why'd she agree to go flying with you? Yeah, she hates your guts, but somewhere, she might actually respect you and your quidditch."

"She was just trying to humor me." Oliver said darkly. He hung his head in shame, and frowned. "She is so mean, but so nice at the same time."

"God, he's an ass." Lilly muttered, when the four girls were alone in Lillyís/Eliza's dorm. "Sheesh, he really knows how to make a girl feel special. No wonder he's got so many fan girls."

Alicia frowned, seeing their entire plan going downhill. She looked at the other two girls nervously, and saw that they too realized how horribly this 'date' had gone. "Uh... Lilly?" she whimpered.

"WHAT?" Lilly snapped.

"Maybe it was an accident?" Eliza suggested weakly. "She just popped up?"

Lilly looked at Eliza in disgust. "Seriously? She never just 'pops' up. She plans. She plots. I wonder why so many girls are attracted to him. In general, assholes." Lilly groaned, and sunk into the stack of pillows at the head of her bed.

"You know, I think Oliver was sincere. He's a sweet guy... sometimes." Angelina added, trying to humor Lilly. Lilly snorted loudly, and broke out in a choked laugh. Her eyes were watery, and looked like she was nearly crying. Angelina tilted her head to look at Lillyís hung head.

Lilly closed her eyes tightly and covered her ears as if trying to knock out thoughts. "Why am I so upset about this? I don't really even care! I think he's an asshole!"

Alicia patted Lilly's back, and pulled Eliza and Angelina out of their seats on the bed, leaving Lilly alone, so she could think about everything she just said.

"I knew you would be here." Angelina said softly to Oliver.

"Huh? Oh, hey Angelina. Man, the quidditch try-outs are tomorrow." Oliver said, trying to stay away from the conversation that he knew was coming.

Eliza punched Oliver on the shoulder. "Don't change subjects! You know, Lilly was really hurt by that!" Eliza nearly

Oliver glared at Eliza, "and you don't think that I didn't know that? Man, George and Fred were just complaining about it to me." He then went back huddled over the list of quidditch wannabe players.

Alicia snatched the list. "Look, Lilly's name is still here, and she could have scratched it off. But she didn't. So maybe somewhere deep inside, she's kind of still not hating you?" She handed the list back after pointing at Lilly's neat name.

Oliver stared at amazement at her name scrawled onto the line in the middle of the page. "Maybe I do have a chance."

"You really do like her don't you?" Eliza said softly.

"You know... Yeah. I liked her in our first year, and I knew that she like Chang. So, out of spite, I ruined her little 'ask him for help' routine. Then she totally hated me. And now... Look at it. My love life is going down the drain." Oliver confessed. The girls were shocked to hear that Oliverís love extended back to their first year! "Gosh, and all does stupid girls keep chasing after me, just because I'm the damn captain of the team."

Angelina looked at Oliver in pity. "Wow... You know, Lilly respects and loves quidditch. You're too showoffy for her."
Eliza and Alicia nodded in agreement. "Humble."

"How can anyone showoff too much?" Oliver pondered out loud.

Eliza looked at him and said sassily, "You do." Oliver stood up and left the common room.

About ten minutes later, Angelina's head popped up in the twin's dorm, and piped, "Meeting!" They all rushed to their usual spot, the common room, which was completely empty.

"What a damn screw up." was the first thing Eliza said.

"NO DUH!" the rest of them said in unison. "He's trying. You got to hand it to him." George added.

Alicia rolled her eyes. "And look where it got him. When he didn't try, at least they would talk to each other!"

"Well, I don't think that Lilly would be a total bitch and not talk to him now; she would just try to keep it to a minimal."

Angelina piped in a soft voice. She was worried about how this would tear up their friendship.

"Well, we still have lemme think... I think 2 weeks before Hogsmeade." said Fred, counting the weeks on his finger. They all nodded and sighed.

Eliza looked at them all. "Operation Set Up better get going, otherwise, we will all be messed up! And you know that for a fact now, donít all of you?"

"Hate to break your hopes, but damn, she's right." Alicia added.

"My, aren't you depressing."

The next morning, the entire group was sitting in the Great Hall eating breakfast. The only one who wasn't there was Lilly.

"Gosh, where can she be!!!?Ē Oliver groaned nervously, trying to apologize to Lilly. The entire night, the two had not spoken at all, and since it was Saturday, and they didn't have classes, he knew Lilly would take any detour to avoid him.

"She's probably asleep still." Eliza replied with a nervous chuckle, she herself not knowing where in the world she was. "She'll be down soon Oliver."

Fred looked around, and spotted her in the entrance. "THERE SHE IS!" he nearly shouted, pointing vigorously at the shape of Lilly forming.

As soon as she got there, she breezed right past Oliver, and sat in the seat furthest away from him. "Pass the butter." she said edgily, hoping they wouldn't question her.

"Uh Hey. Dillamond?" Oliver piped from the end of the table.

"What do you want Wood." Lilly answered rudely, her eyes cold and hard.

Oliver got nervous, he cracked. "Uh... Nothing." he said in a disappointed tone. He hung his head in shame at the twins punched him on the shoulder.

"Fine..." Lilly replied, "PASS THE DAMN BUTTER!" She slammed her fist hard onto the table, making all the silverware rattle. Fred looked at her, and timidly slid the butter down in front of her. She roughly cut it and spread some on her piece of toast. "Thank you Fred. And now, I'm off. I guess I'll see you later in tryouts." Lilly slid off the bench, and stalked off, chewing her toast.

Angelina ribbed Oliver. "Smooth."

"Oh shut up girl!"

Alicia shrugged. "But at least she's still trying out."

And with that, Oliver's face immediately lit up.

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Setting It All Up: How Awkward


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