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Bonds of Matrimony by juls
Chapter 1 : May We Present....
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A/N: Thanks to my betas =) mon, jackie and jessi. Sneaking this one pretty much past them.
The world of Harry Potter does NOT belong to me.
This story is an off shoot of my one shot "Love is a Wonderful Thing"
Like it? Hate it? Review and tell me, you know you want to =).

"May I present to you Mr and Mrs Ronald Weasley!" Pastor Davies announced as he concluded the Muggle vows. Molly and Jane both clasped their husbands' arms as they cried tears of joy. The pastor went to sit by his sister to experience what was to come. He had made the couple promise not to have his memory removed of this day.

“These two young wizards have chosen me to preside over the wizardry part of this wedding.” Minerva McGonagall smiled as stepped up before the happy couple. “The first part consists of a bonding with four couples presenting eight cords with special meanings. Usually the couples are married, but for this Ronald and Hermione have chosen two married and two engaged couples. Please come forth as you are called and circle around them.” Minerva gave a small smile of encouragement as she took Ron and Hermione's right hands and placed them on the each other.

“This is a joyous occasion of two wizards coming together in the eyes of the Gods. It is not to be taken lightly, but reverently. Once the final bond is complete, both souls become as one. Only death may sunder those bonds.” Minerva watched as the presenters came, dressed in robes symbolizing the colors of the cords they held. She breathed in deeply as she begun.

“Do you, Ronald Weasley present yourself before this assemblage as coming of your own free will and desire?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Ron said without a stutter this time.

“Do you, Hermione Granger present yourself before this assemblage as coming of your own free will and desire?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Hermione declared.

“Then let us proceed.” Minerva turned to the rainbow that depicted those closest to the couple. She had known all but one for most of their lives. Ron and Hermione had truly chosen well in their bonders.

“Who presents the purple bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Arthur Weasley stepped forward. “This cord represents the mystery that the future holds.” He smiled with pride in his son.

“Who presents the green bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Molly stepped forward. “This represents fertility in family.” She brushed a tear off her cheek as her heart welled with love for her baby boy and the new daughter she was about to receive.

“Who presents the yellow bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Harry stepped forward. “This represents the hope the future brings.” His emerald green eyes twinkled at his to best mates.

“Who presents the white bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Ginny stepped forward. “This cord represents the innocence of youth.” She shyly slipped her hand into Harry's as she took her place beside him. Someday soon she knew that they would be the ones and she could hardly wait.

“Who presents the blue bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Bill stepped forward. “This represents the unity of your souls as the become one.” He gave his most big brotherly smile. It was hard to believe that his youngest brother was all grown up now.

“Who presents the red bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Fleur stepped forward. “This represents the passion and love you both feel for each other.” She winked at Hermione as she took her place beside Bill; tucking her arm through his. She looked up at the scare that ran down his face and gently kissed it.

“Who presents the grey bond?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Remus Lupin stepped forward. “This represents the respect both of you feel for each other.” He nodded his head as he remembered how their puppy love grew to real love.

“Who presents the orange bond for this couple?” Minerva asked.

“I do,” Tonks stepped forward. “This represents the playfulness you enjoy together.” Her hair changed to the same orange as her cord as she stepped beside Remus and clasped his hand tightly. He gave her a look of admonishment as she started to blow a bubble with her gum. She blushed and pulled it back in before it could pop. “Nymphadora--” he uttered gently.

“Lay your cords upon the couple's hand, step back around the couple as a symbol of the union's bond.” Minerva instructed. As each cord was placed, Minerva waved her wand and incanted the words of bonding, as the last was placed they magically tied together.

“Each couple as your Element is called step closer and place your hands upon the knot and say your incantation.” Minerva instructed.

“Element of the Earth!” Minerva proclaimed.

Molly and Arthur stepped forward. “Oh, Element of the Earth, hear our plea and bless this couple with a fruitful life.” A puff of brown smoke drifted up into the air.

“Element of Fire!” Minerva proclaimed.

Fleur and Bill stepped forward. “Oh, Element of Fire, hear our plea and bless this couple with fiery passion and love!” A puff of red smoke drifted into the air.

“Element of Wind!” Minerva proclaimed.

Ginny and Harry stepped forward. “Oh, Element of Wind, hear our plea and bless this couple with compassion for each other.” A puff of white smoke drifted into the air.

“Element of Water!” Minerva proclaimed.

Tonks and Remus stepped forward. “Oh, Element of Water, hear our plea and bless this couple with the ability to cope with change.” A puff of blue smoke drifted in the air.

Each presenting couple felt an electric charge run through them into Ron and Hermione as the evocations finished. The floating puffs of smoke circled around their heads before they mingled together and dissipated. The knot magically disappeared into a silver ring around each couples right hand ring finger.

“Normally, this part takes place a year and a day after the hand fast bonding, but both Ronald and Hermione have felt with all that has happened during the past few years that they didn't want to wait to finalize their union.” Minerva picked up a small but sharp knife off the altar.

She stepped closer and made a small slit into Ron's left palm and then into Hermione's. “Clasp your hands together mingling forever your destinies.” The two looked into each others eyes as the entwined their fingers in a tight clasp. Minerva said the last of the bonding incantations.

As their blood mingled, the ring on their right hands turned platinum, signifying they had performed the final, irrevocable ceremony. The cuts healed magically and without a scar. Ron gently caressed Hermione's cheek as her drew her closer for their first kiss as a married couple. “I love you,” They both whispered as one. They turned to look out to their friends and family.

“What the Gods have brought together, may no wizard tear asunder! May I proudly present Mr and Mrs Ronald Weasley!” Proclaimed Minerva with a proud smile.

“That was truly a beautiful ceremony,” Pastor Davies whispered to his sister as they danced at the reception together. “I'm so glad I will be allowed to remember it.” He smiled as he spun her around.

“Yes, you and Mr and Mrs Granger are fortunate. No muggles are ever permitted to see them. Professor McGonagall and Mr Weasley pulled a lot of strings with the Ministry.” Jackie smiled up at her brother, Jess. “I guess being family to a witch helps also.” She giggled.

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Bonds of Matrimony: May We Present....


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