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The Muggle Way by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 10 : ~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~
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A/N: Whooooo! Just read please, before you all kill me! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I was finishing another story and coursework related stress was building up on my like a ten-foot story building! Enjoy!


~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~


I am falling for Devlin at this point in my life and I’m not afraid to write this down, otherwise it would just be plain wrong to not mention it, seen as it’s not false.

And the reason I’m saying this now is before my sisters finally come and begin to continue reading this story. At the moment they’re working in various jobs, while I’m beginning to explore the area of professional journalism.

This detention is nothing to be scared of, I know that in my mind, but in my heart I feel petrified, and only Devlin knows how it feels to be in this kind of situation… but to me, I feel like he’s taking this blow to the knees.

What I mean is, is that he is taking the detention too seriously. He wants to prove to his father that he’s not someone who is nothing and worthless in this moment in time, and I feel like he’s out to get somewhere…

On the morning of Friday, the day of which I was to attend a detention with the Headmaster and his son, it could not have come at a worse time.

Kenny realised that I had been spending more time with her future husband than she was, and had taken a cold shoulder towards me. It didn’t seem to be too harsh, for I was not helping her with homework, but it did seem foolish.

Everyone else seemed fine with the detention. This was how Todd put it: “Someone has to deserve a detention so early on in the year, just happens to be you guys!”

This was followed by a brutal discussion from Madison who delivered bashings around Todd’s head with her books for being so hurtful towards the whole situation.

Sirius and Eleora seemed more supportive about it. Eleora; who had always been left behind at school to receive punishments, believed it was unfair for me to sit in solitary confinement for something that someone else started. Sirius; who had suffered under the wrath of Potter, said that Halden will be beaten into smithereens when it came to the first Quidditch match of the season.

Devlin did seem happier at having the prospect of beating Halden sportingly rather than spur-of-the-moment, but it didn’t make him happier of having Quidditch taken away from him if he was involved in any other scuffle.

Halden; on the other hand and of whom escaped Hospital treatment from his father’s potion brewery, seemed delighted at having put Devlin under his father’s watchful eye once more and at more dreadful circumstances.

The Slytherin didn’t seem to mind the fact that he could carry on tormenting Devlin wherever possible, including Potion classes where he would throw paper balls across the room and hit Devlin on the head, laughing mirthlessly also.

My feelings weren’t treat with care. I had sat up crying throughout the entire week, thinking about what lay in store for me. I felt as though my whole chance of finding out who my father was had come crashing down at my feet. I knew I shouldn’t have come to Hogwarts, for know it was a total waste of time. I felt guilty for getting Devlin into trouble, and I just wanted to go home.

“April! Wake up! April!” I jumped up in my seat, my ears alert to my surrounding and my posture straight and just poised in thought. I had; once again, fallen asleep in one of my lessons.

“Are you OK? Do you need to visit the Hospital Wing?” Professor Granger’s voice was speaking gently to me, as though her comforting nature was an Angel of some sort. I had never believed in Angels and it made me sick.

I shook my head and placed the shaking object of my being back upon my books and let the silent tear roll down my cheek.

I saw Kenny stare at me with worry, but when she caught my eye she turned back to face the blackboard to take the notes in quiet frustration. Todd looked at me with sympathy but Devlin had the most support. He placed his hand over mine which was flailing beside me, and squeezed it tightly.

At the end of the class, I felt so irritable that I left my things behind and ran for the door. But the door was slammed shut to stop my escape. “Miss Delacour… stay behind please?” Professor Granger called to me.

My feet stopped n my haste, but my tears carried on running. Everyone else walked passed me, whispering to their friends as though I was some amusement. I even saw Halden stare at me, but what was his emotion behind those cold, cruel eyes?

I fell into my seat and stared in front of me. Professor Granger brought a chair and sat in front of me and observed me closely… she was thinking the same thing as everyone else, how pathetic can you get?

“You must be thinking that I’m thinking that you’re pathetic? Well you’re wrong, I don’t think you’re pathetic, April. You’re just muddled up and…” she stopped and then took my hands in hers. “There’s more to Hogwarts than detentions and learning magic, you just haven’t realised it yet!”

She smiled down at me, and then I understood what she meant. I nodded and wiped away my tears and picked up my belongings and then I left the room, more aware of everything going around me than I was before.

The rest of the day flew by in my eyes and I also got a lot of work done. In History of Magic, Eleora and Madison were stunned by my quick writing that I happily did their notes for them, which made Kenny sulk slightly.

Devlin and Todd were bemused by my actions towards work, that even Sirius was opened mouthed. I did offer to do their notes for them as well, but they reluctantly refused my help.

By the time dinner was over, I felt slightly deflated. My realisation from Professor Granger had worn off moments ago and now I felt depressed once more… oh well, at least I can look forward to detention, I thought glumly.

“Are you ready?” Devlin asked of me as he stood up from the dinner table, looking down at me with nerves etched into his pale complexion. I nodded and then walked out of the Great Hall, following him to his father’s office.

“Coconut Mothballs,” Devlin said to the gargoyle guarding the spiralling stairway leading up to the Headmaster’s office. “I don’t know why my dad placed that as the password…” Devlin muttered as we walked up the stairs. I stared at him when we reached the office door, Devlin sighed. “He knows I’m allergic to coconut!”

I smiled sympathetically and he knocked on the door with a shaky hand. “Come in!” Potter shouted from within and with a sigh, Devlin pushed open the door and I followed him in with my head held low.

“Sit, both of you,” Potter ordered of us. Devlin and I both sat down in straight-backed chairs which were rather uncomfortable, but I suppose the whole atmosphere in the room was intense. No one was speaking and all the Headmaster was doing was observing us over his hands as he sat opposite us.

“You both know why you are here, do you not?” Potter asked, his eyes now looking down at his palms as though he were reading a script from behind them.

“Yes sir,” I answered quietly, Devlin; however, didn’t answer, and tried to keep his mind occupied on anything else other than his father. His eyes looked around the office, and through the windows to gaze upon the starry sky.

“Very well. Your punishment you will be doing is listening to me ramble on about something that has popped up recently in the Ministry… yes, something very boring you might say, but it isn’t actually,” Potter chuckled lightly then began to pace his office.

“What is it that you are going to be talking about, sir?” I asked purposefully, hoping to not catch an angry glance off Devlin as I was socialising with his father, but the Ministry had caught my attention.

“The prophecy, miss Delacour.” He had answered me with so much simplicity that it made me choke on air, even Devlin was on the edge of his seat. And he had said it in a way that I thought he actually wanted Devlin and me to know.

“The thing is, I now know you’re definitely involved, April, also along with your sisters. It has come to my knowledge that you need protection and I was hoping that Devlin would be able to be somewhat of a boy guard for you and your sisters…”

“With all due respect, sir, I don’t think it’s fair on Devlin. If he’s supposed to be watching out for me and my sisters, don’t you think it’s putting his life in jeopardy?” I felt concerned for the placement of which Devlin now had to put up with… I had lost a bit of respect for Potter here.

“I understand how you feel about this, but it won’t be just my son who is put into your “entourage” so to say. According to their fathers; one of whom I’m very good friends with, says that their sons will be privileged to be doing something important in their lives,” Potter said ingeniously. I couldn’t believe he was doing this; he was using his own son for my own bloody protection.

“So Sirius Black and Todd Weasley are part of the protection scheme then, father?” Devlin spoke up shyly. I didn’t know why he had asked this, it had been pretty obvious that they were being really protective around my sisters and me as well.

Potter nodded happily. “It seems that their fathers are up for them to be “bodyguards” around people who need all the protection they can get.”

“Are you saying that Severus Snape isn’t in on the act of trying to kill the four girls?” Devlin sounded shocked, but I felt nauseous as he had mentioned the word kill, followed by the motion of my family.

“That is correct,” Potter answered simply. He sat back down in his chair and frowned in the direction of the ceiling, either thinking or trying not to look at either of us. “You must remember not to tell anyone else about this detention?”

“Why is that, sir?” I asked purposefully. “Why can’t we tell the guys that they’re now mine and my sisters’ personal security posse? Why can’t they know that they have to protect me… why do they have to protect me?”

He looked down from the ceiling and gazed at me quizzically, which made me look straight back at him and I noticed that his eyes were glistening with a thin lining of water. Was he upset that I’m so paranoid about this prophecy? Was he upset with me because I do not understand a word he is saying?

“The battle has been done,
And the light side won,
Someone pulled the trigger on a gun,
And killed an innocent one.
Four children were born,
With powers strongly torn.
But they will now have to come to light,
And do what is right.
Their army of brave soldiers will help them in this task,
But in the four; an understanding has been asked.
A turn in time will solve everything,
In this quest; something is gained in a game of nothing.
As the one saves the life of another,
She will die at the gun’s loud trigger.”

Professor Potter has said it with utter remorse that he looked as though he was about to retch after he had said it, just while me and Devlin stared at each other, confused beyond belief.

Harry (I will begin to use his proper name as of now; he tends to not be a Professor in some circumstances, such as these), sat down and held his head with his hands and muttered, “It’s the worst prophecy I have heard in all my life… its really barbaric!”

“Sir… father, what does it actually mean? April and I are totally lost when you mentioned that someone has to die,” Devlin spoke up quizzically, and for once, Harry smiled at his son and wiped a tear from his electric-green eyes.

“Don’t speak about death with no control of the circumstances! To be quite honest, I don’t understand the prophecy’s fell concept and meaning yet, so in time, I will tell you both,” Harry answered back, smiling guiltily.

“That’s it?! You mean to say that we came on this detention to hear a prophecy and then get told that it has no meaning beside it?” Devlin roared in anger, slamming his fist upon the desk.

“Not exactly…” Harry clicked his fingers in an echoing and slightly menacing tone and then stood up once more. “I want to talk to April alone, while you,” he gestured at Devlin, “will be placing these books back upon my shelves in alphabetical order.”

Devlin looked down upon the desk and noticed three open books waiting to be re-shelved. He laughed and thought dreamily of how simple his task was.

“C’mon April… we’ll talk upstairs.” He began to climb the golden-railed staircase and I quickly followed. We reached the landing and he positioned a chair to the right so I could sit, then he leant over the banister.

“Mind you put those other books away, Devlin, there’s some heavy ones there,” he chuckled as he turned away from the banister. I peered through the railings and saw Devlin stare with utter remorse at the 10-tall piles of hard-back volumes he had to put back. He grunted and then got to work while I sat and felt sorry for him.

Harry began to stoke a fire which burned brightly, and then picked up a pot from off the mantel piece and threw some powder into the grate, which made the flames turn a dazzling emerald green.

He placed his head close to the flames and whispered something then spoke up loudly so I could hear what he was saying. “Severus… we need to talk,” and then he pulled away from the fire.

Through the black flames came a swirling figure dressed in a black, billowing cloak. His lank, greasy hair covered one of his dark, hollow eyes and his shallow skin was a hindrance to his pale complexion. He shook Harry’s hand then dusted himself free of soot then stared straight at me, a sneer curling his lips.

“Take a seat, Severus,” Harry conjured up a chair and Severus sat down, unable to take his eyes off me while doing so, so I looked away with a deep, running frown. Pervert, I thought.

“Well, what do you want me for, Potter…? I haven’t got all night,” Severus spoke up in a snickering deep voice, but his grin was highly recognisable, but from where?

“Devlin and Miss Delacour have been informed about the prophecy,” Harry began to inform, Severus scowled in concentration and then took his eyes off me. “They have been told about security measures, but you need to tell them the rest.”

Severus looked down at me and I stared back at him. I gulped nervously and then I looked away from him and through the banisters instead for a sign for Devlin.

“I understand where the girl is coming from, Potter,” Severus spoke up shallowly. I looked around and saw him with his arms cross and in deep concentration. Harry was listening with a frown across his head, creasing his lightning-bolt scar. “Devlin should be up here too,” Severus concluded.

Harry shook his head then leant over the banisters and called for Devlin to come up. He came racing up and stood beside me; he then looked up and scowled angrily. “You?!” He spat venomously.

Severus glared down at him then smirked wickedly. “You’re clever aren’t you? Now, let me begin.” He pulled up a chair and sat down, while Devlin remained standing and Harry watched over us quietly to one corner.

“Now, I realise that both of you have learnt of the prophecy and of its circumstances, have you not?” Severus asked as he clicked his fingers and observed us from over his linked, bony fingers.

I nodded and smiled politely; a sure and positive way to show my respect for the sinister man. Devlin remained standing and began to question him. “Yes, but I still don’t understand. What are the consequences if it is not fulfilled or has been doomed to fail?”

“Well, you would be the one who wouldn’t understand, Potter Junior… it’s in your blood!” He chuckled with malice and Devlin looked defeated as he eventually sat down next to me.

I looked over at Harry who clicked his teeth in an annoying way to show that he didn’t respect Severus’ insult as not only did it refer to his son, but to him as well. It hurt him to be tormented, so if things are passed on through blood, then I can’t imagine how Devlin must be feeling.

“But your blood is noble, Potter.” Severus’ compliment made Devlin look up and he was shocked to find a smile playing across the man’s lips; even Harry was smiling, but I think it was sardonically placed there.

“The prophecy at the moment is just in writing, but it will unfold into a story. Everywhere we go we’re living in a story; a twisted tale with an undeniable sense of foreboding as to what may happen next… that is why I’m here,” Severus explained and picked up a quill and a piece of parchment and began to write upon it.

Devlin tried to peer over the black-cloaked man’s bony fingers to see what he was writing, but Severus kept his inscriptive covered. Even I couldn’t help but wish to know what he was writing.

“Now, this is a timetable for you two and some other people, but I’ll let you gather them for our first meeting next Saturday…”

“Next Saturday? That’s Quidditch practice! What meeting? Can’t you reschedule?!” Devlin screamed desperately. Severus glared down at him but then turned to look at Harry who just shrugged his shoulders. Between the reader and myself, I felt that whatever this meeting was, it had to be more important than flying on a broom all afternoon.

“Fine, make it Sunday then. But if any of them slack off, they’ll regret that they ever met me!” Severus snarled and then handed me the timetable. I looked down at it, nodded, and then I placed it in my pocket.

“What are the meetings about, sir?” Devlin asked in a sickening, but polite tone of voice. I could tell he had a certain dislike for Severus but I didn’t know why.

“They’re about the prophecy and you will need training in spells that even your father couldn’t handle through his NEWT examinations. Of course, I’m just joking as look at where your father is now,” Severus smiled an unconvincing smile, but Harry just waved off the so-called compliment.

“But, sir… if you’re wanting to get hold of the other people involved in this, wouldn’t that be kind of like jeopardy seen as they don’t know anything about it?” I asked, feeling nervous of what Kenny, Madison and Eleora would think if I bounced into the Great Hall, screaming about a prophecy that will kill someone off.

“I know it will be tricky, April, but they have to understand. And you’re not the only one who has to help you through this, isn’t that right, Devlin?” Harry raised an eyebrow at his son, who nodded insolently.

“But I still don’t understand what the prophecy is about? I’m totally lost and confused here!” I complained, but it only made the adults whisper rudely to one another.

“You will learn in time, Miss Delacour. But for now, just rest that troubled mind of yours and I will see you next week.” Severus smiled evilly and then moved next to the fireplace and grabbed some of the powder from the pot. “Goodnight, Harry,” and then he stepped in to the emerald flames and vanished.

Devlin and I pondered in our heads and wondered things that weren’t the same. I thought that Devlin was thinking that Severus was a twat (A/N: Ha! Remember Michelle! Ha! LoL!) for thinking of this punishment of extracurricular activities. I, on the other hand, thought it was a good idea to prepare ourselves for our upside-down future.

“Both of you may leave now. But it may do well to remember to not miss the meeting with Severus… he has a tricky mind when it comes to punishment,” Harry informed then lead us back downstairs.

He opened the door for us and we stepped outside but turned around to see Harry looking at us, or over us for I knew he was looking out for Devlin and me and for my sisters and the other guys. “Goodnight, Professor,” I said politely.

“Goodnight, April,” he answered back then closed the door and Devlin and I began to walk down the stairs, but the door reopened behind us and we turned back round. “It does not do to dwell on dreams… remember that for future guidance. Goodnight, once again,” and then he disappeared again.

“What did your father mean when he said “it does not do to dwell on dreams…”?” I asked Devlin nervously, again hoping to not receive a glance that had forbidden me to ask such a stupid question.

Devlin sighed but he didn’t stop walking but he began to explain as we trudged through the darkened corridors. “It’s just one of his phrases that he always says… it means something though…”

I nodded in an understanding way and the way back to the Gryffindor common room was as silent as the night outside, apart from the distant hooting of owls. When we reached the common room, Kenny and Todd were already at out necks with questions.

“So, what did Potter make you do? Was it hard and painful, or was it easy as pie? Mmmmm pie!” Todd asked but then put on a face which described his hunger as desperate as he licked his face.

“It was OK,” Devlin answered, but Kenny and Todd were not at all convinced, so Devlin explained further. “He made me stack books and that was it… seriously, it wasn’t at all that bad!”

“Right, so April, what did he make you do then?” Kenny crossed her arms and stared right at me and hoped for a better explanation but I just stood in silence, for I didn’t want to explain. Devlin nudged me, but I didn’t open my mouth to speak.

“I didn’t do anything,” I replied in a subtle tone. I looked across at Devlin who shook his head then headed upstairs to the boys’ dormitory. Todd shrugged his shoulders and followed him up.

“Please tell me what happened? Eleora and Madison were here earlier and they were really worried about you.” Kenny looked really shaken up as though her worry and pity for me might make me spill the beans about the topic of conversation of this evening.

“Nothing happened, I’m telling you the truth!” I shouted out loud, but my guilty conscience was ripping at my heart, especially since that Kenny had mentioned Madison and Eleora being worried about me.

I couldn’t face the fact that I had to tell my sisters about a prophecy. I knew Devlin would tell the lads in the morning, but my sisters weren’t used to the magic around us… I hated feeling uncomfortable around the people I loved.

Kenny sighed and then began to walk away from me and up to the girls’ dormitories. “I’m being serious, Kenny… nothing interested happened tonight!”

“How can I know that for sure? You were with Devlin all night, surely something must have gone on! You weren’t just on detention, I know that for a fact. Don’t give me that look, April! I know you like him! So don’t give me the “nothing happened” excuse… I know fine well that something interested happened tonight!” And then she ran up the stairs, unable to look at me in the eyes for a sign of truth…

That was the first time that I had ever fallen out with one of my sisters and it hurt me badly. I felt so alone that night that I couldn’t even go upstairs to bed. I stayed up all night, just thinking.

I had obviously changed so much during this escapade to this magical school that I felt like I had lost what was closest to me… my family. They were the only people who I could rely on, the only people I could confide in, and I knew straight away that Kenny had lost all faith in me.

I felt alone in the world, and it made me realise what a fool I was. Of course I needed to tell them about the prophecy… it was important! But how could I tell them without bursting into tears?


A/N: Please review, and again I‘m sorry for the long wait… and I don’t know when the next chapter will be up. Just bear with me!


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The Muggle Way: ~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~


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