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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 10 : September 20, 1982
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Disclaimer: I own the OCs. No one else.

Jasmine woke at 8:42, exactly the same time as when she was at school. Instinctively, she rolled off her stomach and onto her back, then faced right to see which of the Marauders were up and which were in for a rude awakening. Of all the secrets they had managed to keep from Dumbledore, one was the fact that every year, including first, Jasmine would always kick Ryan McLyion, the other Gryffindor boy in the Marauder's year, out of his own dorm so she could sleep in the boy's dorm without causing the need for bedmates, in their dorm, at least.

Jasmine opened her eyes and groaned, everything that had happened came flooding back into her memory; but Hogwarts was her sanctuary, it shielded her from the life she had grown to hate.

Not much had actually changed since her time, except some teaching positions, (apparently DADA teachers still came and went regularly) and that Voldemort was no longer a growing threat. Professor McGonagall was still teaching Transfiguration, so Jasmine spent most of her time in that classroom when she was teaching, adding random comments to McGonagall's lectures. So in reality, she spent most of her time in Dumbledore's office. Even now, at twenty-three, she was still getting sent there.


Jasmine's entire day passed as a blur. She wasn't nervous, being in front of people never bothered her, but she never knew Monday's could go so fast if you weren't listening to Binn's droning voice, or rather, falling asleep at the sound of it.

Jasmine entered her classroom ninety minutes before the bell. She magically arranged the room so that when she was standing behind her desk to address the class, the blackboard was on her left, as was the door. She wasn't expecting more than fifteen students - with her history even that number was high - so she arranged fifteen desks in three rows, five per row, in the front half of the classroom; the back would be used for practice. On the shelves to the right of her desk, she put her knife, and a sword, a bow and arrows, shield, spear, and axe for herself to use.

On the back shelves, she set up fifteen of each the items in the front and going to use the empty space for 'practice'. She didn't know why, but she had always found old Muggle defenses - not modern guns or weapons to the like - more fun than wizard dueling, and she loved dueling. But then again, she figured it was because she grew up in the 'Ancient and Most Noble House of Black' so anything Muggle was forbidden. That sparked her interest and knowledge of Muggles.

Jasmine looked around her room - it was very bare. She looked at her watch and noticed she had about three minutes left.

"Decoration will have to wait. I'll take nothing under Marauder standards, and without Padfoot and Prongs, that could take a while," she said to herself.

The bell rang. Five minutes later, eight students had entered the classroom; three Gryffindors, one sixth year and two first, two Hufflepuff fourth years, and three Ravenclaw third years. The first years looked scared outta their wits, the sixth year looked like a mutual loner, the fourth years seemed to be dangers to themselves, and the third years would have reminded her of the Marauders, had the Marauders been worthless morons and extremely stupid. The seemingly idiot third years looked like this class was something stupid and that they only came to say that they did.

Jasmine waited for five more minutes before taking away the back row of desks and one from each the two remaining rows with a flick of her wand, as well as the extra weapons. The third years were examining the ones that stayed.

"Sit down," she told everyone. The first years sat in seats closest to the door, the fourth years halfway between the windows and door in the second row, the sixth year sat in front of her desk, and the third years didn't move from the back.

"We got a long way to go," Jasmine muttered to herself.

Jasmine walked up behind the third years. The sixth year turned around to watch, the first years were too terrified to move, and the fourth years looked clueless at what to do. Jasmine leaned over to be level with the third years' ears - which wasn't all that far as she was probably shorter than the sixth year, who was actually on the tall side - and hollered, "ARE-YOU-DEAF?!" in loud, clear syllables. Everyone jumped. They hadn't expected her to yell, and especially not so loud.

The third years turned around after getting their skin back on. (A/N: not literally) The one who seemed to be their leader said, "NO!"


"BECAUSE YOU ARE!" Even at the top of his lungs, the third year's voice was no where near as loud as Jasmine's.

Jasmine's voice became deathly quiet. "I don't appreciate cheek, unless I give it. You yell once more, and you will have detention with me. I can guarantee you will hate your life."


Jasmine found herself beginning to enjoy this. She would be able to take everything she had felt out on, and during, this class, though she did figure these three were only here because McGonagall wanted to show her what trouble-makers were really like to try and handle.

"Detention, every night this week. Only you'll serve tonight's on Saturday, all morning. Now sit down, or it will be a month."

The third year looked shocked. Apparently, he had never been placed in a situation quite like the one Jasmine had just placed him in.

"But-but I ha-have detention with S-Sn-Snape tomorrow," he said, probably trying a sympathy act, but then again maybe not, missing a detention from Snape was sure to result in hell.

"Well, Snape and I have a certain, uh, 'understanding'. You would much rather miss his detention than mine. Now, would you care to take a seat? You - detention kid - can sit in the front."

Everyone finally sat down in their seats and Jasmine sat on her desk. "Everyone, take out a quill and piece of parchment. Write your name, I need a roster."

A first year raised her hand.


"House and year, too, Professor?"

"Nope. And I'm just 'Miss Black', not 'Professor'." She was grateful the first year, at least, had some manners.

As everyone wrote his or her name down, they gasped. What they wrote had appeared on the board. Jasmine looked at the board and grinned in her usual mischievous way; every teacher knew that grin.

"So, Mr. Roppanue, you think this class is 'a stupid waste of time taught by some crazy braud'? Saturday, all day. Oh, and twenty points from Ravenclaw."

"How do you know I'm in Ravenclaw?" Roppanue demanded since he wasn't wearing any identifying articles of clothing.

"You mean besides the fact that with your last statement you basically just told me? Because I just do. Wanna go for fifty?"

The third year, Roppanue, sat down. Jasmine knew he would. She was a Marauder, and she most certainly knew how to deal with this joker, he could barely even tell left from right!

"Now, all y'all need to know is that this class will be graded like all the others, only there will be no O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s." She spent the remainder of the ninety minutes telling the class the rules. No one tried to interrupt or complain after the episode with Roppanue, didn't want to push their luck, no doubt. They all behaved.


When everyone had left, Jasmine took down the names from the board:

Steven Doxer--Gryffindor 6th year
Brittany Twoitt--Hufflepuff 4th year
Lauren Wither--Hufflepuff 4th year
Alec Roppanue--Ravenclaw 3rd year
Josh Imphel--Ravenclaw 3rd year
Patrick Affle--Ravenclaw 3rd year
Annie Lasque--Gryffindor 1st year
Nancy Talse--Gryffindor 1st year

"This is going to be some year," she told herself.

"You think so?"

Jasmine didn't even look up from her current task of assigning student to 'Muggle device'. "Hello, Minnie."



"How is it going?" McGonagall asked.

"You sent the little nuke survivors here, didn't you?" Jasmine said with a slight grin.

McGonagall let out a small chuckle. "Yes, I thought you'd find then to be a nice touch."

"I did, actually."

"Oh, really?" McGonagall seemed doubtful. "Every couple of years or so some new group comes in and tries to create trouble and reck havoc since the Marauders' time. I believe your classmates are passing down your legacy."

Jasmine laughed out loud. "They are not Marauder successors. Believe me, I'll know 'em when I meet 'em. Those three are just stupid. I almost feel sorry for them. Do you have any idea what would've happened to them if they were in the Marauders' era?"

"No, what?"

"We would've dunked them lower than dirt. They would not be half the problem you think they are. But since they're idiotic kids, I'll go easy on them."

McGonagall chuckled. "Teaching them discipline, are you, Miss Black?"

"Yes, ma'am. They'll be spelling it in their sleep."

"Oh I hope so. They certainly seem to need it."

"Yes, well, Professor, I'm off to dinner. You going there too?"

"Yes, I think I will be."

Jasmine and McGonagall left the classroom and headed for the Great Hall. Jasmine had always been close to McGonagall and thought it was nice she could finally 'prank', even if it was minimal, and have someone - i.e. a Professor - who would at least find it amusing.

A/N: Thanks, Saffron Taeu, for all your reviews!

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To Lose It All: September 20, 1982


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