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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 5 : Creating a Trainwreck
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After class ended, Oliver walked immediately to the Great Hall for dinner. Fred, George, Alicia, and Angelina had gone to the common room.

"You guys. We are instating that Eliza has decided to join our plotting. The second meeting of Operation Set Up has now started." Alicia declared.

They didn't have to worry about Lilly because she went immediately to the library to tutor. And they knew that Oliver would stuff his face, be hassled by his fan club, and then he would go to the quidditch field and fix his broom.

"Okay, Oliver invited Lilly to go flying with him today!!!" Alicia squealed. The four people around her did a simutanious "O-O-H!!!" Alicia cracked up and Angelina took over.

With a serious face she looked over all of them. "Okay, well the point being is that Oliver is totally infatuated with Lilly, and Lilly is too dense to notice."

Fred and George looked at each other. "Why don't we then try to make her jealous? You know, hook Oliver up with that Barbie girl, the one who is literally named Barbie, and chases him around like prey." George suggested, speaking for the two of them.

The girls looked at each other. "And, then, to make Oliver like a little lovesick puppy, we can hook Lilly up too! With who was it... Lee Chang from Ravenclaw!" The three girls squealed like the school girls they were at the thought of Lilly with Lee.

"Oh, they would look so cute together! I bet they could win the Queen and King at the Halloween dance!!!" Eliza said exuberantly.

"And oh, I can imagine the two of them going to quidditch games together sharing a scarf, and then, they could go to the library and share a book... They have so much in common!!!" Alicia added.

"I just realized that Lee and Lilly could be practical study buddy lovers, and kiss over the table while doing homework!!!" Angelina nearly screamed.

"Girls. Its for Lilly and OLIVER. Not LEE. He is only the guy to make her jealous. But oh! Lee's so nice!!!" Fred said at first seriously, then turning his voice sweetly. The girls punched him on the shoulder for mocking them.

"You know. I don't think that the Lee thing might work. Cross it. Thats plan B okay?" George pondered, scribbling things on the assumed, Operation Set Up spiral.

The five nodded at the end of their planning, and they all went down to the Great Hall to toast a successful day of planning.

"Where were you guys." Oliver asked after he shooed away the fan girls. "Okay, Bye Barbie... *whore*." Oliver called over his shoulder, then coughed loudly throwing in the word.

The five looked at each other worridly. "Well..." Fred started.

"Hey look, its 6:30! Where's Lilly!" George said excitedly. The now-six looked around for her brown head to come bobbing down. "Oh, maybe she is caught up with that guy she is tutoring."

"She is tutoring guys?" Oliver asked curiously.

The girls smiled. "Well, she usually tutors girls, preferrably girls, but if she likes you, then she will tutor a guy." Eliza piped.

"Yeah, she tutored Fred here about an hour before his test, and he got a... What did you get?" Angelina said adoringly.

"A B+!!!" George answered proudly, nearly childlike. They laughed, and Lilly came storming towards them.

As she slid in she said, "Hey guys." And then propped open a a book on her lap and started to read. "We are still up for 7 Oliver?" she asked not even looking up from her book.

He blushed and answered, "Of course, why not."

Lilly looked up. "I don't know, Barbie told me that I needn't come because she was going. I don't know how she found out. But thats good to hear." Lilly smiled at Oliver, and returned to her book.

"Why would Barbie be saying that. I told her that I couldn't go tutor her, though I would be no help, because I was going flying with you." Oliver exclaimed rapidly.

"Maybe she thought it was a date?" Angelina asked.

Lilly looked at her, a pained look on her face. "Why would she think that?" Then, she took another spoonful of mashed potatoes. This was an awkward conversation. "Anyways, if I need to, I will make detours to avoid her." she joked.

"Uh... Anyways, maybe after we go flying, you could help me with some stuff..." Oliver said nervously. "Like planning and stuff!"

Lilly looked at his awkward demeanor and smiled at him, trying not to crack up. "Sure. I would like that. Well anyways, I must be off, for I have a potions essay I must finish in half an hour!" she said with a flourish, as she nearly floated off.

"Dude, you looked like an idiot." Fred said, breaking Oliver from his love-high.

Oliver scowled at him. "I know! I always goof off in front of her like you do. With you."

"Maybe you could help me with some stuff!" George mimicked annoyingly. Yet everyone cracked up. "But what if Barbie pops up?"

Oliver shrugged and walked off.

"Darn! Trainwreck!" Alicia exclaimed swearing. "Barbie can be such a bitch."

Oliver hovered on his broom alone. Waiting for Lilly, he had patiently done a couple of laps, but it was only a quarter to seven. His stomach was a wreck. He felt so nervous that Lilly would be offended by something, so he had kept a first aid kit incase something happened before they could get to the Hospital Wing.

Then, to his discomfort, the group of fan girls showed up. He swore to himself, as they were such an annoyance. Yeah, they idolized him, and that was great for the first year or two, but now, it was just plain annoying. He almost had the thought to fly away, but his conscience told him otherwise. He slowly went down, to be greeted by Barbie.

"Dah-ling! I missed you!" Barbie nearly screamed, throwing her arms around him. She was the only one allowed to do that, as if someone else did one of Barbies minion would probably push that girl down the stairs. It was like a mafia actually, only Barbie was allowed priveleges.

"Could you guys go?" Oliver edged nervously, the time ticked now to 6:50. "I'm waiting for someone." Barbie dismissed the entire group of fan girls, her still wrapped on his arm, not ready to let go.

"Don't lie to me Ollie. I know that you only asked Lilly to come to make me jealous! And I don't know why, you could have just asked." Barbie whispered into his ear, coming a little to close.

Oliver looked at her, trying to hide his disgust. "No, seriously, can you go?"

At 6:50, Lilly was sitting in her dorm, trying to finish her essay. She had locked the door so that Eliza, Angelina, and Alicia could not bother her.

"Come on! Its 6:50, hurry up and get ready!" Alicia whined from outside the door.

"Oh shut it!" Lilly screamed, throwing a pillow at the door, then pulling out her wand and performed a Silencing Charm on the entire room. She couldn't hear anything from outside.

In five minutes, her report was done, and now it was time to actually get ready for her flying with Oliver. She was actually concerned about what she would wear.

She then pulled out a pair of jeans and pulled a long pink t-shirt, fringed with lace over it. Then, she pulled a thin brown wrap around it. "Cute." she said with a smile to the mirror. She took off her glasses, and combed her hair, magically straightening it.

For once in her life, she actually cared about what she was wearing. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, and it was only Oliver Wood. She hated him with her gut, yet for the last week, they were unusually nice to each other. Oliver had teased her, and yet been polite, but she had been just outright sarcastic and rude. Her heart felt like melting as she tugged her shirt the last time, grabbed her broomstick and walked out the door.

"Barbie, go! Please!" Oliver said exasperately, still trying to shake her off. "I am waiting for someone. Come on!" Barbie frowned, and seemed to try to grab on harder. Oliver frowned, and stopped for a second.

He then looked towards the entrance of the quidditch field and saw a flustered looking Lilly. Her hair was perfectly combed, as her outfit, but her face was a shade of pink that rivaled her shirt. She then stormed towards them.

"May I ask what is going on?" Lilly asked loudly. Her face was contorted so vibrantly, Oliver could see pain in her eyes.

Barbie glared at her. "Shoo Dillamond. You aren't supposed to be here. Its supposed to be me and my love, Oliver." She then smiled at Oliver to his discomfort.

"Wait Lilly! I didn't plan this!" Oliver shouted as she turned to walk away.

She turned and scowled at him. "Is that so. Well, I know when I am not wanted here." Lilly nearly ran back into the castle.

"No I meant --" Oliver shouted after her. He then turned to Barbie. "Look what you did!" he nearly shouted at Barbie after Lilly had left. "Stop following me everywhere, and no matter what I do, you always do!"

Barbie wasn't at all discouraged. She simply thought that Oliver was going through a phase, and when he was out of it, then he would return to her. Or maybe it was just her imagination. Oliver then walked off, back to the castle.

The last people Lilly wanted to see where the gang. Yet, she knew that they were always sitting in the Gryffindor common room. They were like some kind of crazy gang, always in the common room, whispering, writing in some spiral. The last time Lilly glanced their way, they just jumped into their seats, and looked around. All she needed was some whistling, and then she would know that something was going on.

"How'd it go?" Fred called immediately after Lilly had stormed into the common room.

She plopped down, still looking like she left. "HORRIBLE! I go there, and Oliver is with Barbie. Then, when I asked what was going on, Barbie told me to go away, and that I wasn't supposed to be there. It was for her and her lover accordingly. Oliver was trying to say something, but I just left. I didn't want to be humiliated twice in about five minutes." Lilly said hurridly, her voice on the brink of sobs. "I think I'm going to go and take a shower and sleep."

Once Lilly left, the gang turned to each other. "OH SHOOT!" they all thought, yet only George said. "Damn, Oliver makes things a lot harder to do."

"The one time Lilly accepts his invitation, he screws it up. Now, Lilly is more unlikely to go out with him!" Eliza moaned loudly, her head falling onto Angelina's shoulder.

At that moment, Oliver stormed in. "Don't ask. Did you see Lilly?"

"She just went into the dorms."

He looked at the staircase, wondering if he should take the risk. He looked like he would, the slide not being the least of his problems. But he turned around. Oliver groaned, swore, then walked into the boys dorm.

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Setting It All Up: Creating a Trainwreck


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