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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 5 : chapter five confussing day and a new face
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A/N: Hi Zink is on prescription drugs and doesn't over
use so it is not abuse. Just thought I'd let you know before hand. Please

Chapter five

Dear journal,
That stupid klutz of a boy Sirius Black! He is stupid arrogant
disrespectful, a prat loser, cute, I didn't write that so I deny it. Moving
on. That jerk playboy ran into me with a sack of potatoes. He may have said,
Mashed potatoes but they were hard, I'm almost certain they will leave
bruises. It sucks, really, it does. At least I made him remember it, maybe
that sting will teach him other wise. My head hurts. I think I'm going to
take something and lie down for a moment.
Zink Shima.

Reaching for a little bottle Zink took her medicine, and lied down. Drifting
dazzlingly down to her bed her eyes felt heavy and silently fell asleep.
Lily Evans walked into the room ready for the party. Glass slippers and all.
She walked over to Zink and shook her a little bit.
Zink She said as she shook her body a tad harder. Panicking Lily ran out
of the dorm room like a red tornado. As the floor slid underneath her
high-healed shoes she found herself in the infirmary. Panting she explained
the situation to Madam Pomfrey. The nurse shook her head.
Everything is fine Lily, dear. Go to your party have a good time Zink will
probably join you. Although you might want to talk to her about it later.
Lily nodded but still felt that she would be better if Zink was awake or
Modem Pomfrey would go and check. Slightly depressed, but over all worried,
Lily went to the party.
Opening the door she found absolutely every Gryffindor having a party, well
minus Zink. She saw Molly who had her Snow White outfit on. Molly also
seemed to be having a great time dancing with a one Arthur Weasley. That put
a smile on her face. Molly had always liked Arthur, well since first year she
had. Lily walked over and talked to them when the song was over, now and then
looking at the stair well for Zink.

Sirius P.O.V.

As I danced with the fifteenth girl wait no sixteenth girl of the night I
started to wonder were Zink was. She wasn't down stairs. Well I mean that I
knew of there were a lot of people in masks. I think the girl I was dancing
with got a little mad when she noticed I wasn't paying any attention to her.
I think she got even madder when she noticed I was looking for another girl.
She sort of just walked off really mad. Girls at this school can be real
witches!! Wait, no pun intended, I think you get what I mean. I went over to
Prongs and asked him if he'd seen her. Well that the last time I do that!
All he did was start whistling that childish song about kissing in a tree.
Actually- never mind. Finding that Peter and Remus (notice use of real
names) were not at all as helpful as James I found the next best thing to my
friends. Zinkís best friends. I walked over to Lily and casually asked if
she might perchance to know were Zink was.
Lils! Tell me were Zink is now! Okay, maybe it did come out that way, so
what? Like I said earlier, girls can be witches. She yelled at me, and above
that she didnít tell me! I donít see what James sees in her.
I went and slumped down in the armchair. What a pain this was. Just then I
heard a laugh possibly the best laugh I have ever heard in my life. It
danced in my ears for a moment. Thatís when I realized it was Zink.
She wasnít alone either. A girl looking about a year younger then us
accompanied her but the strange thing is I have never once in my life seen
her before. Her hair to start with I would have remembered. It was short in
the back and long (drastically) in the front. It was cut on a slant. She
wore all white and over that was rapped in bubble wrap. The only thing odder
then her outfit and her hair was that Zink seemed to be amused with her.
Walking over a smiled.
"Zink, whoís your friend? I donít think I know her?" Zink rolled her eyes.
(Very cutely I might add.)
"Sirius this is my sister, Nazo, Nazo Sirius." The girl that was supposedly
her sister had a huge grin on her face and was practically bouncing. She
didnít look much like Zink.
And youíre supposed to be who? I asked her.
Mary POPins! she told me emphasizing the POP. Okay, this girl was a little
on the odd side but what ever. The games were going to start soon and as
long as Zink was here, I was happy. It didnít hurt that she was happy either.

short part: zink is sick. actually shes more then that soo..Her sister is here the exact opisite but never the less shes here! And now the party is getting sarted!!!
A/n: Hi yeah I know Nazo enters but I couldnít resist. Sorry. She will be
gone in about 2 chapters so have no worries. (For the rest of your days¶
Sorry juggle Book Rephrase.)
Disclaimer: I don't Own Harry Potter Or the Marauders. I wish I did but that
will sadly never come true.
Claimer: I do own Nazo and Zink Shima is that not wonderful?!

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