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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 13 : Wednesday
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Chapter 13

The next morning Harry and Remus arrived at the ministry and went straight to the room where the brain enhancer was.

“Hello Tiffany, set me up, and I’ll wake up when I wake up, O.k.?” said Harry briskly when he saw the friendly technician

“Yes Mr Potter.” Harry sat in the chair “Same as last time Mr Potter, clear your mind, then think of who or what you want to see.”

Once again Harry did as he was told, he thought of Ginny and was sucked into another vision.

“I will not have death eaters at my Wedding!” screamed an auburn haired, hazel-eyed girl at Draco Malfoy.

“You have no choice in the matter, the guest list has been finalised and the invitations sent!”

“This is my wedding too, you can’t make all the decisions yourself!”

“I will make all the decisions I want, I’m paying for our wedding!”

“Only because death eaters killed my parents, it was probably your father, that was the only reason he wanted me, a trophy, a reminder of all the people he’s killed!”

“How dare you talk about my father like that!”

“How dare you let the people who killed my parents come to my wedding?”

Draco slapped the girl round the face. Harry could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

“You will soon learn to respect me again, Willow, you have no choice, a wife must submit to her husband, and you will soon submit to me.” Willow’s marrying Malfoy but why? Thought Harry

“I will not.” She stared defiantly into his eyes. “I wouldn’t be marrying you if I wasn’t pregnant with your Son!” Pregnant! Willow?

“Wouldn’t you? I can see into your mind, I know your secrets, you can’t hide anything from Me.,” he said walking towards her

“I hate you Draco Malfoy!” He walked closer

“Sure you do.” He grabbed hold of her wrists and pulled her towards him, wrapping an arm around her waist. Looking into her eyes, she looked away. “Look at me.” Willow shook her head. “Look at me!” he said forcefully, again she shook her head. He grabbed her chin and pulled her head round, and stared into her eyes, Willow stood there captivated. Draco was at least a head taller than Willow and he towered over her, then began to lean in, closer, closer. His lips touched hers, and she accepted the kiss, as Draco deepened it she closed her eyes. It was like she had come out of a trance, she pulled away, pushing him, and her back slammed against the wall. “See what I mean.” He didn’t look angry that she had broken the kiss, just amused and triumphant that she had accepted it at all.

“Weasel!” Draco shouted; Ginny appeared with a pop. “Take me Fiancé to the basement, lock her in the smallest chamber, and give her a glass of water, nothing else, do you understand?”

“She’s your Fiancé, you can’t do that.” Cried Ginny

“My fiancé she may be, but she needs to be taught a lesson, so she must go to the basement and be put into the smallest cell.”

“Yes Ferret.” Said Ginny as she jerked her head at Willow, who was now crying, and led her out.

Harry stared at Draco Malfoy. “She does love me, and she can’t deny it. And on Friday, she’ll be mine forever!”

Harry sat bolt upright.

“What! No way! She is not marrying him!” he yelled

“Calm down please Mr Potter.”

“I will not bloody calm down, my sister is marrying Draco Malfoy!”

“That’s it, we’re crashing that Wedding.” Said Remus

“Thank you!” said Harry, as though he had been waiting for someone to agree with him. “Get Scrimgeour down here now! Apart from crashing a wedding, we’re going to catch us some death eaters!”

Two minutes later Scrimgeour was with Harry and Remus in the planning Room.

“Why can’t we attack tonight?” he asked

“Because I’m not seventeen yet, Tomorrow is my birthday. Friday, I can claim legal guardianship over Willow, which means that she cannot marry without my permission.” Harry paused “This also means that I am legally allowed to go to the wedding without an invitation, to stop it.”

“Oh, yes I see, of course, solves all our problems at once doesn’t it.”

“Except for Voldemort, if he’s there.” Said Harry

“Well you’d better hope he isn’t then,” said Remus

“But at least we know where both of them are.” Stated Scrimgeour matter-of-factly.

“Oh and Arthur Weasley told me to tell you that you are invited to their house for birthday dinner, Molly even said that if you decline, she’ll bring the dinner to you.”

“Send back a memo saying yes please.” Harry paused. “We know the plan, and the backup plan, so all we have to do is go and crash that wedding.”

A/N: very short I know, but you’ll all forgive me won’t you, please say you will. Will you if I say I’ll have the next chapter up ASAP?!?! Good thought so, lol. Please review, please, make my day!!!!!
*~ Lilly ~*

Having problems with the validation of the next chapter, parently it's breasking the rules. Am rewriting it, so that it doesn't, sorry for any inconvenience!

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