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The Life Dissertation Of Lovette Luclare by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 4 : Off We Go
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter If I did, the things that you don‘t recognize as real Harry Potter stuff would be real Harry potter stuff. And IF you steal MY stuff, I'll kick your ass.

Enjoy the chapter!

“TAG YOU’RE IT!” Brenna burst into the train compartment containing her friends. Her raucous entrance causing Lovette’s new owl, Ophelia, to screech in shock.

Lovette jumped from her seat, tending her new tawny barn owl’s shrieks of distress.
“Shh…its okay Ophelia…shh…” Lovette cooed to the bird, slowly placing her cloak over the cage to relax her.

In mock-annoyance, Brenna flipped her hair (now a fiery shade of red) over her shoulder.
“Well, thanks for the warm greeting guys.” She said sarcastically, plopping herself down on the empty seat next to Sirius.

Her friends made no move to greet her again. Lily and Remus continued to read their books. James had fallen asleep. Peter was in the bathroom. Lovette was writing in her journal (a private journal). And Sirius was just sitting there impassively, waiting for the train to start.

“Hey Siri, how’s it goin’?” Brenna asked in attempt to make conversation. Sirius flinched at the pet name. Only Lovette called him ‘Siri’. Everyone knew that. Brenna was just trying to get a response out of him.

But he remained aloof, his eyes studying the ceiling.
“It’s going.” He replied emotionlessly. Brenna nodded, and then proceeded to take a book from her trunk and read.

Sirius and Lovette had yet to make up. Both were extremely stubborn, but never had they not spoken in this long a time. All of their friends noticed as well. And when they asked either of them if they were okay, they got the same response “I’m fine.” in a monotonous voice. Lovette had yet to say something random, and Sirius had yet to make a brazen comment. There was something seriously wrong with them.

“OFF WE GO!” Brenna screeched as the train started. They were finally going to Hogwarts.


“So, Lovey,” Brenna asked about two hours into the train ride, “What are you going to do with your life after Hogwarts?” Lovette looked up from her journal for the first time during the journey. She adjusted her glasses, which had slid down the bridge of her nose at some point, and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, what did you say Bren?” Brenna groaned.
“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?” She shouted, hoping her friend would hear her. Lovette massaged her ear as though it hurt from the excess volume of her friend’s voice.

“Well, first I’m going to get you a muzzle.” At a comment like this, Lovette’s friends normally would’ve laughed. Lovette was well-known by her friends for making snide remarks.

But no one did laugh. The tone of Lovette’s voice showed she was angry and didn’t want to be bothered, not a usual trait of her’s. Brenna looked down, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Geez Lovette, have a sense of humor! I was only joking!” Brenna said, scrunching her brow. Lily finally looked up from her book, observing her friends.
“Yes, Lovette, I agree with Bren. You’ve been very surly lately.” Lovette shook her head at Lily’s response.
“Fine, yeah we all know.” Remus interjected, placing his book down and looking intently at Lovette as a doctor would a patient. Lovette sighed, defeated, while rolling her eyes.

“What’s going on with you?” Brenna asked, her blue eyes flooded with genuine concern for her friend. Lovette returned her gaze to her battered journal.

“I don’t think I’m the one you should be asking that.”

Everyone but Lovette (and the asleep James) turned their gaze to Sirius. He looked down from the ceiling he had been inspecting.


“Lovette are you even listening to me?!” An annoyed Lily asked, her lips pursed.
“No,” Lovette replied slowly, “should I be?”

The three girls currently resided in their dormitories in the Gryffindor Tower. After the usual first year Sorting (“Just throw them in any house! I’m hungry damnit…!”) and the familiar traipse to the Gryffindor Common room, the girls were exhausted.

Lily threw her hands in the air as she stalked off to the bathrooms to change into her pajamas. Indifferent to Lily’s easily triggered irritation, Lovette continued to scribble away in her journal, as she had been doing all day.

Brenna sighed at her friends, tired of their arguing. Lily had been nagging Lovette since they’d been on the train, and frankly she was tired of it.

She knew something was wrong with Lovette.
Whatever he had done, he had done major damage. And hopefully, it would be fixed...
But could it be fixed?

Brenna, already clad in her pajamas, nestled into her bed for the first night‘s sleep of the school year. And with the crimson bedspread wrapped tightly around her, she shortly fell asleep to Lovette’s ever-scratching quill.

This would be a year to remember.


I can’t believe it.
I just
For years its been there,
Taunting me.
In his smile
His laugh.
I want it to leave me
And yet
I don’t
I don’t want to be
But not with him.
I’d mess things up for good.
For sure.
And why are things so difficult?

Because I’m in love with my best friend.

And as much as I don’t want to

I couldn’t want anything more.


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