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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 6 : Too many ‘girl’ friends
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She had gone to the incredibly cute Noah and settled down on the sofa next to him. He eyed her greedily, which poked her feminist side but boosted her ego by a million times. He looked her up and down; he smiled at her bunny slippers and pajamas. The smile was cute, but looked kinda creepy as well.

“Hi,” she said, introducing herself, “I’m Hermione.”


Noel padded in in her Dora night suit. Her hair was braided into a loose braid, and her eyes lit up after looking at Noah.

“Hi Noah!” she said. “You’re here.”

“Yeah.” he said, “shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Daddy told me too, but that’s not fair.”

“Go to sleep Noel.”

“No, can you make me something to eat? I’m hungry.”

“Alright,” he got up, and went into the kitchen and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and gave one to each of them.

They watched two episodes of Dora the Explorer, meanwhile Draco almost died of boredom.

He sat talking to a man he didn’t know in the reception area of Le Chateau hotel down in Surrey.

“So, Monsieur,” the man said in a thick French accent, “I understand that you are thinking of opening a chain of beauty salons.”

“Uh. No, sir, I haven’t. I don’t understand where you got that from.”

He rubbed his temple furiously at the drunken man in front of him who had asked him the same question at least twenty times, replacing the beauty salons with various others like: a zoo, pet shop, school supply store, grocery store, and many others he just couldn’t remember.

Couldn’t he understand that he had a chain of HOTELS and CASINOS?

He looked at his watch again, for possibly the hundredth time, yes! It was 11:30, he could leave now!
He said goodbye to many of his business associates and went down to the parking lot and climbed into the Benz. It took him forty five minutes to get home, even though the traffic was minimal.

He went upstairs, and greeted the night elevator guy, Carlos. Carlos was an old guy, possibly in his sixties, but could run like he was thirty. He was an over all okay guy, and wasn’t a threat to men with women like Noah was.

He swiped the card key through the slot and got in, expecting all to be quiet but was surprised to find Noah and Hermione in a game of loud chess while Noel sat with elbows on table watching them make moves.

“Seems like everyone’s having fun,” he said tiredly and sarcastically as he began taking his coat off.

“Yeah, Hermione’s a great chess player,” Noah said.

“Yeah, Daddy, she’s better than Noah!” Noel said.

“I bet she is,” Draco said, and took his tie off and untucked his shirt from his pants and proceeded in taking his shoes off. He was tired, and he needed sleep. But, it seemed that Noah had made himself at home.

God, how he hated that dumb bastard.

He pulled out last night’s chocolate cake and started eating it.

“Noel, you’re supposed to be asleep,” he said tiredly.

“C’mon Daddy…it’s Friday.” she responded.

“It doesn’t matter…you’re only six. Go to bed,” he said, strictly, “Now.”

She bad a grumpy face at him, peeled the hair that was on her forehead and tucked them back and stomped out of the room angrily.

“Noah, I think you should get going to, I’ll take it from here,” Draco said to him, handing him an envelope.

“Right, Boss,” he said, taking the envelope and smiling graciously at Hermione.

He left, shutting the door quietly behind him.

“Why does he call you Boss?” Hermione questioned, not at all nice to him.

“Cus, I am his boss.”

“He just baby sits, it’s not like he works for you,” she pointed out.

“Actually…he does work for me, other than babysitting,” Draco said. Frowning at the peanut butter mess that was made on his beautiful sofa.

She looked at him, as he rolled his sleeves up and brought out a towel and started scrubbing.

“I thought you were rich enough to have a maid,” she scoffed.

“Um, I do have a maid, she does the laundry,” he said, smirking at her.

“Oh. How about the food? Cus, that stuff is good,” she said.

“Fortunately for you, I do the cooking. So thanks for the compliment,” and continued to wipe the coffee table clean.

“Where do you work?” she asked, feeling like she was reaching into Malfoy’s core.

“Does it matter where I work?”


“Well…I work, by making money.”

“Gee, that explains, like everything.”

“I do some things at hotels…” he said, thinking that not telling the details of his multi million dollar business to her was a good idea.

“Oh.” He’s a waiter?

“I noticed something about you, Hermione, today,” he said.

“Really. What?” she responded, curiously.

“You’re too thin. You need to be fatter,” he concluded.

“Well, most guys say that girls are too fat. This is a first, he want her to be fatter,” she said, “There’s a first for everything.”

“I’m serious. You weren’t like this five years ago. What did that boyfriend of yours feed you this whole time?”
“Um. Food?” she asked stupidly.

“No, I’m serious. Here take some cake, made it myself,” he said.

She looked at the chocolate cake, it’s dark frosting with light brown flowers on it. She looked at the cut out piece, with the fudge inside.

“A little cake won’t hurt,” she said, walking into the kitchen for a fork.

It was now over 1:30, and the two were seated on the couch watching some Friends reruns. Their mouths were brown from chocolate, and their socks were dirty with peanut butter. Draco didn’t know how or when it happened, but Hermione was leaning on him, fast asleep. She had her fork in her hand, and a secret smile on her face, which made Draco smile too. It was the fourth Friends episode, where Joey got locked up in a cupboard by a robber.

He looked at her again, this isn’t what he remembered. When they were seventeen, he had left her with Ron. She had been glowing, her cheeks rosy and round. She had nice curly brown hair, and she looked like she had been fed. But comparing it now, her cheeks had been sucked in, her hair was more blonde than it was brown, her cheekbones were pointy and visible, and she was pale. Really pale.

‘I should feed her. Make her whole again. Make her the girl he remembered from so long ago, the girl he had left, but not forgotten over time. She had been sweet, kind, like the girl sleeping on his arm. Not this obnoxious monster that took over her body.’

He shut his eyes, faking sleep, and after awhile, sleep took him over. He was fast asleep on the couch in front of an on TV, with poor Joey in a cupboard. He woke up several hours later, at precisely 5:30, took his alarm watch. He clicked it shut, as Hermione stirred a little. His arm was asleep, he got up to do his morning ritual.

Draco picked up his big Puma duffel bag, with his towel, swimming trunks, and swimming cap and padded slowly out the door.

As the door clicked shut, Hermione woke up. She needed to know where he went.

Of course, she had known that she had fallen asleep on him, at about 2:00, but she didn’t mind if he didn’t mind. He made a great pillow.

She put her shoed on and gently opened the door and shut it behind her.

Hermione saw his slides turn around the corner, and was surprised at how he was using the stairs. Following him, slowly behind him, they reached the ground level. He opened the door, and said ‘Hi’ to a hot girl that was walking around in a bikini and toga.

‘Hey, Cindy,” he said to her. Flashing a toothy smile at her.

‘It’s all yours,” she said, handing him a giant ring of keys.

He took the keys, as Hermione hid behind a door, and opened a blue double door. She was surprised to see a massive pool, illuminated by floodlights.

It had markings all over: 10 m, 9 m, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5...

He’s here to swim?

And then before she knew it, he went into a stall and came out wearing a baggy pair of swimming trunks.

How nice he looks under such revealing light.

His hair was gelled back, in the sexy way he did, and put on a black Speedo hat.

Oh, God!

She was going to fall, right there. Collapse, on the spot.

Those abs! Hermione, control yourself!

And before she knew it there was a slick sound, like a tiny bull whip, and without a single splash he dived into the water.

He front-crawled back and forth for at least 20 minutes, without a sip of water. And then he stopped, looking around, as if being watched.

After nothing clicked, he started doing the breast stroke, back and forth. From so far away, behind the door, she could see his sleek muscles flex at ever stroke.

Oh, shit, I think I’m getting hot flashes. I’m sweating, with hot flashes, and I’m not even in menopause!!!

When it had been forty minutes, he climbed out and sat on the edge of the pool. Then another hot girl came in. She was tall, and had a muscled body, all lean and strong, just like his.

Hermione felt like throwing her into the water, as she came in with her black bikini and her long black hair open.


She sat down next to Draco, talking super fast. And he was responding with her, like they were best friends for ever.

And then, out of no where, they both firebombed it into the pool and were racing back and forth.

He beat her every time. And then ten minutes later, he came out of the pool again, dripping in water. The girl came out too, her body shining in water. Her hair was sticking to her body, as he ripped his Speedo off and wrapped himself in a towel. He went into his stall again, coming out several minutes later, all clothed in sweats. He hugged the wet girl slightly, before smiling at her and then left wordlessly up the stairs.

Must be a girlfriend. He seems to have a lot of ‘girl’ friends around this joint. She thought, before using the elevator to get up before he did.

author's note: wussup y'all. love to all reviews. please review...leave comments!!! bad or good...preferably good!

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Married By Mistake: Too many ‘girl’ friends


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