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If You Take Time to Look by QuidditchSeeker
Chapter 3 : Draco Black
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Draco and his mother stood patiently in the cold, dark entrance of Azkaban. Narcissa made no movement as she watched the Auror sit patiently at his desk, waving his wand simply, playing a game with a muggle deck of cards. Together, they stared at the door, waiting for Lucius to be brought out. It would be the first time either of them had seen him since he had been arrested, and Draco was afraid.

Afraid that the Auror's would loose control of him; afraid that this was all a ploy for the Dark Lord to help him escape; afraid that he would just be another disappointment. However, Draco would not show this fear on his face. It was his secret and no one else need know.

The door opened and Lucius was led in, wearing his striped uniform with his long blonde hair cut short and dirt covering his face. A look of absolute anger resided in his eyes as he watched his wife and son rise to greet him. With a sinister smile, Lucius regarded the look of fear in his wife's eyes and his own son's blank expression. For a moment, he felt a surge of pride for his son, Draco, who did not allow silly feelings like fear to interfere with his life. When he finally escaped this living hell, Lucius would personally inform the Dark Lord that his son would make a fine Death Eater one day.

The Auror holding him pushed him down into a chair and chained him with magic so that he could not stand. With a nod towards Narcissa and Draco, he informed them that they could start their visit.

"Lucius, how are you darling?" Narcissa cooed, reaching across the table to grab her husband's pale hand.

He pulled away from her grasp and sneered in reply, "I'm fine, darling. How is the Manor?"

Draco noticed a small flash of hurt in his mother's eyes as she straightened her back and said, "The manor is fine. Bitty is doing her work taking care of—" Narcissa paused and glanced at Draco and the Auror, "Taking care of our pet. All your items are still where they were left, your private room has not been touched since you left, and the house elves have not been causing any trouble."

He noticed the emphasis on the word pet, and knew they were obviously talking about himself; but to any Auror listening in, they would not hear the hidden message. Lucius took a moment to glance at Draco, before asking, "And how are you, son?"

With his hands in his lap, Draco replied automatically, "I am fine, Father. I've spent the summer studying my books, and Mother told me I will be going to get my school things soon."

"Have your OWL's come?"

Draco, who knew what would happen, glanced over at his mother. She noticed the silence and broke in with her own words, "They did, darling. Our son got ten straight Outstanding's and one Exceeds Expectations. Professor McGonagall has informed us he was top of his class, and that he has already won Slytherin one hundred house points!"

She made sure that her voice was loud enough for the Auror to hear, though the pride in her voice was as fake as the smile on her face. The Auror glanced up at Draco and gave him a long, hard stare as if trying to find out if Narcissa was lying or if he really was intelligent. Draco, who almost blushed under the intense stare, brought his emotionless gray eyes back to Lucius.

"Is this true?" Lucius inquired. "You received higher marks then that...muggle?"

Draco held his gaze, simply because he knew if he dropped it Lucius would see it as a sign of weakness. Instead, he sat up straighter and replied harshly, "No, sir. We both received the same marks; together we scored the highest on OWL's in the history of Hogwarts." He glanced over at the Auror, to see him watching the scene before him with a large amount of curiosity. Bringing his gaze back to Lucius he concluded, "I'm sorry, Father. I believe the only reason I received Exceeds Expectations in Care of Magical Creatures because that oaf of a teacher dislikes me for the incident in my third year."

A fleeting look of anger passed across his pale and dirty face before it became void of emotion once more, "Then I shall speak to the Headmaster...surely he could not allow you to be punished for that oaf's mistake—"

"You're in Azkaban, Mister Malfoy," the Auror interjected. "There is nothing you can do about your son receiving an E in a class he probably deserved lower in."

Lucius opened his mouth, ready to retort but instead thought better of it, and simply turned back to his wife and child. With an expressionless face he said, "Do better next year, Draco, or when I get out of here you'll learn more then a lesson from school."

"And if I don't?" Draco replied harshly, not thinking of the consequences his words might have.

With a sharp glance at the Auror, who was lost in a gossip article in the Daily Prophet, Lucius leaned over and threatened, "Some things are left better unknown. Ignorance is bliss, son."

Not wanting to listen anymore, Draco stood and stared down at the man who looked so different from what he had months before. As he spoke, Draco noticed the Auror standing up, "Of course, Father. I'm sorry, but I must leave now. I would truly like to get to Diagon Alley soon so that I can stay in a nice room at the Leaky Cauldron tonight. Good day, Father."

His mother, who still sat there across from her husband, looked up at her son who was now towering over her. With silver eyes, he swooped down and gave her a cold kiss on the cheek before walking towards the Auror and asking for some Floo powder. Draco was handed a small pouch and soon made his way out the door and towards the fire he had arrived in.

He took no time to glance back at the people who called themselves his parents, and quickly dropped the powder into the fire stepping in, "Malfoy Manor!"

Draco took no time in searching the manor for Bitty and instead screamed for her at the top of his lungs. She quickly appeared and obediently looked up at him, "Yes, Master? You is calling Bitty?"

"Bitty, I need you to get all my school stuff, my wands, my robes, my money, my books – everything. I'm leaving for the summer and I'll be back around Christmas, all right?" He explained in the calmest yet coldest voice he could.

Her large eyes filled with tears as she watched him, "You is leaving Bitty, Master? Is Bitty not being good house elf?"

Realizing Draco was still acting as though his father were in the room, he let his act fade away, "I'm sorry, Bitty. I just need to get away from the Manor. You're doing a bloody good job, I promise. But can you please get my things?"

"Bitty is doing it, Master Draco, sir!"

Less then five minutes later, Bitty was standing before Draco with all his school things in front of him, packed and ready to go. He said a quick goodbye and took out a piece of parchment and a quill, leaving a small note for his mother. He then stepped into the fire and called out, "The leaky cauldron!"

A few seconds later, Draco reappeared inside the dingy fireplace surrounded by chairs and tables. Wizards and witches all sat huddled together talking and laughing about anything and everything. Dragging his trunk behind him, he walked up towards Tom the bartender and stated, "One room, please."

"And what name should I place it under?" Tom asked, while pulling out the record book. Draco coughed and said his name as quickly as possible, slightly ashamed as to his name now that his father was in prison. "What? I can't hear you, speak up!"

With a deep intake of breath he answered, "Draco...Black. My name's Draco Black."

Tom nodded his head while scribbling the name down on the paper, "Interesting name, that is. You any relation to that runaway Sirius Black?" Draco shook his head quickly without looking up at the man. "I don't believe any of that stuff they say about him being a murderer. I remember him when he was just a good little lad, always sitting here arguing with that Remus Lupin and James Potter about what prank to pull next. I thought he was a good kid; maybe I'm wrong I don't know. How will you be paying?"

"Oh. Coins." Draco said quickly, reaching into his pockets.

He nodded again and then asked, "How long?"

Draco reached up and shook his hair with one hand before answering slowly, "A little over a month. My last night will be August thirty-first."

"Ahh, a Hogwarts student, ay? We get a lot of them the last week of August. I'll be betting you'll see many of your friends before term starts," Tom rummaged through a draw and pulled out a small, dirty key. "Here you go. Room twenty-three. You'll be near those Weasley boys."

Draco, who had been walking away, stopped and turned around, "Weasley boys?"

"Yes...the twin ones," Tom replied. "They say they're fixing up a place and had to stay here. I suppose you know them, ay? Big pranksters. Remind me of that boy, Sirius and his friend, James. The runaway with your last name, you know?"

Draco nodded his head slowly, "Right. Of course."

With that he made his way up the stairs and away from Tom who seemed to be watching his every move, trying to understand him. Draco was slow, making sure he didn't run into either of the red headed boys, until he reached his room and slipped in quietly. The site of the bed, no matter how small or slightly unclean, sent Draco's heart soaring. Dropping the trunk on the floor and pulling off his clothes, he fell onto the bed and closed his eyes. He fell asleep before he ever made it under the blankets.

"Draco! Draco Black!"

It had been two and half weeks since he had appeared at the Leaky Cauldron, and Draco was having the time of his life. All his schoolbooks had been purchased and he had already read through each and every one of them at least twice.

Since Draco felt he knew more then enough about the magic world, he had been spending most of his time visiting the muggle part of London and had discovered the joy of muggle fashion. He no longer walked around in stiff, heavy robes, but instead wore shirts and jeans with a pair of shoes that he had seen a muggle man with long blonde hair wearing on an unmoving poster. The side of it had read 'Nirvana' which had apparently been a popular music group up until the end of Draco's third year, when the lead singer apparently killed himself.

Also, he no longer looked as though he was allergic to the sun, but instead had a healthy glow to him from walking about the muggle park in most afternoons. Though truthfully it looked slightly off with his white blonde hair and pale gray eyes.
Draco turned and saw Tom beckoning him with a group of teenagers standing beside him. From the back they looked strangely familiar; a girl with long, straight black hair, another girl with curly reddish-blonde hair, and a tall, athletic looking boy.

It took him a moment to realize they were all wearing Ravenclaw robes and that they obviously were from Hogwarts. Panic flew through him as his gray eyes darted around the room.

He quickly spun around and raced up the stairs, pretending as though he had not heard Tom calling him over. Rushing to his room, Draco ran in and quickly grabbed a pair of black robes that he threw over his muggle clothes, knowing fully well how they would react if they saw him dressed like he had been. He reached instinctively for his wand, when he remembered that he still could not use it. Muttering every muggle and wizarding swear word he knew, Draco marched back outside of the room trying to do anything in his ability to cover the lightening bolt scars that were now startling white against his bronze skin.

Draco stormed out of his room, shoving some spare Galleons and his room key into the pocket of his jeans that were hidden beneath the robes. As he descended the staircase, he could hear Tom say, "Ah! There's Draco Black – mind you, no relation to Sirius Black. He's my best customer; one of the nicest boys I know."

The three Ravenclaw's all turned their head, searching for someone who they had never seen before. Draco kept his head down in a way that he hoped they might not recognize him. Unfortunately, as he made his way towards the back of the room, he heard Roger Davies go, "Draco Malfoy?"

"Where?" Cho Chang and her friend Marietta Edgecombe exclaimed together, both of their hands reaching towards their pockets where their wands were sticking out.

Draco could almost see Roger as he raised his arm and pointed at him, "There! Over there, trying to sneak out of here like the snake he is!"

"What are you three talking about?" Tom inquired happily. "That's no Malfoy, that's Black. No Malfoy would have the nerve to come in here – especially not when wearing muggle clothing!"

He took a deep breath and turned around, just in time to catch the bewildered expression on Chang's face, "What muggle clothing? Tom, what are you talking about? That's Draco Malfoy, and he's wearing perfectly respectable wizarding robes. He's a Slytherin boy a year below us."

Draco gritted his teeth together as he watched Tom shoot bewildered looks from Chang to himself until finally he asked, "What's going on here? You signed in as a Draco Black, didn't you? Why would you lie? And why are you wearing wizarding robes and going into Diagon Alley? You haven't gone in there since you're first day here, and you haven't worn clothes like that either."

He stood straight and faced the four who were watching him in confusion, "My name is Draco Malfoy, and I don't know what you're talking about. I signed in as a Malfoy and I've been going to Diagon Alley every day since. I don't know where you get this Black information from," he gave a halfhearted laugh. "Or this muggle clothing business. I would never be caught dead wearing those foul things."

Tom sputtered, "B— signed in...I—I mean it's written're Draco Black!"

"No. I'm not. I'm sorry but you've mistaken me for someone else. Good day, Tom." He turned around briskly and swept out of the room, taping the bricks with his wand and exiting the Leaky Cauldron just in time to hear Marietta.

"What was he doing here?"

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