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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 6 : And the Father is.........
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A/N: Here is the next chapter. Please read and review. I want to know what you all think of my story.

Chapter Seven: And the father is ..........

Harry, Ron and all the other students were still in the Great Hall talking about anything and everything under the sun, most of the houses were discussing their next pratice for Quiddich. Pansy came running through the hall screaming. The four houses just stared at her and kept talking. "Oh Crabbe, guess what I just found out?" She was looking right at Draco, smirking at him. Draco paid no attention to her. He was decideding when to start on his own love potion for Granger. He heard Crabbe ask Pansy something, but he didn't know what it was.

"She's pregnant." He heard Pasny say, still he wasn't really paying attention. 'I don't care who is having a baby.' He thought to himself. He stood to leave when he heard Pasny again. "You owe me One thousand Gallons, She doesn't even know who the father is, that's what I heard just now in the hospital wing." She was laughing so loudly now.

Draco was looking at her now, not really sure what to make of the converstation he was hearing. He looked up to see Harry and Ron both staring at his table. 'Great, now she's drawing people's attention over here. Stupid pug face bitch.' he thought to himself.

"Pansy, what are you talking about?" Crabbe asked.

"God, that girl is so stupid, as if anybody cares who is having a baby," Harry said to Ron. He then turned his attention back to his conversation about Quiddich. "Anyhow this is what we're going to do about the match...." he began.

"I am telling you Crabbe, that I heard it from Madame Pompfry herself, Granger is pregnant." Pansy's words silenced the whole Hall."

Harry looked at Ron, "What?" The two boys were looking right at Pasny.

"You heard me Potter. You're miss goodie good girl, Granger is having a baby. Oh, well wait a moment, one of you is probably the father aren't you?" She said smirking at them evily.

"No." They both said. "I don't believe you." Harry said.

Ron was to shocked to speak. Draco was now staring at Ron in disbelief. 'He is the father, otherwise why would he be looking so sick?' Draco held his cool, he couldn't get mad right there in front of the whole school. He couldn't take it anymore. He couldnt' stand there and look at the man who was about to have a child with the woman he found himself falling inlove with. As soon as he was sure nobody was looking, he slipped out of the hall, and ran outside.

The night was cool, Draco was now standing on the outside of the lake. He looked back up at the school. 'In a few weeks I"ll be leaving all of this.' Draco thought to himself. He sat down on the waters edge and looked out across the lake. 'Now Granger is going to have a baby with the Weasel-Bee, my sworn enemy. He'll get the girl, and the family I want. Wait, I want a family with Granger? I don't even know if I love her. Okay, so I think I love her, but what do I know?' He asked himself. He sat there thinking about a lot of things, when he suddenly sat up a little straighter. "I do love her. But when did I fall inlove with Hermione Granger?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The head girl was already in the compartment, she was looking out the window. All he could see of her was her long silky brown hair cascading down her back. She was wearing a white tanktop, and a pair of blue hip-huggers, the air spelled like sun-kissed plumeria it was intoxicating he lost himself in it. The young woman was obilvious to his entrance. She appeared to be reading, and humming at the same time. He shook his head, knowing he couldn't do that, he'd get confused. 'she's really cute though.' he thought to himself. 'if I get to live with her all year, maybe things won't be so bad for me.' he told himself again. He leaned on the door, and it closed suddenly. It was then that the Head Girl turned around to see what the camotion was about.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Hermione asked.

Draco couldn't move. 'Granger? Hermione Know-it-all Granger is Head Girl? No shit she's Head Girl, you idiot. She's the smartest which in our grade.' Draco thought, with some regret. Why didn't he already know it was her who he'd be living with? Suddenly he wanted to gouge out his eyes. 'I was looking at Granger as if she was a girl, okay so maybe she is, but still.... she's a mudblood.' he paused in his thought, 'but still she got pretty damn hot over the Summer.' He shook his head, 'I did not just think that.' he told himself firmly.

"I could ask you the same thing Granger, but I am smarter than that. You're here because you're Head Girl, and I am here, becuase I am Head Boy." He smirked. If he could, he would freeze time, the look on her face was priceless. "Oh come on, it's not as bad as you're making it out to be." He added, just for the effect.

"Just great." Hermione turned to look out of the window again. 'What more can go wrong?' she asked herself.

Normally when he would have said something rude he couldn't come up with a single thing. He just stared at her, something about her was different, but he didn't know what it was. Deep inside of him that very moment, something changed forever. Something stirred inside of him as he looked at her. 'Stop it. She's Granger, after all.' He told himself. Draco noticed with very little effort on her part Hermione kept her eyes fixed on the window, not speaking to him, or letting him speak to her. She just sat there ignoring him, and annoying him. He had to admit right then and there that she accomplished the impossible, the unthinkable. Without even trying she, Hermione Granger made The Slythrin Prince himself, Draco Malfoy want her, for reasons he didn't understand. He began to fall in love with her that very day. August, 31st.

~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And now thinking about it just made his mood darker. She was having a baby, and worse of all it was more than likely Weasley's. Even though Hermione was rumored to have had relations with a man who nobody knew, something told Draco that Ron was that man. His heart began to hurt, 'this isn't happening to me, I shouldn't give a damn about Granger.' No matter how many times he told himself this nothing changed he couldn't stop thinking about her. More importantly every time he thought about her he thought about kissing her. 'She felt so good in my arms, and the way she kissed me back was unbelieveable.' Draco told himself. WHY? He wanted to yell, why was he feeling this way about her? Didn't the last six years mean anything to him? Wasn't he the one who made it impossible for them to be friends on any levle, not to meantion he was the reason Hermione herself hated him enough to never make the mistake of kissing him. Draco was after all the one who called her a Mudblood, and if there was one thing he knew it was she wasn't about to let him forget all that he put her through. Still knowing all of this, knowing about the baby, and how much work he'd have to do to get Hermione to forgive him, he for once looked forward to the challenge, and that's what it would be. 'I am going to show her that I can be what she needs, I am going to be the one she chooses in the end.' Draco told himself as he stood to walk back to the castle. 'One way or the other, I am going to make you Mine Hermione, I just have too.' He walked back to th school more convinced of his potion being the solution to his problem. "She'll be with me, and she won't be able to stop herself. Then I'll have her." His laugh was full of Malfoy evilness.

Draco made sure he met nobodyon his way back to his room. He had a lot of stuff on his mind, and he didn't need anyone interupting his train of thought.

~~~~~~~~~~ Gryffondore Common Room~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ron just sat there and stared at Hermione and his sister. Harry was speechless and not looking at either girl, or Ron for that matter.

"Boys, please say something." Hermione pleaded with her two best friends.

"I don't know what to say Hermione." Ron said flatly.

"Oh honestly Ronald." Ginny said loudly. "She just told you Draco Malfoy is the father of her baby, and you of all people have Nothing to say?"

"Well," Harry said, "Malfoy thinks nothing happened right? I mean why not let him keep thinking that way, that's what I would do if it were me."

"Harry, you can't possible think I was going to tell him at all. I am not. I am not saying a word to him, he's got no compassion, he's heartless and hateful. Just tonight he yelled at me because he thought I was spying on him. Lord knows the jerk needs someone to spy on him but if I want to keep this baby safe I can't be the one to do it, and telling him is out of the question. He would control me and this baby, and that's never going to happen......" She would have kept going but Harry spoke again.

"Oh, I didn't think you would tell him Hermione. Besides when you give the baby up for adoption he can't control......"

"ADOPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hermione screamed. The room grew very quiet. ' Am I going to give my baby away? No.' Hermione thought. "Harry, I don't know what you think about this, probably horrible things, how could I for staters let Malfoy sleep with me? Well let me tell you, I had nothing to do with it, neither did he. I am sure he would be just as outraged if he learned about this baby being his. I had thought about telling him about sleeping with him, only because he was treating me almost human, but then after our kiss and yet another fight I figured I could never tell him, and now this. But no, I am not giving my baby away."

At this long winded, and very confusing statement the three of them sat there staring at her for what seemed like forever, Ron and Harry said, "What kiss, you shared a kiss with him while you were acting of your own free will, are you insane?" Just so you know, it's not a smart thing to do, insulting a pregenat distraught woman.

Hermione had tears in her eyes. "Excuse me. But I can do what I please and it wasn't that bad, but now I know it was wrong. That's what's important." She just glared at the boys. Ginny sat there not really sure what to say, or do.

"You're right, sorry Mione." Ron said. "But Hermione you can't keep this baby, I mean it's part of Malfoy. Even you must know how wrong that sounds, and how bad it could turn out for you if he ever found out."

Hermione thought about this for a moment, He had a very large point, if anyone knew it was Malfoy's baby..... She couldn't think about that.

"Listen guys," Hermione said, "I love you all very much. You all know that what you think matters to me." at this she looked at Harry and Ron, "I promise you if I can keep the truth from Malfoy then I will. As crazy as this is going to sound I want this baby. You might not understand why. I myself don't even know why. All I know is it's not this baby's fault that this happened. I am not going to just get rid of my baby because of who the father is. Ron, Harry you two of all people should know how I feel about giving away children just becuase their inconvinent. I will raise this baby alone, without Malfoy and I will be just fine. I have to do this, I will not give my baby away." Hermione let herself cry now. 'I am so tired of crying.' she thought, but didn't stop.

Harry looked guilty, "I am sorry Hermione, I wasn't thinking about your adoption."

"You're adopted Hermione?" Ginny said, she hadn't spoke this whole time.

"Yes, Ginny you see that's why I can't give my baby away. Even if she or he is part of Draco Malfoy. I always felt so alone growing up, and I don't want that for my child. Now that the whole school knows I am going to have to just leave though, they'll all be wanting to know who the father is, and since that's out of the question...."

Ron stood suddenly "you don't have to leave, we'll help you, we'll figure something out, all of us together.

"Yeah, Ron's right." Ginny said, "Now all we have to do is.... yes. I've got it. Boys come with me, Hermione will you be okay until tommrow night by yourself?"

"Yes. Why where are you going?" Hermione asked.

"Nope, can't tell you, we'll be back, and when we get back you can tell the whole school who the father of your baby is. Harry, Ron come on we haven't got all night." They hugged Hermione and left her to go back to her common room alone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~~~~~~

Hermione had gone to bed the night before unsure if she would be able to stay at Hogwarts. The school was bound to be talking about her, and the situation she had gotten herself into. She woke the next morning not rested at all, she saw a letter on the end of her bed, from Harry, Ron and Ginny.

Morning Hermione,

The boys and myself are on a mission of sorts, don't you worry about anything. When we get back this evening you will have a father for your baby, and you will be able to stay in school and with any luck put this whole thing behind you. We all love you very much, keep your chin up and stay out of trouble. We'll see you tonight.

Ginny, Ron and Harry.

Hermion smiled, 'They are going to find a father for my baby? I have such great freinds.' She got out of bed and dressed for the day. It was saturday, and by the sound of their note her friends wouldn't be back until dinner time. Hermione decided she needed to just relax for the day, something she never did. But before the relaxing could begin she remembered that she had to still talk to Draco about Graduation. So being the responsible person that she was she went in search for him to get it out of the way then she would relax the rest of the day.

Draco had hoped to sleep in, he had been up most of the night before woking on his potion, and then planning Graduation Ball, without the help of Hermione. He found himself unable to keep up with all that he had to do, and for once he envied Hermione and her ablitly to do ten times more and complete each project in a timley manner. Today he was woke by a dream he had been having that involved a very pregnant head girl, and a wedding. Weasley had popped the question and he, Draco was being forced to watch as the woman he loved married the wrong man. He cursed himself and got out of bed. 'If I could just spend a few hours with her, then maybe she'd pick me of her own free will. What a stupid thought.' Draco knew she would never pick him when she could have Ron.

"No matter, when my potion is done she'll pick me because she'll have no other choice." He reminded himself, 'but don't you want her to pick you because she wants you, not because you poisioned her to think you're the man she loves?' he heard a voice inside of his head say. Draco shook his head, he'd been hearing the same voice for days, but he couldn't listen to it. This was the only way he could make sure Hermione picked him. He left his room with nothing on his mind but her, he entered their shared common room to see her sitting there, almost waiting for him? He thought.

"Good morning Draco." Hermione said, she had to use his name, as part of their trying to show house unity.

"Good morning Hermione." He said back to her, loving the way she had said his name. Being this close to her was almost to much for him to handle. Draco sat on the couch far away from her. "Is something on your mind, you look like you want to talk to me about something." He added.

"Yes, acctually there is, I'd like to talk to you about our 'baby' she almost said, but didn't. "Graduation." She finished. Hermione found her eyes looking over his body, 'he looks really tired, probably had another girl in his room all night long. He's so stupid, doesn't he know that girls will only talk and he'd be better off not sleeping with any of them. Our baby better not inherit any of his traits in that department.' She was to busy thinking to hear him.

"Hello Granger." He said, bringing her out of her transe. "I said we could talk about it, aren't you listening to me?" He said this a bit more rudely than he meant to. 'If I am nice maybe we can just hang out and she'll start to like me.' Draco thought.

'Shit.' she thought. "Oh, sorry yes please sit, oh you already are. Here this is a list of things I thought might work, I thought you might want to look at them and then we migtht be able to decide on something together for our graduation." She wouldn't blush, even though she wanted too. 'He smells good, a little to good. I wounder if he would let me sit by him. Wait, why do I want to sit with him? Oh who cares.' she stood and walked across the room and sat down next to him, she then handed him the list she'd been talking about, but Draco wasn't looking at it at all.

"No, none of that will work, I told you I've planned something. Well the Headmistress and myself have talked about it, and if you would agree to it we'd like to have a ball." 'Oh for Merlin's sake, why is she sitting next to me, she's wearing that perfium again. Oh I just want to kiss her again.' He thought. "She's letting all the years come. First through thrid year will have to leave at ten and the fourth through seven years can stay until one. I thought it would be a good idea, and since you've been busy with everything eles I thought I would help you. We always throw the best dances, what better way to end it than with a dance that will change us all forever?" He smiled when she looked happy. Then she didn't. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"A ball sounds good, and I am glad that you've invited everyone, but I would have liked to be involved in planning it. I want to know everything eles from here on out. Don't leave me out Draco. I really wanted to do this, but you.... well....." she couldn't believe this, when she wanted to be mad at him he went and made her life ten times easier, she didn't have the energy or time to plan anything, and he had. It sounded wonderful, "Just tell me when to start helping is all." Hermione finished.

"I will." He sat there for a moment, "Hermione, this ball is going to be the begining of a new start. I know we haven't always, well we've never been freinds, but I want to try. For the schools sake, people look up to us, and I know I haven't done things to make people proud of me. What happened last year with Dumbledore,...."

"Hey, it's fine. We all know you weren't going to kill him. Lets not talk about it okay, it's over, Snape is gone and you well you're not fighting for them anymore. Come on, lets just go tell McGongall about the ball." She stood to leave the common room, but he pulled her down to him. She landed ontop of him. "Draco, what do you think you're doing?"

"Whatever I can to be with you. You listen to me Hermione, nobody ever listens to me. I am an ass, I know, but I need to talk too sometimes." He pulled her closer to him. 'I am just going to do it.' he told himself. "I am going to kiss you Hermione, and I don't want you to stop me. Understand?" When she shook her yes, he lowered his lips to hers. He moaned when she opened her mouth so he could taste her touge with his own. "I want you Hermione." He leaned her back down on the couch and began kissing her jaw, and her throat, and her stomach.

"Don't stop Draco, oh God, don't stop kissing me." She wanted it. "I want this, but why?' She closed her eyes and let him kiss her sensless. His hands were on her legs, he began to push her skirt up over her knees.

"I am going to make love to you Hermione, right here and right now." And he removed her clothes slowly, touching every bit of her he could. 'Why is she letting me do this? Who cares, she's letting me do this.' He kissed her again, and she brought her hands around his waist to pull him closer to her.

"Take off your pants now Malfoy, and make love to me." She gasped, 'What am I doing? I can't be doing this, but it feels so right. Damn, what am I going to do?' She couldn't think anymore after that though, becuase Draco had covered her mouth again with his own and all her thoughts were gone. The only thing she felt was happy when she ws with him 'Oh my god, What am I doing?' She cried. She couldn't stop him though, she loved the feelings he was stirring inside of her. Before she could think she screamed. "Yes, this is how it's supposed to be, make me yours." She moaned in exstacy. Draco laid next to her for a long while she remained silent, he gave himself to her, fully without wanting anything in return, that wasn't normal for him.

Draco couldn't believe it, he had made love to Hermione Granger. She let him. He was on cloud nine, nothing could ruin his day now. He dressed and told her that he'd go tell McGonagall about the ball, and that he'd see her later after dinner. Once he was gone Hermione sat up. "Dinner. Oh my lord is it that late already? We spent all afternoon making love? Oh God no. I made love to Draco Malfoy...... AGAIN." She ran to the bathroom to clean up. 'Why, what happened to make me want to do that? Oh god, my baby.' she giggled, the baby would be fine, but would she be okay? She had just made love to her worst enemy without a love potion. She wanted it, and needed it. Now what would happen when Ginny, Ron and Harry came back with a father for her baby? She couldn't tell Draco the baby was his, he'd know that she lied, and that would make him mad. But if she said the father was somone different then he would be mad becuase she slept with him and then planned on rasing her baby with someone eles. She was so scared.

"Hermione, are you in here?" Came a voice.

She didn't say anything, Draco had come back up to their room, when she didn't reply he left. She changed clothes and decided to finally go downstairs to dinner. She had not yet heard what people were saying about her.

~~~~~~~~~~ the Great Hall~~~~~~~~~~``

"Hermione, there you are. Are you okay? You look like you've been in a fight with someone, and they won." Ron said, he hugged her, and Hermione felt strange not hugging him back so she did. At the same time, Draco came into the Great Hall, and glared at the back of Ron's back.

'You'll be doing more than glaring at him when I tell you what I have to tell you.' She thought.

"Attention, Ms. Granger has something she'd like to tell us all, so if you could all please just be silent, Ms. Granger please if you will." The headmistress said.

Draco watched as she started walking up to the front of the hall. 'What is she doing? Did we have to give a speech I forgot about or something. Oh she looks so good standing up there. I can't wait to get her back to our common room and make love to her again.' He thought to himself. As he was thinking about this he didn't hear what Hermione was really saying. He looked up to see Hermione wasn't saying anything she hadn't even moved she was standing next to Weasley again, something inside of him fumed. 'What the hell is that git doing with my girl? Okay, so she's not mine yet. but still.....' He looked closer all at once his mind went blank as he saw Ron place a kiss on Hermiones cheek. He was holding her, but why? Then the two of them went to the front of the hall, followed by ginny and Harry. Draco blinked again and noticed a man now touching Hermione's stomach', and then it happened. 'If I wasn't watching it for myself I would have said it was a lie, but then I saw it, He kissed her on the mouth, touge and all, and she kissed him right back.' Everything went black. Draco had died. He was sure of it.

"Mr, Malfoy?" The headmistress said.

Draco opened his eyes, no he hadn't died. But he was in Hell. 'Why is Hermione kissing that HIM when she just made love to me?' He wanted to ask. "I am fine sorry." He said. Whatever this was, she'd explain it later to him, he was sure of it. He urged her on.

"I'd like to tell everyone some things. First of all, Mr. Malfoy and myself are planning a Graduation Ball, for all years. The last week of school You are all welcome to come. Secondly, I know most of you have heard, for thoes of you who have not, I am going to be having a baby." She paused to look at Draco, who had paled again. 'I made love to you, but you're still not ready to be a father, I have to do this.' She thought to herself, she knew she would regret it later, but later was later, and now was tonight and if she didn't say something now, she'd loose her nerve. "Well, I can't say how happy I am about this baby, most of you are wondering who the father is, becuase some of you seem to think spreading rumors about me makes you look better. Well it doesn't, I know who fathered this baby, and tonight you'll all know too. I am very much inlove with this man, and just recently our relationship took off in a whole new direction." She paused.

Draco was sitting up strighter, 'me, it's me? How can it be me? Of course it's not me, but I'll help raise that baby just the same. Oh my god, I am going to be a father. I love you Hermione.' He wanted to shout. 'Take that Pansy, she's going to put you in your place.' He thought.

"I am inlove with him so much, that until today I didn't know I could feel that way about someone. But it happened, I want you all to congradulate the father of my baby, and as of today the man I am planning on marrying....."

'OOOOOOOH, she wants to get married, well that's good, I can handle that. Pansy you're going to regret doing this to us..."


'Here it comes.' Draco thought.

"Ronald Weasley is the father of my baby. I love you!" Hermione finished she didn't look at Draco.

"WHAT!" Draco bellowed.

A/N: Hehehehehehehehehehehehe oh boy he's gonna be mad now. Oh well. I loved writing this chapter.

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