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Good-Bye by Fuego
Chapter 4 : Dreamless Sleep
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Disclaimer- IT'S JKR'S NOT MINE!!!!!!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????
The trio, Lupin, and the rest of the mourners slid back into the cars. They drove for about twenty minutes before they pulled into an abandoned house. There everyone would take porkeys, get their brooms, disapperate, or use floo powder to get back home. The Weasley's, Harry, Hermione, and Lupin were taking a portkey to get to Grimmauld Place. Before they left, Molly asked Ginny, Ron, and Hermione to come over here while Harry talked to Remus.

"Okay kids listen up. Harry isn't going to be the happiest camper right now. He just lost Sirius and it's really hurting him. Try not to mention Sirius for a while. Let him talk to you. Ginny, give Harry, Hermione, and Ron some time alone, just the three of them. I know you're close, but I think he might feel more comfortable talking to them rather than you. No offence Ginny. It's just, the best place to be is with his friends," replied Mrs. Weasley.

"I understand, Mum."

"Good. Ron, Hermione go work your magic. Go talk to Harry."

Ron and Hermione nodded.

They walked over to Harry where he was sitting on the floor, looking depressed.

"Hey," started Hermione.

Harry just smiled.

"You okay?" asked Ron.

Hermione looked at him like he asked Bellatrix Lastrange if she wanted to be turned in to the Aurors.

"I'm fine," replied a depressed Harry.

"Harry James Potter! I know for a fact that you are not fine. In fact, I know that you are still mourning him and it's okay, you can pose for Lupin and the Order and tell them that your fine, but its us, its your best friends, you don't have to lie and say your fine when you really aren't. It's okay to cry and breakdown and stuff. It's expected. Harry, if I was you, I'd be sitting there leaning on Ron and I bawling my eyes out, and then Ron and I would say, 'Shh....It's okay. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright now.' "

Hermione looked at Ron as if to tell him to say something.

"Er... yeah... what Hermione said mate," replied Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes. Idiot she thought.

Harry closed his eyes, processing what Ron and Hermione said. It's okay to cry, It's okay to breakdown. It's okay...It's okay...

He looked at them, not saying a word. The silent tears slid down his cheeks. The tears started having a race, which one could slide down the fastest. Harry moved closer to them, and then cried in Hermione's shoulder, just like at the wake. Ron, awkardly, pat his best friends back.

Mrs. Weasky and Remus, watched from afar as Ron and Hermione comforted Harry. They smiled and Remus walked over to them, handed them an old boot and the disapperated to Grimmauld Place. The trio touched the portkey and felt a tug at thier navels and were sent to the last place Harry wanted to be.

When they arrived, Ron landed gracefully on his feet, while the other to...didn't. Harry crashed onto the floor, violently hitting his head and rewarding him with a throbbing headache. Just as he was starting to get up, Hermione crashed on top of him, making him rehit his head and making his headache twice as bad. Ron rushed over to help Hermione up and she extended her hand to Harry, who graciouly took it. Remus, hearing the crashes, raced into the living room, only to find the trio in there, he snickered, then left.

Harry sigh as he looked around the house. He really didn't want to be here. He really didn't. But he had to. Hermione and Ron gave him the looks he recieved at the abandoned house. He tried to put on a brave face, but he couldn't and ended up leaning on Ron, crying. Ron patted his back and led him and Hermione upstairs to talk. Once safely inside the bedroom they shared the summer before, Ron closed the door. Harry walked silently over to his bed and collasped on it. Hermione gave him his space and sat on Ron's bed.

"So..." began Ron.

Hermione looked at Harry. Her best friend was pale and unnaturally thin. There were deep purple bags under his eyes. He looked like he hadn't eaten or slept in months. It had only been a few weeks but it looked longer. Just as Hermione was about to say something, Mrs. Weasley barged into the room.

"Hermione dear, will you help me with these soups?'' she asked kindly.

Hermione nodded and fallowed Mrs. Weasley.

"Alright dear the blue one, this one, I'm putting a sleeping drought in it. Heavens knows that boy could use a good nights rest. Okay blue is Harry's, yours is red, and Ron's is orange. We need to make sure Harry gets the blue bowl. Let me add the potion..."

Mrs. Weasley took out a small vile of silvery potion. Hermione reconized it as a sleeping drought. Mrs. Weasley poured the contents into the blue bowl of soup and then handed it to Hermione. They walked into the bedroom.

"I know it's been a long, hard day, so I'm letting you have some soup up here, Ron here's yours...Harry, yes Hermione has yours. Hermione there you go...Dig in!"

Harry looked at his bowl of soup. He was debating whether or not to eat it. Apparently hunger won and he bagan to eat the soup. Hermione notcied that Harry seemed very tired all of the sudden. He gazed at Hermione.

"A sleeping drought very clever," he replied. He walked over to his trunk and Hermione looked away as he changed into comfortable clothes. He snuggled under his covers, took off his glasses, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Ron looked at his best mate for a few minutes. He turned to Hermione and said, "It's about time he gotta good nights sleep. He hasn't slept well in almost a year."

A/N- Next chapter is the last... :,(

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