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Albus' Story by Professer_LaFey
Chapter 3 : Sins of the father..
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"Of course It'll never happen..." Came a load yell from the room Albus and Jeff where about to walk in. Albus looked up and stiffened. Then his heart sank. No wonder Virgo had walked down this corridor... He thought. Stupid to think she walked this way to see me... Mordrid Malfoy walked out of the DA-DA room, and stood, arms crossed, and cold grey eyes locked on Albus. Albus was was taken with how simaliar him and his sister where; Hair, Cheeks, Chin... Everything but there eyes. Virgos were blue and bright, Mordrids' where grey and pure ice.

"My sister knows better then to waste her time on a bloke that will be dead in a few years..." he said with a grin as Albus' face darkened with anger, and a small group of green robed students laughed as they stood by the door. Albus didn't say anything. That was the rule of lasting in Hogwarts.. Especially for Albus, who was a marked target allready.. One wrong move, and he was out.

"Besides..." Mordrid said, his grin widening as he saw Albus' reaction, and looked to Jeff as well. "She's not the Potter or Weasley type... She's not a red headed blood traitor, a Thorn-bush-haired Mudblood like your Mums', now, is she?" Jeff's hand went to his own hair, wicth was very much like Aunt Hermione's (only red), and grimaced. Jeff then gave malfoy a heated look, and yelled for both him and Albus.

"Stuff it up both your holes, Mordrid... or better yet, that whore Nott to do it for you; you might enjoy it then..." Sara Nott, Mordrid's personal girl toy, then gasped from her place behind the door, and looked highly insulted. Mordrid's smile was wiped off his face. Jeff rarely yelled, because he was marked as well, so Mordrid wasn't expecting a come back.. But now he reached very quickly for his wand. Both Jeff and Albus went to grab there wands as well, but where stopped when their Professor came around the corner, and walked towards the classroom.. All three put their hands to their sides now, and kept them there. Another big change around Hogwarts: The old punishments where back in effect. Students that broke the rules were chained and tormented in the dungeons yet again. Needless to say, Students straightened up very quick. Right after the Professor walked in, Jeff and Albus fallowed.

Because of the uneven numbers of the houses, all fifth years of every house had the same classes. There used to be at least 10 students from each house in every year, but now it was 10 Slytherins, 3 Gryffindors (Millie Wood, a girl in there year, was already in class.) Two Hufflepuffs, (The Dragonsblood twins, one girl one boy) and 5 Ravenclaws (Dowry, Lang, Conner, Chang, and Parkinson) so they just tossed the whole year one class at a time. The Slytherins had the whole left side of the room, the Ravenclaws the front row of the right side, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff shared the second row... with the Hufflepuffs farthest from the Slytherins. Jeff and Albus had taken to looking after the twins more, after they gotten jumped 3rd year, and Cinna (the Girl) fainted while her brother was fighting the others off.. All and all, Jeff and Albus liked there class mates... on the right side of the room.

"Oh.. and Potter..." Albus looked to the left side of the room towards Malfoy's whispering. Mordrid's grey eyes turned insanely angry. "Just a re-cap of last year, and the year before that... You so much as TALK to my sister... I'll see that you get meet up with your blood-traitor parents really soon..." Albus' eyes started back just as hatefully. Albus' forced his infurtied thoughts to turn back to his paper. Every time Mordrid saw him looking at Virgo, it was the same thing.. But it had took him a year to catch on, and by then the damage was done: Albus was taken with Virgo, and couldn't change it... But did he HAVE to rub his parents death in?.. Well, He was Malfoy, wasn't he? So Albus sighed, and once again, forced himself to do nothing... all the while feeling everything.

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Albus' Story: Sins of the father..


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