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Unexpected by PrincessInge
Chapter 11 : The subtle changes
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And here I am again with a new chapter... thanks to all my reviewers.. you really rock!!! anyway.. enjoy

‘So what do you think?’ James asked his friends, who were sitting in a quiet corner of the common room. Mary and Lily were not with them, they were upstairs doing some girl thing.

‘You sure we want them to know?’ Peter asked, looking around.

‘well, they didn’t mind about Remus’ Sirius started, making James nod.

‘and I hate lying to Lily’ he added.

‘so we are telling them?’ Sirius concluded.

‘nope, we’re going to show them’ James said.

Remus and Sirius nodded, Peter just looked down, he didn’t think it was a good plan.

‘Are you ok with it too?’ Remus asked, looking at Peter.

‘I don’t know, you know how Mary and Lily are’ Peter started, receiving glares from James and Sirius.

‘What do you mean?’ they both growled, getting a glare from Remus, who also asked for an explanation, only nicer.

‘Well, they’re following the rules, you know. And they have already almost told teachers about pranks, just think about what would happen if they told this.?’ Peter continued.

‘Pranks are pranks. This is more serious, they wouldn’t tell’ James said, looking around, finding Remus looking back, showing his doubts. ‘Not you too, Remus’

‘Sorry, but Peter has a point, I don’t want to get kicked of Hogwarts’ Remus said.

‘You haven’t done a thing’ Sirius pointed out, ‘and Mary and Lily wouldn’t want us to get expelled’

Remus thought for a while, than looked at James and Sirius, ‘I’ll leave the decision to you guys, you know your girlfriends best’ he said, before looking at Peter, ‘can you live with that’.

Peter nodded, but he was boiling from inside. He couldn’t believe they hadn’t listened to a word he had said!

‘So, when are we telling them?’ James asked the other Marauders.

‘You mean we are?’ Remus said.

‘Yes, of course’ Sirius smiled.

The next night Mary and Lily were leaded outside by the Marauders.

‘Can someone remind me why I agreed to this?’ Mary said

‘Because we had something to show you’ James explained.

‘Than tell me why are we going outside again, it’s almost curfew’ Lily stated.

‘Just trust us’ Sirius said.

Mary muttered something, but walked along anyway.

‘We’re here’ Peter announced.

‘The Whomping Willow?’ Mary said, raising her eyebrows, ‘you want to kill us?’

‘Never’ Sirius said, while grabbing her hand, ‘we want to let you know our biggest secret’

‘What can be bigger than Remus being a werewolf?’ Lily said, but than she and Mary both saw Peter changing into a rat, jumping into the tree and freezing it.

‘What just happened’ Mary gasped, while Lily struggled to find her words.

‘Peter is an Animagus’ Remus said, while James and Sirius tried to comfort their girlfriends.

‘You mean.. he.. . how?’ Lily exclaimed.

‘We did it for Remus’ Sirius quickly said.

‘We? So you and James?’ Mary asked

‘Stag and Dog’ James said, pointing at him and Sirius, both showing a quick change.

‘Padfoot, Prongs, Moony and Wormtail’ Mary said, while Lily nodded, ‘now I understand’

‘you’re not on the list, are you?’ Mary suddenly said.

The boys turned red, but looking amused, all the same while Peter changed back.

‘This is all just a game to you, isn’t it?’ Mary said, getting angry, ‘now let me tell you: it isn’t. This can get you all expelled, or worse this can get you to Azkaban!’ and after her tirade she ran away, leaving the stunned boys behind.

‘I knew she wasn’t going to take it well, with her being a goody-good and all!’ Peter growled, while they watched Mary leave. Sirius on the other hand looked at Mary, he didn’t know is he should follow her or let Lily go. He looked at Lily but she wasn’t going either.

‘I’m not going, I don’t have any words to make it better’ Lily said.

Sirius thought about it for a second, and decided to find her. He didn’t know if it would help, but he felt like he had to explain about Remus, and why they did it.

He didn’t have to search long, Mary had ran of to the big oak tree, where she was now sitting, throwing stuff into the grass.

‘Mind if I join you?’ Sirius said.

‘As a dog or as a human?’ she asked, not bothering looking up, ‘I could throw a stick away for you’

‘That’s not funny’ Sirius said, while sitting down next to her.

‘No, it isn’t’ Mary said, ‘but I don’t find you three being Animagus funny too’

‘We didn’t do it as a joke’ Sirius said, ‘we did it for Remus’

Mary looked at him, eyebrows raised, ‘how could you do this for Remus?’

‘You’re smart, think, werewolves are very dangerous for humans, but they won’t hurt’ Sirius began.

‘Animals’ Mary exclaimed, ‘so you could keep him company?’

Sirius nodded, ‘his changes were really painful, and he was there all alone’ he said.

‘well, now you make it sound like a really nice thing to do’ Mary said.

‘Well, we are nice guys’ Sirius winked.

‘I’m sorry for overreacting’ Mary said, ‘I just thought you did it to like.. prank people’

‘How could you ever think that!’ Sirius joked, ‘it is handy for that, though’

‘you better stop now, cause I can always tell Dumbledore’ Mary said.

‘You wouldn’t dare’ Sirius exclaimed, ‘you’d miss me too much if I got expelled’

‘Well, at least I’d get to finish all my work’ Mary said

Sirius pouted, ‘you want to get rid of me?’.

‘never’ Mary said, while pecking him on his lips and standing up, ‘let’s get back’

‘Look who’s joining us again’ James said, when Mary and Sirius joined the other again. He was standing behind Lily, while his arms where around Lily, she defiantly wasn’t mad either anymore.

‘Yeah, guys, I’m sorry, I overreacted a little’ Mary said, looking very guilty.

‘A little’ Sirius said, pulling up his eyebrows.

‘Ok, a lot’ Mary said, hitting him in the chest.

‘So, you haven’t told Dumbledore?’ Peter checked.

‘Nope, only Snape’ Mary said, making the others laugh.

‘What is funny about that, that is a disaster’ Peter exclaimed.

‘It’s a joke, Wormtail, relax’ Remus said, patting him on the back.

And so the school year came to an end. Everybody was suddenly busy packing their stuff.

‘From who’s this?’ Remus asked, holding up a little pink bag, containing a toothbrush, mascara, some powder, etc.

‘You can give that to me’ Sirius said, holding up his hand.

‘You’re not gay, are you?’ Peter raised his eyebrows.

‘It’s Moires, you doofus’ Sirius said, throwing the bag on his bed.

‘Why would you have stuff of Mary on your room?’ Remus asked, ‘her room is like a few meter from here’. While he said that, James entered with a box of his and Sirius’ stuff, which he just got from the girls. Remus rolled her eyes

‘Well, before she leaves here, she just wants to freshen up’ Sirius explained.
Peter giggled.

‘it’s not like that, you perv, she just doesn’t want to go into the common room, with her make-up all over the place’ Sirius said.

James nodded, ‘you’d be amazed what happens to make-up only after some kissing’

Remus rolled his eyes, while he got out a green bag, ‘I take this is yours than’ he said, before handing it to his friend.

A few hours later everyone walked towards the carriages. Almost everyone was excited to go home, only Sirius didn’t look to happy about it.

‘Siri, it’s only for a few weeks’ Mary said, putting her arm around him.

‘I know, It will just be so, horrible’ Sirius said.

‘Well, you’re 17 now, so you could always hex them’ James said, turning around

Sirius grinned, ‘I hadn’t thought about that’

‘Or you could just get out of there, write another SOS’ Mary suggested, shooting a glare at James.

‘Or you could just act normal’ they suddenly heard, announcing Regulus, who came up from behind.

Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘and acting like you’re better than everyone else is normal?’

‘It is when you’re a Black’ Regulus said, putting his arm around Mary, who hit it of immediately.

‘Tell me, Regulus, does it sting?’ Mary suddenly asked, stepping a little closer to Sirius, who automatically put his arm around her waist.

Regulus looked at them weirdly before replying, ‘what stings?’

‘The fact that your bloodtraitor brother has got himself one of the purest girls in the wizarding world’ Mary stated, ‘if you’d look at it from your own standards, your girlfriend, Avery, is a mudblood compared to me’

Regulus looked at the two of them for a second, unable to reply, before muttering something and storming off.

‘Is that going to get you in trouble?’ Mary asked, looking up at Sirius, who had a huge smile on his face.

‘It was so worth it’ He said, while pecking her on the lips, ‘thank you’

The other Marauders grinned also, but Lily looked shocked. Mary raised her eyebrows, ‘what?’

‘You just set him on his number in front of the everyone’ she stated.

Mary looked around, getting thumbs up and cheers from everyone, except from the Slytherins of course. ‘I didn’t even notice’ she said, getting a little red.

After that everyone got inside the carriages, that brought them to the train. The train ride got by really fast. They were playing games, talking and James and Sirius replayed Mary’s speech. They arrived to soon for their liking, and so they all said their goodbye’s.

‘Mum! Dad!’ Mary screamed, almost flying into her parents waiting arms. ‘I missed you so much’

‘we missed you to darling’ Mary’s mother said, breaking away from the hug, hearing a cough behind them.

‘Oh, mum, dad, these are Peter, Remus, James and Sirius’ she said, introducing the boys.

‘How nice to meet you’ Mary’s mother smiled, ‘James, you look so much like your father’

‘and so that’s Sirius’ Mary’s father said, looking at Sirius, who was looking a little uncomfortable.

‘Yes, Sirius Black, dad, I’m sure the house elves mentioned him’ Mary said.

‘So, you remember Lily, right?’ Mary said, taking her parents of the subject, ‘it’s ok if she stays a week in the summer, right?’

‘Of course’ Mary’s mother said, turning back at Sirius, ‘Sirius Black?’ she raised her eyebrows.

‘The house-elves never told he was a Black’ Mary’s dad added.

‘Mum and Dad, stop it now’ Mary exclaimed, ‘just be happy for me being happy’

‘We are, of course we are’ her parents quickly said, ‘we just thought, with Lily as your best friend’

‘Mum, Sirius, is Mr and Mrs Black oldest son’ Mary said, ‘he is in Gryffindor too’

“Oh, he is that Black’ Mary’s mom said, relieved, pulling Sirius into a hug, ‘delighted to meet you’

Mary rolled her eyes at her parents, but smiled at Sirius not the less, who was getting a warm slap on the back and a handshake from Mary’s dad.

Mary quickly said her goodbye’s to everyone, after being introduced to all the Marauders parents, except the parents of Sirius, who would be waiting on the other side (they didn’t want to be associated with the Potters or the Lupins, Pettingrews or Evans for that matter)

‘have a nice vacation’ Mary said, hugging James, Remus and Peter.

‘Good luck with Petunia’ Mary said, hugging Lily, ‘and I’ll owl you about the date’

‘And you’ Mary said, stepping over at Sirius, who was talking to her dad. ‘good luck’

Sirius kissed her lightly, causing Mary to get red (they were in front of her dad). ‘owl me when you get your OWL’s back!’ he said.

‘I will’ Mary promised, giving him a quick hug. ‘see you in a few weeks’

Mary waved one more time, before walking out of the station with her parents. ‘That was a nice boy’ her dad stated. Mary smiled, she was so relieved they liked him.

so that was all for chapter 11.. hope you liked it.. please let me know what you think in a review!! Love, Ingexx

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Unexpected: The subtle changes


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