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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 7 : Dance Partner
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A;N I really hope you enjoy this story so far. Please leave me a review.

Chapter Seven: Dance Partners

The whole school now looked at Draco like he had lost his mind. 'This is not happening to me. Weasley can't be, no I won't believe it, but it must be true. Why in the hell would it have been me?' Draco asked himself.

Hermione was still not looking at Draco, but she had heard him yell out when she had told everyone her news. "Do you think he knows I am lying Ron? Maybe I wasn't as convincing as I should have been. I wasn't ready to tell everyone that you were the father of my baby. Oh my gosh, what if he doesn't believe me?"

"Hermione, relax, you will be just fine. It's not like Malfoy knows he's ever slept with you. You are just fine, trust me." Ron gave her a quick hug. "Besides, we only have to pretend to be a couple for a month or so, it won't be that bad you'll see."

Her heart sank, she had spent the whole day making love to the father of her baby, then she had turned around and announced she was marrying her best freind. Draco wouldn't understand any of this, she was now fearing what he'd say to Harry and to Ron, they wouldn't be to understanding of her sleeping with him again. She shook her head. 'I can't do this.' she thought. 'Oh No, he's coming over here, why is he coming over here?' She didn't look up at him right away, she didn't think she could.

"Well, well, well I must say I didn't know you had what she wanted Weasley. I mean after all, a woman like Granger likes it nice and rough, or so I've been told." He glared down at Hermione, but didn't say anything eles. "You know, I must admit I think you deserve better than a know it all Mudblood though." He saw how that affected her, but at this point he didn't care anymore. He had pored out his heart to her, and she had the nerve to be sitting here with her soon to be husband and her growing belly. 'Damn you Hermione, I thought you cared, oh well you'll be mine by the end of this or so help me I'll kill Weasley to have you.' He promised himself. The hatered he had for her now would disolve, but not before he made her life a living hell.

"Snod off Malfoy, can't you see we're busy?" Ron hissed.

"Oh, you're not being very nice now Ron. I just came over to congradulate you." 'I want to vomit, and then punch your face in for touching Hermione.' Draco thought. "And to tell Granger a bit of news regaurding the upcoming ball." He smirked, 'you're going to love it Hermione, I promise you will.' He told himself.

Hermione froze, what was he talking about, oh what was he planning? Chills ran down her spine as she looked up into his stone cold ice blue eyes. 'there's no emotion there, he's going to tell them. What am I going to do?' "What news are you talking about Malfoy?" She asked hoping it wasn't what she thought it was.

"Oh it's just about the ball." He said smiling at her.

'Stop doing that.' she wanted to say, but thought better of it. "Oh, and what might that be, I thought everything was already planned out."

"Well, it was, but then this afternoon something happened that made me think...." He stopped, and smiled when she looked scared.

"Uh made you think what?" Hermione asked.

"Made me think how sad it would be to go alone, so I asked her if i could pick someone to go with now, and not worry about finding a date later." He said, not giving her to much information, her brain was working on it though.

"And why would I care about you finding a date? I already have one, and I am sure Harry is going to go with Ginny." She said, looking at the three of them, they all nodded their head in agreement.

"Oh well yes, but that's our good news. I just thought I'd come tell you not to make any plans, you pretty much aren't going to be able to do a whole lot of dancing with your baby's daddy here that night." He waitied for it.

"Don't tell her what she can or can't do Malfoy, Hermione can go with me if she wants too, and you're not going to stop her." Ron said angerily.

"Oh Weasely the things you don't know. Hermione can't just go with anyone to this ball, after all it's a big event. I am not telling her this to make her mad, I am telling her this so she doesn't look like an idiot when she can't go with you. Although, maybe I should let her look foolish, I am sure she's made someone feel used before, haven't you Hermione?" When she didn't respond he went on. "McGonagall feels that in this case Hermione going with soemeone else would be more appropriate. Since the two of you have well you know had sex, she doesn't want Hermione to be put in a situation where she'll be thinking about it." He smiled broader beacuase he knew what she was thinking. 'we slept together.'

"Well, whatever, if I can't go with Ronald, who is taking me to the ball?" Hermione prayed it wasn't someon she would want to kill. "It better not be some fourth year student. I can control my urges long enough." She snapped.

He laughed, "Oh don't be so silly Hermione. A fourth year, no not a fourth year. You're going to the ball with me." And with that he left her staring after him.

"WHAT?" Hermione was screaming she ran after him. She never heard the shouts from her freinds. When she got outside the great hall doors Draco was gone. Hermione ran to their common room knowing that is where he would most likely be. "I am going to kill him." It was more of a promise than an empty threat.

Back in their common room Draco was laughing so hard. 'The look on her face was priceless. She'll kill me of course for it, or try to kill me anyhow.' He sat down on his bed and just smiled to himself. "This is working out perfectly for my plan to work." He said to nobody. He stood up when he heard the potrait hole open. 'Boy she's fast when she's pissed.' He thought to himself, and he prepared himself for the fight ahead of them.


"Right on cue." he told himself and headed down stairs. Her back was turned when he got down there, she hadn't seen him enter the room. "Yes, you bellowed." Draco said.

"YOU HAVE A LOT OF ............." She stopped screaming she had finally turned around to see him in nothing bust boxers.

He laughed, "I've got a lot of what Granger?" Again the look on her face was pricelss. 'She's so cute when she looks like that. No stop you're mad at her, she ruined everything. We're making her pay for this Draco.' He told himself.

"Put your clothes on now, I don't want to have to look at you in boxers when I am yelling at you." When he didn't move she added, "well go."

"No, I don't think I will. I think you like what you see, and wish you could see me in less than boxers. At least thats what you wanted this afternoon when you let me make love to you. Now what did you want to talk, or in your case scream about?" He sat down on the couch and waited for her to talk. 'Weaseley might have gotten you knocked up, but by the end of this ball you'll want me to give you children, and I might think about giving you some. If you're half as lucky as you think you are. nobody uses me and gets away with, even if they are you.' Draco told himself firmly as he looked at her.

"I hate you." She said, sitting down in the chair across from him.

"Oh is that all? Well fine, since you're stunt this evening I hate you too then. There now we're even. See you at the dance, oh and you better be dressed like royalty because I won't been seen with you if you're looking like a mudblood. And yes, Granger, I will be seen with you. You're mine that night so get used to it, and if you don't believe me, go ask McGonagall yourself."

"I will not go with you, and you can't bully a teacher into agreeing with it. I didn't pull a stunt tonight, it had to be said. What happened between us....."

"Shut up if you know what's good for you. I thought that meant something to you. You are just a slut, that's all. After that night you can go sleep with as many damn bastards that will have you. I don't care. And I did not bully her into anything. I HAVE TO TAKE YOU. And stop moving like that, or I am going to fuck you right here and now, and then go tell your boyfreind all about it. Wouldn't you like that Granger? To be fucked like the slut you are? You have no right to talk to me about what happened between us. IT MEANT NOTHING TO ME, AND YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME, NOT ANYMORE. I will be your date, mark my words." He got up and headed for his room.

Hermione watched him go. She ran into her room, tears streaming down her face. "Oh what have I done? I am a slut again, he hates me, and why? Because I can't tell him the truth. This is why I can't tell him the truth, every time I think he's a nice guy he goes and blows up, and I WILL NOT RASIE MY BABY WITH A MAN THAT SCARES ME." She creid even harder into her pillow. "I think I love him sometimes, today when he made love to me, oh god he was so gentle, but then just now, he'd rape me if he thought he could get away with it. Now I have to go to a ball with him. What in the hell am I going to do?" Hermione sat in her room for hours crying. She wasn't sure when she fell asleep, but when she woke up it was clear to her that she would have to go see McGonagall. 'There is just no way she's making me go with him of all people.' She thought has she headed to the Headmistess's office.

Hermione walked into the office of the HeadMistress, not knowing she was in a meeting with someone already. "Professor, is anyone here, it's Hermione Granger. I've come to talk to you about the ball."

"I do not wish to have this conversation with you again," professor McGonagall was saying when Hermione finally notice someone in the room. "Oh Miss Granger I didn't see you come in." Hermione couldn't see anyone eles in the room with the two of them, it appeared to her that the professor was talking to herself.

"I didn't know you were busy, I can come back later if you'd like." Hermione turned to leave.

"It's okay Gran, I mean Hermione, I was just leaving anyhow." Pansy appeared in front of the chair in which she was sitting in. Pansy looked scared out of her mind. Hermione almost felt sorry for her.

"If you're sure..." Hermione started.

"She is sure. You'll do well to remember this conversation Miss Parkison. Good evening to you." She watched Pansy leave,"do have a seat, you look tired dear." The professor walked over to the fire place and sat down in front of it, Hermione followed.

"What's on your mind Hermione?"

Well," Hermione paused, she had never been called by her first name before. Not by a teacher anyhow, she suddenly felt all grown up. "Professor it's about the ball. You see, I think it's only right to be able to go with whom you want too. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, of course." McGonagall said.

At this Hermione almost protested, but then she realised what the teacher had said. "Oh, well good then. I'll tell Ron that I can go with him then." Hermione stood to leave.

"You aren't going with Mr. Weasley Hermione." Was all the professor said.

"What, why not professor?" Hermione was very confused now.

"Well, I thought that Mr. Malfoy would have informed you that you are to attend the Graduation Ball with him." McGonagall said, she was looking at Hermione like she didn't know who she was.

"Yes, he did. That's why I am here, I don't understand why I have to go with him. I hate him!" Hermione meant every word of it this time, she was done playing around with Draco. Hermione was near tears now.

"Dear," the professor said, a bit concerned inwhich the state Hermione was now in. "Please calm down you don't have to dance with Mr Malfoy all night I am sure he'll want to dance with other girls. It's just the first dance that I'd like you to dance with him in. You know to show that the two of you can and have put aside your differences." She paused again, letting the information sink in for Hermione. "Hermione, do you know why you're Head Girl?" She asked suddenly throwing Hermione into a talespin. "I take that as a no, please sit."

'Of all the questions she could have asked me that wasn't one of them.' Hermione thought to herself. "Well, because I am top of my class. I work hard at everything that I do, I am very responisible." 'What does this have to do with me going to the ball with Draco Malfoy?' Hermione wondered.

The HeadMistress smiled, she had been looking forward to having this conversation with Hermione for some time now. "Well, there is that too. We choose our Heads for many reasons, the ones inwhich you have spoken of are very true, but there are other reasons you were choosen head girl. If you would like to stay for a while, I'd like to tell you thoes reasons." When Hermione nodded the professor went on. "You were appointed Head Girl for a very important reason, and that reason is, we felt that you were the best girl to help change a certain Head Boy, ever so slightly. And it appears that you have done that very well." at this statement Hermione found herself blushing. "Tonight when you were up in front of the whole school and you let everyone in on your personal life that changed him, and you forever. Nobody in this postion has ever been able to be so open with their lives. Normally we have a head girl, and a head boy that like eachother, this year as you already know that didn't happen. At the risk of making this long and boring for you, every girl in here wants to be you. You're the brightest which in this school, and incase you haven't noticed Hermione, you've caught the eye, and snatched the heart of the guy every girl in this school wants. Oh, don't look so shocked, I know what all my students think of him, and have for years. Draco Malfoy is a man of many mysteries, and you are the only one who seems to be able to understand him. You're head girl for that reason, and the ones you mentioned. I simply thought it was a good idea to have the two of you go to the dance together to show that you two can get past your bad past and move on. You are getting ready to leave this school forever, and that may or may not scare you. But if you go out into the real world with these unresovled issues things can only get worse. The war is ever close upon us now, Harry has his mind on other things at the moment, and now that you're going to be having a baby you need everyone that you can get to rally around you. I simply thought....."

"You thought that Malfoy could help me? Some of what you say makes sense, but I once thought I could get him to open up to me. But not anymore professor. Things will never change between us, nor with Harry or Ron, they will never except him even if by chance he decided to change. I am sorry but I can't promise you anything." Hermione was floored to say the least, she never thought the professor would know what kind of man Malfoy was, nor what girls thought about him. She was wrong on both counts.

"Thank you for telling me how you feel, but please I have something more to say. Draco Malfoy isn't that bad. Having the two of you work together this year has shown me that although he is still mean to some people you have softened him in many areas. Together you have brought these houses closer than they have been in years. Things are forever chaning, as you are. Forgive the pun, but you are changing more than most now adays. If you think about it, one dance isn't the end of the world. Please understand." She added, "Professor Dumbledore would have been very proud of the two of you and all you've accomplished." The two of them both looked at his potrait.

Hermione didnt want to admit that they had formed house unity in the school, but she knew that they had, and in knowing this she had no choice. "I understand professor, I will go to the dance with Mal, I mean Draco."

"Thank you Hermione, this means a lot to me. Oh, and please talk to him, he isn't that bad really. So please talk to him, and listen to him. I think you'll be surprised at what you find out. Just you know work your problems out." Minerva said.

"What problems professor?" Hermione asked.

"You know. Hermione one day you might need him. Do you really want to have bad blood between you?" She asked, staring at Hermione a twinkle was in her eye.

Hermione looked mortified, "I will never need Malfoy, Never!" She was angry that she would even suggest something so, well stupid.

"Aww, you might not ever need his help like you say. That is very possible Hermione, but what if your child ever needs him, what then?" The head mistress waited again for the turth to sink in.

"M-y m---y child might n--e-ed him? You, no you're just guessing, how do you know that this baby is.... h-i-s?" Hermione wanted to faint, if she knew what's to say Draco didn't already know himself? She felt a panic attack coming on.

"Calm down Hermione. I have my ways, and before you get worked up, nobody eles knows. The important thing is that you try to find common ground to stand on where Mr. Malfoy is concerned. I will not tell you that you should tell him the truth, it seems you have good reason not too. But at the same time, if you leave this school hating him and you should one day find your child needing him what will happen if you're enemies?" There was a brief pause while Hermione thought about her words. "He isn't working against us, not really. If he had a reason to change there's no telling what good could come of it, I believe that boy has a whole lot of good inside of him, he just doens't know how to let it out."

"What makes you think he's changed?" Hermione had just left him after he was rude to her, and made her feel unsafe, what did this woman see in him that she, the mother of his child couldn't see?

"I didn't say he's changed, I simply said he 'Could' change. Besides that, I, like your recent headmaster of this school believe there is good in everyone if someone believes in them. That boy has had a hard life, that's not an excuse but it's a good reason he is the way he is now." McGongall stood there, silent for a long time.

Hermione felt a tear fall from her eye, "Even if that's true, he, Draco is the one who got Dumbledore killed, if it wasn't for him he'd still be here with us." For the first time since she found out she was going to have a baby she reaslised this very fact. 'Draco was responsible for Dumbledore's death, a man like that was capable of just about anything. What kind of life would that be for me, for our baby?' She was thinking about this when she heard Menriva started speaking to her again.

"I can't say that I am happy about that. Dumbledore knew what was coming Hermione, some might say he needed to die so that we could win this war. Draco Malfoy didn't commite that crime, if he's guilty for anything it's wanting to stay alive. Voldermort, he is evil, this you already know, but to stand in front of him, as I am sure Mr. Malfoy had to do and out-right defy him? What would you have done? Think hard about that, before you single him out accuse him of crimes he had no control over and kill any chance you might have to set things right with him. Everyone can change, sleep well Hermione. I gather you are still going to go with him, am I correct?" She asked at the door to her office.

"Yes, I will be going with him. Goodnight Professor." Hermione left the office but instead of heading to her room she went to the astonamy tower. She needed to be alone, if anything McGonagall had given Hermione a lot to think about. 'Is he really capable of change? I just don't know, and is she right, will I one day need Malfoy? No. It's not possible. Or is it?" She thought to herself.

A/N: I really liked writing this chapter. hermione is faced with the possiblity that her feelings for Draco might be okay to have after all. She has decided to go to the ball with him, but for one reason only. To find out once and for all if he can be who she needs him to be. Anyone see a problem with this idea????????? Of course, it's Malfoy, and he's still ticked off at her. He's got his own plans for that big night. I thought this story was almost done, but I dont' think I want to end it just yet. Hope you all like this chapter, I am working on the next one.


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