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A tale lost in time by HermyGranger
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

A/N: Just an introduction and the prologue. Rather short, I know, the following chapters will be longer.


Before you read this, I, however reluctant I may feel about it, must tell you that it is not my own creation. Someone else wrote it, someone who wrote down their own experiences. I simply put it into book-form.
But maybe I should start with the beginning of it all …

This text was found in a small village near Bristol, England some three years ago. A team of international explorers was doing research about the Celts there, when they found a small, leather-bound book with the initials ‘H.G.’. After examining it for days they came to the conclusion that it was of no use for them and furthermore of no use for research at all. They put it down as a useless diary some unimportant person had left there years ago. They gave it to the town’s lost property office and forgot it.
How it came into the possession of the small store that sells antiques right around my corner I do not know. Maybe the lost property office sold it or maybe the old man who owns the store walked into the office some day, took a liking to the book and declared it as his. I am sure the people in the office were glad to get rid of it.
Important to know is only this: one grey, cold winter morning I was walking past the store, when I took one look at the window – and saw it. Although I didn’t yet know what it was, it immediately intrigued me and made me turn left and enter the store.
I made my way towards the book and picked it up. I’ll never forget that moment when I stood there, wet snow dripping from my clothes and my fingers, red and clammy from the cold, for the first time felt that old leather. I felt tingly and excited as I opened the book and skimmed through the first pages.
Five minutes later I was standing outside the store, a plastic bag with the book in my left had. The price had been extremely low, but I knew, I simply knew that it was precious. I had long forgotten everything I had wanted to do that day and simply wanted to run home, sit down in a comfortable chair and study the book thoroughly.
I did exactly that.

I will not tell you now what I found, nor will I bore you with long-winded reports of how overwhelmed I was by it. It took me only a day to read, but a week to fully comprehend it and to finish my thoughts about it and in my mind complete the story it (sometimes incompletely) told. But then I acted quickly. I divided the text into chapters and added a line here and there when the text ended in mid-sentence or when I felt it would add to the enjoyment of reading it. But I added, cut and changed as little as possible and when I was finished I published it under the title “A tale forgotten in time” for that is exactly what it is.

Enjoy yourself. I sure did.


JUNE 26th 1997

Aren’t holidays supposed to be relaxing? Swimming, sun bathing, reading .. that sort of thing? Well, none of this for me that summer after my sixth year in Hogwarts. My summer would be filled with work, studying books for signs of where Horkruxes might be found, studying spells to defend myself as well as attack, preparing myself mentally and physically for the journey that lay ahead of me. Not that I would ever back out of it, as much as I was afraid and kind of sad at the prospect of not returning to Hogwarts, I also felt a excitement tingling through my body when I thought about the forthcoming adventures, not to mention that it made me feel happy that I would be able to actually help in the war, have a hand in, hopefully, turning things to the better. And I knew that Harry needed both me, Hermione, and Ron. We were going to leave two days after Bill and Fleur’s wedding, which was a month away. A month I would need for preparing.
Yet, when I woke up in my room the first day of the “holidays” and saw the sun shining brightly through my window, I decided to let myself go for this one day, to truly spend it relaxing and maybe feeling a little bit like summer. I would take my wand with me, just to be save. I would work double hard the next day. It wouldn’t make a difference.

How very wrong I was.


I spent the following hour strolling lazily through the forest near our village. It was a beautiful day, absolutely windless, but very hot, and soon I thought that maybe spending this day outside hadn’t been such a great idea after all. I only wore a very thin tank top and a mini skirt (with a pocket for my wand), but still I was sweating like a pig by eleven o’clock. Checking the temperature on the Celsius scale at the front of the closed kiosk somewhere at the forest’s edge I discovered it was 38°C. And it wasn’t even midday yet! I didn’t remember ever feeling that hot. Searching for coolness under the trees I went deeper into the forest, but is seemed as if the temperature only rose the deeper I went into it. I was no longer thinking clearly. My mouth was dry, my clothes wet with sweat and I miserable when I finally stumbled out of the forest on another side, and found myself looking at a lake. I stopped and stared in awe. Water! Cool, wonderful water! And such a beautiful lake too. I couldn’t remember ever seeing it before, but it looked wonderfully wet and cool. Not bothering to get rid of my clothes I pulled my last bit of strength together and raced towards the welcoming water. I sighed with pleasure as I felt the cool water around my ankles. I walked further in, slowly getting used to the coolness.
Soon I was swimming lazily in the water, further and further in the lake. Sometimes, when my head grew too hot, I dove under the water surface, feeling relaxed and peaceful. Until…

All of a sudden I felt the warm air around me starting to blow. The air was filled with a weird buzzing sound that grew louder as the sudden wind grew stronger quickly. The lake wasn’t calm anymore, waves started moving instead. Totally baffled and a little scared I started to swim towards the lake’s edge, but that wasn’t easy, seeing as the water was getting really stormy.
As I looked closer at the bank, I swallowed a mouthful of water. The high grass stood calm and still, loose leaves lying on the ground were motionless and not one of the tree tops showed any sign of swaying. In short, nothing was behaving like it was supposed to be. No tree could be this unaffected by such a wind, no grass could ever stay still and just let the wind blow around it.
And the wind around me was growing stronger still. The buzzing became almost unbearably loud, and the soughing of the wind added to it. My hair was blown around my face.
And then something happened that made me swallow another two mouthfuls of water. The hot, stormy air started to move in circles towards the sky in front of my eyes. Soon a gigantic spiral of air had formed, a spiral that seemed to reach from the lake to the sky.
A tornado.
I could only imagine what powers it must have.

I had been still for seconds, staring. And as I recovered from my shock and started moving away from the tornado, it was already too late.

My eyes widened in horror, I was drawn towards the enormous spiral by monstrous powers. I tried to scream, move – but found myself unable to do so.

And then I felt myself being jerked upwards inside the tornado. My body was swirled around aimlessly. The buzzing filled my ears … the wind tore on my clothing, my hairs… the buzzing grew louder … suddenly I couldn’t feel anymore … the world consisted of a swirl of colours and loud buzzing … I tried to scream, but there was nothing to scream with, I tried to move my arms, but they were nowhere to be seen … I was nothing but a mind lost in the swirl of colours.

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