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He noticed by iviera_vangelisti
Chapter 1 : He noticed...
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DISCLAIMER: i own is cruel.
"He won’t notice you know.” The boy stated quietly as he walked down the bustling corridor. The girl next to him blinked.

“Yes he will. I know it.” She breathed

“No, he won’t. He never does.” he looked at her now, his hands itching to tuck away the stray strands of hair that framed her soft face.

“He will.” She reassured him, “If not today then tomorrow.”

“It’s always bloody tomorrow with him!” This girl was dreaming of the impossible.

“Blaise,” she hissed quietly, “I know you couldn’t even begin to understand what I’m about to say but here goes: I made love to him, that doesn’t just go away.”

He shook his head, rolling his eyes, “You had sex. That’s very different.
“What are you saying exactly?” she growled.

They had reached the common room by then and were standing at the intersection between the boy and girl dormitories.

“I’m saying,” he closed his eyes, nervous for her reaction, “I’m saying that I notice Pansy. I notice you for you, and not just as another notch I need to add to my bedpost. Isn’t that enough?”

“Blaise, I-I-I can’t.” she stated lamely. “I can’t just forget about him like that. We have something. I can feel it. He’ll come ‘round eventually and I’m not going to miss that!”

Blaise snorted, “Merlin Pansy! I’ll never be good enough for you will I?” his emerald eyes narrowed, “Fine. I give up. Just go run off to your precious Draco then.”

Pansy watched him stomp up the staircase, his head low. Her breathing was heavy and tears threatened to spill. “Blaise?” she whispered, half to herself.
Blaise avoided her for the next few days and Pansy found that she was completely, and utterly miserable without him. She hadn’t been able to go with Draco at night, let alone look at him, so she found that Millicent was her only companion. She soon realized, that a pebble would better accompany her than the stout Slytherin. She couldn’t explain it, nor did she want to. She felt like her heart was constantly aching for the unknown, her mind fuzzy and reality a blur.

She peered over at the smirking blonde sitting just two seats from her, he nodded at her and she looked back to the front. what have I done? Oh Merlin what have I done? I’m exactly what Blaise said I was, just another notch on Draco’s bedpost. I fell for his stupid Malfoy charms and now Blaise hates me! Pansy, she put her head on desk, the smell of past potion clean-ups lingering in her nose, you are an idiot.
Blaise shuddered against the frigid air, his hands pulling his cloak tighter to his body. It was a rare, dark, moonless night and he could just barely see his hand when inches from his face. He missed her that was for sure. But the question was whether or not he could survive without being the cause of her smile, or the one she relied on for advice; her strawberry scented shampoo and the late night binges on ice mice in the deserted common room. He did know that he couldn’t just be a friend if it wasn’t going to develop from there. He couldn’t bear the pain of her being with anyone but him. His heart jumped as he heard the Tower door creak open behind him.

“Who’s there?” he barked, hoping he would scare off whoever was there.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t know anyone would be here at this time.” A light and familiar voice replied.

“Pansy?” he said against the howling of the wind.

“Blaise!” she breathed, “What are you doing here?”

“Thinking.” He stated simply, his heart was racing. “You?”


There was a moments’ silence when he felt her lean figure next him. He looked over, he could just barely make out the wisps of brown hair that framed webbed across her face in the wind, her chocolate-brown eyes holing that familiar twinkle.
“I’m sorry.” She finally said, turning to face him, “You were right about, well, everything of course. But I don’t think I want to be friends anymore with you anymore.” Her shoulders tensed, waiting for his reaction. His features went slack; he felt a part of him die. She couldn’t mean it, surely she couldn’t.

She exhaled slowly, “I mean that I love you too much to just be friends. I need more than that. And if you’re willing, I’d give you all of me.”

“Pansy? You’re an idiot. Really you are.” He said slowly.

She giggled nervously, “Yes, well that dawned on me.” She stepped closer, her hands cupping his face, his breath warming her skin. Then she felt her heart stop as the softest lips she would ever know molded into hers, all sense and previous thoughts gone.

What'd you think?It's really short i know. But i thought it was okay. i've heard of these things called reviews. have you? i bet they're excellent.

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He noticed: He noticed...


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