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Colin and Ginny's Excellent Adventure by Firecracker
Chapter 1 : Colin and Ginny's Excellent Adventure
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Colin and Ginny’s Excellent Adventure

Boing, Boing, Boing.

Ginny Weasley bounced up and down in the dungeons before class.

“Ginny, I don’t think you should’ve eaten all of those Sugar Quills from yesterday.” Colin said, as Ginny started doing cartwheels.

“Why not?” Ginny asked, cartwheeling up and down the aisles.

“Well, because you’re on a sugar high and we’re in Potions.” Colin told her. “You know how Snape is.”

Ginny continued to cartwheel around. Then, Colin remembered something.

“Err, Ginny?” He got no answer.

“Ginny?” Nothing.


“What, Colin?” Ginny asked.

“You’d better not do anymore cartwheels.” Colin told her. “Remember those Dungbombs in your-


“In your pocket.” Colin finished.

“Because they might fall out of my pocket and blow up the dungeons?” Ginny asked.


“And flood the dungeons with some potion we’ve never heard of?” Ginny asked, while her classmates shrieked and screamed and ran and slipped around her.

“That’s what they did,” Colin said.

“Run away!!!” Screamed Ginny, and tried to run away. With the potion up to her knees, the effect was slipping and falling.

“Okay, slosh away.” Ginny said, and she and Colin slowly sloshed away.

They were halfway toward the door when Snape came in.

“Who caused this!?” he yelled.

Everyone pointed at Ginny.

“Aahh! Run away!” Ginny yelled, and she and Colin tried to run away.

Thump. Ginny ran straight into the door.

“Owww,” She said, and tried to go out of the door so she wouldn’t get a detention.

Ginny and Colin ran out of the door and to the main floor of Hogwarts.

It was there that they learned what the potion they were knee-deep in did to them.

Their legs were really short and fat.

“Aw, great, what’re we going to do now?” Whined Colin.

Then, Snape came to the main floor of Hogwarts, looking for them.

“Run away!!!” Ginny yelled.

They ran away, up a floor or two, and Thump! Ginny ran into another door.

“What was that?” A voice came from just inside the door.

“Professor Lupin!” Ginny exclaimed. “You’ll never guess what happened to us!”

She began a long, interesting, and obviously made up tale of what happened. She said they were in Potions class, and Professor Snape force-fed them the Potion. He wouldn’t give them the antidote so they shot the Patronus spell at him and it gave them time to find the antidote. They were in the middle of taking it when Lord Voldemort and a bunch of Death Eaters came down from the ceiling on long, black ropes. Ginny and Colin got away but the rest of the class was captured and forced to listen to Snape’s boring lecture.

After Lupin heard this, he performed a charm to put their legs back to normal, and went off to defeat Voldemort and the evil Professor Snape.

Three Years Later:

Ginny read the front page of the Daily Prophet after she paid the owl that delivered it.

The headline read: Remus Lupin escapes from Azkaban.

I wonder, Ginny thought. What did he do to get there in the first place?

Author’s Note: For those of you who didn’t get that, he got there by (probably) killing Snape.

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Colin and Ginny's Excellent Adventure: Colin and Ginny's Excellent Adventure


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